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100% Snowflakes / Chapter 16: Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Snowflakes - Chapter 16 by hungrywolf full book limited free

Chapter 16: Chapter 6

"But where can I find him?" she asks

"As a system, I naturally have no authority to help you in this quest, and to any too," said it while having a tone of ridicule

"But why do the mc of the same genre, always had help from their system," she said inside her head

"I don't know if I am fortunate to be a task by the goddess or to cry because of your stupidity"


But before she even said it, the system interrupts her" do you remember what the goddess said inside that void? huh"

"don't treat this world as a game is that it!" she exclaims

"yeah, so move that butt of yours or else I will go and demand a punishment option to the goddess," it said to her in a threatening tone

"Ehhh!" now only she realizes that the system didn't have a punishment option

The two continue to quarrel inside her head and while they had their conversation the albino group was still down

After talking to the system she then came back to the world but then she notices a bunch of albinos prostrating before her while chanting a foreign language to her

She felt puzzled by it so she asked the nearby little bunny

"hey, Lil bunny what are you all doing?" .

are this like those from the earth, when a messiah arrives?

"well, sister gorilla to tell you the truth I also don't know what we are doing" as an innocent bunny naturally she doesn't know anything about courtesy to a higher being, added to it that she is a stay at home bunny causing her to be pure as the word white and you will not find it puzzling thing even if she talks to the goddess casually

The expression of the bunny can blind someone with her pureness

Her pureness is cute if she didn't say something nasty


"ouch, why did you do punch my head"

After she said it, the elder's albinoes raise their head and resolutely said

"Mistress, please punish me but don't Lil bunny, she didn't do anything wrong" the albino bear, his expression is a little bit funny, she felt that the matrix has an error when forming this guy. Just look at his body then toward his face, her knowledge of bear was shattered to piece

"no, I should"

"hiss, mistress please punish me"


'Now I again understand them again, this is strange' she said it in her head, while outside she said

" ok, but why are you all prostrating to me?

" We are task by the goddess to receive you after your descent but due to our laziness, the harm cause ours and yours, mistress"

'What! is that true, system?'

'yeah, it is true,'

'why did you not said it earlier'

'well, I decided to hide it as I want you to explore it yourself'

rolling her eyes inward she said" you all can stop now, I forgive you"


"no buts and also what happened in here?"

"hiss, mistress we also don't know as we are a lazy bunch, we only notice it when the state is dire, hiss," a snake with a white scale laid on the ground while looking up to her, she said while looking hesitant

'What a bunch of pigs" she said inward but nothing outside to see

"then what are you prostrating there for? we should go and check it out"

She then put down her feet to the ground then stand up but not after stumbling because she felt dizziness invade her consciousness

"mistress!" the albino gang exclaim together as they race toward her

Raising her arm and opening her palm, she said" no, I'm ok I just felt dizzy"

'System, what is my condition?

'Host condition is currently weak


'Because of the host overusing the priestess chakra'

'priestess chakra? when did I use it' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'You used it when I open your meridian to stabilize your state making your chakra tank dried up, the chakra only revolve on its own to distinguish the negative energy'

'Oh! just like white cells, I like it'

"No, I'm fine so let's go," she said as she proactively leads the group

But the group albinoes had the look of panic as they are not sure what to do, nevertheless, they also don't have the authority to decline their mistress, and although they are not willing they can only keep quiet and follow

"Hmm, Lil bunny, why do you always call me gorilla, do I look that ugly to you?" she to the bunny beside her who is hopping forward, looking excited

"yes you are ugly and also violent like grampa gorilla," she said while looking at her eyes innocently, she exudes pureness of nature but had a sharp mouth

"you!!" looking at the bunny she can't do anything as she felt unwilling to beat her but instead of beating her, why can't somebody take her wrath instead

"f**k you butt face" she stroke her fist so hard that the monkey face distorts. The monkey was groaning while having a face of lost, words of butt face is flying all over his head

After venting her frustration, she then said to the system" hey, why did I understand them sometimes while also sometimes didn't?"

"Well, the answer to your answer host is that I only translate the world language "

"So that's why, so go ahead and learn another language"


"Hmph, lead the way" after contemplating it, she realizes that she didn't know where it is, making her embarrassed

' I should avoid acting badass" thinking while ignoring a grumpy voice inside her head


"When do you think this thing started?" she said to the white snail

"Well, we don't know" said by the snail looking ashamed

Now she felt too speechless' how can living being can be this lazy, now I would not find it puzzling if they suddenly died due to their laziness"

She is not wrong as there is really a case like that happened in the past

'Now I think of it this ice look like the ice inside that void, and their attribute is also the same, negative energy and also the red-colored ice, maybe he is in there' she mumbled excitedly

"What else do you know?" she said while looking more excitedly

"well, mistress the demonic-looking ice has the attribute of negative energy so naturally, they are afraid of the holy attribute energy," he said while having a puzzled look " but we tried it, and the thing is they do not affect that. So we can only deploy barrier around it to halt its march

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