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Chapter 23: Chapter 22 - Pet Nursery System Level 2

Chapter 22 – Pet Nursery System Level 2

A few hours later, Saow was fully healed and Sarah took Saow's pet card at the counter. She checked on Saow and found out that he was truly healed. There were no complications on Saow based on the data shown by the system and Sarah was once again impressed with the nursery.

She confirmed now that the nursery was legit. All they said was the truth except for a few things that she could not test such as growing limbs and healing mental illness. Even so, most of the things the nursery advertised worked well.

There were still a lot of customers queuing for their turn and the machines promised by Sery were not finished yet. So, the line was still quite long. Most of the customers would leave after they sent out their pets and would wait for the nursery to call them to pick up their pets.

Sarah quickly decided to send Saow for training. She chose to train in increasing Saow's speed. She also booked for the 30-hours care service after the training was finished. After that, she left the nursery.

She wanted to have more talk with Katheryn but there were too many people and she did not want to disturb Katheryn. As for what she wanted to talk about? It was regarding Lucas. Since the nursery was helpful to her and she had a feeling it would be popular, she wanted to forge a friendship with the shop. The way she would help would be to help Lucas in school.

She wanted to know which high school Lucas had chosen. Since they just moved to the city, she knew that Lucas had yet to be in any school because it was the year-end break for the school. She wanted Lucas to enroll in Gyling South High School.

If Lucas was to enroll in the school she was teaching, she could take care of him. This was her way to forge a friendship with the nursery. She had seen what the white furball could do and thus, she knew she needed to be good to the nursery.

'Will I be able to meet the pet trainer of this nursery? That pet trainer is their family. Helping the kid is similar to helping the family and I will be able to meet that pet trainer in the future,' thought Sarah. She had started making her plan and imagined what would happen in the future.

As Sarah left the nursery, Qin Yun was done healing Raillow too. He wanted to take Raillow and went back home but the old butler advised him to use the training service. Also, he suggested for Raillow to use the care service too similar to Sarah.

Qin Yun agreed to that and he did the same as Sarah. He left Raillow for training and used the care service after the training. He wanted to leave but the old butler started talking to Katheryn.

"We are from the Phoenix Clan," said the old butler while smiling. His smile was sincere. He had no intention of striking fear by saying the clan's name and it was shown in his face. He just wanted to be friendly with Katheryn.

'The Phoenix Clan?' Katheryn was surprised. She knew how powerful the clan was and she had no idea why the old butler suddenly introduced himself that way.

[Don't worry. They are on our side. I will tell what happens later] said Sery and Katheryn nodded in her mind.

"Hello," Katheryn greeted the old butler with her best sincerest smile.

"I am sure you have seen many of our clan members here," said the old butler while smiling. Katheryn nodded. "I saw how good this nursery was during the battle earlier between my young master and your son and I told the elders in the clan of how good this nursery is," said the old butler.

"When I told them that, they decided to send our clan members to use this nursery to train their pets. So, you will be seeing a lot of the Phoenix Clan's members using this nursery," said the old butler while still maintaining his smile.

"Please take care of our clan members and if they cause any problem here, you can punish them however you want with them," said the old butler, shocking Katheryn, Qin Yun, and the other members of the Phoenix clan around.

"This is the wish of the elders in the clan," said the old butler.

"Err…" Katheryn did not know what to reply but after careful thought, she said, "Yes. We will do exactly that. Thank you for using our service," said Katheryn with her cheerful smile. She had no idea what had happened but it looked like it was something good for their business.

"Also, the Phoenix Clan has decided to give protection to this nursery. If by chance someone tries to cause trouble, we will protect you and if you need any help, we will gladly give our help," said the old butler, and the others were again shocked.

"Thank you," said Katheryn. She resumed her smile. After that, Qin Yun and the old butler left the nursery.

Once they were out of the nursery, Qin Yun asked, "What happens? Why did the elder say that?" He was shocked, confused, flabbergasted with what had happened. He admitted that the nursery was good and magical but would that be enough to warrant the attention of the clan's elders?

"There is more to this nursery, young master. Once you become much stronger, the elders will tell you about it. In the meantime, just accept everything and do your best to become stronger. This nursery is the best place for you to start training," said the old butler.

He continued, "You are lucky that this nursery appears when you are still weak. You can use the nursery to train your pet to the extreme." Qin Yun was silent. He had no idea what caught the attention of the elders and decided to just do what they wanted. The elders would not harm him and the other clan members. So, it must be something good.

A few hours later, Sery had finished creating the machines asked by Katheryn. He installed them immediately and the nursery was now much more orderly compared to before.

There was now a number system where a customer would get a number and waited for their turn using that number. Thanks to that, there were no more long lines at the counter and all the customers sat on the chair in the waiting area patiently while waiting for their turn.

Other than that, the cashier monitor was now not only for counting money and managed the money drawer but also was used as a computer. The scanner was updated to automatically record the data of the customer during registration. All it needed to do was scan the customer's ID and the data would appear on the monitor.

Not only that, but the monitor would also now show a schedule for each of the services available in the nursery. With this schedule, Katheryn could easily tell them when they should come to pick up their pets after the service ended based on the schedule.

More to that, a new machine was added to automatically send the pet cards to the respective service when their schedule arrived and to get them back from the nursing pen, pet playground, and dungeon when their service ended. All of this made Katheryn's job easier.

Not only that, but Lucas and Hailey also did not need to run back and forth between the front counter and the service rooms to set up the pet cards. Everything could be done at the front counter. It could be said that Lucas and Hailey had nothing to do after that.

[You can clean the nursery] said Sery. Lucas thought that that might be the only thing he could do at this moment before he realized that the nursery was super clean. Sery had always kept the nursery clean. There were no traces of dust. [Just kidding~ Why would I let my master do this dirty job?] said Sery.

So, Lucas and Hailey had nothing else to do. They were idle. Hailey decided to get back upstairs to watch cartoons while Lucas sat in Room No 3 staring at the huge monitor which showed the pet's training. Many of them had died many times and their stats had increased a lot.

"Their potential is high…" said Lucas. Fury's stats increased fast too but not that fast. Then, he remembered something. "Sery, I just realized something. You said before that you will only allow one per week training service but why is it once per four days now?" Lucas asked.

[…That…] Sery seemed to not want to say it but he said it in the end, [Order from above]

"???" Lucas was confused. "What do you mean?" Lucas asked.

[I told you earlier that I was given to you by this Universe Guardian. The Guardian said I am too cruel to let it happen once per week and said I should do it once per day instead. After a bit of bargaining, we came to once per four days] said Sery and he sounded bitter.

"…" Lucas was speechless. He did not know what to think of the situation. "So, you are connected to the Guardian?" Lucas asked.

[No. He contacts me. He can easily get in touch with whoever he wants. He is powerful after all] said Sery. [I don't want to do that but he forced me] Sery was bitter. Since the Guardian was the one that created him, he could be considered Sery's master too. Not only that, but his authority in Sery was also higher than Lucas.

"Who is this Guardian? Is he a human?" Lucas wanted to ask more but Sery cut him.

[I don't have the authority to give you any answer. If you want to know, become stronger and you can meet him in the future] said Sery.

"… Okay," said Lucas. He did not press further because he knew that someone with the title 'Universe Guardian' must be a super-super-super strong person. That Guardian created the systems after all.

Lucas had nothing to do. He wanted to start training but the dungeon was at its limit. He cannot enter the dungeon to train with Fury.

[Level up the system. You need to level up the system so that I can become more powerful and help you become stronger faster] said Sery. Lucas decided to level up his system.

A notification by the default system appeared. [Pet Nursery System's level increase to 2. The limit of the services increases to 20. New items available to purchase in the shop]

Lucas checked the Pet Nursery System and it was now level 2 with 20/50 experience points. With 30 more experience points, the system would level up to 3. All Lucas needed to do was complete the missions issued by the system. At the moment, only gathering missions gave him the experience and they were the easiest.

As he was done checking that, he moved on to the shop. There were four new items added to the shop. They were the contract paper, E grade potential pill, and stat breaker pill (random). Other than the contract paper, the two other items were expensive.

Contract Paper – 100 Peto

Storage Designator (1 cubic meter) – 1000 Peto

E Grade Potential Pill – 10 000 Peto

Stat Breaker Pill (Random) – 100 000 Peto

The contract paper was sold at 100 Peto. The cheapest item in the shop. Any contract written on this paper would make sure the one signing the contract obeyed and protected them completely. If they disobey the contract, they would receive severe consequences. Sery used the same contract paper when for Katheryn and Hailey.

The second item was the Storage Designator. With the Storage Designator, Lucas could turn anything into a storage. He can create a storage ring, storage bracelet, storage earring, storage bag, storage shoes, storage shirt and many types of storage.

The third new item was the E Grade Potential Pill. This pill could be used to raise the potential of those at E grade to D grade. However, one pill could only raise the E grade potential by 1%. Once it reached 100%, the potential would become a D grade. It was expensive but Lucas knew that it existed because of him. He was sure that Sery had a hand in what was sold at the shop.

The fourth item was the Stat Breaker Pill (Random). It was sold at one hundred thousand Peto. The pill could be used on humans or pets. It will break the stat limit of those that ate it. However, it was at random. If Lucas ate the pill, one his stat would break the limit. He had no control which stat would break the limit.

"Oh~ This pill will be useful to me and my pets," said Lucas.

[If you ask me, I will say that this pill is useful to humans more than pets. Why? Pets have a tier and your pet can use the tier breaker to have more stat points. However, humans are as strong as Tier 1 monsters, so they are at the bottom of the food chain. With this pill, you will be able to break the Tier 1 limit of humans and become as strong as Tier 2 and above monsters] said Sery.

He added [The only things you need is money]

Lucas nodded. He agreed with Sery. The pill was more useful to humans. "Well then, how much money do we have right now? I want to buy more pet playgrounds and nursing pens," Lucas asked.

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Thank you~

Someone asked me if I can write two chapters per day. Well, I do write two chapters per day twice a week for the Saturday and Sunday chapter because I use the weekend to think of the plot of the story. I want to post that many chapters per day too but I am not capable of that. It is hard mentally for me. I am sorry :,)

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