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46.56% Star wars: New Order(DROPPED) / Chapter 61: Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Chapter 61

Once back to the fleet John had discovered that his fleets were still conquering Republic territory and weren't even 50% close to capturing the territory so to speed things up John had decided to send a message to the various systems still with the Republic to swear allegiance to the Imperium or refuse and be invaded.

Most of the systems had accepted the request and came to Naboo to swear allegiance which took 4 weeks but there was a small amount who refused his request so John had his fleets invade those systems which took an additional 8 months to invade the planet and establish a garrison to restore order on the planet.

After the 8 months were done the stability in the Captured Republic regions were just above 50% while on Coruscant Stability was high because after the war John had made Coruscant the New Capital of the Imperium and began transferring the main Government administration to Coruscant and moving the Military High Command to Coruscant as well.

Master Yoda was given a high position as the first Master of the Dragon Order and even started learning to balance the force and learn new Force powers. John had the Captured Jedi come to the Throne room so he can ask them if they want to join him. Although reluctant at first many still wanted to practice and learn the ways of the force and many had seen how John's Force Guards were powerful in the force but also wise as they could read and adjust to their opponent's abilities so a Majority numbering 3,000 Jedi had agreed to join John.

But there were of course those who still believed that John was a danger to the Galaxy and refused to join mainly because they wanted the Jedi Order to not be demolished but John refused them so they refused to join him and even cursed the other Jedi and Yoda for following such a person. John didn't waste any more time on them and sent them to a special planet where they would be imprisoned but will still be able to Meditate and such but will be restricted to not using any Harmful force powers. The reason John did this was that he didn't want to completely restrict them from using their powers and his soldiers could resist their Mind tricks so he wasn't worried.

The 3,000 Jedi who Joined were allowed to use the old Jedi Temple on Coruscant which was now called the Dragon Temple and remodeled with a Dragon at the top of the Temple and a symbol with two dragons on it which was the Dragon Order Symbol. John still kept the Jedi records and documents and stuff since he wasn't a tyrant who would take all of their important things away.

He gave them the documents and explained to them the Dragon code which was Honor, Duty, and Loyalty these three principles are what make the dragon Order. The Main Duty of the Dragon Order is to protect the Emperor and his citizens and maintain Order and Justice throughout the Imperium.

The Jedi who joined wouldn't just be given free rein as they will be watched by various spies and informants to ensure that in due time they will be Loyal to the Imperium.

Coruscant was kept the same only some buildings' names had changed such as the Galactic Senat building was now replaced as the Emperor's building where important Government meetings and the main administration was located. It would also serve as the meeting place for diplomatic envoys.

The former citizens of the Republic were not rebellious or against Imperium rule since most of them had heard from family members or had traveled to an imperium world knew that the Imperium valued its citizens and gave them many freedoms and protections under the Government. So when the imperium took over many were happy and even celebrated that their lives would improve now.

And just what they predicted within 5 months their lives were improved as many were working and earning money for their families and the overall mood of the citizens was high as many had found themselves working with various races that they never would have expected to work.

Many joined the army and went to the Military Academy that was established on Coruscant or the Naval Academy that was also established.

The abundance of resources increased trade and the income of the Imperium. Some independent planets had decided to pledge allegiance to the Imperium because of the benefits and prosperity earned from it.


While John was in his new office on Coruscant he had noticed that he completed some hidden missions from the system so he accepted them

[Defeat the Republic]

Rewards: 4 Random Legendary summons

[Control more than 50% of the Galaxy]

Rewards: 5 Billion system points

[Have more than 1,000 force users in your Dragon Order]

Rewards: 1x Dragon egg

[The Dragon Egg will hatch 6 months after acquiring it and once Hatched the dragon will know who its master is and will always protect you. The Dragon will take 6 more months until it's a Full adult and also the dragon skin and Bone structure is designed to be able to take hits from space ships once it's at the young adult age and has many powers to destroy and heal]

Once John saw that he was excited to see the baby dragon and actually have a dragon for the Dragon Order but he was surprised that he didn't get a reward for defeating Palpatine 'maybe because he was too weak or something' thought John but whatever the reason he doesn't care as he already got more than enough from the system and wasn't complaining.

Over the next month or so John had spent time with Padme, Layla, Kina, and Atra having long nights with all 4 of the girls eventually getting Padme and Layla pregnant. In his old life, John never had children so he was excited to have some in this life.

A/N: The first volume is done and the 4 legendary summons and the dragon will be introduced in the next Volume.

For the next Volume, John will deal with the Yuuzhan Vong's invasion head into a new galaxy so I have selected 2 Galaxies and want to know which ones the readers would like to see him go to or if you have a Galaxy recommendation you can comment also and by the way, Halo, and Mass effect was taken out of the selection because John already have characters from that series and it would be confusing to write.




The next Volume will start after New Year and I would like to thank the readers for their support and reading the book even though it has many flaws and is very confusing sometimes but this is my First Book so I hope to improve.

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