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Hate the sight of blood

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Children are often asked this question when they are young. The teachers would make them write essays on their future jobs or ideal career. The adults are always worried about their children. Some children don't even have a choice. Their path is pretty much decided from the moment they are born.

The eleven years olds are lined up on the stage. Some are confused. Some are trying their best not to cry under the pressure. Some have a big smile on their face. Some are anxious. Of course, some can't care less.

One by one, the students get up and give a speech on the stage.

"I want to be a doctor because..."

"I want to be a soldier because..."

"I want to be a businessman because..."

Most answers are tailored by their parents. Each time a student finishes his speech on what he/she wanted to become after he/she grew up, there is a burst of claps from the audience consisting of enthusiastic parents and teachers.

"I am Nakashima Natsumi." The girl looks at the crowd with cold indifference. She is dressed in a plain black shirt, a black skirt, and black shoes. "I want to become a lawyer because I like making money."

The audience can't understand how to react at first. They have never heard such an honest reason. Among all the righteous reasons that they have heard, this one surely gets the top score for honesty.

"That's my daughter." Nakashima Wataru perceives the reaction of the audience in a different way. He stands up and points at her. "My eldest daughter is the smartest one."

"Thank you." The girl, unperturbed by her father's action or the audience's reaction, gives them a respectful bow and walks away from the stage.

After the lawyer girl is gone, a bright girl comes forward on the stage. Dressed in a pink dress, a tiara, and pink shoes with printed stars, she has sparkling eyes and an angel-like smile. The audience is charmed by her demeanour.

"My name is Nakashima Sayuri." She pauses and looks at her father who gives her encouraging nod. She speaks shyly, "When I grow up, I want to be a fashion designer because I like pretty clothes. I will open my chains of stores in the country. I will give a 25% discount to anyone who buys fishes from my father's store in the future. My father's store is the best store in the market. Please visit my father's store."

"That's my youngest daughter!!!" Nakashima Wataru looks proud of his youngest daughter for being able to speak out her dream. "In the future, she will start her own fashion brand."

The audience claps. Little Lily shows a toothy smile before she bows and steps off the stage. She gets full marks for an opportunist. The headmaster clears his throat. There are two more left.

The third girl looks at the audience with disinterest. She is wearing a school uniform. The audience is silently waiting. Nakashima Wataru smiles at his second daughter kindly. He doesn't have much expectation from her.

She picks her nose and wipes it on her shirt. The teachers and the parents except for Nakashima Wataru and a few other students wrinkle their nose in disgust.

"My name is Nakashima Wakana." She scratches her nose again and glances at her father once. "You have met my elder sister, Nakashima Natsumi. She's 10 minutes older than I am. You also met my younger sister, Nakashima Sayuri."

It is a small village. There is only one elementary school in the area. The audience already knows about the Nakashima triplets who are the daughters of the fisherman, Nakashima Wataru.

The Nakashima sisters don't look identical. Each one has a different personality. The youngest is cheerful and cunning. The eldest is icy cold and smart. The middle one is a question mark.

"I thought a lot, but I don't understand why I must choose something now. I am only 11. My father says that it is alright not to know what I want to be in this stage of my life. I should concentrate on becoming a good child and eat healthily to become strong physically. Thank you for listening."

She bows to the people watching her and leaves, not waiting for the light claps that follow her departure from the stage.

"There's always an odd one." The headmaster sighs. "Give her a full mark for courage."

The last boy walks to the stage with a calm expression. He is also wearing a uniform. He looks at the crowd with a steady gaze. Anyone can tell that he doesn't belong to this village.

"Minami Sei." His voice is clear, demanding the attention of the audience. "I will become a police officer because I hate the sight of blood."




Nakashima Wakana turns her head and looks at the boy who is quite opposite of her. He is looking at the crowd with a steely gaze. Though he looks fearless, his small pale fists are trembling.

She blinks her eyes and stared at him. He gives a deep bow to the astonished audience. He walks in her direction. The young boy doesn't even see her or his classmates. He sits in the corner.

The transfer student is cold and aloof. He rarely talks to the other students. In the classroom of students that belong to the small families of the village, the boy certainly stands out like the moon among the stars. Naturally, the moon is isolated by the stars.

The girl without ambition usually doesn't care about much in the world. But the boy's answer has caught her attention. She sits beside him. He ignores her existence. She moves closer. He shifts away. She suddenly holds his hand.

He glares at her. "What are you doing?"

"I want to know why you hate the sight of blood."

She closes her eyes to see something that she should have never seen.

Norah_Koch Norah_Koch


If you see grammar mistakes/typos, don't hesitate to tell me in comments or paragraph comments. It will help me improve my writing ~ This novel doesn't have any editor/proofreader.

If you have something else to say, openly say it in comments. I would love to know your opinions.

Thank you for picking this novel. I hope that you enjoy it. If you like the novel, do not forget to vote/comment/review to show support. I will appreciate it.

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