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Chapter 47: [AT] Time To Grind...

[After Transition]

HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT WHAT DO I DO!? Where, where am I? WHERE THE FUCK AM I!? Shit shit shit SHIT! Calm down Nick, just calm down and try to remember what happened and figure out where you are. That's what I was thinking while running through the streets and I wasn't even paying attention to where I was going or who was around me, I just wanted to get away from that place so badly that I didn't think that I might be running some place worse.

Just remembering that place gives me the creeps, not because of what I saw or anything but because of what I had heard and the implication of the words I eavesdropped because what they implicated was some seriously fucked up shit, really fucked up shit and I'm glad I had a hand in ending it in the future. What I was running away from back then was a huge mansion or manor or something, it was a frickin huge ass fancy place and it was also terrifying as fuck. It came in at a close second on the list of fucked up things I've witnessed and I lived in Gotham, it wasn't terrifying because of what happened but because of what could of happened and it only came in at a close second because the first is kinda related to it.

Number one on my list, being the most fucked up thing I've ever witnessed was how I ended up at that fucking mansion (maybe because it was personal?) and trust me when I say that number one is traumatic as fuck, excuse my French (it must've been really traumatic as well because I talk to myself a lot now). Okay recap time, I had just finished my five years as a drug mule and the matron loaded me up into the back of a white van promising me I'll be going to a rich family and well, she wasn't wrong.

Sitting in the back of that van was the most boring time of my life, I was sat in pitch darkness with nothing but the hum of the van to keep me company as I couldn't hear the matron or the dealer in the front of the van and once I had felt the inside walls of the van I could tell why. The inside of the van was padded, no sound coming in and no sound coming out and that wasn't really a good sign as once I found that out I began to think more and more about my situation and I realised that something was wrong, like really wrong, the 'I put rat poison in my cereal' kind of wrong.

Whilst sitting in the back of that van for hours on end I had nothing but time and I used that time to think, to think about my situation and to think about what was gonna happen when the van reached its destination and let me tell you that it was gonna be rainbows and puppies at the end of this trip. First of all, I got into the back of a white windowless van with none of my belongings (warning bells should have been ringing here) and second of all if I was going to a family why would a drug dealer be dropping me off and not a social worker (not that they even visit the orphanage that often).

Yeah whatever was gonna happen to me it wasn't gonna be anything good and after dealing with the streets of Gotham for five years I really should've expected something like this, it's just that for the last five years I've been taking orders from these two and following them to the letter. 5 years (that was half of my life at that point) following their orders turned me into an obedient lackey even though I thought I had wizened up during my career as a drug mule but clearly I wasn't as experienced as I thought. They told me to hop into the back of a windowless van and without even questioning or hesitating I did it because they had me tamed and trained to follow their instructions without even thinking about it, unfortunately for them they had left me in the pitch black for hours and I had nothing else to do but think.

I thought about what I was gonna do when the van doors opened but as far as I could tell there was two of them against little old me, it's not too hard to figure who comes out on top when you take into account the fact that I am little underfed ten year old. My best plan was to just fight back a least to hurt them a little even if I knew I wouldn't win because fuck the, even if I were to die I would just regenerate and be right as rain anyway so what's the harm. Man was I naive, that day was the today I learned that there were some fates that were worse than death.

To cut a long story short when the van parked up and the van doors opened the first thing I saw was the matrons face which I promptly smashed my fist into and with a clatter she fell to the floor, I hopped out of the van and the dealer who was smoking turned towards my direction when he heard the matron fall to the ground before I swiftly kicked him in the balls with all my strength. Without waiting to see the results I started to spring away, I started to pelt it down the pathway of what looked to be a deserted factory or something but I didn't get too far before I heard the crack of a gun and felt a bullet smash through the back of my knee and out the front of my knee and I clattered to the ground like a sack of shit.

I laid there on the filthy ground for a while just crying because of the pain, I might be able to regenerate but fuck does it still hurt because I'm just a fuckin' ten year old. Before I could even dry my eyes the dealer was already upon me, he kicked me hard in the stomach and dragged me up by my hair before spitting in my face and dragging me back to the van where he met up with the angry matron before they both dragged me into a abandoned factory building. At this point they threw me to the ground and the dealer started to monologue, basically saying by now he would've already put a bullet in my head before doing it but now he was gonna keep me awake for it, though I don't know what 'it' is, at least I didn't before they dragged me kicking and screaming towards it.

'It' being a massive meat grinder where the meat goes in the top and comes out the bottom meat and it didn't take a genius to figure out that in this situation I was the meat, I was clawing the ground having my fingers torn apart as they pulled me towards the meat grinder because I knew that what awaited me was hell. I've regenerated from a bullet through the brain but if my brains turned to mush I don't know if I'll be able to come back from that or if I'll come back but brain dead. The dealer chucked me into the meat grinder legs first while the matron turned it on and there wasn't anything I could do to stop them, almost immediately my legs were minced into meat and I only had my torso left which I kept by desperately clutching onto the top edge of the meat grinder with all my might though both the matron and the dealer where trying to shove me back in.

The pain was agonising, I completely lost control of my regeneration and it was going berserk working at full capacity, my legs were constantly being regenerated and at the same time being ripped to shreds and eventually I wished for death but the only thing empowering my grip on the meat grinder was the spite of not letting this be easy for the matron bitch and the dealer fuck. After I don't know how long but it must've been at least five minutes, the dealer picked up a pipe and started smash my fingers to pieces and without my grip I was turned into mined meat by the meat grinder and let me tell you that it was the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life, worse than being beheaded (which I will be in the future).

I don't know how long I was out of it but eventually I woke up in some kind of plastic bag but it was ripped, oh and did I mention that I was at the bottom of a huge freezer (the big types in supermarkets just without the see through top) and was buried beneath half a fuck ton of bags of meat. Suddenly the freezer door opened and I went incredibly still while what looked like some kind of waiter started to pick up some bags of meat and take them out while talking with his co-worker and what they were talking about chilled me to the bone.

I'd rather not think about it so long story short these guys were gonna deliver these bags of meat to a chef at the mansion who was going to cook it up and serve it to a lot of rich people but that wasn't all they talked about, they said that this meat was apparently from some kind of exotic endangered animal and they only get deliveries like this one once every year. I nearly fucking puked, I was surrounded by human meat and some rich fuck are gonna eat it, I was fucking meat and I was gonna get eaten by some rich fat cannibalistic asshole. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

While having a fucking panic attack at the bottom of a fridge filled with human meat the waiters went outside the truck I was apparently stored in to go have a smoke. As soon as they left I clawed my way out through the human meat and out of the fridge before I jumped out of the truck and sprinted out the still open gat of the mansion with no one even spotting me.

So there I was, an absolutely naked ten year old sprinting down a series of different roads and always under the night sky, all the while covered in nothing but blood and a little plastic...


<AN> I now have a Pa treon up and running and when a chapter is ready it will go up on Pa treon first so please take a look. Some support from you guys would be appreciated and motivate me.


A special thank you to my patrons Tim Brown, Stormrall, Leonidas Simon, Turtle and heller8284. Thank you for the support.

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