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Chapter 1

The world is a really funny place. Not everybody knows what is. There were humans and there were others who were not so human. It’s kind of confusing, but there are things beyond human reasoning. There is a whole world out there that no one knows exist.

It all hangs in a balance like good and evil, light and dark and then there’s human and supernatural. This is the story.

A young girl paced round her room. She was set for school, but she was nervous. It was a new school and who wouldn’t be nervous. You see she wasn’t like others. She wasn’t what one would call human. No she wasn’t a superhero. All those comics were just a serious rip-off. They were so silly. Did they know those things were real?

Anyway why she was nervous. She was going to a new school when she had just accepted her old school. There she just blended in with the crowd and was never noticed. Now she was going to a new school, a prestigious one where eyes will always be on her and they would be judging.

Kids her age didn’t go to school on earth. They went to school and they could tap into their powers and control it and also transform like the way her parents could. But no! They had to bring her to earth and have her grow up abnormal and they didn’t seem to care that she couldn’t control her powers.

Her thoughts were cut off by a knock.

“Daniella honey, time for school” her mother said.

“Coming” she said zipping up her boots and getting her bag.

She opened her door and her mother gave her a look. “What?” she asked.

“Your uniform” she said her tone cold.

She wore it right. A teal pleated skirt, white shirt, a black suit blazer, white knee socks and a green tie.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“First your hair isn’t meant to be purple” she stated.

“My hair is brown” she explained. “This” she said holding a lock of her hair that’s purple. “Is an extension”.

“You are wearing fishnets instead of socks and you’re wearing leather boots instead of shoes”. She took a deep breath. “All that’s missing is tattoos and multiple piercings” she said exasperated.

Danny just smiled.

“You’re going through a phase” her mother said.

“I’m not and if you start lessons, I will be late for actual lessons” she said.

Her mother sighed and got her keys.

“Why doesn’t the driver take me?” she asked.

“He’s busy” she replied. “So I’m taking you” she replied.

The ride was quiet and her mother didn’t say anything. When they arrived she finally looked at her.

“You’ll do great” she whispered.

“No I won’t” she replied.

“You will because for the first time you’ll be surrounded with people just like you” she said.

“Wait! This is a school full of-“

She covered her child’s mouth.

“No” she replied. “I said there a people like you here. A very small minority” she corrected herself.

“Oh” she said disappointed.

“Have fun honey and be careful” she said giving her a kiss on her forehead.

“Bye” she said getting out of the car.

She watched her mother drive off and she turned to look at the tall gates. A little bit menacing. On the gate the words SH. Starlight high.

She better head to the principal’s office and get her schedule. She walked through the gate with her head down. Ignoring the whispers and stares. She wasn’t human so she could hear everything they said clearly and they weren’t talking about her.

She walked straight to the building and she looked at the map that was on the noticeboard and memorized it. She passed a couple of students on her way, but other than that nothing interesting. It wasn’t that different from her old school.

She knocked on the door and a voice said enter. She walked in and would have said ‘Good morning’ but the woman just held up a piece of paper for her to take and a handbook.

“You know the rules” she said still not looking up.

Danny shook her head and she was out of the room.

The door closed by itself. That woman was supernatural. It wasn’t a power. It was a thing among them. They could just tell themselves anywhere they were. Just like they could tell who was human.

She had literature first and she had no one to hang out with, so she would just head to class and thank goodness it was on the same floor.

She stopped at the door and she could sense there was someone inside. Not human for sure. Her energy was all over the place. Bright and sunny.

She opened the door slowly and inside was a blonde girl asleep. She liked how the sun highlighted her hair and made it look almost gold.

She didn’t want to look like a freak and she made her way to the back quietly.

“A new one” she heard the girl say. She turned around to see the blonde girl awake.

The girl stood up and she was happy to see she wasn’t the only one changing her uniform.

Her skirt was short and flared and she wore heels and didn’t care for her tie. ‘Nice’ she thought.

“Clarissa, but you can call me Clerice, Clair, Rissa, but my personal favorite is Clara” she said.

“I’m Daniella, but you can call me Danny” she replied. “They really let you wear that?” she asked.

“What does that mean?” Clara asked no longer sounding friendly.

“I mean-“

“What?” she asked.

“You look really good and my mum told me it was against the rules to dress different” she explained. If this girl got mad and decided to attack her she wouldn’t stand a chance. She had heard stories from her mum and she didn’t want to be on the receiving end.

“Really? Thank you” she replied. “You’re not so bad yourself” she said eyeing the girl head to toe.

“Thanks” she said.

“So where are you from?”

“I’m a citizen-“

“I meant home world” she cut in.

“Where’s that?” Daniella asked.

Clara blinked twice and then she laughed. “Gosh you’re serious” and she continued laughing.

“Okay what’s your power?” she asked.

“I could always read minds” she replied.

“What else?” she replied.

“Nothing else” she replied.

“Hand to hand combat?”

Danny shook her head.

“Any sort of training?” Clara asked.

“Nope” she replied.

“Okay, you don’t know where you come from, you don’t know the extent of your powers and you don’t know your own strength. You couldn’t be anymore useless” she stated bluntly.

Danny sighed. “It’s not my fault”.

“Yeah whatever. You have a lot to learn” she said and the bell rang. She made her way to the back of the class and Danny followed. Students trooped into the class. All taking their seats. Danny had her head down, but a hand came down hard on her table which had her getting to her feet.

“You’re in my seat” a boy said.

“You know you can’t have a claim to seats” Clara said with a yawn.

“This doesn’t concern you” the guy said without turning to her.

“You can have it” Danny said getting her bag.

“You were there first Daniella” Clara reminded her.

“Don’t worry Clara. He can have it. There are other seats to choose from”.

“Pushover” she murmured.

Danny got her bag and moved to another seat. She sat down beside a boy who looked like he wanted to be anywhere else but here. He had his cheek on his fist and his legs crossed outside his seat. It made him look cool.

The sun reflected on his brown hair making him look divine. She had never really looked at boys before, but he was different and he wasn’t human. She got out her notes when the teacher walked in and closed the door.

Nothing spectacular happened till the end of the day.

“Can you stop sulking already?” Danny asked following Clara.

“You let a human do that to you. You’re weaker than I thought” she said still walking.

“Well since you’re so strong tell me what you can do!” Danny snapped.

“Gladly” she said. “Follow me” she whispered.

Danny realized they were walking into the woods behind the school.

“Where are we going?” she asked a little bit scared.

“My spot” she replied and Clara led her to a clearing.

“So what’s your power?”

“Apart from looking good, I have other attributes. I’m strong and fast. And so is every other supernatural out there if you cared to open a history book” she said dryly.

“Okay I’m uninformed stop rubbing it in my face” she said.

“What kind of friend would I be if I just watch you waste away and be corrupted” she said with big eyes.

“Can you just tell me what I need to know?” she asked.

“I’m from home world. I come from Sava but I moved to Tempa due to unforeseen circumstances and I stayed there for a while before I decided to move to earth. My quadrant from home world is very unique. We have animal abilities and were the first to ever merge with their spirit animal” she explained.

“Okay, I think I understand” Danny said shaking her head.

“Mine is a cat. What’s yours?” she asked.

“I don’t have one” Danny whispered very embarrassed that she didn’t know anything.

“Clueless” Clara sighed.

“When you bond with your animal they become a part of you and you get a tattoo” and Clara showed her tongue.

“Yuck!!” Danny exclaimed. There was a cat on her tongue.

“I didn’t chose it. Cats are just mischievous creatures” she said.

“Yeah, you said something about transforming”.

“I only transform fully when it’s serious, but this will blow your tiny, ignorant mind” she said tapping her forehead.

She stood up and gold light surrounded her. Danny took a few steps back to protect herself and the light went down and when she saw Clara again she screamed.

Clara just laughed.

At the top of her head were cat ears and she could see a tail from under her skirt wagging back and forth lazily. And she didn’t have fingernails anymore. It looked like claws.

“So how do I look?” she asked striking a pose.

“Weird” Danny replied.

“So, do you want to see home world?” she asked. “I’ll be able to explain everything better”.

“Sure” she replied.

“Okay, stand up” she said.

Danny stood up and she felt her blinding energy beneath her. There were weird diagrams on the ground and the same patterns on her palms. Gold light came out of the ground and they were covered in it. She felt all tingly and then there was nothing but silence.

She didn’t know that she had closed her eyes. When she opened them again she saw dark sky with a lot of colorful stars decorating it and looking down from where she stood was a place she never knew she would see.

“Welcome to home world!” Clara announced.

The place was weird and beautiful. First of it was like a circle divided into four.

“Tempa, Sava, Elementa and Luvina” Clara said pointing.

Danny looked at where they stood and it looked like a ledge of some sort. Like they were on a mountain.

“So can you tell me what those places do?” she asked.

“Yes” Clara replied getting comfortable on the ground.

“Sava or as everyone one else likes to call it Savages. We are brutal and ruthless and were kind of slow in civilization and everything else. Animal abilities for everyone and monster strength. It depends on your animal sometimes. If you’re a fish, you won’t be able to win in a fist fight. We were the first to merge with our spirit animals like I said so thank you”.

“Tempa are the people with stick up their asses. Giant sticks! They think that their above everyone because they are far in technology. Well they have completely evolved unlike most planets. They have all those fancy powers. Telekinesis, Telepathy, teleportation. All those powers you see humans give their superheroes”. “They don’t even use their animals for transportation. They use hover boards and ships. Just a bunch of show offs”.

“Elementa kind of broke out from Sava. We are kind of the same with the animals and the abilities, but they control the elements. They had a long war going on that almost destroyed home world, but Ice won and they’re okay” she shrugged.

“Luvina is the dark planet. They don’t have a sun only the moon. Anyone who is bad and is a villain come from there. They’re powerful and untouchable. Tried fighting them before and I lost. They control the shadows and the moon is their power source. Never fight them when the moon is out” she said.

“Okay I think I get it” Danny said rocking back and forth.

“Why did you move from Sava?” she asked.

“My mum is a Tempan and because of that DNA I was blessed with a unique power. I moved there to get in touch with my roots” she said.

“What power is that?” Danny asked leaning closer.

“You know when a puppeteer controls his puppets, just like that story?”

Danny hummed.

“Well I can control people like a puppeteer” she replied and her finger tips glowed gold. “You’re supernatural so you can see the strings. A human won’t be able to see it” she said.

“Can you fly?” Danny asked.

“No, but I can fall” she replied.

“Oh” she said blinking confused.

“Falling is better than flying” she replied.

“I’m good” she replied.

“So is there any guy you like?” Clara asked.

“No” Danny replied looking up at the sky.

“Girl?” she asked with a cat grin her tail up and swinging.

“No” Danny chuckled.

“Guy then?” she asked her ears twitching.

“Well, there was this guy I sat close to in class” she began.

Clara made a pleased sound.

“Who is he?” she asked.

“I don’t know” he replied.

“And you’re a mind reader” Clara said standing up.

“It’s his thoughts. I can’t just snoop” she said surprised that Clara could think like that.

“You’ve been around humans’ way too long” and she stood up.

“Let’s go falling!” she yelled.

“No I’m okay where I am” she said.

“It’ll be fun” she replied pulling her up like she weighed nothing. “Now get on my back” she said presenting her back.

Daniella thought about it. Clara didn’t look like a liar, so maybe it’d be fun and she jumped wrapping her legs round her waist. “Hold on tight”

She took a running start and jumped off the ledge.

Both girls screamed. Danny for her life and Clara for joy.

‘I’m going to die’ Danny thought.

They were getting closer to the trees and she held on tighter.

Clara landed gently on a tree branch. “Cats always land on their feet” and she jumped down again.

When Clara had finally gotten to the ground, she had to take them back up to the ledge. She had to admit it was a pleasant experience, but she was never going to do it anytime soon.

She fell off Clara who just laughed at her.

“Weak and also a scaredy-cat” she said when she was done.

A thought hit her there and then.

“Please train me!” she practically yelled.

“I should train someone who doesn’t know anything about themselves” Clara said sitting down.

“It’s not my fault. It’s my parents”.

“If you say so” she rolled her eyes.

“Please Clara” she said looking into her piercing green eyes and she was sucked in.

She saw fire, destruction and war. And in the midst of it all Clara crying and she was pushed back out.

“Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed. “Was that you? Was that your life?” she asked. “What happened?”

Clara’s face was blank and she grabbed Daniella by her collar bringing her close. ‘Where did fangs come from?’ she thought so scared that she might pee.

“Ever look into my mind like that, forget about friendship. I will kill you!” she actually growled.

“I’m sorry” Danny apologized softly and Clara pushed her away.

She stood up running her fingers through her hair.

Danny dusted herself off still looking at the ground.

“Let’s get you back” she said still not looking at her.

She did it the same way they came and they were back in the clearing and their stuff was still there. It was night.

“Different time zones” Clara explained.

“I’ll follow you so I can know your house” Clara said already moving.

Daniella struggled to catch up and led the way to her house. The silence was deafening and so uncomfortable. But soon they had arrived.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow” Danny said shifting her weight on both feet.

“Yeah very early” she said.

“Sorry for what happened. Normally I can control it” she said.

“Don’t mention it’ she said flipping her hair. Her extra stuff was gone.


“Do not mention it” she said again seriously.

“Tomorrow your training starts” she said.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yes”. She held her hands out before Danny jumped on her.

“Thank you so much!” she squealed.

“I’m not going to go easy on you so be prepared” she said.

“Yes!” she said letting go.

“Goodnight” she said.

“Goodnight” Danny said.

She was there and then she wasn’t. Just traces of her energy.

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