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20% Strongest City Guard: Longinus / Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Day 2- Journey and weird People

Chapter 1: Day 2- Journey and weird People - Strongest City Guard: Longinus - Chapter 1 by LaharZero45 full book limited free

Strongest City Guard: Longinus Strongest City Guard: Longinus original

Strongest City Guard: Longinus

Author: LaharZero45

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Day 2- Journey and weird People

In a silent forest, a horse drawn carriage was silently moving towards southeast. None protecting it other than the man who was lazily lying down nonchalantly at the top of it. A man with red pupil and dark blue hair playing with his wood-like brown coloured Spear, it was his sole weapon. Wearing red gloves and red boots until his knee with grey chain mail and white hood attached between his red shoulder shinguard and armored collar, on his hip was his wooden buckler. though asleep, he was but reliable and sole guardian of this carriage. He was Longinus. His nickname was Gin.

While the horseman was a girl with cream colored short hair, wearing light green colored cloak, like a typical merchant of this world. On her hand was horse rein and on the other hand was a map.

Inside the carriage was a Girl with dark color hair with grey clothings and a handkerchief hanging in front of her collar, she was their Chief for this whole journey.

Another had a white silver metal hair with white long gown and white short clothed tiara like that of a modern priest. She's an Oracle. Because of her current devination, Longinus appointed to be her Guard until they arrive to their destination.

In total, they are 4 person for this journey. From the looks of their team composition, this was like a journey of a typical Male Character with his Harem and save the world from destruction. But sad to say, this isn't.

Longinus accompanied them for some reason, as I said earlier because of Oracle's Divination, Longinus who wanted to travel, eat and lying in bed(anywhere) accepted the proposal after he heard there was a Cook with their journey. He don't care what was devination though.

...Its already been '2 Days' since departure. All he did was to eat and sleep or watched the scenery of this world during they travel.

Though, the strict command is to 'Never ever let the Oracle die'. He don't mind what happen to her, but what he prioritize was the horseman and the cook. If one of them died, they'll be still in crisis in the end, afterall, he's not a cartographer or a navigator. much less a cook.

"Ningneng-sama, why it has to be that man? All he did for the past few days is to eat or picking up his nose when he's bored or even lying on the ground when were camping! And even sleeping at the top of our carriage! Not only he was a Glutton but he's also a Sloth! This is absurd!" Said by the cook, she was Raxion, who was sitting infront and at the opposite side of the Oracle called Ningneng. Ningneng only smile beautifully at her—

"He's the most reliable person from our Kingdom, so don't worry Raxion" Ningneng said to Raxion and look outside her window.

'Hmpf! All he did is to hunt animals while camping, he even eat like a Commoner! What's more, he didn't share his hunt and even ordering me to cook them!? This is really absurd!' She thought infuriatingly.

Their Horseman, Navi skillfully listening and look atop of her head and saw Longinus feet hanging above her head, sure thing he was lying there, she then started humming and pull the reins.

Same day..

When he' was reminice and absorb seing blue skies, as the bird chirping and the cold blow of wind touches him, Longinus ear twitched along with his nose, he heard something and smell some burned skin and saw a big creature running towards them from his right, he sat and narrowed his eye, there, he saw 5 meter beast, a bear who originally have 4 armd but in its current state, it only had 3 arms and its body was smoking as if he was in a middle of being roasted and was sneaked away.

Licking his lips with glistening eye, Longinus look at it in desire to eat, for him, it was a prey and not a threat.

"Lucky..!" He smirk and slid his left foot with *SSSSSHHHH* sound.

The bear without knowing was pierced on its left chest and became lifeless in an instant, poor thing it didn't know what killed him. Its lifeless body slide towards them and stop before the carriage. The cook screamed, the Oracle covered her nose while the Horseman lick her lips with the thoughts of 'big meat!'.

When Longinus is about to jump, he saw 4 people running towards them.

"An Outlaw?" He second thought. Afterall, an outlaw always hunt in groups with their numbers minimum to ten, scanning the forest where they came, he didn't feel any presence other than this four.

"Wha——! It was dead already!?" One of them cried out pointing at the bear and look at Longinus.

"This one need 25 of men to raid but was insta-killed by this guy!" They muttered and walk towards Longinus group, Longinus a.k.a Gin jumped down.

"This guy is...!" Seing Gin, they murmured and sweat running through their face.

"Mister, this is our prey from the start, will you——" one of them spoken but was cut by Gin's word


"Pardon?" They ask

Gin step at the Bear's corpse, "You guys neglect to kill this and so it ran towards us, intentional or not, if it was some regular traveller, they've been dead before you arrive" Gin stared at 4 person one by one "So piss off before your chest become hollow too"

Intimidated, the 4 stepped back and ready for battle, but Gin already lift the bear and throw at the top of their carriage.

"Oi, lets go!" He said and followed suit.

"Okie Dokie" replied by Navi as she pulled the rein. 'Kekekeke, Delish food' Navi thought

"Damn it!" the four clenched their teeth in frustration and forgot to even fight with trembling knees.

* * *

Lunch time

Navi skillfully found a river where they stop-over as she started to draw something, Raxion was cooking and was being helping by Ningneng. Gin already peeled the bear's skin and chop it to many pieces, so Raxion was cooking it and was their meals this time. It was too big for Longinus to eat alone, so this time, he shared it whilst Raxion clicked her tounge.

'I thought he eat this by himself!' She thought

When they are about to eat, a group of men walked towards them just like an Outlaw, but after seing the four person from before, Gin stand up, of course he don't mind them, but because he was interrupted when he was about to eat. He wanted to kill them, but if that happen they can't eat peacefully as they smell is only stink of corpse.

"If you want us to share this meat, dream on!" Be proclaimed

"Ikkkk!" Three girls group up and hug each other, rather, the two was protecting and hug Ningneng the Oracle between them.

"You, I want to atleast tell me your name and so those three, and we'll leave quietly" One of them step forward who had 2 swords crossing at his back and look at Gin.

Seing others murmuring and heard some unusual words he'd never heard before, and thought 'Something is fishy here' with narrowed eye and look at his 3 companions as if saying 'don't tell your names', he said "Don't wanna" simultaneously, he slammed the back of his 1.5 meter spear to the ground creating cracks and fissure as the sound echoes throughout the forest.

"25 person I see" he sneer but the leader-to-be, followed up and raised his hand with stop sign before Gin made any move "I....Im sorry! W...we all leave so please spare us!" While stuttering, "You all! Disperse!" One by one, all of them left until none remains, Gin on the other hand was busy munching his meat

The three Girls whose heart was beating loudly with trembling knees, teary eyes, and dried lips look at Gin, as he said "Lets eat!" While smiling.

The three also agreed and nod

'He's reliable than I thought!' (Raxion)

* * *

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"Eh? Why we have to change to villager's clothes?!"

"Your clothes are all too flashy, unlike mine and Navi, yours was eye catching!"

Raxion asks Longinus which Gin explained

"Says who, who isn't flashy with his red outfit!"

"Are you looking for a beating? Isn't this normal uniform of City Guard of our Kingdom!? This is for your sake too! Especially that Oracle, her clothes is too flashy!"

Raxion argued and Gin explained his uniform circumstances.

"Beating? Me? Aren't you ashamed beating a cute girl like me!?"

"Cute or not, I'll grind your ass if you didn't change when I return!"

Raxion complain and Gin grind his teeth and walked towards the bushes.

"Tsk! You made an excuse to hunt your own meal! Stupid glutton!" As Raxion stick her tounge out.

"You two really did get along well fufufu" Ningneng covered her lips while laughing, she finish changing though.

"Nonesense!" Cried out by Raxion

* * *

"Come out" not far away from them, Gin said in a low form, so his companion couldn't hear. Then, simultaneously, 10 or more person emerged, encircling him.

"You dwindle in numbers. I see" he said while cracking his neck "This is good for appetizer" and he jerk his spear to his side with one hand and lower his head and smirk

"Atleast, we'll check if the 'rainbow coloured' really strong!" One of them shouted and charge along with others.

"Kill him! His weapon is only so-so! Break it first!" One of them commanded.

"Fool!" Gin attacks and pierce a hole at them one after another, he killed some but spared some. Not even 2 minutes has passed, only 2 remained while majority of the corpse chest or stomach remained hollow. But Gin was surprised after seing one of the corpse flash with blue particle lights and vanish like a smoke.

He stab the arm of the one he spared, it clench its teeth and voice out an "Urgh!" sound, while the other was huffing.

"Who are you people?" Gin ask.

"Hehe, you're curious? a mere bunch of data was curious what are we? Haha, tsk! This really is immersive as shit! I'll really die for 'real' this time with this torture, urgh!" Gin was surprised. This guy bit his tounge and smiled at him after saying those words, as it died on the spot. Luckily, the other guy was too scared to kill himself, Gin walk towards him and at the same time, some of the other corpse also flashed with blue particle and also vanish like the first one. What remained is only their blood and some items or equipments. Surprisingly, 4 bodies remained intact.

"Urgh!" This time, Gin step foot at the remaining person's cheek as it made a sound, its also to prevent him not to bit his own tounge too.

"This is the first time I saw someones corpse vanish and remained nothing, tell me, what are you people? How many? Where did you came from? Why do you need our names? What is your goal for comimg here!" Gin asks and heavily push his feet.

"Bwuoo vbwoo" It was talking, Gin took away his feet and lift it up while raising its one hand "Now, talk" he said.

"I, don't know! Really! Those people came from our village out of nowhere! We're actually going trick them for hunting that 4 armed bear but after seing them vanish after getting killed and return again as if nothing happen we forgo the idea! That 4 person originally same as us and an Outlaw! Really! Please believe me! And spare me! Our lives are limited!" He explained as he pointed the remaining corpse, but with "Kurgh!" sound, He felt an immense heat from his chest, seing it being stabbed, his eyes teared followed by blood on his seven orifices as he also cough, seconds later his eyes became lifeless as Gin released his lifeless body pool of blood.

"An outlaw is an outlaw, maybe if you didn't said the words 'outlaw' or 'trick', I might spare your life, maybe." Gin returned to his companion after that.

'They really think, I'll lower my guard after eating and attack us after? Hmpf'

'Still, an Outlaw and people came without being notice made an agreement?, and where the hell they came from? How many are they? And what was that unheard words of? Urgh! Brain! You'll stop working if you let yourself troubled by those things!' Gin thought as he knock his head

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