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0.23% Small upgrade system / Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - New world and a new journey(Edited)

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - New world and a new journey(Edited)

It was raining outside. Sam was playing a game on his mobile, but out of nowhere, his mobile glowed, and this is the last thing he can remember.

Sam doesn't even understand what just happened to him. The last thing he remembers is that his mobile suddenly glowed, and then he felt the pain. 

An unknown time later, Sam opens his eyes. He can only see rocks around.

"Am i still alive? "

"Is this a hospital ?"

Sam was trying to lift his head to see around, but his head hurts like hell. He became unconscious.

Sometime later, he regains his consciousness. He can feel an unknown memory come to his mind. He starts absorbing all the memory.

"So, I just crossed over to a different world, and this body is not my original body."

Sam doesn't even know what he is going to do now. He sighed in his heart, he sat down near a stone wall, and was observing all the details of the surrounding area.

This was a completely different world filled with monsters and dungeons. This world is called Eden Blue.

Hundred years ago, it was the same as earth. Then suddenly, many dungeons appeared, and many monsters came from dungeons and attacked the humans.

The human hot weapons were useless against those monsters, and many people died, and they also wiped out many cities.

But then, some people gained supernatural abilities through absorbing the crystals that were dropped by the monsters, when they killed them. 

[A/N: There are five types of crystal : strength, agility, physique, spirit, and intelligence.]

They fought against the monsters, cleared the dungeons, and built new cities.

Like games, monsters not only dropped crystals, but they also dropped a variety of fighting techniques, absorption techniques, materials, etc.

The dropped rate of various techniques was very low, and absorb techniques were the rarest among them.

Now all the people who fought with monsters were called warriors. They divided warriors into two groups: physical warriors and spiritual warriors.

Physical warriors use their physical strength to fight the monsters. Spiritual warriors use their spirit to perform magic fighting techniques like a fireball and water bullet.

We can also divide Warrior into many grades, such as S, A, B, C, D, E, and F. F is the lowest level, and S is the greatest level.

The dungeons were also divided into many floors. If you go deeper, you will face more powerful monsters, but on the surface level, you only face low-level monsters.

The more advanced the crystals, the more it is difficult to absorb them, and if you forcefully want to absorb them, you will get backlash. Because of this F grade, warriors cannot absorb E-grade crystals.

Now they build many guilds, warriors schools, warriors colleges, warrior associations, blacksmith associations, and Alchemy associations.

Sam receives all the information about the world from his memory. He also receives his predecessor's information. His name is Sam Kainer, an 18-year-old teenager who lived in Base city with his parents and elder sister.

Sam was a slothful warrior, and because of his low potential, he could only learn low-level techniques.

Sam's parents are C-grade warriors and his elder sister is a genius. She is only 21 years old, but recently she has broken through the C grade.

Sam's parents loves him. They don't force him to be a warrior, and he also didn't want to become a powerful warrior. His family lacks nothing.

The previous day, his school called Base school, arranged a tour to the Base city dungeon's surface floor, where you can find only F-grade monsters to gain some fighting experience before the college examination.

With the teacher's help, Sam killed ten to fifteen grade F monsters with difficulty completing his assignment.

After the battle, he fully exhausted himself. So he found a corner to sit on but ended up sleeping. Because of this, he got separated from his group and ended up going deeper. The big mouse-type monsters attacked him, and he died.

"Sigh !....."

"He didn't even get time to escape"

"And now the worst thing is that now I'm in this new body, and I don't even know what floor this is."

"Sigh, bro, why the hell are you so lazy? And you separate from your group. "

He was just thinking about his predecessor's carelessness when suddenly a blue screen appeared in front of his eyes.

"What the hell !....."

"Is this my golden finger? "

Sam gets very excited, but the pain makes him calm down. He then looks at the blue screen and only sees two options and the name of the system.


Name: Small upgrade System

• Status

• Inventory"

Then Sam selects the status option.


• Status

Name: Sam Kainer

Health: (9/100)

Strength: 15

Agility: 12

Physique: 10

Intelligent: 08

Spirit: 10

Grade: F

Potential: Mortal

Upgrade point: 750


Absorb technique:

Dragons devour (grade F) (+)

[Low-level absorb technique. Only 5% of energy essence can be absorbed. It's trash among the trash.]

Combat techniques:

Balor boxing (grade F) (+)

[Low-level boxing technique, only can punch pillow]

Fast sword (grade F) (+)

[Low-level sword technique, only can help you to cut a paper]

[Note: You are just trash.] "

Sam was trying to ignore the system comment. He knows his predecessor was a lazy man who doesn't even practice.

His parents bought him many crystals but he can't improve his grade because of his low-level absorb technique and his low potential.

Sam also learns this absorb technique because of its cool name and he can choose his second absorb technique after he improves his grade.

"If he just learns any normal technique that his parents bought him, at least his grade can improve, but this idiot chooses a trash technique, which can only absorb 5% essence "

"Why the hell, my soul came to this body? "

"Sigh, at least I receive my golden finger, "

Sam got curious about the (+) sign. He taps the (+) sign near absorb technique.



Name: Sam Kainer

Health: (9/100)

Strength: 15

Agility: 12

Physique: 10

Intelligent: 08

Spirit: 10

Potential: Mortal

Upgrade point: 550,


Absorb technique:

Dragon devour (grade E) (+)

[Low-level absorb technique. Only 25% of energy essence can be absorbed. It's a special technique among ordinary absorb techniques. ]

Combat techniques:

Balor boxing (grade F) (+)

[Low-level boxing technique, only can punch pillow]

Fast sword (grade F) (+)

[Low-level sword technique, only can cut a paper]

[Note: You are just trash.] "

After absorbing the technique, and upgrading to grade E, Sam felt some type of shackles leave his body.

"It took 200 points to upgrade its grade and I think the next upgrade will need a lot more points."

Sam thought. He quickly took the energy crystal out of the bag and put it in his hand. He now tries to absorb the strength type crystal, feeling it's a lot easier to absorb now.


Author's note:

Normal F grade absorb techniques absorb 10% essence, E grade absorbs 20%, D grade absorb 30%, C grade absorbs 40% to 45%, B grade 50% to 55%, A grade 60%, S grade 70%, SS grade 90%, SSS grade 100%. ]

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