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100% Successor of The Sacred Magic / Chapter 74: Before they departed

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Chapter 74: Before they departed

Hector was still wandering alone down the hallways, with Iris as a company. He did not have the knowledge of the place he's in, which means, he doesn't know where his friends are and he, can't just barge into a random room, hoping he can find the others, that's just, so unlike him. And then, he continues to strays around the hallways, until the prince himself comes in front of him.

"Who are you?" Hector asked, feeling a bit skeptical. And for some reason, after Sage meets him, he just smiled happily, which makes Hector feel weirded out. And noticing Hector's expressions, Sage quickly apologizes. "I'm sorry! I must've been making you uncomfortable! And I'm Sage Yoqeseon, a pleasure to meet you, Shirogane Hector!" He introduced himself cheerfully, as he seems to know Hector.

After hearing his own name, by someone's else mouth, that he doesn't even know and never told his name to them. Hector got slightly warry oh him and by reflex, Hector's hands immediately reached for his swords, which is at both his hips. Seeing Hector's reactions, Sage's guard who has been accompanying him quickly draws their spear.

"Get behind me, young Master!" He shouted, getting in front of Sage. Hector was first surprised by the guard response, and because he feels threatened, he quickly grabs both his swords, in case, the guard will try to harm him.

Seeing how things weren't supposed to be like this, Sage quickly interfere the two, preventing them to hurt each other. "Stop it! There's a misunderstanding here!" He yelled out, grabbing both of their attentions. The guard obliged immediately and withdraws their spear and shortly, after Hector sees the guard withdraws their weapon, he immediately withdraws his.

Sage looked at his guard, signalling him to back down, the guard nods their head and get beside him, allowing him to talk with Hector. "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, but, let me tell you that, we didn't have the intentions to harm or hurt you, Mister Shirogane." Sage said as he addressed Hector in a very polite way.

And since Hector didn't like it when peoples call him politely, he said, "Hector is fine. But, tell me, where am I?" He said, asking for the locations he's at. "Oh! My pleasure to call you by your first name! And you are in the Yoqeseon Kingdom, which is inside Land of Wisdom!" As soon as Hector hears the Land he's in, he widened his eyes.

Sage noticed his quiet reaction and decided to ask about it. "What's wrong? Did I says something offensive?" He asked carefully, ready to apologize anytime soon. Hector quickly shakes his head after hearing him and replies, "No. I'm just, surprised. That's all." He said, still cannot believe they got inside the Land of Wisdom.

Sage then explained the situations to him, how they meet him, and how they brought him here, while also leading him to the living room, so they can have more talks.

Then, after hearing his explanation to end, he finally remembered what he wanted to ask about. "Sage, did you perhaps…brought some few more people here?" He said, wanting to know where his friends at.

Sage looked back at him and smiled, "Of course I know! I've already sent the guards to watch them by and leads them here after they're awake from their slumbers!" He said that as the guard who was with them opened the big door in front of them, Hector was greeted by the sights of his friends inside the room.

The others, who were inside the room all get their attention toward the door. "Hector!" Theresa said, happy to see him, "All party is here! Yeah!" Ashley cheers cheerfully, glad to see the whole party is once again reunited. "Ooh, the others are already here!" Hector said, a little bit surprised, as he comes inside the room and is immediately get jumped at, by none other than Arkus. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Ignoring the noises the two causes, Sage got in front of him, greeting the others. "Seems like all the guests are here! Did any of you have something to asks inside your minds? I can help by answering it!" He ambitiously exclaims.

"Who are you and where were we?" Zeolite asks, in intentions to clear the confusions he has and the others have. "I'm Sage Yoqeseon! And we are inside of the Yoqeseon Kingdom, Land of Wisdom!" He said, with a bright, kind smile on his face. "Seems like we make it here." Zeolite said, remains calm, unlike the others, who are currently throwing gasps. "We did it!" Ashley yelled, in the background.

Sage clears his throat, grabbing their attention, "Since I've already answered your question, why don't I ask the question here, and you guys answer it?" He said, wanted to ask few things to them. "What are you guys doing here? Why do you crash? And what kind of creations is that big thing where you crashed at?" He said, letting out the curiosity he's been having ever since they've arrived at Land of Wisdom.

"We are seeking for the Celestial Plant, which is growing at the top of Mountain Ardanzal. We were attacked before and we…no, I cannot fly the plane properly, which forced us to crashed down. The creation is called a plane, named Skylark 2.0. My father's creation, Nicholas Akira." Chiharu said, answering Sage's questions.

Sage was left mouth-agape, amazed by the thing called a plane. "You mean by crashing…then, the plane thin is flying?!" Sage yells, surprising Chiharu with his sudden burst. "…Yeah, it flies." She said, sweatdropping at his reaction. "Really? That's amazing! How did such a thing exist? I cannot believe it!" Sage reactions are priceless, and he seems very excited to get to know more about the plane.

Zeolite fake cough, grabbing their attention. "Can we leave now? So we can grab the Celestial plant as soon as possible." He said, wanted to get the task done quickly. "Mister Zeolite, isn't it? Listen carefully. Take it easy, Mountain Ardanzal's rules are very strict, right? You guys might have heard the news about a group that was still missing inside Mountain Ardanzal's area, it was said, they're intentions were the same as you guys, in search of Celestial Plant. But, unfortunately, they've been carrying evil within them and even intended to deceive the Guardian of Mountain Ardanzal. And the consequences they received was, death, but it says missing in the news."

"That's just…sad." Theresa said, slightly pitying them. "There's no need to pity them. What evil remains evil…" Zeolite said, as he seems to reflecting into something. "And what makes you think that way, mister Zeolite?" Sage ask, curious of what make him think this way. Zeolite remain quiet and look away from him, dodging the question.

Theresa noticed the mood change in Zeolite and decided to cover him. "Please don't take his behavior to heart. He's behavior is already like this, since kid." She said, with a smile on her face, Sage tilt his head and thinks for a second, "Is that so? Alright then." He said before went to talk the things they've must follow before they departed to Mountain Ardanzal.

"You musn't think of something evil, please refrain from saying bad words, please stay calm and humble, don't be afraid, don't tell lies, and lastly, the very thing that you needed to follow, no lives was able to left the mountain after they violated the very last rule, and that's is…don't you ever try to see the Guardian of the Mountain Ardanzal." He tells the rules they neeeded to obey. "And to make sure you guys didn't cause trouble…I shall accompany you guys."

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