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18.64% Stacking The Deck (Yugioh GX Insert) / Chapter 11: Chilling In The Schoolyard 5

Chilling In The Schoolyard 5 - Stacking The Deck (Yugioh GX Insert) - Chapter 11 by 0_Jordinio_0 full book limited free

Chapter 11: Chilling In The Schoolyard 5

"Monster Reborn, not bad." Yarden grinned as he took a bite out of his weirdly curry flavoured sandwich and looked over the card he got from drawing sandwiches. Sadly he hadn't managed to draw the golden eggwich. He'd only managed to do it on his first day and yesterday, getting his Seiyaru on the first try and yesterday obtaining Dragon's Mirror.

"Better luck nexttime." Sadie smiled and patted him on the shoulder, "You've had some pretty good luck lately with your cards from the draws at least."

That he did. He was so very glad to get the Dragon's Mirror. Because coming up in a few days or so was his chance to get his hands on Five Headed Dragon, and it would be the most optimal way for him to summon it.

All week besides going to classes and beating down Obelisk students, he'd begun preparing. Working out to get his body in good condition while going through all of his cards and creating as many combo's with them as he could. Besides the cards he'd drawn from trying to get the eggwiches and a pair of interesting cards called Hack Worm's he'd bought yesterday for a mere one hundred DP each because of their effect, he hadn't bought any card packs or anything at all.

"Say Sadie," Yarden turned his attention to the pretty store clerk, gaining her attention, "Do you have any Serpent Night Dragon cards for sale?" he asked.

Everyone had their iconic cards that made them stand out. And from what he'd researched, Rex Raptor had done away with his usage of the card and focused on the new dino support instead. He needed a card that made him stand out as his ace, and he'd decided on Serpent Night Dragon.

He was the strongest spirit he had currently after all. And honestly, despite his pride, the serpentine dragon was a great help and dutifully followed any of Yarden's orders. Heck, for the past few days, Serpent Night Dragon had been scouring the island looking for the duel spirit Dark Magician Girl just because he asked about her.

While all of his new spirits were great, the one he interacted with the most was Serpent Night Dragon. Well, Serpent Night Dragon and Petit Dragon. 'Yes, make sure not to forget about me now just because I'm a weakling compared to him.' Petit Dragon piped in sardonically. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yarden rolled his eyes, 'Don't whine, I used you to win two duels already.' he replied. In one he'd fused him to create Darkfire Dragon and boosted him with Fusion Weapon, and in another he just won outright with the little dragon by equipping him with United We Stand and Tyrant Wing, then using Thousand Energy.

'Yes and I quite enjoyed that, but I'm just saying your go to is to summon Serpent Night Dragon.' the small dragon rebuked.

Yes, because it made it really easy to make people think he was just a dragon user like that. Which made it easy to crush them when he threw them off with any of the many other cards he had. The face that one guy made when he got crushed by Jerry Bean Man was hilarious.

"We have a few," Sadie said, breaking him from his internal conversation with his bonded spirit, "We keep them in the back cuz nobody is interested in them anymore. Especially since the other support card is priced quite a bit higher than the monster itself."

'Oh?' Yarden raised an eyebrow in interest, there was more support for Serpent Night Dragon? "Do you have two copies of Serpent Night Dragon?" he asked, "Oh, and can I get a look at that support card?"

"Sure," Sadie beamed, "Gimme a sec hon." the brown haired woman said and walked away, heading into the back room. She appeared a few moments later, blowing dust off of a little display case and setting it down beside the till.

Walking over, Yarden checked it out and was interested to see at least five copies of Serpent Night Dragon lined up in the little case, and in front of them a card he didn't recognize. It depicted art of Serpent Night Dragon with its mouth open, black flames spiralling outwards in a black wave.

"The monsters were originally worth four thousand a piece when we sold em actively, but I'll sell you them for nineteen hundred a piece if you buy more than one," Sadie said to him, then patted the display case, "As for the Nightmare Sonic Blast, that used to go for eight thousand, but I'll sell you it for four thousand five hundred if you want it."

Odd cuts in the prices, but as Yarden looked over the support card, he couldn't help but gape. All he needed was Serpent Night Dragon on the field and it had amazing effects depending on how many monsters he drew using its effect. If it was one, he could add one of those cards to his hand. If it was two he could destroy any card his opponent controlled. If it was three or more he could apply both effects! And on top of that it let him order those cards in any order he desired.

He couldn't stop the massive grin spreading across his face, "I'll take em both, the support card and two copies of Serpent Night Dragon," Yarden told her, "And two packets of Rise of Destiny while we're at it."

"Big spender today huh?" Sadie grinned as she began typing up his purchases on the till and adding up the total, "That'll be seven thousand eight hundred DP including the price for the eggwich attempt."

Eesh, how expensive. Nearly eight hundred pounds in UK currency. And that was with a massive discount. No wonder most didn't find Serpent Night Dragon viable anymore. Only people that were loaded could get their hands on it and support cards for it, and multiple of them to make them viable would cost even more.

Still, he dutifully let her take the DP from his account. While he'd managed to find out more about this life he'd taken's past, and the fact that he was apparently an emancipated minor on benefits, and wanted to transfer the DP into his bank account, this was more of an investment for the future and making more DP and thus more money.

Besides, he had an entire school year here to make more money before he had to leave the island for any period of time during the summer. His benefits may only pay two hundred and fifty per month into his bank, but that was still over a grand he'd go back to from that alone, and he still had over two grand worth in DP even after spending as much as he did here in the card shop.

"Here ya go hon." Sadie grabbed his attention, sliding over two booster packs and then reached into the display box to grab two copies of Serpent Night Dragon and Nightmare Sonic Blast.

Yarden took them ever so gratefully. His grin turning to shit eating proportions. While placing the three cards in his deck box and beginning to open the packets, his eyes fell to Sadie's lower back as she walked back into the storage room with that display case, keenly checking out her lovely rear end.

Honestly, it was too bad Sadie had the same name as his dead grandmother and brought up memories of her. Otherwise he wouldn't mind chatting her up.

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