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Smallville I am Clark Kent Smallville I am Clark Kent original

Smallville I am Clark Kent

Author: daniel_vera

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I woke up startled by the shrill sound of the alarm clock. Damn it, I swore I had only slept an hour ago and now I have to go to the office. Next time, I promise not to stay up so late.

Suddenly, I heard a series of unusual sounds coming from outside my room; they weren't the typical city noises of cars passing by and people rushing to work. Instead, they were sounds of cows and tractors. "What the hell?" I thought as I tried to wake up fully.

In attempting to get up, I moved my arm abruptly and unintentionally sent the blankets flying to the other side of the room. I tried to jump up, but instead, I nearly shot towards the wall, stopping just before hitting the mirror.

Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I found myself staring at a tall 17-year-old with dark hair and blue eyes. "What's going on?" I muttered, confused.

At that moment, my head was invaded by a wave of strange memories, which caused a sudden headache, as if I had been drinking all night before. The pain made me fall to the floor, and as I suffered, those memories started to settle.

"How is this possible? It seems like I...". Suddenly, a voice interrupted me: "Clark, wake up. You'll be late."

I'm freaking Superman.

As I got up, the pain vanished completely. I looked again at the mirror and recognized the face: it was Tom Welling's.

Just then, they called again: "Clark, the bus!". "I'm coming," I responded automatically.

I hurried down the stairs without saying much to Clark's parents, who still confuse me. "See you later, Mom. I'm taking the bus," I said as I walked out the door.

Stopping at the stop in front of my house, I had time to take in the surroundings. It was a farm with green pastures as far as the eye could see, with only four visible buildings: the main house, a grain silo, an animal shed, and a small roof framing a basement.

"Wow, it's impressive for someone from the city."

My eyes fell on an old tractor parked near a secluded shed. "My fortress of solitude, I guess," I murmured with a small laugh.

Before I could observe more, the school bus passed by. I boarded slowly and watched the other teenagers heading to school. Surprisingly, they all greeted me in some way, some with a brief gesture and others with a smile.

In the background, I saw two people: a blonde girl with short hair, quite attractive, who was smiling, and a dark-haired boy with short hair, looking visibly surprised.

I approached them as they exchanged a $5 bill. "Good morning, Chloe, Pete," I said.

"Good morning, Clark. Looks like you had trouble getting up today," Chloe responded with a smile.

"Something like that," I replied as I sat behind them.

"You know, I'm a bit sleepy. Wake me up when we get there, okay?" I asked, closing my eyes.

Damn it, of all universes, I ended up in Smallville. I don't remember much about this series; I admit I liked it, but I have only vague memories and didn't watch the last few seasons. I stopped watching when Lana left the show... or was it before? I can't remember, damn it. At least I'm not breaking things with my super strength or something. Apparently, this body's memories also have muscle memory, but personality and feelings don't come with the package. Now, how do I act to not seem weird?

Alright, let's calm down. I remember the early seasons, although not perfectly. At least it gives me time to adapt. According to the memories, this week is football tryouts. Clark wanted to join to not feel like a freak and win Lana over. Plus, there's the matter of avoiding being a scarecrow. I remember that well, that image appears in every intro of every episode. Well, I still don't know if I want to avoid it and condemn another person to this fate. Not that I'm as good a guy as the original, but being in my underwear out in the open field could hurt someone, and I don't want to make those decisions so early.

"Clark, we've arrived," said Pete.

"Thanks, buddy.

"Was it a tough night, Clark? Maybe because of the excitement," Pete asked.

"What excitement, guys?" Chloe said as she turned to look at us.

I couldn't help but look at her more closely. She was an attractive woman, with a confident look in her green eyes, light blonde hair styled casually, and a slim, athletic build. Although I couldn't help but notice some differences from the original actress; her figure, hidden under that baggy clothing, was more curvaceous. Her hair was longer and lighter than in the series, and, if I'm honest, she was much more attractive.

"Clark, earth to Clark?" Chloe said with a slight blush on her cheeks.

"Oh, sorry, I was distracted."

"Yeah, I noticed as you were staring off into space," Chloe teased.

"Haha, sorry, Chloe. I was just thinking," I said as I averted my gaze.

"Well, Chloe, as I was saying, Clark and I were about to submit the forms for the football team trials," Pete intervened, saving me from the awkward moment I had gotten myself into.

"Oh, about that, Pete, I forgot to ask my dad this morning, hahaha."

"Come on, Clark, you know we have to submit the form soon or we'll risk being scarecrows."

"Sorry, but what's that about scarecrows?"

As Pete explained, my gaze couldn't help but wander towards the school door. There stood a beautiful young woman, with long, wavy black hair and expressive green eyes. She had a slender figure, but again, more endowed than in the original series.

"Darn, Kristin Kreuk, childhood crush," I mentally laughed as I recognized her.

It seemed she felt my gaze because she turned to look at me from afar and smiled.

"See you later, guys."

My feet carried me towards her, perhaps a bit of the original Clark, perhaps just my inner fan. As I was about to approach her, I glanced at her necklace: a silver necklace with a green gemstone.

"Kryptonite," I murmured to myself.

I hoped it wouldn't burn me like Superman in the comics. Suddenly, I felt the effects, stumbled a bit, but not from pain, just because it wasn't what I expected. After an initial burning sensation, I only felt a bit weak, nothing incapacitating.


"Hey, Lana. Good morning."

"Hi, Clark, how are you?" she said as she tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Fine, today seems..."

"Hi, Lana," said a blond guy in a football jacket, interrupting the conversation.

"Whitney," she said as she hugged him.

I couldn't help but grimace as I looked at Lana's current boyfriend.

"Clark, how are you? Good morning."

"Good morning. How are you, Whitney?"

"Fine, ready for the team trials."

"Are you joining the team, Clark?"

"Yeah, I'm considering it, but my dad hasn't signed my application yet."

"Haha, you better hurry. I'm sure your dad, as a star quarterback, will be eager for you to follow in his footsteps. You may not have his blood, but if you work hard, maybe you'll earn a spot."

"Sure, I'll work hard for the spring trials."

"Well, see you later, Clark," said Whitney as he walked away with Lana, not letting her say goodbye.

School passed without incident, although returning to middle school after a year of college was tiring, nothing like the unbearable feeling some reincarnators talk about in novels.

"All right, now it seems I have a predestined date with a bald millionaire."


As I walked across the bridge, I couldn't help but feel a bit anxious. Even though I'm technically indestructible, I couldn't relax, imagining a car might crash into me at any moment. Watching the river flow, I tried to appear distracted when I noticed a truck dropping a bundle of rebar onto the road, just as a Porsche sped towards me.

The Porsche's tires blew out as the driver tried to maneuver, but he was going too fast, heading towards me at 80 kilometers per hour. I managed to jump just in time to avoid the collision, which wasn't surprising, as I made sure to be a meter away from the impact zone. I watched as the sports car plunged into the water and sighed, realizing everything was going according to plan.

Grabbing a tube that had fallen from the impact, I jumped into the river. The shock of hitting the cold water didn't even register, despite the three-meter drop. It took me a moment to reach the car, and with the help of the tube, I smashed through the front windshield. I then rescued Lex Luthor and swam to the shore.

"Where am I?" Lex asked, coughing as he sat up.

"Doesn't look like heaven, buddy, and that's a good thing," I replied with a smile, sitting down next to him.

The driver mumbled confusedly, and I reassured him, "Easy, easy. Nothing serious happened. You just lost a two-million-dollar car, but you're okay," I joked.

"Thanks, I guess you saved me," Lex said.

"Don't mention it. Anyone would've done the same in my position," I replied.

"Well, welcome to Smallville. I save someone from dying almost every week around here, so it's the local custom," I added.

"Hope I won't need saving again, I am Lex Luthor, by the way" he commented.

"Clark Kent, pleasure to meet you. I don't save a billionaire every week, so I guess I've met my quota for the month," I joked.

Lex chuckled and said, "Haha, let's hope so. For now, I think we should call the police."

"Alright. Hate to leave you, but I've got farm duties and don't want to spend the afternoon giving statements," I told him.

"Don't worry, Clark, I'll handle it. I'd offer you a ride, but my transportation's at the bottom of the river," Lex replied as he stood up.

"Thanks again, Clark," Lex said.

"No problem, just part of the job, you know? But drive safely next time," I advised.


The next morning, waking up to the familiar sounds of the countryside, I remembered the events of the previous day with frustration. It was disheartening to realize it wasn't a dream and that I wouldn't wake up in my apartment again.

"Darn it, there goes my last hope that this was all a dream," I thought to myself as I headed downstairs, ready to assist with farm chores. I noticed a brand-new red truck with a giant blue bow on the hood.

"Hi, Mom. What's with the truck?" I asked excitedly.

"Looks like it's yours, from Lex Luthor," she replied, handing me a letter.

"Awesome! And the keys?" I inquired.

"Your father has them," she answered.

Walking over to the other side of the barn where Dad was splitting logs, I recalled scenes from the show and understood why Lex had cash flow problems, given how often Clark's tantrums resulted in machinery or tractors being destroyed.

"Hey, Dad," I greeted as I approached.

"You can't have it, son. I know you really want it, but you can't accept it," he said before I could even begin.

"Come on, Dad, I didn't even get to start," I protested.

"Listen, I don't know why he sent you this gift, but it doesn't matter. You can't keep it," he insisted.

"He sent it because I saved his life. I know I don't deserve rewards or anything, but I can't accept it this time," I explained.

"Wait, you saved his life? When did that happen?" he asked.

"Yesterday afternoon. A truck dropped a bundle, causing Lex's car to fall off the bridge. I didn't use my powers to do it, just a steel tube," I replied.

"So, you're saying it fell off the bridge, and you jumped to rescue him with just a tube, and that's why you deserve the pickup truck?" he questioned.

"Son, I don't understand how one thing connects to the other. Besides, how do you know all this?" he pressed.

"I know a lot of things, Dad... Like the alien ship we keep in the basement, or the fact that Lex's dad helped arrange my adoption," I revealed.

"Clark... I...

"I know it's been a long time since I landed, and I vividly remember seeing them under the van at the edge of the crater. I've known about this for a long time; I'm different, probably more than you can imagine."

He looked at me with a bit of conflict.

"Look, Dad, I'm not saying that being special requires a reward or anything, but set aside your stubbornness for a minute and think about the family. We really need the van. And although I don't know why you don't like Lex's father, he's different."

"And you say that based on the five minutes you saw him?"

"Father, you taught me to see the best in people and not judge them without knowing them first."

"Alright, son, but we'll pay for it. It may take us a few years, but we don't accept charity," he said as he handed me the keys to the van.

"Great. I'll talk to Lex about payment when I see him," I said as I snatched the keys and turned towards the van.

"Clark," my father said.

"Yes, Dad," I replied, stopping.

"It's just this once, and it's only because I trust you. Also, invite Lex to dinner one of these days. I need to see what kind of person he is and how much he's like his father."

After I left, I headed to Lex's house. It was the free day, so I had plenty of time to try out the new van.

The ancestral Luthor house was like a Scottish castle, if I recall correctly. Lex's father brought it stone by stone here.

I stopped a few meters before the metal gate, ready to get out and ring the doorbell, but at that moment, the gate opened.

Walking up the path to the entrance, I paused. Standing by the door was Lex Luthor, smiling.

"Wow, I didn't know I rescued the Count of Monte Cristo and that he lived in a castle," I joked.

"Hahaha, more like Dracula, but yes, I live in a castle. What do you say? A tour?"

"Sure, as long as I don't end up locked in your dungeons or something."

The interior was as grand and opulent as the exterior. The Luthor ancestral home featured a library, an armory with medieval weaponry, an exercise room, several servant quarters, a cellar, and a large ballroom, although most of the spaces were still under reconstruction.

After the tour, we headed to his study. There was a collection of books, suit of armor decorations, weapons, and a large mahogany desk, along with a pool table.

"Well, Clark, what brings you here? If it's about the van, I took the liberty of choosing the color."

"I must admit, waking up to find a new van at my door surprised me. Thanks, by the way. And yes, I'm partly here to thank you. Convincing my father to accept it was tough, but I think the color helped."

"It seems your father didn't like it."

"No, actually, it's the Lionel Luthors who don't like; you're just collateral damage."

"Oh, I didn't know our fathers knew each other."

"Yes, there's a story there, but at least it won't affect how they treat me, I think."

"Good to know. I already have enemies when I've just arrived; that wouldn't be good for me. I already have enough trouble with the factory at the moment."

"Making too much money to talk about?"

"No, actually, quite the opposite. We're losing money. There are very few research projects and too much staff. If this continues, we'll have to lay off 20%."

"That's a lot of people. Have you thought about cutting operational expenses on exported supplies to reduce costs or turning part of the factory into a distribution point for the area? I don't know if it would help, but it could."

"Damn it! Why didn't I think of that? Do you have time, or do you need to go back?"

"Today's my day off. Tomorrow is the ball, so no. What are you thinking?"

"Excellent. Would you like a one-day job as a consultant?"

"Sure, if it pays as well as my hero work, I think I can go a day without saving anyone."

"Perfect. Just look over these and give me your craziest ideas; I'll handle the concrete plan."

I spent a few hours reviewing secret plant operations documents.

"Well, Lex, I think we're done. By the way, my parents invite you to dinner one of these days. How about next Friday night?"

"Of course, I'll be there."

The morning breeze blew through Smallville High School. Pairs of sneakers hurried back and forth; girls whispered and giggled timidly now and then, while boys lifted their chin to show off to their friends. Unlike the usual campus life, the students' faces were filled with excitement and anticipation because tonight was the spring dance.

"Clark, I noticed you didn't come on the bus today, and yesterday I looked for you at the farm,"Pete asked.

"Something happened. I saved someone, and they gave me a gift. I went to thank them for the gift yesterday," Clark explained.

"What gift?"

"Apparently, saving millionaires pays well," Clark joked.

"Wow, you just said you saved a millionaire. Who?" Chloe asked.

"Yeah, and I'm sure you know him: it's Lex Luthor," Clark replied.

"That sounds like quite a story," Pete commented.

"Sure, want to cover it in the Torch, Chloe? You could interview me today," Clark suggested, looking at Chloe.

"Perfect. The principal keeps pressuring me to stop writing about weird stuff and focus on school topics. I'm sure knowing that a student saved a Luthor will keep me safe from his nagging for a few weeks," Chloe responded.

"Sure, lead the way," said Clark.

We walked away from the lockers toward the newspaper office. Classes were short, and I barely paid attention with tonight's game and dance in mind. Just as the bell rang, I stood up and said goodbye to my friends.

"See you at the dance later," I said.

"You're going, Clark? I thought you weren't interested," Pete said, a bit surprised.

"Sure, why not? None of us have dates, so we can go as friends."

"About that..." Pete began.

"Sure, the three of us can go and laugh at those going with dates, hoping to calm their teenage hormones," Chloe quickly interjected before Pete could respond.

"You know, I would invite you to the dance alone., but I'd have to kidnap you for the night and then make you brew me coffee in the morning," Clark joked.

"Uh, I... uh..." Chloe stammered.

"Haha! That's what I thought. See you tonight, guys," Clark said as he walked away.

After school, I was ready to go shopping when suddenly I felt an arm grabbing me by the neck.

"What's up, Whitney?" I said as I freed myself from the grip.

"I've got good news for you, Clark. I've decided you'll be the scarecrow this year," Whitney announced.

His words signaled several football players to approach and forcefully take me away.

"Don't mess with me, Whitney," I said, grabbing him by the neck. Anger was in his eyes, and I could barely contain myself from acting.

Suddenly, Whitney's collar opened, revealing a familiar green crystal necklace. Before I could react, I felt the power of the kryptonite.

The radiation enveloped me. "Ah..." I groaned, feeling discomfort and pain. The kryptonite even affected my blood vessels, turning them green as if I were poisoned.

Unaware of this, Whitney pushed me to the ground with disdain.

"It doesn't matter if you mess with me, Clark," Whitney said with jealousy and fierceness in his voice.

"Haha, maybe it doesn't matter to you, but you're dreaming if you think I'll just let you take me," I replied as I got up from the ground.

"Alright, farmer. Let's fight," Whitney said, taking off his jacket.

Even though the kryptonite stripped me of my powers, I thought, "You're dreaming if you think someone who's worked on a farm since childhood is weak."

I threw a punch to his face and dodged his chest kick. Despite dodging it, I managed to land a liver shot that doubled him over in pain. Before I could strike again, the other players grabbed my arms.

Struggling to get up, Whitney spoke, "I've noticed how you look at my girlfriend for a long time. I know what you're thinking."

Seeing me eyeing the necklace around his neck, Whitney mockingly placed it on me, humiliating me.

"You really want her necklace? Then take it," he said as he placed it around my neck.

Here I am, with the cold and pain assaulting my body. Wow, I didn't know it would be so painful. Although I feel weak and vulnerable, contrary to what I thought, there's not a super intense pain when touching the kryptonite. Maybe I just feel normal, like the old me, a bit hungover perhaps. Although, come to think of it, for Superman, who always felt superhuman, feeling normal must be painful. I also noticed that the visible effects of the kryptonite only last for a few seconds upon contact, as if my veins were painted green.

"They never change," a voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Hello! Can someone help me?" I said, shivering from the cold.

"Yeah, it hurts," replied a guy looking at me with pity.

"Maybe just a little ego," I added.

"You don't have to pretend to be strong. Don't worry, I'll stop them," said the voice.

"Please, help me down before you go," I pleaded.

"Help is on the way. Don't worry," they assured me before disappearing into the fields.

"Do you seriously come to see the scarecrow and leave without helping?" I muttered. At that moment, the plants moved, and a person emerged.

"Lex, what brings you here?" I asked.

"Clark, who did this to you?" exclaimed Lex as he untied one of my arms.

"Forget it, Lex. Just help me down from here," I said as I ripped the kryptonite collar off my neck and threw it away.

"Thanks, Lex. I have things to do, besides being a scarecrow," I said as I walked away enough to start running full speed towards the school. I must admit that running faster than sound and still seeing clearly is magical.

I reached the back of the building and saw someone getting out of a van.

"Jeremy, I'll tell you once, stop," I warned.

"I don't know how you got here, but I have work to do, kid," Jeremy replied.

"Darn it, I don't even know why I bother," I muttered as I ran towards him and grabbed him by the neck.

"Alright, looks like I got you," I said.

"But what just happened? You... you're like me, gifted," exclaimed Jeremy.

"Something like that, buddy," I replied.

"I remember in the original story it was solved with water and lightning. It's worth a try," I said as I carried him towards a fire hydrant and placed him nearby. Jeremy reacted by trying to electrocute me.

"Thanks for making it easy," I commented as I watched Jeremy electrocute himself with his own powers.

After a moment, he stopped, and his expression changed.

"Where am I?" he asked.

"Don't worry, you're safe," I reassured him knocking him out before leaving him near the hospital and realizing I was still in my underwear.

I quickly ran home to get my clothes.

"Hello, gorgeous reporter! Care to dance?" I said as I took Chloe's hand, who was near the punch bowl with Pete.

"Clark, you came!" exclaimed Chloe as she hugged me.

"Yeah, it looks like I missed the bus. Am I too late?" I asked.

"Come on, Clark, you missed all the fun," Pete said.

"Sorry I missed something important," I replied.

"No worries, you're just in time to dance a bit," Chloe said.

"Alright. So, Chloe, shall we dance?" I proposed.

"Sure, Clark, but promise you won't step on my feet," Chloe replied.

With that, we danced to a couple of songs. Meanwhile, Pete... I wasn't sure what Pete was doing. I had a beautiful woman in front of me, so I wasn't going to worry about anything else.

"So Chloe, are we spending the night at my house or yours?" I asked as we danced slowly.

"Clark, enough," she laughed.

"Wow, my heart didn't expect such rejection," I joked.

"Haha," they both laughed.

"If I take you to your house, Mom Kent would eat me alive. And if I take you to mine, my dad would probably bring out the old revolver from the closet," explained Chloe.

"You're right. But seriously, I need a ride, unless you want me to walk back tonight," I replied.

"What about your new truck? Didn't you bring it?" Chloe asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Even though I have the new truck, my dad insisted on bringing me himself for my first school dance. It was improvised," I explained.

"Alright, Clark, I'll pretend to believe you and that it's not a trick to get me to your house," Chloe joked.

The ride back was peaceful, filled with jokes and pleasant conversation between two friends.

"Chloe, I'm quite selfish," I said as she parked the car in front of my parents' house.

"Hmm, the good boy from Smallville claiming he's selfish, now that's news," she scoffed.

"I'm serious, Chloe. I'm selfish with what I consider mine, and I don't let go easily."

"I don't understand, Clark."

"You know, I really love Lana… but I love about you too. And I'll probably want others, but I don't mind. You're mine, and I won't let you go," I said, taking her chin to make her look into my eyes.

"What the hell are you talking about? Who do you think you are, a character from a cheap mystery novel?" she responded reluctantly, a bit offended and almost shouting.

"More like a superhero novel."

"Enough joking, Clark. Get out of the car," she spoke, almost relieved by my jest, ready to dismiss the conversation as just that, a joke.

"I'm not joking, Chloe," I said as I leaned in to kiss her without giving her a chance to react.

The kiss was slow and brief. I pulled back just a little, still looking into her eyes. In her gaze, I saw a mix of emotions: disbelief, fear, doubt, but also joy and, above all, desire.

For a few seconds, no one moved, but we didn't pull away either, still close enough to feel our breath tickling our lips.

Then, everything exploded. Chloe closed the minuscule distance between us and crashed her lips against mine in an intense, passionate kiss. She was still inexperienced; there was no tongue or technique, just intensity and desire.

After a few minutes, I pulled away.

"I think I'll get out now, Chloe, unless you want to follow me inside."

She hesitated. I noticed. For a second, she seemed like she wanted to say yes, but she simply replied, "Goodnight, Clark."

"Rest well, Chloe."

As I watched the car speed away, I swore I heard Chloe cursing at me.

Haha, quite a night indeed.


Hello readers, welcome to a new story from one of my old favorite shows, at least the early seasons. After all the Brainiac stuff, it all went downhill.

Anyway, I'll update this every weekend as a break from my other fic, though maybe updates will be more frequent until I reach 15,000 words. You know, no filler chapters.


That's all, goodnight.

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