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Chapter 90: Don't Give Up!

Daniel glared at the crying woman in the bed. He was trying to control his rage as he recalled the huge mess Brenda created in the bar earlier. So, she's spying on him now? Which infuriates him even further.

No matter how angry he was feeling right now, he was careful not to hit her, he doesn't like hitting women. He can be cruel verbally during moments of rage but he's not ruthless and evil. His relationship with Brenda was smooth sailing until she grows a horn on her head and become bolder and rebellious with each passing time.

"From now on, stay out of my life, Brenda! Let us separate our ways. You ruined all my plans for Caroline. How dare you pour the drinks on her head!?" he shouted at her still seething in anger.

"Because you're having a date with her instead of me!" she whined like a spoiled mistress.

"Cut that crap. I meet Caroline for another reason and that reason has nothing to do with you! I'm so disappointed with you!" his loud voice resonated around the room. "You know what I hate about you? You are so damn clingy! Your jealousy knows no bound. You are always demanding that I marry you, yet you know I'm a married man. I can't take it anymore. From now on don't follow me and don't ever show your face to me ever again!" he snarled at her.

He took out the bundle of money from his jacket and violently throws it on the floor in front of her. "You should be able to survive on your own for several months with that money. The rent for this apartment will last for three months. You have to survive on your own from now on," he spoke coldly. Though, the anger on his voice was diminishing in time.

Brenda wailed in pain and falls into the floor grabbing his legs not wanting to be separated from him. "Daniel, please, don't leave me. I love you so much! I can't live without you by my side. Please, I will do anything, just forgive me. I'm willing to apologize to Caroline. Please give me another chance!" She was crying hysterically as fat tears rolled down ruining the beautiful mascara on her face. She was terrified that she can no longer see him, she can't accept it. "I just went berserk after seeing you two together in that bar. Jealousy got the better of me. I swear to heavens above. I will never do it again," she said between sobs.

Daniel was shaking his head...looking detached from the woman crying on the floor. "It's over between us. You bought it upon yourself. You can't blame me," he uttered the words devoid with emotion and left the room.

Brenda wrapped her arms around her legs, looking desolate, she went fetal position on the floor as tears keep falling from her eyes. With just a blink of an eye, she lost him!

She felt so wrecked inside.

So...utterly lonely.

Her world was crumbling down around her and yet there's no one to share her pain and sadness.

She reached for the bundle of money that was thrown to the floor. She was now grasping at her last rope of survival.

She loves Daniel so much, she thought she can make him fall in love with her, but she was wrong! She underestimated him.

Now she was the one whose heart was being shattered to pieces and in badly need of a repair.

She slowly rose to her feet and grabbed her phone and called a number.

She desperately needed her voice right now, she is the only one who can understand her.

The phone was ringing on the other line.

"Hello...Brenda...what's up?" the woman's voice can be heard from the other end of the line.

Brenda burst into tears before she can even utter a single word.

"Why are you crying? What the hell happened to you?" the voice on the other end was full of concern.

"Daniel finally left me, he abandons me! He broke up with me today, just because of another woman!"

"Huh? What woman? Daniel has another woman besides you?" the voice asked.

"Yes. That slutty woman! I hated that woman," Brenda said, flames of rage leaping from her eyes.

"Calm down. I told you before not to fall in love with Daniel. He is an asshole! I instructed you to get yourself pregnant with his baby not fall in love with him. You're shooting for the moon and now you failed and landed in the dirt, face down. Sigh, you never learned!" the woman said.

Brenda continues her heart wrenching crying. "I want him back, please help me, " she said between sobs.

"Don't worry...just stay where you are. Don't leave that place yet. Daniel might return to that place anytime to seek your company. You loves's one of their main weaknesses," the woman tried to console the distraught Brenda.

Brenda smiled feeling consoled by the soothing voice of the woman. Yes, if there is one thing she is good at, it's pleasuring Daniel. He will be back to seek her expertise for sure! She grinned in anticipation.

"Are you okay now? Will you be okay?" the woman asked.


"Cheer up. Don't give up yet, okay?" the woman said in a gentle voice.

"OK. Thanks for cheering me up. I feel much better now. Thank you for advising me on what to do," she said feeling grateful to the woman she was having a conversation with.

"No worries dear. Take care of yourself. Call me anytime if you needed my help and my counseling. Bye-bye!" the woman laughed at the other end.

Brenda went to the bathroom, she filled the bathtub with water and began pouring perfume oils on it wanting to create a relaxing bubble bath. A few minutes later, she was now soaking her body in the bathtub. She loves this bathtub so much, Daniel brought it for her. They have made countless earth-shattering sex-escapade in this tub.

Sighing in frustration she roams her hands all over her body pretending it's Daniel's hands.

Right now she can still feel and imagine his rough hands fondling her erogenous zones producing waves of pleasures on her body making her ache for his touch.

A smile of lust and wantonness curled up in her lips.

Right now while she was being surrounded by the naked memory of Daniel, the fire of desire engulfed her entire being while fantasizing about him.

Well... she can always pleasure herself.

She grinned like crazy.


Inside Daniel's mansion.

He was lying on his bed, frustrated, desperately trying to call Caroline on her phone to apologize. He had already sent her tons of text messages apologizing about Brenda's behavior. But Caroline was determined to ignore him.

Chances are... she already blocked his number on her phone and no amount of text and call can reach her at this time.

So, he'd better give up calling and texting her, it's useless and a waste of time. Instead, he will think of something else...

After what happened in the bar, Caroline would not want to see him again.

Dammit! He failed to see it coming!

Brenda was now a loose cannon and becomes unpredictable. The decision he made earlier to cut ties with her for good is just timely.

He can no longer tolerate her clingy attitude. He's been generous of her so far. They both benefited from each other.

Damn! Brenda was even more clingy than his wife.

And where is that good for nothing wife of his? Traveling all around the world, wasting his money on self-indulgence, yet she doesn't want to give him a divorce! She will only agree to the divorce proceeding if she will get half of his entire fortune.


'That fucking bitch!'

Sighing, frustrated as hell, he rose to his feet and took a quick shower to clam his nerves. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/don&apos;t-give-up!_44761978517911676">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/don&apos;t-give-up!_44761978517911676</a> for visiting.

Today, his plan failed!

If Caroline no longer wants to see him, what's he's gonna do? He can do extreme things to Caroline, 'coz his money can do anything, but he's not a devil to the core.

He can still feel remorse and guilt.

He doesn't want to resort to an extreme case scenario.

Time to swallow his pride and consult his genius sister. He doesn't have to execute all her plans, but maybe if he listens to her she can suggest some brilliant ideas to him.

Maybe it's worth trying than doing nothing at all.

He grabbed his phone and called his sister. "I'm coming to your house. I need your genius mind," he said.

"Of course, I'm happy to help you, brother!"

He can hear her soft laughter at the other end of the line. Allison loves it when he sought her opinion, she felt she is needed and wanted.

Sighing, Daniel donned casual clothes on his body and left his room.

A few minutes later, he was already boarding his car getting out of the garage area, heading to his sister's mansion.

The travel to his sister's place took a few minutes only. He was so preoccupied with the thoughts running in his head that he arrived at the mansion so fast. Or maybe he didn't notice the time because he was fully submerged in his dilemma.

When he went inside the mansion his sister was already waiting for him in the minibar room.

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