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Chapter 67: Ch67. Bellatrix awakens

Hadrian and Narcissa rushed to the basement and entered the room where Bellatrix sat, still bound to the chair. The second they entered, Bellatrix raised her head and her black orbs peered at Narcissa, only to swiftly snap towards Hadrian. They widened as Bellatrix was overcome with a strong feeling of attachment and adorations. She started to thrash her body in her bindings but her eyes didn't leave Hadrian's.

"Troublesome hag." Narcissa muttered as she released the binding runes. She clearly saw the adoration in Bellatrix's eyes so there was nothing to worry about. Her spellwork was a success.

The runes vanished, freeing Bellatrix, and not even a second later, Hadrian was impacted by a Black blur of Mrs. Black, the second. Bellatrix rubbed her sunken cheeks on his chest as her skinny hands clutched him.

Hadrian didn't know what to think but he knew well what he felt. He felt comfort, peace, warmth. Bellatrix was giving him such a beautiful plethora of feelings! He couldn't help but unconsciously snake his hands around her and hug her tightly to himself with wide eyes.

He didn't think the connection would be so... so... pleasant.

Hadrian could only marvel at how much better it must be for Bellatrix since her mind was built upon it.

Bellatrix was in heaven. Even a day under Crucio with regular time-outs didn't feel so good!

The second she saw Hadrian, her mind froze and instincts took over. She wanted that man near her. She wanted to be hugged. Patted on the head. Praised!

So, when the bindings came off, she quickly embraced him. That's when she was overcome with... enjoyable cozy feeling. She snuggled closer. And closer. As close as she could! And... and she couldn't believe someone managed to make her feel alive even more than when she was torturing someone.

Yet, it happened.

"You done yet?"

Bellatrix's plushie-time was interrupted as she heard her sister call out on her... She would normally ignore Narcissa but... she remembered the glorious torture her sister put her through. Bellatrix was the first who accepted the truth. She was... scared of her sister.

"Yes?" She asked as she took a step back from Hadrian but took his hand in hers, squeezing tightly.

"I need to look if everything is as it should." Narcissa stated, more for Hadrian than Bellatrix, and raised her wand.

Bellatrix instantly stiffened and got into a defensive position, fear creeping into her eyes. In this world, she feared only two things. Being thrown away by Hadrian and her sister. Both for a good reason too!

Hadrian noticed her tension as her hand suddenly gripped his really tightly. He smiled at her and squeezed his hand firmer, getting Bellatrix's attention.

"Don't worry. She won't harm you."

With a reluctant nod, Bellatrix relaxed and let Narcissa shift through her head. Her body shuddering from the sheer anticipation of debilitating mental torture.

But, Narcissa was gentle and at best a prick, if even that, was felt by Bellatrix.

The second Narcissa was finished, Bellatrix embraced Hadrian again and Narcissa chuckled at his exasperated sigh.

"Hm, looks like she is channeling her want for attention from her childhood at you." Narcissa smirked and then cooed. "It is sooo cute!"

Hadrian was sure Narcissa was burning the image into her head... He sighed yet again.

"She is... childish." Hadrian remarked.

"More like insane." Narcissa rolled her eyes.

Bellatrix just nodded her head up and down happily in agreement.

"You have to understand that Bellatrix is still the same person. Only with a slightly different personality... ok, that would de facto make her into a different person but my point being... she is still Bellatrix. She was ALWAYS like this. She just never had anyone she truly loved or with whom she could be so open and carefree. This is her 'light' side" Narcissa explained.

"I see. Are you feeling fine, Bella?" Hadrian turned to the woman pressing her head to his chest and couldn't help to notice how boney and skinny she was. It was really getting uncomfortable being held by her So many pointy ends...

"Yes!" Bellatrix exclaimed, then her eyes revealed a slightly pondering look and she turned to Narcissa.

There went Hadrian's hopes at being released...

"Sister? You are... my plushies wifey?"

Hadrian facepalmed. Narcissa snickered. Bellatrix tilted her head.

Great, I was officially demoted... Hadrian thought.

"Yes. I am this teddy-bear's wife." Narcissa beamed at her sister teasingly.

Bellatrix pointed at her face with a confused expression.

"Me too?"

"Ah... so you do remember." Narcissa nodded. She told her before she broke her. "Are your memories intact?"

"Yes. I remember everything." Bellatrix shrugged uncaringly.

"Regret anything?" Narcissa asked curiously but instantly understood the answer as she saw Bellatrix's confused look.

"Why? I did what I did because they were weak."

Hadrian could only look bewildered between Narcissa and Bellatrix.

"Sister, but... you won't be able to torture people if you want to stay with Hadrian." Narcissa patiently explained.

"Bella won't be able to play?" Bellatrix pouted and Hadrian thought it looked so wrong at her gaunt face. He would have to do something about it. It would be so cute too! Similar to Narcissa's face. But.. Narcissa Black did not pout! Such a pity, really.

"No, Bella won't be able to play. How about Bella let Hadrian play with her, instead?" Narcissa smiled ingeniously at her sister who bobbed her head up and down, desire seeping into her eyes.

"Hadrian." Narcissa addressed her husband. "Bellatrix will always be childish but for the next few days, it might be slightly uncomfortable. She needs to adjust. We will need to stay with her. At least until her mind is done processing the changes and starts working in full capacity."

"Oh... thank god. I would not survive someone who wants to 'play' with me twenty-four-seven." Hadrian grumbled as he stroked Bellatrix's head gently.

Bellatrix was not listening to the conversation anymore. She enjoyed the head pats! That was important! Un!

"Yes. But... I would be more glad if she was this childish. After her mind gets into its normal state... well, if you point her in someone's direction or someone annoys her… She is still Bellatrix." Narcissa showed helpless expression.

"At least she will be more mature." Hadrian bit out.

"True." Narcissa shrugged.

Bellatrix in the meantime started to frown at the state of her hair as she curled a strand on her finger. It reminded her about her wand and she wondered when she would receive one! Bella wanted to make things glowy! Shiny! Red! Screaming!

Preferably her new plushie! In pleasure!

Hadrian quickly patted her head again and it was quite awkward for him. The woman was over forty but he was treating her like an oversized child. Moreover, she did not look even remotely as good as Narcissa. The years in Azkaban showed... a lot. He released a sigh. At least it made the lust in her eyes switch to delight at gentle touches. There is just no way he would sleep with Bellatrix when she looked like a skeleton enwrapped in human skin. Yes... the house-elves fed her. Yes... she got better. But in these little over six days she was outta Azakaban not that much changed. She was still looking like a hag.

Hadrian was taken out of his reverie by Narcissa.

"Well... what to do with her." She mused out loud.

"Wait... you want to tell me you had no plan for her?" Hadrian gave Narcissa a bewildered look. She was the main schemer out of the two of them! She always had a ploy! "Seriously?"

"Seriously." Narcissa deadpanned.

"Well... I could think of a few people who need a visit..." Hadrian grinned menacingly and looked directly into Bellatrix's eyes, making her shudder.

Bellatrix couldn't help but feel it was very, very smexy! Bella likey!

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