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26.88% Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife / Chapter 82: Just My Type!

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Chapter 82: Just My Type!

Caroline received a message on her phone coming from Mike.

'Eat your dinner. I'll see you tomorrow. Take care of yourself my sweetie pie.'

She smiled.

Lately, Mike's corny messages never fail to bring a smile on her face.

The waiter comes to her table to deliver her order. She began eating her meal.

Thirty minutes later, done eating. She looked at the bar ahead, is it a safe place to meet Daniel? She's wanting to see the second floor first just to make sure that it is a safe place because she doesn't trust Daniel. If it's a private room, she won't go ahead with the meeting.

She rose to her feet and left the table heading towards the bar.

The bar isn't crowded when she entered the door, she went straight to the bar counter and ordered a ladies drink, specifically, Bloody Mary.

A minute later.

"Here's your drinks, Ma'am. Enjoy!" the pretty bartender smiled at her.

Caroline smiled back. She looked upward. "Miss, can I see the second floor?"

"Do you have a reservation for tonight Ma'am?" asked the bartender.

"No. Why?"

"Because we have a policy here, Ma'am, no reservation no entry. Besides, the second floor is reserved for VIP's," the bartender explained.

"Ah, okay. Never mind," Caroline said. She sighed and continued sipping her Bloody Mary. She was feeling shy to say to the bartender that she just wants to take a peek at the second floor even for a few seconds will do.

With nothing else to do, she just continues sipping her Bloody Mary.

A moment later, a woman sat down on the chair beside Caroline.

"Bloody Mary, please," the woman smiled at the bartender.

Caroline looked at the woman who also happened to glance at her, they smiled at each other.

After the bartender handed the woman her Bloody Mary drink, the woman starts sipping her drinks and throws Caroline a friendly smile.

"It's your first time here?" asked the woman.

Caroline looked at the woman. "Me?"

"Yeah..." the woman said.

Caroline smiled. "Yes. How about you?"

"I'm frequent here. It's one of my favorite bars and restaurant. The foods are delicious and the bar upstairs is awesome," the woman replied.

"Ah, okay," Caroline responded.

"You have not seen yet the bar on the second floor?" the woman asked.

Caroline shook her head. "Nah. Never been upstairs..."

"You want to see it? We can go upstairs if you like," the woman offered her.

Caroline's eyes twinkled. "B-but we don't have a reservation, we can't go there," she informed her.

The woman smiled. "That's not a problem. I don't have a reservation too but I can go upstairs anytime if I wanted to by showing to the guard... my gold card," the woman took a black card from her wallet. "This is the VIP card here," she explained.

Caroline did not know about the card but she wanted to see the bar upstairs especially table #20.

"Do you still want to see the bar upstairs?" the woman asked.

"Yes. May I?" she asked shyly.

" the way, my name is Allison, how about you? What is your name?" asked the woman.

"My name is Caroline, nice meeting you Allison," she extended her hand for a formal handshake.

"Beautiful name. Nice meeting you Caroline," Allison commented and accepted Caroline's handshake. "Let's finish our drink first then after that we will go upstairs," she casually said.

After introducing their name to each other, they engaged in a friendly conversation.

After a few minutes of talking they both finished their drinks.

The women rose to their feet.

"Let's go!" Allison spoke and lead the way to the staircase.

Caroline was following her from behind.

When they arrived at the top of the stairs, Allison presented the card to the guard. They were allowed to pass freely inside.

There were ten tables on the left side, each table was separated by a stylish bamboo partition decorated with real green ornamental plants that purify the air and allow some privacy to the customers.

"The tables here are semi-private, but if you want utmost privacy you can choose the private rooms here on the right side. Each private room has a karaoke system at your disposal. If you love belting songs for relaxing purposes the private rooms will be the best choice," Allison elaborated.

"Wow, nice!" Caroline murmured. "May I know where is table #20?" she asked.

"The last table on the left side," Allison replied and pointed her right hand to the area where the last table was located. "You want to see the private rooms and what it looks like inside?"

Caroline was about to say, no need, but Allison already grabbed her hand and pulled her inside a vacant room.

"Sit down, Caroline. Let's enjoy the night for a while," she said. "You want to sing? There's a karaoke can sing all you want," she said smiling at her.

A waiter comes inside.

"Two Bloody Mary please," Allison ordered their drinks.

"In a minute, Madam, anything else?" asked the waiter.

"Ah...bring us a platter of Deep Fried Squid, Tempura Prawns, and Chicken Strips and soft drinks," Allison told the waiter.

"Thank you for ordering, Madam," the waiter said.

"Make it quick, okay?" Allison said in an authoritative voice.

"Sure Madam!" the waiter replied enthusiastically and left the room in a hurry.

Caroline looked at Allison. "You don't have to order much. I won't be staying long. I'm going home in a few minutes," she said.

"It's okay if we can't finish the foods. I can take home the extra foods and feed it to my dogs," Allison responded with a smile.

"Ah, I see," Caroline murmured.

Allison stood up, she went to the karaoke system then took the microphone and handed it to Caroline. "You like singing?" she asked.

"I do!" Caroline smiled broadly.

"Go ahead, sing first. I will sing after you. I warned you my voice isn't great," said Allison.

Caroline smiled and began singing a piece of upbeat music.

Allison typed a message in her phone...' Instruct Barry to drop the little pill on the soft drinks'...and sent the text to her companion waiting downstairs.

Done singing her piece, Caroline handed the microphone to her companion.

"Caroline, can I have your number please?" Allison handed her phone to Caroline.

"Sure," Caroline typed her number on Allison's phone.

Allison stored Caroline's number in her contacts.

The door opened and the waiter brought the mouthwatering appetizers in the food tray and placed it on the center table. "Enjoy your meal, Madam," he said and left the room.

"I specifically like the Chicken Strips here, very delicious! You should try it!" Allison raves.

Caroline shifted her attention to the appetizing finger foods and began munching on them. "Tasty indeed!" she agreed.

While Allison took in charge of the microphone and began singing low key music, one after another.

Allison sang ten songs in a row, no longer allowing Caroline to hold the microphone.

Caroline has to resort to eating the appetizing foods... a few minutes later feeling thirsty, she ignored the Bloody Marry, instead, she reached for the chilled bottled soda and drink it using the straw. She finished one bottle of soda and then took one more to fully quench her thirst.

Amused, Allison watched as her companion drink the soft drinks laced with the sleeping pills while continue singing.

Caroline already finished drinking the soda.

Allison finally handed the microphone to Caroline. "It's your turn, dear. After six songs we will go home," she said.

"Alright," Caroline smiled feeling relieved that her newfound friend is now ready to go home after six songs.

In between songs Caroline would sip the Bloody Mary until she finally finished the glass.

A few minutes later.

Caroline starts feeling drowsy and stopped singing.

"Are you okay, dear?" Allison asked worriedly.

Caroline looked at Allison. "I dunno I feel sleepy all of a sudden. I'm not drunk, am I?" she asked her companion.

Allison shook her head. "I don't think so. You can stop singing and rest for a while then we will go home after you are feeling better. For now, I will just keep singing while you rest there on the sofa, okay?"

Caroline nodded her head in agreement. "Okay," she said in a low voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/just-my-type!_44706272523634392">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/just-my-type!_44706272523634392</a> for visiting.

A minute later, Caroline was now lying on the sofa, seemingly in a deep sleep.

Allison grinned. She typed a message to her companion asking them to come into the room in a hurry. She placed her phone in her shoulder bag and let the music continue playing without anyone singing.

The door opened and her two minions entered the room.

"Lock the door!" Allison ordered.

The younger woman obeyed and locked the door.

"Now do it!" Allison commanded.

The guy carried Caroline's body into the floor and the woman began discarding Caroline's clothes, except her bra and her underwear. The guy and the woman stripped their clothes as well except their undergarment.

A devilish smiled appeared on Allison's face. "Now, do it!"

The guy unhooked Caroline's bra freeing her ample breast, he was salivating while looking at the twin peaks. The woman who is a lesbian was also grinning looking at Caroline's yummy breast.

"Wow! Her tits are perfect! Just my type!" the lesbian exclaimed.

"Party time!" Allison grinned in a malicious voice.

The guy and the lesbian took the cue and start licking Caroline's nipple like hungry vultures.

"Picture perfect!" Allison muses, her eyes were gleaming maniacally.

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