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Obelisk Blue 6 - Stacking The Deck (Yugioh GX Insert) - Chapter 26 by 0_Jordinio_0 full book limited free

Chapter 26: Obelisk Blue 6

Ironically for Alexis, it seemed Yarden's destination was in fact the card shop. He handed her the deck back as they entered it and made his way over to the counter while she picked out one of the tables in the shop to sit at.

Well, Alexis couldn't fight the smirk off her face as she sat down. Yarden could barely keep his eyes from dropping to her lower back or slowing his walking to be slightly behind her. That, was completely her win.

She was however forced into shock out of pride from winning, she Yarden outright bought one single card, for thirty thousand DP. Which would be nearly five hundred thousand yen back home! It was an absurd amount of DP to drop for one single card! She didn't even have half of that. And it was Five-Headed Dragon at that. Alexis almost shuddered at the thought of Yarden using it. He was the type of guy who loved getting around typical summoning methods. It was unlikely he would be satisfied with just summoning it using monsters from the hand and field for a fusion. It just didn't fit the way he liked to do things.

"Right, I've got what I needed," Yarden sat down across from her with a smile on his face, mighty pleased with his purchase, "Let's get this little deck building date started then, shall we?" He already had quite a few ideas on monsters that would suit Alexis well.

Alexis shook her head, forcing her shock away, "Alright, lay it on me," she smiled at the boy, then paused as she remembered something, "Oh, and thanks for this." she was truly grateful he was willing to help her with this. She'd been having a lot of trouble lately trying to think of ways to improve her deck, she felt like she'd been approaching her limits with her current deck. No way she could compare to either Zane or Yarden as she was now.

"Don't worry about it, this is as good a date with you as anything else," he laughed lightly, once he regained his breath Yarden pointed at her, "Right, first things first, Mind on Air, why is it in your deck? It's not really that useful and most of the time will end up just a dead draw for you."

Mind on Air. A level 6 dark spellcaster monster. It had one thousand attack points and sixteen hundred defense points and it had the ability to make her opponent play with their card revealed as long as it was on the field. "I use it for mostly ritual fodder, it can let me get my Cyber Angel Idaten or Benten out on the field with it alone." she replied. It wasn't the best card out there, from there if she used monster reborn or call of the haunted, she could get it back on the field and keep track of her opponents cards and get a good guess at what they could and would do.

Yarden nodded, "I expected as much," he mused, "It's a decent idea, especially if you get it back on the field by resurrecting it, but honestly, there's much more useful monsters to use."

"Like?" Alexis asked, curious.

Oddly, the first card he recommended, seemed very odd for her deck. White Night Dragon. According to him, it was a level eight water attribute dragon monster, and with the same attack and defense points as the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon. With the ability to negate the activation of a spell or trap that targeted once per turn and destroy them. And on top of that, if an opponent attacked another monster she had on the field, she could discard one trap or spell card to make the target be changed to White Night Dragon itself. A tactic that would allow her to even discard any extra Machine Angel Ritual card's to the graveyard so she could abuse its effects. And furthermore, it could be tribute summoned using her Stray Lamb card in one turn or be used for ritual fodder for even her Cyber Angel Idaten, her current strongest monster, with the side effect of White Night Dragon being in the graveyard and easy to resurrect onto the field.

It was honestly a very powerful sounding card. But she didn't think it really suited her or her deck. Yarden did for some reason, though he admitted to being biased about it, biased in what way, she didn't know, he just gave her a little wink when she asked. Either way, she was definitely going to look into it if he recommended it so much.

The second and third cards he recommended were Majestic Mech - Ohka and Metamorphosis. Majestic Mech - Ohka was a level six light type fairy monster apparently with with twenty four hundred attack points. And it had the ability to be normal summoned without tributes, but would be destroyed at the end of the turn. Where as Metamorphosis was a fusion card, that let the user turn any monster they had on their field into any fusion monster from their extra deck as long as they had the same level. She could attack with Ohka, then before it was destroyed, combo it with Metamorphosis to fusion summon her Cyber Blader to the field.

She'd never even heard of either card before. But, Yarden had Metamorphosis in his own deck apparently and Sadie, the lady behind the counter confirmed that she did have a few in stock of both cards, alongside White Night Dragon.

Though Ohka was apparently three thousand DP while White Night Dragon was seven thousand. Just getting them both would leave her with only four thousand or so DP left.

From there, he brought up her liking of her sheep token spell cards, and recommended she get Cannon Soldier, a relatively cheap and unremarkable card. But when paired with Scapegoat, could actually deal two thousand points of damage to her opponent by using all four of the sheep tokens and Cannon Soldier's effect.

Then they finally got to the warriors he recommended. Four of them specifically. All with amazing effects that would really suit her deck well. Warrior Lady Of The Wasteland, D.D Warrior Lady, Command Knight and Marauding Captain.

Marauding Captain definitely threw the theme of her deck off. At least with the other non humanoid monsters, they weren't males, or really had no gender. But, the effect it had made Marauding Captain worth it, especially if she thought of it as paying tribute to the person who was actively giving her all these ideas to use. Like using Double Summon with Marauding Captain itself, with two of them, to get her two special summons and fill her field with level one to four warrior monsters. Four monsters that couldn't be attacked because of Marauding Captain's other effect that made it so the opponent couldn't target any of her other monsters but it, and with two of them blocking the opponent from attacking at all.

Time flew by in a blur for Alexis as she took in everything Yarden was saying and wrote it down to review it all later. Listing monsters, effects, attack points, combo's he casually rattled off like no big deal. The boy really was a fountain of information when it came to duel monsters, and the sheer amount he knew of, not even for use of his own deck, just cards he was recommending to Alexis herself, even left her a bit awed.

She found, that she was really enjoying herself actually. She didn't have to tip toe around Yarden at all like basically every other guy. Even Zane wasn't quit as subtle as he liked to think he was when he was checking her out. He was upfront and blunt about his attraction to her, and despite that, she didn't feel pressured like when all the other guys rushed to hit on her. It was probably why she didn't mind actively flirting back with him here and there. He was interesting, and fun, and it felt like, he just kind of got her a bit? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The blonde actually found herself really disappointed when the bell rang signifying the end of lunch. If that was what dates with Yarden were like, then she definitely wouldn't mind going on more.

'Atticus would probably really like him.' Alexis mused. Yarden reminded her a lot of her older brother actually, just more blunt and crude while her brother loved to ham things up.

Melancholy hit her at the thought of her brother.

"Hey, there's one more thing I want to show you." Yarden placed a hand on her shoulder, breaking her from her dwelling, and she looked to see him smiling at cheerfully, genuinely.

She smothered any lingering melancholy, this wasn't the time for it, and it would ruin the good mood going on between them, "I hope you're not gonna drop your pants or something," Alexis smirked at him, "I don't really wanna see that."

Yarden chuckled, "Oh, you'll make me sad, hitting me right here, in the feels babe," he tapped a closed fist against his chest and Alexis had to smother her own chuckle at how easily he took it, "But, as much as I'd love to prove you wrong about how much you would love it, the thing I want to show you is a card, a very special card."

He really didn't lack for confidence huh? And her interest was definitely piqued.

About the card that was.

"What kind of card?" Alexis asked.

He slipped his fingers into his back pocket, and slipped a card out, showing it to her. It displayed the image of a monster, with the body of a golden yellow star and a smirking face.

Hoshiningen. A level two light attribute fairy monster, with five hundred attack points and seven hundred defense points. And as long as it was up on the field, all light attribute monsters would gain five hundred attack points, while all dark attribute monsters would lose four hundred.

'That's a pretty good effect that would help out my cyber angels, but I don't see why it would be incredibly special?' Alexis mused as she looked the card over.

"So what's so special about it and why do you want to show me it?" Alexis wondered, giving the boy an odd look.

"Well I want to give it to you," Yarden replied, but weirdly, his gaze was incredibly serious, "But I'm only going to give you it, if you make me a promise. To treat this little guy well and use him in your deck."

"A gift?" Alexis blinked, before smiling at him, "You don't need to do that. But, of course I'm gonna treat any card you give me well. I wouldn't treat a gift from my friends badly. It looks pretty useful, but why do you want me to use it?"

"Well, you're not the type to lie about something like this," Yarden sighed and gently grasped her hand before placing the card in her palm. Alexis blinked as she felt a jolt run up her spine, "As for why? Well, let me just say this. In the future, this card will go a long way to making sure you don't get run over by bullshit and let you go further than you ever could without it."

Alexis was so lost. "Okay?" she wasn't sure at all what he meant. But it felt important, and he happily helped her out and gave her more than she could have imaged when she asked for a few little tips to use with her deck and cards to get. But, if he said it was really that important, she'd take his word for it until proven otherwise.

"Great, I'll leave him in your care then," he squeezed her shoulder gently, fondly before letting go and turning on his heel, "Now let's hurry up before we're late for class."

Alexis gave one last look at the monster card in her hand, and then blinked, when she was sure for a split moment, the art on the card shifted and winked at her.

'I must be seeing things.' she assured herself, before placing the card in her deck box and catching up to Yarden to head to class.

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