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Chapter 110: Interesting Possibility

Alex received his sister's text message along with the photo of Caroline looking alluring and stunning in her red costume.

Damn, she was so hot and captivating in her costume!

He can't take his eyes off Caroline's photo.

Why does his heart beat faster just looking at Caroline's photo?

He received another text from her sister saying...' We're going now to the venue. Where are you?'

He quickly typed his reply. 'I'm already at the venue. What are you planning to do with Caroline?' he asked.

Allison replied in her text...' It's time for initiation rights. I hired a guy with HIV, I will have her infected tonight so that she and Lucas will have the same illness, then they will die together and live happily ever after.'

The text message comes with five laughing emoji.

Alex's eyes narrowed. He knows his sister well...she can be lunatic sometimes...her mind is erratic. If Allison was only joking or telling him the truth only time can tell... what is clear to him right now is that wants to rescue Caroline from his sister's clutches.

He was sitting alone in the table wearing his masquerade face mask. The table was facing the entrance, he intentionally had chosen this table because he can see clearly whoever enters the door. He was patiently waiting for his sister and Caroline to arrive.

Alex was sipping his wine while his stare fixed at the entrance.

A few moments later.

Outside the mansion.

Allison's car finally arrived. She parked the car in the parking area inside the spacious lawn of the mansion.

"The party has already started, Caroline!" Allison informed her companion.

Caroline looked outside and saw tables and chairs on the huge lawn of the mansion. People were already milling around holding their drinks on their hands, they were having fun.

"Come, let's get out of the car and enter the house," Allison said.

The women put their masquerade mask on their faces and exited the car.

They walked hand in hand towards the entrance of the house.

Alex saw them when they entered the house. His breath was caught on his throat.

Caroline was looking more seductive and irresistible in her red costume up close.

Alex saw his sister roaming her eyes and landed on him. He raised his glass to acknowledge her presence while Caroline was looking the other way.

Allison brought Caroline into the open area, they settled in the table with two chairs. The waiter comes to their side carrying a tray of drinks.

Allison took a glass of cheery and Caroline took the glass of strawberry wine.

A piece of sultry music floated in the atmosphere. People were having a lively conversation with each other, caught in the exciting moment, talking, and laughing at each other's tales and jokes.

Alex left the table and relocated outside, he settled in a table located a few meters away from where his sister and Caroline was sitting.

He had a great advantage because he can see Caroline's face directly.

Indeed, his eyes were feasting on the beautiful sight of her.

Back in Allison's table.

Allison stood up. "Caroline, I have to use the bathroom for a moment. Stay here, don't go anywhere and wait for me, okay?" she said.

"Okay," Caroline responded.

Allison left the table.

Back in Alex's table.

He saw his sister leaving the table she occupied with Caroline and walked towards the door, going inside the house, leaving behind Caroline in the table.

Alex was debating internally, would he say hello to her or not? He very much wanted to approach Caroline and get her out of this place but she might begin to suspect him and his sister Allison.

He finally decided not to approach her anymore. He was just contented watching her from afar.

Then suddenly, a man wearing a masquerade mask walked towards Caroline's table, he settled on the chair, and talk to her.

Alex's brows furrowed.

Who the hell is this guy?

Is he the one who had an infectious HIV/AIDS disease that his sister was talking about earlier?


Where the hell is his sister!?

He pulled out his phone from the pocket of his black coat and began typing a message to her.

He typed...' Who the hell is this guy talking to Caroline!?'

A moment later.

Allison was already out of the restroom and alternately looking between her brother, at Caroline and the guy from afar. A smirk appeared on her lips.

She replied to his brother. 'Ah, the guy, he will be the one to infect HIV to Caroline tonight.'

Alex read his sister's text and was getting furious, he typed quickly...' You're crazy! I'm getting Caroline out of here!'

Allison was laughing silently from afar.

It's now time to call his brother.

Alex's phone starts ringing, he stood up and went to the corner away from everyone's earshot, then he answered the call. "What the hell are you planning to Caroline tonight?" he almost shouted at her, good thing he didn't.

"Calm down, brother dear. Why are you so worried about Caroline?"

Alex gripped his phone hard. "Because, you are playing with her emotion, she trusted you and yet you are planning outrageous things to her? How can you explain that?" he was grinding his teeth in anger.

"Relax, brother! I'm just doing anything I can to help our brother Lucas get his girl back."

Alex runs his fingers through his hair in exasperation. "For God's sake, you can't do this to that innocent woman! Your ways are simply sickening. You are playing God again! Don't destroy another woman's life!" he said sighing. "Did you drink your medicine?"

"Screw medicine! I'm sane tonight. You stay away from her, I'm in charge of her tonight!" Allison snorted while the smirk was visible in her face.

"I'm not gonna leave the two of you tonight unless you will bring her back to the city! Remember that!" he said in an indignant voice. "And one more thing, don't bring her to the orgy upstairs!" he warned her.

"I will bring her anywhere I wanted to," said Allison defiantly. She loves irking his mighty goody, two shoe brother. She was wondering why he was so concerned with Caroline. C-could it be that his brother was also smitten by Caroline?

Hmm...interesting possibility! A love triangle in the making!

"Allison, if you won't get this guy out of Caroline's face right now, I swear I will make a scene! I will drag that guy out of this place," he warned her.

"Okay fine, I'm going back to the table," Allison said and placed her phone in her handbag.

She walked towards the table, the guy that Caroline was talking to looked at her, she motioned for the guy to leave the table.

"Nice meeting you, Caroline..."

Allison heard the guy said before leaving the table.

She sat on the table and smiled apologetically to Caroline. "I'm sorry it took me so long to come back, friend. I meet my old friends in college and we have a lively conversation for a few minutes. Are you okay? Does that guy bothers you?" she asked pointing at the retreating guy's back.

Caroline shook her head. "Nah, it's okay. The guy is funny and he meant no harm," she said.

Allison smiled brightly. "Ah, thank God. I thought he is a pain in the ass."

Silence took over them for a moment.

Then Allison sat closer next to Caroline. "I have something to confide in you, my friend," she said.

Caroline raised her brows. "Huh, what is it?" she asked in a puzzled tone.

"I will go upstairs to meet some of my friends there. Would you be willing to come with me to the second floor?" Allison asked, her gaze never leaving her face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/interesting-possibility_45197487681623303">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/interesting-possibility_45197487681623303</a> for visiting.

"Yes, of course. I will go with you," Caroline answered.

"B-but..." Allison hesitated for a moment. "You see...there will be an orgy going to happen five minutes from now. Do you understand what orgy means— Caroline?"

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