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69.23% So I asked for a divorce / Chapter 16: Down the aisle to death <3

Down the aisle to death <3 - So I asked for a divorce - Chapter 16 by Cressielost full book limited free

Chapter 16: Down the aisle to death <3

Albert wasn't lying when he said he wouldn't be contacting me over the month until our wedding. This heartless piece of shit arGH!


It's the wedding day though, and it doesn't matter if he hasn't visited me for a month because I was getting married. Thank the heavens that I wrote about the divorce four years ahead.

Father helped me try on the dress a week ago, and it looks gorgeous. Incredible. Heavenly. It's enough to make the whole empire jealous. I'm the star of the show tonight, ain't nobody got anything on me HAHAHAHAHAHAA!

Daisy and a couple other maids help me dress up, and the veil is pinned to my head successfully.

Speaking of Daisy, I had her send a copy of my wedding photo to the children. I invited the ones who are currently servants to serve at the wedding, and the rest of the children were snuck in. Maybe I should be crowned the best mom in the world or smth- (*´△ `*) aTCHOO nevermind that was definitely a sign that I'm not a good mom.

"Miss are you alright?" One of the maids fuss over me to wipe any moisture.

"I'm alright, I'm alright." I smile. "I'm just nervous since I'm getting married..."

"The miss looks incredible!" Daisy praises. "I can't wait to watch you walk down the aisle..."

I smile. "Thank you, Daisy. If I had cared any less about traditions, I would've let you walk me down the aisle instead,"

Daisy flushes red and sputters words out and I stare at Frederick.

"How do I look, Fred?"

Frederick turns to look at me and smiles. "Like a bride."

"How descriptive," I snort.

"Miss stay still let us apply this real quick," The maid puts on my lipstick and Daisy fixes my hair.

"Alright! Everything's in place," Daisy wipes the sweat from her forehead with a grin.

"Shall we go?" I smile.

Frederick leads the way to my father.

"Are you nervous Crystalia?" Fred mumbles.

"I'm alright," I smile. "Just a bit scared."

"Well..." Fred flushes red. "You're the prettiest bride in the world so please do not fret."

"AWW FRED IS SO SWEET TO ME!" I gasp. He hands me over to my father and he smiles.

"Please enjoy the wedding Crystalia," He leaves after that.

"My... my daughter is... finally getting married!" my father cries.

We wait at the door for a couple minutes for him to finish crying, and when he finishes, I help him fix up.

"Better?" I laugh slightly when I help him wipe his tears. My father was still like a child...

"You'll come to visit your mother and I right?" My father finishes wiping his tears and I smile.

"That's a given."

"And remember that if he ever tries anything you don't want on you to come home," My father smiles.

I nod. The temple's gates open and my father walks me down the aisle. I spot plenty of people that I know in the crowd. My father hands me over to Albert and stands on the side.

"Fight me, light boy," I curse under my breath. "I can't wait until the four years are over."

"On the bed or-"

I step on his foot and he hisses.

The priest starts talking.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we gather here today to witness the union of Junior Duke Crystalia Estelle Villarreal and Fifth Prince Albert Daniel Trevino. Do you, Junior Duke Crystalia, swear upon your heart to love this man forever. From the start of the universe, to the end of the universe? From the firstborn to the final one who roams on this land... Junior Duke Crystalia do you swear to love the Fifth Prince Albert forever?"

"I do," I mumble.

"Lies," Albert mumbles back. I step on his foot again.

"Do you, Fifth Prince Albert swear upon your heart to love Junior Duke Crystalia from the beginning of time, to the end of time? From the First cry of your life, to the final cry of your life? From the... Fifth Prince Albert do you swear to love the Junior Duke Crystalia forever?"

"From the start of our life together, til the end of our life forever. I swear to love you harder than any man in this universe ever has," Albert holds my hands in his.

"How sappy," I mumble under my breath.

"It's for show,"

"Damn right it is," I mumble.

"May the bride and groom now exchange rings,"

"You got me an eclipse gem for the ring?" I whisper.

"Yes," Albert places the gem on my ring finger and I place his ring on his.

"You may now kiss the bride," The priest smiles. Albert spins me into a dip and hides our faces. I close my eyes and pretend to kiss him.

"I hate this,"

"Don't worry the feeling's mutual."

We both stand back up, and we start talking with the guests.

"Crysta!!!" Felix latches onto me and cries. "Congrats on the marriage! I can't believe you got married earlier than I did!"

I snicker and Albert glares at Felix. "Hands off Sir Felix."

"Ah ah my apologies," Felix smiles, backing away. "I forgot you're married now."

"I mean if you consider this marriage at all," I snort. "I still wish that it was you..."

"Aww me too," Felix wipes a tear.

"Ehem" Albert glares. "Perhaps it's time to throw the bouquet?"

I nod with a grin.

"Flower time!" The noblewoman rush over to catch the bouquet as I fling it into their crowd.

"I caught it!" Bria laughs. I hum in response.

"I'm waiting for your wedding."

"Of course!" Bria smiles.

"Crysta!" I spot the little princess reaching her hands up for me. "carry!"

"What happened baby?" I carry the third princess in my arms.

"Congrats on the marriage!" she smiles.

"Thank you baby," I smile. I spot the first and second princesses walk up to me, and I bow slightly. "I greet the first princess Freya and second princess Lilith."

They smile. "I see you're getting along with Princess Iyla,"

Freya reaches for the girl and she clings onto me.

"Well, that's new," the princess blinks. "Come on Iyla darling, the bride needs to talk to other people baby,"

"Come on darling," I smile. "You'll be seeing me more often nowadays too."

Lilith reaches for the young princess and she lets go of me.

"See you soon!"

"See you darling," I smile.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" The emperor announces.

"Mistress Lily!" I hear behind me and I rush over.

"Congrats on the wedding!" The children hold up a small crystal.

"I... you didn't have to get me anything baby," The children give me a toothy grin and Solace puts the crystal into my hand.

"We wanted to," The child smiles. "We got it from the pay we received hehe"

I sigh and kiss each of them on the cheek. "I need to go back before they start searching for me, but remember to stay close to Dahlia and grab some food before you leave alright?"

The children nod and Daisy leads them away.

"... which is why now that my son has officially married, I plan on giving him the endlands up north!" The emperor smiles.

Step one of this unorganized plan was taken down. Now to get Albert to power, get rich, buy a house in the woods, and then become the forest witch...

"Crystalia," Bria pulls me away from the crowd. "You won't take the endlands away from me as your best friend... would you?"

"I'll discuss about that with my husband," as I thought. She cared more about her future than the 'best' day of her best friend's life.

"A-ah alright," Bria looks away. I wrote her to be this way, and I wasn't going to let myself be hurt the way that she hurt me in real life.

"Besides Bria," I smile. "You didn't think that just because I take over the endlands would mean that I would leave you for poverty... right?"

My husband walks up behind me as Bria shakes her head profusely.

"There you are," he smiled. "Running off on our wedding night already?"

"Not yet," I grin. He pinches my cheek slightly. This man...


"Since we're discussing about marriage," I sigh. "I thought I'd let you know something in advance."

"Yes?" Albert pours our second drink.

"I have a close friend. Her name is Bria." I pause. "She has a tendency to steal things from me. I am aware that she's been sending you letters, and if you wish to break off this engagement then let me know right now."

"Why should I?" Albert's eyes are stern. "I have a feeling you'll bring me more than she would."

"What a nice way to put a marriage of convenience," I sigh. "I'll help you seize power, and in exchange, you have to let me run my own business unrelated to the family."

Albert smiles. "Deal."

"Oh and also," I smile. "For the sake of deceiving everyone, please pretend that we are somewhat in love with each other."

"Why is that?"

"A perfect imperial family is the least we can do," I smile.


"Let's go, darling," Albert kisses my forehead and pulls me off by the waist. He glances at Bria at the side of his eye and I snicker. "She's fuming,"

"Not surprised," I whisper back. "Are we allowed to head home early?"

"Yes," Albert mumbles. "Trust me for a bit,"

Albert lets go of my waist and hooks an arm under my legs. He's princess carrying me. "Fake something for me Crystalia."

"EeK put me down, Albert!" I gasp. The crowd turns to look at us and Albert speaks.

"Darling I told you the people wouldn't mind if we left the reception early... your feet are all swollen from the heels. How could I stand and watch my poor wife suffer!" Albert sighs. "Besides... I don't want my wife worn out for the wedding night..."

"A-Albert there's guests!"

Then a ton of nobles proceed to gasp and say that it's ok to head home. A couple laugh at us genuinely, and a couple others sneer, but it didn't matter. I got to get home, that's literally the only thing that mattered.

"Go ahead!" My parents smile. "Please take care of our daughter!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Albert you better ask for consent!" Paris calls at him.

"Consent is the hottest thing in the world!" Felix joins him.

Albert carries me until we arrive at the carriage, and when we leave, I finally sigh.

"I swear if I had to wait any longer..." Albert laughs at me as I remove the heels from my shoes.

"I wish I could go in a suit to every place," I grumble.

"I won't stop you," Albert smiles. "But in order to gain control, we can do so by force, or through ties."

"We'll be gaining control the underground way," I remind. "I have connections underground already prepared for you. I just need you to tie everything together. I'll deal with everything on the exterior, but you'll run everything from the inside. When I leave in four years, you'll have the entire underground under your hand."

Albert stares at me in awe.

"Oh and also," I add. "There's going to be maids checking on us tonight. The royal family has to make sure we consummate on the first night as newlyweds."

Albert smiles. "Don't worry... I'm plenty good with my hands,"

I can only stare in confusion and horror.


"MmPH-" I gasp. "Holy shit you are... why didn't you tell me you were so good at giving uGh-"

Albert works with the knots in my shoulders and I gasp.

"Shh darling," He hums. "Just relax and enjoy it... alright?"

"AcK-" I gasp when he moves onto another knot. My fuCKIng bACK. "T-this f-feels really good... holy shit..."

If he continues to be this good with massages then I might just cave in and keep the marriage. Too bad the contract was signed. Maybe I'll just force him into giving me massages every month or so.

I feel my eyes droop slowly and I fade out of conciousness.

"...good night darling."

Cressielost Cressielost

AAAAAH the wedding chapter is finally finished! This is the longest chapter yet and it does have 2k words in it. I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter! I might come back one day and edit it so that it flows slightly better. Remember to like or comment if you like it! Love you lots and stay hydrated lovelies!

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