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Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife original

Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife

Author: Lizabelle88

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Chapter 1: Lock The Door!

John looked at his wife across the bed.

He desperately wanted to tell her about what had happened to Caroline and Joseph while she was in captivity.

He was trying to find the right time to tell her everything, yet, either she was breastfeeding their daughter, or she was playing with baby James, or she will go silent as if in a daze all of a sudden.

They have chatted a few times as a couple and he was waiting for her to open up about her kidnapping ordeal yet until now there's no sign of her wanting to talk about it.

She had been holed up inside the bedroom for two weeks and the farthest she was out of the residence was in the living room area and the kitchen area yet she won't even stay there for long.

She would go back to the master's bedroom and take care of their two children, being a hands-on mom, it seemed she doesn't want to be away from the children even for a few minutes.

"Cath, you wanna go swimming with me in the pool?" he asked. He wants to tell her everything about Caroline and his late brother in the pool, maybe the water will help cool her mind upon learning the horrific fate of her twin sister in the hands of his late brother.

He released a deep sigh. It's gonna be hard on her since Caroline was her sister.

Until now Catherine refrained from meeting her family yet but they were talking almost every day on the phone, she's not ready yet to meet anybody, even Romeo and Sandra expressed their desire to see Catherine, but she delayed their meeting.

She said she will meet everyone when she's ready.

Catherine heard her husband sighs. "Are you okay, hubby?" He was definitely craving for her attention and he wanna spend some alone moments with her.

So far, she showered all her attention to her beloved babies and he has been very supportive of her, not complaining and not asking her about the details of her kidnapping.

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Maybe it's about time to tell him everything, starting from the day she was kidnapped until the night she was released from captivity.

"Yeah am fine..." John answered, smiling continuously at her, his eyes spoke volumes though.

She returned his smile fondly. "Okay, let's go swimming," she finally relented."

John's face brightened up. "Let's go!"

He went excitedly to baby James crib and picked up the sleeping toddler in his arms.

Catherine carries baby Angel in her arms and they both exited the bedroom to entrust the care of the two babies into the housemaid while they will go swimming.

They brought the babies into the living room and deposited them into the two cribs situated there, while the housemaid was folding the babies freshly laundered clothes.

"Take care of the babies, Anna, we will go swimming for a while," Catherine said.

"Yes, Ma'am," Anna answered.

John and Catherine went to the pool area to enjoy the cool refreshing water and relish on the city's dazzling skyline at this time of the night.

Catherine entered the bathroom to change into one of her swimsuits. When she exited the toilet her husband was already in the pool executing freestyle and butterfly strokes in the water.

She paused for a moment and admired how athletic her hubby's body was, and his abs! oh my..., she giggled, she was salivating to the max, she bit her lip.

It's been a long while since they last indulge in some romantic and steamy sessions as a couple. Since when was their last lovemaking? Ahh... that was more or less 11 months ago, a few days before she was kidnapped, that was the last time.

It's been ages...

John steps out of the pool wearing only his swimming trunks. The water was dripping from his wet hair cascading like waterfalls down to his delicious abs...

He smirked at his wife. "Like what you see, wife?" he asked smiling, giving her an appreciative sweeping look from head to toe. "You always look sexy and beautiful, wife," he growled and winked at her.

He moves towards her like the speed of lightning and he lifted her easily like cotton and carry her into the pool, all the while smirking.

"Put me down!" Catherine laughed, her laughter vibrated inside the pool area.

Hearing his wife's laughter was like sweet music to his ears. Finally, he can hear her contagious laughter again, during her disappearance, he experienced torture like no other. The endless night of worrying and guessing where she was hidden by her captors has finally come to end, it's all in the past now.

Now is the time to bring back normalcy in their marriage. He missed her carefree wife very much.

Once they were fully immersed in the sparkling bluish water, John's mouth claimed his wife's lips hungrily and they shared a passionate kiss. The smoldering kiss lasted for a few minutes, their lips parted for a moment, they gazed into each other's eyes, John's restless hands were roaming all over her body.

He misses having intimate moments with his wife and tonight he wants to taste her again and experienced the mind-blowing union of their body.

Catherine felt her husband's lips went down her neck, showering her collarbone with intoxicating kisses. "Hmmm...husband..." She pushed him away from her gently.

"What is it wife?" he asked, the fire of desire was still flashing hot in his eyes.

"Did you locked the door, dearest husband?" she smiled at him.

John scratched his head. "I think yes," he attempted to continue where he left off and sunk back his lips on her skin.

"Lock the door first, we will do 69," she grinned from ear to ear, teasing him.

John erupted into a burst of thunderous laughter that resonated around the pool area. "I like that!"

"Go!" Catherine said. "I don't want to be disturbed in the middle of our intoxicating exercise," she winked at him and threw him a cheeky grin.

John chuckled in amusement and left the pool immediately to lock the door.

When he returned her wife was already smiling like a seductress in the pool, fully naked.

"Wow, look at you... wife... ready to rumble, eh?" a devilish sexy smile appeared on his lips.

He gets rid of his swimming trunks that landed above the lounge chair and he slowly descended into the water like a Greek God, letting his wife see how aroused he was.

Catherine was biting her lips in great anticipation, it's been a long time and she misses his groaning and panting every time he enters her... down there between her legs. The feverish desire was burning all over her body.

The moment their bodies and breathing touch, it instantly awakened an avalanche of pulsating desire that coiled in their belly and come rushing down to their lower bodies, he positioned himself inside her from behind, he makes blazing hot kisses all over his wife's sexy back.

The water was creating a ripple around them as he establishes a pleasurable rhythm inside her.

Catherine's eyes dilated in ecstasy, soft moans escape her mouth as her husband was riding her from behind in euphoric bliss.

"I love you so much, wife!" he murmured in her ears, as he kept pumping inside her.

"I yo..u mor...e, hubby, ahh....!" she replied in an incoherent voice as he hit home run inside her, three times in succession.


John chuckled and bit her ears playfully.

They rested for a few minutes but still locked on each other's bodies.

A few moments later...

The tidal waves in the pool were now returning to normal as the couple focused their attention on the magnificent city's skyline. The stunning view outside the building was always been captivating to watch.

John stood still behind her, his naked body pressed intimately on his wife's back. "Amazing as always," he commented, as he nuzzled her earlobe playfully and his hands were all over her body.

She moaned under his arousing touches...

"Yeah, the spectacular view never changed, it's always been the stunning display of light that never fails to amaze me!" she raves.

The couple rested for a much longer time, gazing at the mesmerizing view of the city, feeling happy and contented with the precious presence of one another.


Author's Note:

For the new readers.

If you want the full story of John and Catherine, you can search for my recently completed novel titled: The CEO's Painted Skin, it has a total of 511 chapters, they were the main characters in the above mentioned novel... you can binge read it if you want.

This story will then advance into the lives of the new characters mentioned in the synopsis... that will be in the later part of this story.

Thank you for reading!


Lizabelle88 Lizabelle88

Oh yeah...!

Thank you for reading!


For the new readers.

If you want the full story of John and Catherine, you can search for my recently completed novel titled: The CEO's Painted Skin, it has a total of 511 chapters, they were the main characters in the above mentioned can binge read it if you want.

Thank you!

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