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66.66% Stories for not sleep / Chapter 14: Happy appy part 7.

Happy appy part 7. - Stories for not sleep - Chapter 14 by DaoisttRpHHo full book limited free

Chapter 14: Happy appy part 7.

I found, while searching torrents for "Happy Appy", an untouched bonus version of Happy Appy Movie Features. Visually, it wasn't good. It was just a simple menu with a white background. There was a bonus feature, "Creating a Happy Appy Episode".

I downloaded and watched it. It was about 30 minutes long, and, as the title says, it showed the making of a new episode that wasn't released, called "Happy Birthday the Rhubears," where Happy Appy is in a crossover with Aphex Twin. According to a worker, the episode would have been somewhere in season 2. Here's what happens, according to the clips shown.

Happy is in the playground, when he sees a (watery) Rhubear running. Feliz asks who it is. The Rhubear doesn't answer. Richard drives in his long limo from Window licker. Happy and a Rhubear heal a child who accidentally hit his head on the swings. To be honest, I don't think Aphex Twin in the children's show isn't as weird as, say, Black Jack on Sesame Street. That's just me, though.

Well, there are two things I want to talk about in this blog post. First, I've heard a rumor that there's an actual episode of season 2 intact, but it's a very sketchy fan restoration, at around 15% forward. I'm only going to say this now, but why does this show have fans? I can understand the taste for more appropriate episodes, but ... Anyway, the rumor claims it was the first episode of season 2, called "Camp Aaah". In it, it starts with the introduction, as usual, but with some differences. First of all, happy did not dance in the intro, but starred the new main characters, kind of like the CSI intro.

As for the main characters, they are happy himself, a man in a ski mask named Napoleon, and a boy named Danny. I have a funny feeling that Napoleon might actually be Forenzik in a different outfit. After that, it cuts to a scene where Appy happily is in his van, but there are two girls in the passenger seats. The girls are just clay apple heads on sticks, with no arms or stems. After driving for a while, the parks go into camp. Happy gets a cloth, and he and the girls sit on it. For a while, they just sit on the cloth, looking up at the sky. After a few seconds, another apple appears, looking like a stereotypical beach jock. Happy says "Move it, ladies", although the quality makes it sound like "Movie it, leddys".

The second thing is that happy Appy doesn't have an IMDb page. The page that some people are confusing it with is actually a TV show called the Happy Apple. I could understand why people might think it would be related to Happy Appy, Happy Apple is the rarely used full title of Happy Appy.

When I say rarely used, I mean rarely used. It was used only once in a TV Guide preview. But about The Happy Apple, which is from the 1980s. How can you confuse a TV show from the 1980s about an insurance company with a Noggin TV show from the 1990s that has the 11.9 images?

And I'm not even talking about Appaloosa horses.

Just don't.

I ended up decoding the sound clip, and, well ...

When I started decoding it, I just heard static with some weird noises, here and there. I tried flipping it around, changing the pitch, slowing it down and adding volume with some successful results. At first, it was just the sound of Happy Appy laughing. It wasn't a regular laugh, though, but one that sounded like he was hurt. Soon after that, it started screaming happy and you could hear someone laughing. Just like Happy, who sounded like the person who had started laughing also got hurt. I guess it's a kid fighting a killer Happy Appy, but he could be damned to anyone!

After 16 pages of a Google search, I found someone who said they were a staff member who made Happy Appy. I was excited, so they gave me their address so I could meet with them in person. It took a long time because the directions they gave me required me to go down a lonely dirt road, and I thought I'd get my shoes dirty. Hey, you can't be too cautious, can you? Well, anyway, I was at an angle where I could see the person who was standing near his house.

I was just about to yell at them, but I got a closer look and got scared. It was Forenzik, standing near the house just behind the corner of a building I was about to pass. If I had passed by him, Forenzik would have caught me off guard and stabbed me to death. I don't know why Forenzik had set it up, but he's definitely out to get me. He kept looking the way he was supposed to have come through and quickly looked at his watch, so he didn't see me yet. He was a human being.

He wore this weird mask that looked like a happy baby, and his mouth often twitched, giving the impression that he was literally a baby face. His arms were skinny boned and he looked like he needed to put on 20 pounds to be considered just underweight. He began to get increasingly nervous and thinking I wasn't going to show up. What was also of note was that near the house, there was a van that was very similar to the one I rode happily. I ran out and went back to my house to tell you about this near death experience, as it is probably going to happen more and more often.

Since I got scared by Forenzik, and that is about 9.11, I went back to watch the episode "The Towers" again. When I played it, I learned that faint creaking in the background of the "famous" scene, and instantly recognized as a much quieter version of the decoded sound was talking about two days ago. I don't know why it was playing was there, but it was. I still can't figure out what could match the audio clip.

I finally figured out what the sound clip is! As I was setting up my grocery store, it occurred to me that the voice other than Felice's sounded a lot like Forenzik. Quickly, I came up with the idea that the sound clip was Forenzik fighting with Happy Appy. I don't know why he would be fighting Happy, an inanimate clay puppet, unless he had some sort of mental illness. While I was on my way home, I saw a police car with its lights on and sirens blaring, so I followed it. When the police car stopped, I saw the policemen get out of the car quickly and run after a slim figure, who had dropped a gun and something red. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It was none other than the happy puppet Appy, with some dirt on him. I could have sworn I saw happy's mouth moving, but I was so scared I wasn't sure if happy's mouth was moving or not. Suddenly, it occurred to me that if this figure was the one I had, Forenzik must have broken into my house! Before the police returned, I got in my car and drove home. Luckily, I was unharmed, but one of the front windows opened. Once I got inside, I closed the window and looked through the happy Appy puppet, which I put in the living room. However, it went nowhere!

After I write this blog post and go to bed, I'm going to buy a good knife as soon as I can!

I'm not sure how, but maybe the audio of Forenzik and Happy Appy was planned to be in a future episode of Happy Appy, and I popped in while they were putting the sound and music on. Was Forenzik around while Happy Appy was being made, and it was put into one of the episodes, because he was on staff? Or, did he get so much infamy during the time that the producers decided it was perfect material to make fun of? I still can't put this together.

There is some good news about Forenzik, though. To quote from today's paper;

"A crazed maniac was arrested last night, following a gun store robbery, a home burglary, use of firearms without a permit, linkage to various murders, and evading arrest."

Some days, I wonder why I chose to participate in Happy Appy.

Well, tomorrow is going to be the tenth year since 11.9. Oh, the joy. In all seriousness, I have too many thoughts in my head right now. Will I get a visit from Forenzik again, or will he kill me in my sleep? Will he burn my house down again, or am I going to have a normal day for once? I'm not going to do a post on September 11, but on September 12.

Oh, and here's another revision of the list, with two unreleased episodes Season 2, and the duets listed correctly.

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