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Chapter 112: Are You Done?

Alex stared at the key he was grasping in his fingers. Should he enter the room now? He felt a stirring brewing in his loins. The woman he fantasized about was inside the room, ready for the taking.

He found his feet walking towards the door on its accord, he inserted the key, opened the door, then disappeared inside the room.

He closed the door slowly so as not to awaken the sleeping woman. He walked silently towards the bed and once he was already by her side. He can't help himself but felt spellbound by her beauty. His intense gaze sweeping over her lovely face, her chest breathing evenly.

His eyes were traveling down her voluptuous body, admiring and salivating on her womanly curves. He suddenly felt the temperature of the room getting hotter just watching her tantalizing form lying in the bed.

His body was consumed with the feverish need to touch her.

He took off his coat and place it on the sofa. Next, he discarded his shoes and climbs into the bed. He lies down beside her, facing her, staring at her face for a long time mesmerized by her beauty.

Then his hands move on its own, he found himself caressing her face with his eager hands. Then his hands traveled down her lips and lingered for a few seconds there wanting to kiss her, then his hands went down to her neck and her chest, he takes his time fondling her breast gently while his erection was getting harder between his legs.

He groaned a little...he was getting aroused now...

His fingers let go of the soft breast and rested on her bellybutton dangerously going lower to her center...

Alex knows that if he won't stop right now, he will never be able to stop desiring Caroline and things will get complicated later on because once he genuinely likes a woman and tasted her, he will become addicted to her and what will happen to Lucas? It's complicated for brothers to like and desire one woman, he doesn't want to betray his brother.

Besides, he is not the type of guy who takes advantage of a sleeping woman.

He closed his eyes for a minute or two, calming his nerves, turning off his sexual urge. He realized that turning off his passion while lying down with a beautiful woman in the bed is impossible, the sexual current pulsating in his vein is hard to extinguish.

The need to consume her body is so strong, he needs to put a distance between them, or else he might do the unthinkable.

With a heavy sigh, he left her side and get off from the bed, totally abandoning her alluring form.

With a heavy heart, Alex donned back his coat on his shoulder and slid his feet into his shoes. He slumped into the sofa and meditated for a few minutes.

He looked over his shoulder and glances at the woman that his brother loves so much.

It's already hard to bring Caroline to his brother's side, and if he will still insist on his attraction towards her, then overall, the problem will escalate between the tree of them and things will get worse from here.

He let the silence washed over him.

A few minutes later.

Although he manages to bring down his sexual longing for Caroline he can't stay anymore inside the room, he might have a sudden change of mind and ravaged her, or she might wake up anytime soon and saw him. It's something that he can not allow to happen.

He had to get out of the room and wait outside, it's the safest thing to do at this moment.

Alex rose to his feet, he looked at Caroline's sleeping form one last time. 'She's so close yet so far!' he thought to himself.

He walked towards the door.

Sighing, he opened the door and closed it silently behind him.

He remained standing outside the door, guarding Caroline on her sleep.

A few meters away.

Allison was looking at her brother from afar. He noticed that her brother didn't stay longer inside the room, which means he didn't touch Caroline.


Her brother had strong self-control.

Well, it doesn't surprise her that much since she offered Catherine to him before but he also refused her. He can no longer blame her, she was already generous to him but he refused her offering again.

If he didn't want to take advantage of Caroline while she was still sleeping then it's his loss, not hers.

It's now time to go back to the room.

Allison was walking towards the room where Caroline was resting.

"Are you done with her?" she asked his brother guarding the room.

Alex didn't reply.

"Why are you guarding the room, Alex bro? You should join the others having fun right now," she motioned her head towards the people pleasuring each other, they are everywhere.

Alex ignored his sister's ramblings about the orgy. "I will wait here until she goes out of the room and goes home," he said.

"Why, are you afraid that I will send someone to take advantage of Caroline while she was sleeping?" she asked.

"I just want to be sure. After she wakes up, you'd better take her back to the city," replied Alex and handed the key back to her sister.

'Fine!" Allison inserted the key to the doorknob and went inside.

She walked towards the bed, Caroline was still sleeping, she went to the sofa and settled there comfortably.

She might as well closed her eyes while waiting for the girl to wake up.

A moment later, Allison was already dozing off.

Fifteen minutes later.

Caroline stirred in her sleep, then she opened her eyes...

She's fully awake now.

Oh my, he had fallen asleep in the bed!

She roamed her eyes around the room, her gaze landed on the woman sleeping on the sofa.

It's Allison, she also had fallen asleep in the sofa...why she didn't wake her up?

She gets off from the bed and ambled towards the sofa. She touches Allison's arms lightly to wake her up. "Allison...Ali...wake up," she said.

Allison opened her eyes. "Hey, you're already awake," she sat on the sofa and rubbed her eyes. "When I come back here, you are sleeping, so I thought I will just wait for you to wake up. I didn't expect I also had fallen asleep," she explained.

"It's okay, now that you're here, can we go back to the city now?" Caroline asked.

"Yes, of course. But if you are still tired and sleepy we can sleep in the beach house and just travel back to the city tomorrow morning," Allison suggested.

Caroline glanced at the time of the clock hanging on the wall. It's still 11:00 in the evening. "The time is not too late yet to travel back to the city," she said.

"Okay, as you say so. Let's go!" Allison said.

They gathered their personal belongings and left the room.

Alex was watching the women get out of the room, he followed them downstairs till the parking area. He texted his sister wanting to know where are they going next?

He received a reply from Allison saying...' Home.'

Just to be sure that her sister is indeed taking Caroline home, he will trail them from behind.

After going back to the beach house to change their clothing, Caroline and Allison drove their car separately going back to the city.

Alex was boarding his car tailing the women's car on the highway. He followed them until they arrived in the city and saw Caroline's car entering the Eastwood Subdivision.

Alex finally released a sigh of relief.

He drove his car back home.

When he arrived home, he went directly towards his room to rest. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/are-you-done_45197660537290722">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/are-you-done_45197660537290722</a> for visiting.

After taking a quick shower, he jumped into the bed.

He can't sleep right away...he gets up from the bed and grabbed his laptop from the table, he power on the laptop and inserted the USB where Caroline's naked photo was saved. He looked at the photos for a minute or two, then he deleted all the photos on the USB including all the ones he saved on his laptop.

He put the laptop back in the table and turn off the light and prepare to sleep.

Lizabelle88 Lizabelle88

Thanks for reading and commenting!


Take care.

Stay healthy and safe.

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