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Chapter 41: Conference

In a large grand hall, tensions between masters and elders grew as they argued about what to do with an impending danger that was to come.

A mysterious evil that has finally begun to stir from its ancient slumber.

"We should send out some outer sect disciples to investigate the problem," one elder advocated as a mummer of others mumbled their agreement. "By sending out small pods of outer sect disciples, we could efficiently control this growing problem and cover more ground.

Besides, this could serve as an excellent opportunity for some real-world training for some. We might even see a boost in inner sect disciples by the coming spring."

"Are you insane, Elder Lu," slamming his fist down on his table, Master Qing Su stood up and yelled at the elder across the hall. "Are you suggesting that we send out those children to be slaughtered? They have less than adequate training, but a majority of them are not prepared to take on such a task!

What have they done so far, Elder Lu? Have they gone on various night hunts? Dispel local demons? Have they exorcised any vengeful ghosts? Or have they fought off any zombies yet?

It was already a risk sending out our direct disciples to investigate these areas; some could barely contain the problem in time! By sending out groups of outer sect disciples, wouldn't the risk of disaster be higher?

Should something happen, our sect will lose a considerable amount of our numbers, but we could also be feeding whatever the hell is out there!"

"Nonsense," Elder Shang jumped into the argument. "Didn't we already have a great turn out from this year's admission!

Albeit, some were more outstanding than others, but we have gained a considerable group of talent!

Don't judge all of the disciples of our Yun Cai Peak just because of the failures of yours!"

"Excuse me?!?"

"Hmph, this elder thinks that it would be a wise idea to send out those outer sect brats! It would toughen them up and would only be more of an advantage to their cultivation!

Some real combat action for them!"

"You fool!"

The argument between the two groups of whether or not to send out outer sect disciples intensified as the hall became enraptured by clamoring elders.

"Enough," using spiritual projection in his voice, Sect Master Qing Shui silenced the hall into a mere hush. "Arguing between us will not bring any results other than bitterness and spite," glaring at the elders and masters, some turned their head away in shame, and others let out an awkward cough.

"Now," smiling, Sect Master Qing Shui sat upright in his seat at the head of the hall. "I know that this issue is somewhat concerning, as none of us know what to make. Not even our expansive records noted anything of scale.

However, I believe that it would be wise to consider at least partnering with the other two great-"


"Are you mad, Sect Master?"

"This is a Yun Cai Peak problem, and there's no need for foreigners to come into our territory!"

"That's right! That will only give them an excuse to set up camp and take over!"

"But clearly, this is something that we can't handle on our own!"

"Yeah! If we're going to fight this, we need all the help we can get!"

Shouts of agreement and disagreement flooded the hall, returning the noisy clamor. Some adamant that their great sect was well enough to handle its problems, while others thought that seeking assistance from others wasn't bad. After all, they would have more resources and human resources to aid them in that sense.

During all of this, Master Luo sat in his lofty corner struggling between two decisions. 'Argh, I can't hear my own words over this noise! When will these brats just shut up for a few seconds?

This grandmaster has an important decision to make!'

"Grandmaster Luo," Sect Master Qing Shui suddenly called out. "What do you make of this?"

The clamoring died down as everyone wished to know what the great grandmaster would choose.

Master Luo sat in place, eyes downcast at the table before him. His eyebrows furrowed in thought as he slowly stroke his beard in a thoughtful manner.

In front of Master Luo were two dishes of dessert. 'Herm, sweet red bean soup or sweet osmanthus cake?'

"Ah, decisions, decisions," he muttered as he stroked his beard, eyes glued to the two plates, indecisively, a frown stretched across his face. "Hmm…"

"Uh, Grandmaster Luo," Sect Master Qing Shui called out as Master Luo didn't reply to his question. 'Grandmaster must be too deep in thought not to realize the switch in conversation.'

Master Luo: 'If I eat the osmanthus cake first, I wouldn't be able to eat the sweet red bean soup as it would go cold.

Blah, I hate cold soup.

Uh, I can feel the cold, slimy texture just thinking about it. Not that it would stop me from eating it, but it's not ideal.

But on the other hand, if I eat the soup first, then the cake would be ruined as the sticky syrup of the cake would destroy its texture.

Hmm…no, one likes to eat a mushy mess. Blah!

Especially with all that syrup. Well, not that this master has anything against the sweet nectar, but still.'

"... ah, Grandmaster must be weighing the fate of our Yun Cai Peak."

"...ah, yes, yes…"

"...I wonder what he will choose?"

The hall waited for a few seconds.

Then a minute.

And then the entire length of an incense stick before Master Luo suddenly slammed his down on his table. "I've decided!"

Everyone suddenly sucked in a breath, waiting for what the Grandmaster of Yun Cai Peak would dictate.

"I will eat both of them at the same time!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ah," a collective sigh of disappointment rang through the hall at Master Luo's outburst.

Elders and Masters: 'How typical of the Grandmaster.'

"However," Master Luo continued as he took a spoon full of the sweet soup, "I do have an idea as to what to do for the matter at hand."

"Then please do tell, Grandmaster," Sect Master Qing Shui encouraged with a smile.

"Erm, I like the idea of collaborating with the other two great peaks."

Some groaned in defeat and disappointment at this answer, bitterly drinking their tea. While others silently cheered that they were on the same wavelength as the grandmaster.

"However," eating a bit of cake, he spoke between chews, "I believe that it would be wise to not only inform the other two greats but other smaller sects as well."

"Please elaborate more on what you mean by that, Grandmaster," Master Qing Ye jumped in, his eagerness barely concealed on his face.

Raising a brow, Master Luo continued as he nibbled on some cake, "Hmm, well, if we can manage to gain an audience with a representative of each sect, large and small, and inform them of the happenings as of late, it would prove to be beneficial for all.

Sharing our knowledge and information is the only way we can fight this ancient evil.

Remember, although this demonic action may be happening within our territory, there's no saying if it will spread to other areas before taking over the realm. It's best that everyone is prepared for what may come.

Also, for the matter of training, I don't see why we can't send both our direct disciples and outer sect disciples together to get some real-world experience. If they can't handle these things on their own, what will they do when we all ascend beyond this realm?

Naturally, as their masters and teachers, we should guide them in the right direction of the Dao, but should something like happen once we're gone.

Tsk, it wouldn't matter what sect one comes from, or what position on has. It would be whether or not you have the power to face those obstacles that may come your way.

After all, what else are these brats training for if not to better themselves and those around them?"

The hall hushed in silence as Master Luo calmly continued to eat his dessert after his speech, shocked to see a serious side to the usually reserved and foodie grandmaster.

"Whelp," he shrugged as he spooned the last drops of his soup. "anyways, that's this old man's take on it. Take it if you will, but this grandmaster is going to excuse himself and leave."

'And get more food!

Being the grandmaster is tiring!'

Now that both his disciples have left, he can finally return to his humble days of peace. 'Hehe, I'm going to eat myself into a coma!

Roasted duck!

Braised pork!

Hehe, wait for this Grandmaster!'

With a flick of his sleeve and a giddy laugh, Master Luo disappeared from his seat, leaving behind an empty bowl and plate, both without a single drop nor crumb of dessert.

"Well then," clapping his hands, Sect Master Qing Shui brought the attention back on himself. "Now that we have the Grandmaster's input, can we conclude?"

The elders muttered between themselves before nodding in agreement. A few outspoken elders stood up and cupped their hands.

"Sect Master, we have decided."

IsaChiu IsaChiu

Master Luo takes the spotlight in this chapter, lol.

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