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40% Strongest City Guard: Longinus / Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Day 3 (Part I) - Judgement

Chapter 2: Day 3 (Part I) - Judgement - Strongest City Guard: Longinus - Chapter 2 by LaharZero45 full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Day 3 (Part I) - Judgement

Day 3

"I woudn't expect we arrive at nearest the City for only 3 days which originally takes 5 days to travel, what is going on?" Ask by Ningneng who peek her head outside her window, she also informed that they really will arrive within 5 days of travel, so why? She thought.

"I feed our horse not just grass but also vegetables and meat, they say, one can bring his best potencial when stomach is full, right? Buds? Also, didn't we travel even nights?" Said by Gin and tap their 2 horse' butts with the back of his spear. As if they agreed, the horse raised their frontal hoof in unison with 'I-hihing' sound

"Hahaha, see?" Gin boastfully remarks




When they arrived outside the gate, one of the Guards saw Gin at the top, wearing his City Guard uniform. Although, their carriage has normal design and not a noble type carriage, Ningneng have her nobility card ready to have them receive special treatment to every City they went, that card was passable even when she came to another Kingdom. Though, Gin's uniform has only exclusive rights to this Kingdom, and he's currently a 'mere' Guard, his uniform speaks to others, his uniform alone is an epitome of a noble itself. With his flashy red clothings, the Guard captain waved at them.

"Welcome to our City, Mister!" The captain commanded his people to halt of what they are doing and saluted to Gin and co., Gin only nod and ask the cheapest inn.

"Mister, for an exclusive 'Red Guard', there are free inn just for you and your companion" the captain explained and pointed out the place. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After of those and that, they entered without troublesome identity check. They also welcomed as Guest.

Gin lowered his white hood and cover his hair and face, he already covered his Spearhead with bandage like clothes.

After Navi saw him covering his face, she asks "why bother covering that? You're too flashy 'Mr. Red Guard' you know?" She smiled and look at every people they saw. Sure thing, almost majority of them was looking at Gin in his sitting position

"Shut up, just pull the goddamn reign"

"Why don't you enter then?"

"I said shut up"

"Fufufufu, I don't know if that was cute or creepy"

Unknowingly now, Navi is already teased Gin, 'Am I close to her that much?' He thought with click tounge. When they pass at the central plaza, people multiplied and Gin narrowed his eyes while exhaled and inhaled, relaxing his breathing. 'I really am not too used seing this many people'.

* * *

They arrived infront of an inn, rather, this is more like of a mansion for nobles, or vacation house, for it to have an expensive stone decorations just from its exterior design, it even has a garden area after they went inside the gate.

"Welcome honored 'Red Guard'." Says by the old man with dark butler suit, welcoming them along with maids, he then took Gin and co.'s, belongings while one of the maid accompanied them to their room after she saw his 3 other companion.

Following the maid, the maid ask, "What was our honored guests prefered room?"

"Only one big room that accommodated 4 person is enough" He said which surprised the maid, though his companion didn't surprised but rather, they gulped.

'Too bold!' Thoughts by the maid.

Ofcourse, Ningneng, Raxion and Navi knew Gin doesn't have any perverted mind but only did his best just to guard the 3. But hearing those face to face made all 3 of them turned red as tomato, but why? They wonder.

'Isn't he an Idiot or what?' (Navi)

'Damn it! This glutton!' (Raxion)

'Sir Gin is reliable indeed' (Ningneng)

Of course, 3 of them didn't have any intimate relationship to a man until now, a virgin in laymans terms, much less they've been sleep on the same bed as man. All 3 of their mind was thinking in a different way that they didn't know they already inside their room.

Seing the table and chair near the bed, Gin nod with cross arm, 'hmm, good thing, I can sleep comfortably'.

But was misunderstood by the maid 'He even nod after seing the bed, I'm sure, he can *** *** all his might all night after their long journey, fufufu'. Though censored, its for the readers who decide what she was really thinking.

* * *

It was too early to lunch and sleep, so, the 3 girls decided to go to shopping which made them excitedly and went out of the mansion but was stopped by Gin in the middle of their bliss.

"Where do you think your going?" He ask, specifically to Ningneng.

"We'll buy clothes and other 'girly' materials! Why the hell you stopping us!?" Raxion complained which other two nods in unison.

"Haaa, Damn it! Such troublesome!" Gin sigh as he place his hand to his hips "Alright! I'm coming to!"

"Aren't you claustrophobic? Why are bwoovwou" Navi pointed out Gin's weakness as he grab her mouth and squeeze it in the middle of her sentence.

'Damn it, this girl is sharp as f*ck! Not even 'them' know this secret of mine! But this girl is! Is it time to kill her!?' He thought as his killing intent spread out and clenching his weapon subconciously.

"Hey! Please stop that, she will be soffocating to death!!" Ningneng hug Gin as his conciousness returned and release Navi.

"Go forth then, I'll backing you guys. Don't always look at my position!" He then tap the three, Navi shivered as she rub her arm, Raxion and Ningneng comforted her as they walk away side by side. Gin too, move his heel and follow them and wear his hood.

On the other hand, the butler, maids and even their gardener gulp and shivered after what they witnessed, worse is, the gardener even pissed at his own pants, he almost stop his breathing there.


'Is that how he interact to his harem?!'

'Is that girl his slave!?'

Multiple thoughts running through their mind, they don't even heard what Navi said which made Gin angry. But only him strangled her. Later, a rumor will spread out, but of course, that was the story for the later.

The butler clapped while saying "Alright! Go ready for their lunch! Work work work work!"

* * *

Gin stealthily followed the 3, and when he felt he couldn't breath normally, he jumped and walk at the top of the house from roof to roof especially when they arrived at crowded area, Gin not only fixated his attention not only to the trio but also the presence around the area, he even discover some pick pocketer but he didn't bother to arrest them, even the one being bullied at alleyways, all he did is to only attack the ground before them and after seing his menacing expression, they all run for their lives. The poor guy who was bullied looked at the top but Gin was long since gone, the poor guy only bow where was Gin before as if saying his thanks.

At 'Lingerie Shop' with the symbol of inverted perfect triangle with two tensions in its two corners is where the girls entered, Gin positioned himself at the top of its building roof and sat down with weary expression.

"Haaa.. Destiny is the sole girl who didn't give me any trouble so far" he sigh and lean at his beloved spear with close eyes..

Reminisce of his past about tragedy and bliss, he exhaled and opened his eyes.

Thud Thud Thud-

Of course, his dream was cut off in the middle which made him pissed! The three thuds was his guests who came.

"They said, the City guard of the Capital are many times stronger than any other City, we'll see if that was true!", one of them said as he chuckled followed by others.

"Your sin" Gin murmured

""Huh!?"" Bewildered, the three of them had a question marks above their heads

"Tell me your current sin" He asks, for some reason. Majority of the people within their kingdom was pathetically honest, especially the outlaws and evil doers. Truth is, among the majority, only the noble exploit this honesty.

"I was a burglar and killed many!"

"I was once a guard and became an outlaw!"

"This is the f..first time I accompanied them!"

Splat-! Splat-!

After the last person said his sin, his other mates was battered by their own blood while his one arm was missing

"Kyaaaaak-!" He cried out but restrained more than of it.

"Yours was minor, so I spare your life. So repent everytime you see that arm" as Gin took out a paper and pen from his hips, write something and attached to the corpse. He then jump down after he glance at the remaining person.

For City Guard, killing a sinner inside the City is normal, but the absolute rules is to attached the note alongside the corpse.

Their 'Sin'.

The 'note' is cannot be forged by others and have its liability, so Guardian Association(GA) didn't have to investigate the killer, which is the guard, but the victims acquaintances, if he have one though.

G.A is responsible they say. So leave it all to G.A. This is why, Longinus strive to be a normal City Guard. But leave that story is for later.

* * *

In a certain Place, of twelve, six silhouettes was sitting in circle and facing each other like that of a knights of rounds. In the middle of a table was a bottle and a cup of sake. One of them spoke

"The Oracle already receive her Divination, and was on their journey to spread the words"

"Haaa, we failed to abduct that Oracle the last time because they reincarnate to another person after death so we couldn't kill her. But this time, we have kill her without regards!"

"Fret not, they already on the move, and one more thing, aren't ya a bit bossy? Huh!"

"Quiet! You dumbasses, we're not a kids anymore!" One of them cut the two in between.

"Let them, its not always lively here, you see? hahaha" said by the one happily, with his baritone pitch

"By the way, those six, you sure they aren't betraying us?" Ask by one of them who lean the back of his head to his chair.

"Dont mind them, so long as our initial plan was executed perfectly, none shall stop our goal" one who has quietly chug his cup retort.

"Ain't ya highly regards on those people so much? Your not that kind of a character ain'y ya?" Ask by one of them as he pour his cup with a bottle of sake.

"Hm hm, imagine an undead who have learned in every battle no matter how fool they are, really a perfect piece, you see?" Replied by the other as he chug his cup

"Fufufu, alright you win. Well then everyone! Cheers for the future of this world!" One of them raised his cup.

"""Cheeers!!""" And so does others as they happily toast their yet unforseen victory..

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