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Stardom: Echoes of Destiny Stardom: Echoes of Destiny original

Stardom: Echoes of Destiny

Author: SomDxD

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Chapter 1: The Idol World!


It was a game-like system that only I possessed. I thought it was something that everyone had but I found out when I grew up that it was only me that possessed it.

Nonetheless, I never thought it was something great or anything. When I was young, I used to play with the System but after I grew up, I completely stopped using it.


There was no reason. I didn't need to use the System nor did I like depending on something like a System. School, work, or anything athletic, I was always number one at those.

I didn't hate the System given to me but what was the use of having something when you have no use for it?

Apart from possessing a System, I am a completely normal high schooler who spends time playing around with friends. I had been doing so for the past 5 years.


I opened my eyes to a world called 'Stardom', a world that revolved around idols. From the moment I was born, my parents played idol music, my friends talked about their favorite idols, and every billboard on the streets featured the smiling face of some pop sensation. In this world, idols were everything. Everyone was obsessed with them.

Becoming an idol was like ascending to heaven in this world. There was nothing more prestigious than being involved in idol work.

However, with so much prestige, it also meant that becoming an Idol was one of the hardest things in this world. Idols need to have beautiful faces and be able to sing, dance, and act. They also need to keep the appearance of being nice and kind.

Even with so many requirements, many people had died trying to become an idol and get their names known to others.

In elementary school, most kids' dreams would be to become an idol. Though, as they grow up, they start to get into reality and give up on those dreams.

Nevertheless, there would always be those geniuses and people who would work hard even knowing the difficulties of becoming an idol.

Despite all the people's reverent Idols, not everyone was like that. One such person was me who could not understand people's obsession with idols.

Anyway, the idol business was something that I never considered as something that I would enter. It was for all those energetic and ambitious people who still persisted in their dream.

I dressed up to go to school. Today too, I woke up late and was rushing to get ready.

( Is there a skill to wake up early? )

I thought it would be incredible to have such a skill. However, sleeping is essential and for a body to function properly, it needs proper rest.

After justifying myself for waking up late, I tied my tie.

"Alan! Irina-chan had come. Get down quickly!'

"Got it, mom!"

I immediately came down.

"Hey, be quick! We are going to be late if you keep being so slow!"

Irina who was waiting downstairs said, annoyed at how slow I was.

Irina Starlight! She is my childhood friend whom I grew up with. She was 2 years older than me and a senior at my school. She was one of those gifted people who managed to get into the idol business.

When she was in middle school, she was approached by a talent agency that wanted to train her to become an idol.

Her beauty was the main reason for being approached. She has jet-black hair that flows down her back like a silky waterfall. Her hair frames her face perfectly, highlighting her sharp features and bringing out the intensity of her striking pink eyes.

She had all the attributes necessary to become a top Idol. Since her dream was also to become an Idol, she instantly agreed. There was also no objection from her parents since being an Idol was just like becoming a millionaire. No sane person would refuse such a great opportunity.

Just like that, one of my close friends became a person of importance. However, all that stuff about her becoming an Idol was none of business. Even if she became one of the most popular Idols in the world, I could care less.

Anyway, what I want to say is that the thing about her is not that important. She was rude and a spoiled kid who was nothing like any Idol that I know of.

"I feel like you were just thinking something rude about me?"

Irina said as she stared at me.

( F**K! Her senses are abnormal! Does she have mind-reading skills? )

"Nothing! I was just thinking that you looked beautiful as always. Haha… "

I replied. It was not like she could read my mind. As long as I deny her, what can she do?


Irina stared at me with doubt. I don't know why but she seemed certain that I was just thinking something bad about her.

"Good morning! Did you wait for too long?"

A girl of Irina's age approached them and greeted her. The moment she saw her, Irina forgot about what she had said earlier and began talking to her.

"Cecilia! Why were you also late?"

"Sorry, sorry! I slept late because of some late-night training! I promise it will not happen again."

Cecilia apologized.

Cecilia was the girl that transferred to this town last year. Irina became good friends with Cecilia as they were in the same school and their homes were also close to one another.

We started going to school together after I became a high schooler. Though even before that I would occasionally see her together with Irina.

Anyway, where was I? Yes! Irina is not that important. I have no interest in what she is doing or what she wants to do.

Rather, I was interested in Cecilia. Cecilia is a gentle and kind girl unlike Irina who only knows how to make fun of me. She was also a great beauty, being able to attract any male that came across her.

In front of her, any idol was pale in comparison. At least to me, her looks were much better than those A and S-list idols.

I wish to confess my love for her but I have no confidence in myself. I don't want my first-ever love to end. I, at least, want to do something that will make my chances of success higher.

It would be very helpful if Irina, Cecilia's best friend, could give me some information about Cecilia. However, knowing Irina's personality, she would only tease me and make me look bad in front of Cecilia rather than help.

Soon the three of them reached school. They were able to reach in time and avoid getting into trouble.

Today too, Alan didn't have the courage to confess to Cecilia. He glanced at her for the last time before moving towards his class.

However, at that moment, he failed to notice that someone was watching him glance at Cecilia.

Irina grinned as she also headed towards her class.


Alan greeted everyone in the class as he made his way toward his seat. As someone who is adept at everything, he was fairly popular.

Being good at academics meant that many students would approach him when the test came. As he was also skilled at teaching, he would be most approached by students having difficulties with their studies. As a result, he gained many friends quickly.

As a member of the school football team, he was admired by both boys and girls. Despite being nothing compared to idol performances, sports were also popular, especially football.

Being able to communicate well, having good looks, being athletic, and also good at studying. He was liked by many students because of those things.

However, why he was only fairly popular despite being good at everything because of the presence of idols.

The title of an idol was everything in this world. Even if the said person was not as handsome as him, or talented as him, just the label of the idol was enough to bring his importance more than Alan's.

And in the school that he attended, there were students who would also train at Idol agency. Irina and Cecilia were two prime examples.

Being beautiful and having a great voice, they were easily one of the idol trainees with the most potential to become big in the Idol world.

Irina was always obsessed with idols and dreamed of being an idol. Her dream was already starting to be fulfilled and she would soon make her debut.

Alan remembered the time when she was selected after giving an audition. She also asked him to give it a try, however, even if everyone was obsessed with becoming an Idol, Alan was different. He had no interest in becoming an Idol and didn't go to any auditions even though he had a chance.

Anyway, even with how popular Alan was, it was not comparable to Irina and Cecilia who are Idol trainees. They were even more respected than the teachers themselves. In fact, the teachers would also show some respect to them and would avoid troubling them.

Teachers will not say anything if they miss some classes because they probably assume it has to do with their idol job.

The idol in this world was above everything.

As long as one was in the Idol business, be it being a manager, or owning the Idol agency, they would be respected.

In this world, the most profitable business was neither the weapon factory nor the technology. It was the idol business. As long as one runs a successful Idol agency, becoming a multiple billionaire was easy.

Classroom teachers soon arrived and took attendance. Afterward, it was just like any other class.

Alan, with his intelligence, has no problem understanding what was taught. Some of the things were even things he had already learned from reading books.

When class ended, Alan would play football or hang out with friends. If there was no football practice or hanging out with his friends, then he would simply go home alone.

Both Irina and Cecilia would have to go to their Idol Agency to train. Therefore, the only times that Alan meets with Cecilia are in the morning.

Coincidentally that day, Alan had no plans to hang out with his friends, nor had any plans to practice football. It was a rare occurrence where he goes home early.

However, that day it was different. Waiting for him was Irina who had an unusual smile on her face.

The sight of such a smile made Alan want to stay away from her. He knew, however, that it was impossible since Irina had already seen him and he believed she was waiting for him.

"Irina, you have no training today?"

Knowing how rare that was, Alan asked. Ever since Irina embarked on the journey to becoming Idol, the time she spent with him decreased considerably. Be it weekends or holidays, she was always busy with her training.

"I asked for leave because I was sick."

Irina said.

Alan frowned. He would never believe that something had happened to Irina, not with that smile. Alan knew that it was something that she did on a whim.

"Who are you waiting for?"

Alan asked, fully knowing the answer.

"Who could it be except you?"

Irina replied.

"What do you want?"

Alan asked directly. Ever since he saw that smile, he had an uneasy feeling about something. Since it was something that was meant to happen, Alan decided to ask and be done with it.

"I want to ask for a favor. However, before that, I want to verify something."

Irina got closer.

"You like Cecilia, don't you?"

Irina whispered in a low voice.

Alan widened his eyes and looked at Irina in shock. He was certain that he didn't do anything to show that he loved Cecilia nor revealed this information to anyone.

Alan looked as if someone had found out his deepest secret. When Alan looked at Irina, he saw her smiling like a devil.

( I'm F**KED! )

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