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5.49% Stories of Progeny, traveling through worlds / Chapter 3: Level 3 [ part 1 ]. Magic, Stamina or Health?

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Chapter 3: Level 3 [ part 1 ]. Magic, Stamina or Health?

I and Hagrid were on our way to the Great Hall. Physically I was moving, but mentally I was thinking about the notification I received not so long ago.

'Level up', was it? I am deeply confused by it. From the game where the system came from, I remember, that each level up can be used to increase stamina, magicka or health by 10 points and I should get 1 skill point. Also every level up could restore all magicka, stamina, and health after using those 10 points of increase.


I really wanted to check what it gives and check if the system here follows the same rules or has some deviations. But at the same time, I need to concentrate on what is going on before me and currently, I have no time for level up.

Soon, I started hearing the screams and cheers of students. It seems the 'Sorting' has begun.

"I assume, we are not that far from the hall?"

"Yeah, we will reach it soon. Let's hurry up!"

Hurry up? The heck? Weren't we already at max speed here? And that actually leads me to think. 'Hagrid is half a giant, right? But somehow neither giants nor half-giants were an option in race pick, system? You really wanted me to pick human, aren't you? That is why you gave me only shitty options!'

[You had free rein in picking a race from a wide roster of races, that inhabit this world. And we picked the best of the best for you to pick from! And you made a delightful choice, which you did out of a free will, I must notice.]

'Really, now? And it just an accident that races you picked all have huge demerits...'

[Well. All great abilities should be balanced in nature, young man!]

'What disadvantage on the same level as the elf's races slavery do humans have?'



[They need a wand?]

At that moment we reached the point where I can see huge gates and Great Hall behind them.

"Here ya go and we made it in time!"

"GRYFFINDOR!" Came from behind the gates and after that room exploded with cheers.

"Then I am going in. Thank you for your help Hagrid. You saved me! See you later."

I waved to him.

"Have fun, boy!"

I quickly entered through the opened gates and started going to a small cluster of people left unsorted. Due to the atmosphere in the hall, it was hard to notice one newcomer. What's more, all the attention was on the hat, so nobody looked in my direction.

I was walking, trying not to attract any attention and with a look like I was meant to come later. Not many people noticed me and those who did were either a teacher or a student who did not pay attention to the sorting ceremony.

Soon I came right behind the cluster of people. The sorting hat was still in the process of... well, sorting and there were not many people left. I did not want to attract attention, so I did not check if Main Character a.k.a. Harry Potter was sorted yet or not.

While all that was happening, I had time to think about this world. To be honest, I had no strong feelings for the Universe as a whole, until I came here. Except for films, I had no previous interactions with it.

As for the main character. Well, I feel pity for him. According to films, a boy who did not know anything about magic was thrown to a world he knew nothing about and forced to save it. To be raised only to be slaughtered, because he had a part of the soul of some evil dude. I mean that boy survived by luck the first time when he was a baby, and the same goes for the second time when he tried to sacrifice himself to save his friends.

The only character I was heartbroken about was Snape... When I found out, how much he did for Harry, I was shocked. He was like Sam from the Lord of the Rings. Always there to help and save, but even better because this 'Frodo' did not know that 'Sam' helped him all along.

In any case. There was only one person left in front of me and she got sorted into Slytherin. Now it was my turn.

That's when I thought about something. Wait a second. Is my name on the list. Crap, I forgot about it.

'System, please tell me you have put in my name in there. Don't tell you pushed me to be human all for nothing!'

[...Well, no! But, to increase your chances of success we will grant you a temporary increase in speech and increase the probability of persuasion attempts!]

'Honestly... Not surprised. Oh well, that is better than nothing. I have a save that I made after leveling up, so it should be okay... But I received this buff just now. Will it go with me, if I load to an earlier point?'

[It is a temporary effect granted by the system, so it will last for a specific duration. It does not matter if you will load to an earlier moment in time, that was before you received the buff.]

'Well, I assume 'granted by system' part is the focus here, but whatever.'

Professor McGonagall looked at me and then looked at the list.

"And who, might you be, young man?"

"Magnus, miss. I got lost, trying to find my rat, that has run away. I am very sorry! Thankfully, mister Hagrid led me here." I tried, use the fact that I am a child on 100% being clueless and speaking out facts (lies actually).

"Magnus? You are not on the list I have here."

"Ehm, that is strange. But I did receive a letter! And bought everything pointed out in the letter. C-Can you check in some other list, please. I have an unusual name and Magnus is my full name, s-s-so maybe that is why? I-I... am a w-wizard!"

I started stuttering, showing my anxiety. Honestly, I didn't even need to play it, because I was really anxious. I picked race and age so that I can get to Hogwarts. There is no freaking save before I picked race...

I hope that an increase in speech and a child face that is on the verge of crying will placate them enough to give me entrance into Hogwarts. I mean I have system and Save&Load. I am like an MC... Where the heck is my plot armor.

"Well, do not worry." She looked back at Dumbledore and he lightly nodded. Then he looked at me with interest.

"I will check it later. For now, come, sit down and put the hat on."

I calmed down a lot and honestly was shocked that they believed. Huh, it was so easy?

『 Speech 16(66) ➔ 17(67) 』

『 Speech 17(67) ➔ 18(68) 』

Two straight skill raises, huh? Okay, maybe I was too quick with judgment, saying it was easy. This buff is overpowered! Thank you, system!

[You are welcome.]

Okay, I think I need to save again. I kinda lucked out just now and the next important decision awaits me. Save progress.

〖Save ⟳〗

Saving when you have free slots is so easy. Ah damn. When I will get to 10 saves, that's when hell begins. But whatever, I will deal with that later.

"Mister Magnus?"

Oh crap. I was dazing out for too long. Everything for later.

I sat on the stool and put the hat on.

The moment hat covered my head, my vision turned dark. Not that I lost my consciousness, but more like something closed my eyes. This hat is huge.

'I see bits and pieces, that can fit you in all houses. There is intellect in you, I can see that much.'

I heard a strange small voice that started speaking in my ear. I suppose it was a hat. Strange though, in a film, he was speaking out loud, but oh well... whatever.

'Don't see much bravery in you, but neither do I see many fears in you. You have the potential for greatness as well, but you have no wish to prove yourself. Hard choice.'

I decided to use the Harry Potter method.

'Not Slytherin. Not Slytherin.'

'Not Slytherin, eh? You are the second person, who is bent on not going there. Such an interesting coincidence. Well, my choice will be the same as I had for him.'


I heard cheers breaking out once more in a quiet hall.

I took off the hat, placed it on the chair and walked towards the cheering table. By the time I sat down, Professor McGonagall was rolling up her scroll. After she finished, she took the sorting hat away.

From here I got a good look at the main table. Most of the faces were similar if not the same as the ones I saw in films.

I noticed golden plates before us and right when I was thinking about whether I am late for food, or it is too early, Dumbledore stood up and opened his arms wide like he tried to hug Hagrid.

"Welcome! Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you!"

Um... what? I don't remember him saying anything like this in film. Hm...

Cheers and clapping woke me up from my attempts to remember.

Well, whatever. Films always drop stuff like this. Maybe it is not important. I mean the guy is old so who knows what is going on in his head.

"Would you like some meat?"

Somebody's voice startled me a little. I looked in the direction of the voice and saw a girl I did not know.

"Yes, please. Thank you very much."

So, I decided to eat without worrying. I will have time to think before going to sleep.

The food, by the way, was delicious!

MrMerlin MrMerlin

Hi everyone. New chapter is here. Guys and gals, I had no knowledge of the Universe prior to writing about it. So, right now I am reading the book to increase my knowledge of the Universe. However, if you have advices, like interesting spells from the academy he can learn on the first year or something similar. Maybe interesting things he can do. Happy to hear. Can't promise I will add them, but I will try to read them!

And as always, enjoy!

EDITED by Heylin

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