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Supernatural Selfish Hero Harem: Conquering Teen Wolf At The Start Supernatural Selfish Hero Harem: Conquering Teen Wolf At The Start original

Supernatural Selfish Hero Harem: Conquering Teen Wolf At The Start

Author: Soap_of_Starlight

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Chapter 1: Arriving In Beacon Hills But Missing Girlfriend And Best Friend

Hello, my name is Simon Croft, and I was taken aback again in recent days.

This week, it was a strange Californian city mix of Teen Wolf and Gilmore Girls... Previously and so far, the odd ones included Supernatural, Grimm, Wednesday, Elvira, Disney, yes fucking Disney, and Rapunzel - this world was weird. There was unusual stuff, but there were also plenty of common works of fiction and shows without supernatural abilities, such as Gossip Girl or Euphoria. However, anything considered scary was possible.

I had a feeling that each city, along with its creatures and shadows, tended to stick to its own territory, but each region of the world could have its own intricate network of terror and fear. Despite having never visited New York City, I had developed a strong apprehension about it because of its status as a major cultural hub and a popular setting in many works of fiction. 

I'd been living in Nebraska for the past 16 years.

Speaking of which, I had British ancestry but had never visited a city in Europe or the United Kingdom.

This world felt like a massive Pandora's Box, with names of cities and towns on the maps that did not appear to exist on Earth. Quahog and Langley Falls, for example, were either on the map or appeared unexpectedly. There were probably places and realms that were inaccessible without a mysterious or supernatural ability. Or was it similar to multiple planet Earths, each with its own solar system, sitting invisibly and intangibly on top of one another? 

Both options were not ruled out, and overlaps and stacking were possible. At this rate, perhaps Atlantis was real?

I had this idea after realizing at a young age that Terminator had also vanished from existence. The Terminator story began when people were still dressed as if they were going to a rock concert, but we've since moved on from that.

Browsing through newspapers and glancing at headlines, searching for people's names, and witnessing myths, legends, and fairy tales fade away from the world, I initially thought I had made a fairly accurate count of 16 years. But now that we were moving to a new city, one that my mother had fallen in love with after just one visit, my perspective on the world had shifted dramatically once more. I was left completely stunned.

What kind of crossover universe was this?! There were even random romance shows on there?! Also, why didn't anyone else in the world notice that characters, stars, and celebrities from major films and franchises had been mysteriously changed?! Sometimes the entire cast was! I was overcome with grief!

New characters, stars, and celebrities appeared to instantly replace the Neuralyzer-like bunch in movies and shows, but nonetheless! 

Hell, it was pretty crazy how no one noticed that a lot of those characters who returned to the real world after going into smoke in cartoons and drawings looked diametrically different from the rest of the population. Their physical appearances, looks, and colors were clearly a violation of the laws of physics! They weren't supposed to have blue or purple skin or resemble animated characters in real life!

In addition to all the unbelievable things going on in real life, it wasn't as enjoyable to watch your favorite shows after discovering the unsettling reality of how they had been altered! It was terrifying and bizarre beyond words! Even as a transmigrator, it felt foreign to me.

Speaking of aliens, were they going to be the next big thing? Alien, the movie? It was horror, right? Would they be on some sci-fi shit on a planet I had no idea about in this crossover?

But, even if things had to make increasingly less sense, what came next?! Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles?! The Grinch?! Freaking Harry Potter?! South Park?! Rationally speaking, and to be honest, anything that scared me was technically horror; wouldn't it be similar to those people having different ideas of hell?!

I despised and cringed at how I was able to come up with all these ideas about how I could possibly torture myself... It wasn't surprising to think that if these thoughts were manifesting in relation to me, I would be the only one aware of the changes. It almost seemed like a plausible theory!


"Simon, why the silence? Are you not looking forward to moving to Beacon Hills? Trust me, it's a pretty sweet spot."

"It's not that, I'm just feeling a bit sleepy, mom. I actually did some research on the city online, and it seems like a nice place."

The city seemed safer than a lot of other locations if not associated with the werewolf crowd from that show, but it still seemed hazardous, yet because I knew the plot, I preferred to come here than somewhere else; it might have been somewhere more dangerous to people like mom and me.

If this was truly the city of Teen Wolf, as I feared, the main threats here, according to the rules I had already grasped about this world, were most likely those of Teen Wolf.

"Did you? Nice. Oh, and if you're feeling sleepy, it might be a good idea to get some rest in the car while you can. We have a full day ahead of us once we arrive in Beacon Hills. You'll be able to use that time to focus on muscle training, which you haven't been doing lately."

"Sure, mom,"

I responded to the woman who was too beautiful for me to simply regard as my mother.

Even though I was a man with two women in my life – a girlfriend and a female best friend to call tonight, I found myself tempted by my more indulgent desires. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't stop myself from being drawn to these impure thoughts.

Even when she was fully dressed, my mother's extremely thick breasts stood out from beneath the jacket. She had extra-large nipples! Too prominent to go unnoticed and unlikely to not create an indecent scene. My mother, Lara, was in her early 40s, but she looked in better health than me most times.

As I sat in the passenger seat of the car, I was deeply perplexed - not by the dramatic cleavage, which I was still fazed by after 16 years of seeing it, but by this world that appeared to be a fusion of various elements.

As I delved deeper into my thoughts, a jolting noise in my head caught me off guard.

Before I could comprehend or get my mother's attention and make her anxious, I heard a series of computerized sounds in my head for a while, until an interface with explanations appeared.

As the excruciating pain pierced through my head, I couldn't help but be dismayed by how suddenly it happened. It came and went in an instant, leaving me bewildered and amazed.

But aside from that, I had a fucking cheat! I inherited, but I wouldn't have to rely on solely on the legendary Lara Croft's intelligence and talents!

I rushed past the simplified explanations, dumbfounded and elated! It had not only come with texts, but also with an unspoken, newfound, and profound understanding of the world.

[Supernatural (Leech) Plug-In]

[Name: Simon Croft]

[Status: Supernatural Leech, Contagious Gamer]

[Sexual Features: Male, adolescent in late teenage years, young adult]

[Brilliant Traits: Reliable Son, Superstar Student, Experienced grasp of saving money and numerical concepts, Cooking, Housekeeping, Fixing All Kinds of Things]

[Paranormal Characteristics: Washed With Supernaturally Charged Bones During Childhood (Strength And Muscle Explosivity Of A Gorilla, Underwater Capabilities Of A Fish, Agility And Jaw Strength Of A Jaguar, Endurance And Sexual Fertility Of A Horse)]

[Remote Leeching (Unlocked): Lara Croft, Isabelle Lightwood, Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle]

[Supernatural Talents and Jobs (Unlocked): Survival, Tomb Raiding, Escaping, Shooting, Grimm, Fighting, Swordmanship, Whipping, Kissing, Weapon Handling, Drinking, Talking]

[Infected People: 0]

[Utilities: Inventory, Window Check]

The cheat itself was quite simple.

One of the primary purposes, aside from the fundamental ones, was for me to pass on skills or, more accurately, talents to others. Jobs.

I would receive notifications in my line of sight when individuals could have the possibility to become infected and begin to manifest their abilities. I was also given the choice and power to prevent them from waking up to anything, and I could even prevent them from getting infected.

The Window Check utility allowed me to check the status windows of people.

Anyway, what I was, was some kind of paranormal, supernatural leecher. I could basically mooch and spread infections. The leeching function was the one that proved most valuable to me, as it helped me pick up new things, talents, and jobs, and enhance my own aptitude and potential.

I read and thought, 'Aside from the more relevant and useful new stuff down there, looks like those brilliant traits really capture the essence of most of what I've been doing for the past 16 years... I've been looking after mom's house for many years before she retired from treasure hunting and learned how to manage finances. She's always been quite well-off, even without grandpa and grandma's money, but she's easily duped into giving away her money because she doesn't value it.'

I reviewed the traits again and quickly reached a reasonable conclusion that made sense to me.

Except for the Croft family, Tomb Raider's plot and characters did not exist in this reality, so Lara's parents, Richard and Amelia, were still alive and well. They both resided in England.

That did not prevent Lara Croft from becoming Lara Croft, however. She went on to become an archaeologist, anthropologist, and treasure hunter, encountering a variety of eerie and supernatural creatures during her global travels. These days, she was even considering changing careers to follow in John Winchester's footsteps and hunt demons, vampires, werewolves and ghosts.

I had no idea who my father was, so I couldn't help but wonder if John was my dad... If he was, he might have gone to buy milk, or perhaps my mother had never told him I was his son. I was very curious about that. But my mother never wanted to tell me. I never told her my guesses. Nonetheless, we maintained a close and friendly relationship with the Winchesters. John was sharing some knowledge with Mom.

Supernatural's main storyline, in which they embark on a search for John, would not begin for another two years. Sam was 19 years old and a freshman in a college in this state of California, which I was now also in. So if my theories and estimates about my birth 16 years ago were correct, things were already weird… Maybe it was better not to dig right now.

'Thinking about Sam, that guy who plays Rory's boyfriend, Dean, is the same actor from Gilmore Girls, right?'

I suddenly remembered something quite important.

This city of Beacon Hills was not ordinary; it was massive and larger than usual, with Stars Hollow from the Gilmore Girls show as one of its neighborhoods, which was just as large as a town of its own. Mom and I were going to live in that part of the city.

It was traditionally supposed to be a town in the state of Connecticut, but not in this world.

Thinking about Sam, I contemplated again, calmly so, 'But given how the world works, people probably won't even notice that the two look the same if he comes here…'

I shrugged and closed my eyes to fall asleep for a while.


I awoke with a startle, but I knew immediately who was waking me up, so I didn't frown and get into a posture to battle some deadly danger.

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead! We've made it to Beacon Hills! This is the Stars Hollow section of the city!" my mother exclaimed, but she only gently nudged me to wake me up from my brief car nap.

I was just too used to conducting survival drills with her, which is why I could wake up so shocked, alert, and clearly.

I calmed down.

"Thanks," I said, thanking my mother for waking me up, and then I used my gaze to observe and survey my surroundings, the town, outside the window. 

It was neither extravagant nor dilapidated, resembling the quaint and idiosyncratic aesthetic I remembered from watching Gilmore Girls. 

Despite the gray and cloudy weather, it exuded a peaceful and cheerful atmosphere. Stars Hollow had a distinct charm, brimming with optimism that could lift your spirits even on the darkest days.

There were no towering high-rise buildings in the section of the city we were passing through. The urban area of Beacon Hills was unusually large, but industrial and high-tech areas appeared to surround the entrances on all sides. This was true in and around every area that could be considered a "small" town in its own right.

Here, in Stars Hollow, despite the bustle of people going about their daily lives, the buildings exuded a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere. All the buildings surrounded a very small grassy area in the center of town, which was surrounded by streets. From the show, I recalled that this location was frequently used to host various public events. Sometimes even engagement parties.

Mom's car was a convertible with a distinct design and flair; it made a satisfying sound as she drove, attracting a lot of attention as we made our way to our new home. I noticed strangers staring at us as I scanned the passers-by. But in the midst of the bustling crowd, I couldn't find anyone I knew, not even the chatty Miss Patty, who taught dance and enjoyed gossiping.

She'd probably get along well with the gossip people in New York. Those super-rich heirs were already flashy and ostentatious on social media.

They weren't richer than me or my mother, which was funny to me.

"So, what do you think? It seems like a pretty nice place for us to live, right?" Mom wanted to know what I thought after I had seen the place in person.

Little did she know that I was more familiar with it than she was.

I nodded and felt satisfied, especially thinking about Rory, but I said, "Yeah, but I still don't understand why we had to leave Nebraska so abruptly. You never explain some of your actions to me. I doubt you did this simply for a change of scenery... There's obviously something you're hiding."

As I finished my sentence, my gaze was drawn to my mother's enormous breasts, albeit subconsciously but not involuntarily.

Those were too big for me to ignore for a long time, and she had one of the largest and most amazing pairs of boobs I'd ever seen up close and in all their nudity.

Of course, during shower time when I was a child – not anything that would make me luckier than that.

I used to wonder how she could move around with such massive tits and become such a strong and skilled professional in such a dangerous environment where one mistake or lack of speed or agility could cost her life.

Those were not aerodynamic.

Not only had she been extremely successful in her treacherous profession, but she had also retired with ease and grace as a legend in it.

"I have always wondered if you were old enough for me to tell you this... It's been so long, I'm not sure if it's still relevant. I'm afraid you'll hold it against me… You're a perceptive child; I'm sure you've sensed my apprehension," Mom said, looking unsure. 

I was starting to worry. She wasn't usually so serious when she spoke. Did she have something important to say, or was she about to drop a bombshell?

"Is our move here because of Dad?" I inquired as my heart raced and pounded harder and louder in my chest.

I could make some guesses, so I naturally inquired. The way she started speaking also helped me figure things out; if it weren't for that subject, she probably wouldn't be delivering the first bits of a speech to me so gravely, as if to prepare me and butter me up before screwing me royally.

"Sure," My mother's smile was tinged with bitterness, as if she knew the inevitable moment had arrived, and she could no longer avoid the truth.

She put on her sunglasses, keeping her gaze firmly on the road as I pressed her to speak, "Come on, Mom, just tell me who my dad is this time."

I was very curious about the identity of the person who had brought me into the world. I didn't necessarily want a father figure, but the mystery of my own origins piqued my interest. The fact that this information had been withheld from me for so long fueled my curiosity.

Mom finally mustered the courage to share with me something she had always kept to herself. She drew a deep breath before opening up.

She said, "Your father passed away, Simon. He lacked any distinguishing characteristics or talents, except being particularly attractive when he was alive. But he was handsome enough that I fell in love with him the first time I saw him.

Unfortunately, he had gotten his ex-girlfriend, whom he had already broken up with, pregnant before their relationship ended... I ended up becoming pregnant around the same time. You can imagine the rest of the story with my fiery temper... I never spoke to him or his family again, until recently, when I came here and ran into his cousin once more."

"Hey... So that's how I was born? But I'm curious about his name and who his cousin is." The revelations surprised me because I had not expected the inside story to be as simple as a romantic drama with a tragic outcome for my mother.

So I was partially British and had American ancestry.

I held no grudges against my mother for never allowing my father to meet me. Honestly, it didn't bother me at all. In fact, I was glad she made that decision because it would have added unnecessary complications. As a reincarnator, I had no desire to have an ordinary father.

"Your father's name was Chandler Danes. His cousin, Luke Danes, lives nearby and runs a diner in the center of our neighborhood. We can go see him later," she said, giving me the details.

As she drove, she appeared noticeably more at ease, as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

"Is that so…" It suddenly occurred to me that Luke was my uncle, and I thought, "Hold on a sec, so you've already been here, right?"

My mother acted as if she had suddenly fallen in love with this place, despite the fact that she had most likely been here before.

With a grin on her face, she replied, "Yeah, some little lies are no big deal - don't you want to know the real reason why I chose this place for us to live?"

"I'm all ears," I replied.

I almost forgot about this: how would my father's death lead to my mother's sudden decision to come and live here?

"It turns out that your father's ex-girlfriend, whom he eventually married, was unaware of my existence... He never mentioned me when I fled back then." My mother said.

She kept talking, going on and on with the rest of the explanation. "After he died, and she discovered that her daughter had a brother - you - she became very curious and began sending me letters.

That happened several years ago.

At first, I was skeptical and didn't want to be her friend. But, as life goes, one thing led to another, and we ended up getting along quite well. She's a fantastic woman; I'm not sure how your father managed to get her."

"Mmm, that's nice and touching... So I have a sister my age, then? Do you happen to know her name?" I asked with curiosity. 

Life can be very strange at times.

I never imagined that my father's story would be so full of intriguing twists and turns, both before and after his death.

His worst nightmare had come true, though, which was most likely the nightmare of most men.

"I do, but let's discuss all of that and her once we bring our things inside our new house," My mother abruptly ended our conversation as her car pulled up in front of a grand house in the affluent Beacon Hills neighborhood.

This section of town exuded wealth, much like the neighborhood where Lorelai's parents lived.

The house before us was massive, which made sense given my mother's high-income socioeconomic status and wealth. She had always been a successful person herself; after all, she was Lara Croft. Nothing had changed with this. I was always busy doing her laundry and housework for her, but I also had the luxury of living a comfortable and prosperous life as my mother's son in Nebraska.

This world was not Tomb Raider, but she had a similar backstory. She was once a legendary treasure hunter, but she was now retired and was working as a million-dollar antique dealer. Of course, on the side, she was training to be an expert in hunting supernatural beings.

She possessed the endurance and athletic ability for it, but she lacked the knowledge to switch careers immediately. It wasn't easy to remember everything that needed to be remembered, especially without constant guidance. Despite their father's constant presence, the Winchester brothers had to learn this job over the course of twenty years.

'By the way, I should call Sam soon and see how things are going for him at college. If he has already met his college girlfriend, she most likely only has three years to live.'

As I pondered this thought, we got out of the car and began unloading our belongings. 

We didn't have much with us, so we planned to wait for the movers from Nebraska to bring the remainder of our belongings.

Scanning the property, I noticed the large pool in the villa's expansive backyard and garden. However, with the overcast skies, I had no wish to go inside or dip my feet in.

When I remembered what my mother had told me about my sister, I knew Rory couldn't be her because her father's name was Christopher Hayden, not Chandler Danes, and she had no family connection to Luke.

Lorelai was also kind, but she had many friends. To me, she did not appear to be the type of person who would go out of her way to form a close and personal relationship with her late husband's wife and son. She had her own distinct characteristics that made her a relatable and imperfect person.

Right now, anyway, she was probably too young to be this mature and accepting of another woman.

I quickly disregarded these thoughts because it seemed exceedingly impossible that it could be Lorelai, given her story and the fact that Christopher, a guy she loved despite his frequent absences, played an important role in the series.

Thinking sweeter and more romantic ideas, I wished Rory was young in this universe so that I could see not only the environment, but also her orchid-like beauty evolving and blooming throughout the season.

I was fine with the Gilmore Girls side of things; I wasn't scared or anything, but I didn't like unnecessary problems, so I couldn't say I was eager to explore the entirety of this city, which also included Beacon Hills. I'd wait to see how things would play out or if they'd approach me. I was most likely a protagonist, so there was no need for me to seek out problems. They would probably approach me on their own.

Remembering something, I decided to take a look at mom's status window, so I did just that as we got comfortable and started waiting for the movers to show up.

[Name: Lara Croft]

[Sexual Features: Female, Exquisite Woman Embracing the Beauty of Her Prime Years]

[Brilliant Traits: Master of surviving in dire situations, Expert at navigating difficult circumstances. One of the legends in the hidden and obscure world of tomb raiding. An experienced anthropologist, archaeologist, and antiques dealer. Natural talent for supernatural hunting]

[Paranormal Characteristics: Cleansed Herself With Spiritually Imbued Bones During Adulthood (Muscular Fitness And Strength Of A Tigress, Underwater Capabilities Of A Fish, Agility And Jaw Strength Of A Jaguar, Endurance And Sexual Fertility Of A Mare)]

[Supernatural Talents and Jobs (Unlocked): 0]

I came across some words and read them with amusement, particularly regarding certain things that I had my suspicions about, things that my mom did to me when I was a baby. I chuckled at her playful antics involving raiding tombs. With her interest in raiding tombs and magic, some things were bound to happen.

I mused again in silence, but my attention was suddenly drawn to something new.

I heard a loud noise in my head as a notification appeared in my line of sight, asking if I wanted to do something or not.

[Lara Croft's infection process ended especially quickly due to your extensive time together since childhood!]

[She can instantly learn three new skills. Would you like to go over the skills before deciding whether to let her learn them?]

Without hesitation, I agreed and began to investigate what they were.

I was in a hurry because I wanted to make phone calls.

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