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Chapter 54: Psycho Wife!

Eastwood Subdivision.

Caroline was lying in the bed, staring at the ceiling, still reeling from the shock of what happened earlier in the infinity pool. She was having a good time in the pool and suddenly the situation changes drastically into something... like a dramatic movie scene.

Grace inspected Caroline's face while Thelma was rocking baby Cathy in her arms to sleep.

"What exactly happens, Car?" asked Grace.

Caroline shifted her attention to her cousin, ready to talk and air her side. "This is what truly happens in the pool," she paused for a moment and breathed deeply. "I'm enjoying the pool all alone by myself. Then I experienced severe cramps in my legs going up to my side, it happened in the deepest part of the pool. I can't move my body because it's so painful. I'm panicking, I was about to shout for help thankfully John comes inside and noticed that I'm in pain. He dived into the water and save me, then he brought me out of the water and carries me into the lounge chair. That was the moment when my sister entered the door and saw me and John in awkward that situation. She suddenly erupted in jealous rage thinking that her husband and I were touching each other maliciously."

Grace arched her brows. "That's all-?"

"Cousin, you can choose to believe me or not, but that is the truth. I'm not lying. My sister just exploded in extreme jealousy without knowing the truth first. She quickly accused me and John that we are touching each other. If I only didn't suffer from extreme cramps, I will leave the pool immediately especially that John was there. I will avoid him at all costs. Just that I can't move my body because it's very painful. I can't move out of the pool on my own without John's help," Caroline explained.

Grace and Thelma looked at each other and sighed at the same time. They both knew about Caroline's previous attempt to seduce John because Catherine confided to them the truth. It's the kind of confession that no one wanted to talk openly because it's so morally wrong for Caroline to think that way towards her brother-in-law especially that her twin sister was still missing.

"Girls, can you please leave the room, please? I want to be alone for a while. I need a long rest," she stated.

"Okay. We're just in the next room if you need our help," Thelma said gloomily.

"Do you want juice, coffee or something to eat?" Grace attempted to cheer her up.

Caroline shook her head and stared back at the ceiling with a miserable look in her face.

Grace and Thelma departed from the room. They entered the guest room where Grace usually sleeps every time she had a sleepover in her cousin's house. Thelma placed the sleeping baby Cathy in the queen size bed.

"Do you think my daughter is telling the truth?" Thelma asked her niece.

Grace was silent for a minute or two. She's trying to fit the pieces together.

"Hmm...Caroline used to have feelings for John. Catherine chose not to make a big deal about it. I think John won't jeopardize his lovely family for Caroline. Based on the sincere expression that Caroline shown on her face, I think she is telling the truth. Just that Catherine didn't confront her sister personally about that sensitive issue when she comes back from Thailand, that is why there was no real closure between them. They kind of just bury it under the rug pretending they don't have to face it. Unfortunately, it only takes one unfortunate incident and the ugly past resurface again. Catherine has been carrying it inside her, then she erupted into an extreme rage without listening to reason," Grace elaborated.

Thelma released a deep sigh. They'd been happy and living in peace for a while. She's not expecting this kind of trouble slapping her family hard on the face. Being their mother, she was greatly affected and saddened by this latest squabble between her daughters, just when they getting closer than before, then all of a sudden this kind of thing happen. It damper her spirit. "I'm very sad about what happened to my daughters, Grace. I want then to get closer again and forgive each other, not hate each other," she stated.

Grace rubbed her aunt's back. "Auntie, just relax and don't worry too much. Please take care of your health. One day, your daughters will sort it out with themselves."

Thelma's eyes welled. "But I want to talk to Catherine now! I want her to come here so that she and her sister can talk about this problem. I don't want this situation to last for a long time. I want things to return to normal again!" she demanded.

"Auntie, please listen to me. Let Catherine calm herself for a few days. We can't force her to face her twin right now when both of them are still hurting inside. Let's give them a few days to breathe and reflect on their mistakes. That way it's easier for them to talk and discussed their differences so that forgiveness and reconciliation can be attained by both parties when they are both ready to face each other," Grace explained.

Thelma finally broke down, tears were falling from her face.

Grace continues rubbing her aunt's back. "Shh...stop thinking about the problem, Auntie. You have to sleep now. You have an illness, worrying about the problem won't do you any good. You have to be strong for your children and grandchildren," she reminded her.

Thelma obeyed and lay her body down in the bed. Grace picked up the blanket and used it to cover her aunt's body.

"Sleep well, Aunt. It's already midnight. Time to sleep. Don't worry about baby Cathy. I will take care of her," Grace said.

"Thanks, Grace," Thelma closed her eyes preparing to sleep.

One hour later.

Thelma has finally fallen asleep.

Grace picked up baby Cathy and exited the room. She went to Caroline's room.

Caroline's eyes were still wide awake, staring at the ceiling.

"You should go to sleep, Caroline. Don't worry about baby Cathy I will take care of her," Grace said.

Caroline glanced at her daughter. "No need, cousin. Give me my daughter. Just go back to your room now and sleep," she said.

" have to rest!" Grace insisted.

"Cousin, I only experienced being slapped, kicked and punched by my sister. As you can see my body didn't suffer any serious injury, no dislocated ribs, just some bruises. Thankfully John was there to prevent his psycho wife from killing me or else...I will end up inside the coffin and my sister in jail," she said in a mocking voice tinged with anger.

Graced stared at her cousin for a long time.

Caroline noticed that her cousin was rooted in the spot staring at her.

"Give me my daughter now and please go back to your room and sleep. Grace, don't worry about me, I can manage and if I can't I will ask for your help," Caroline said in a gentle voice.

"Alright, as you say so," Grace lowered down baby Cathy beside her mother.

Caroline sighed while placing pillows around her daughter to prevent the infant from falling accidentally from the bed.

"Good night, Caroline," Grace said, walking towards the door. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/psycho-wife!_44202313694371702">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/psycho-wife!_44202313694371702</a> for visiting.

"Night night, cousin," Caroline responded. "Please turn off the light before you go out," she requested.

Grace looked at her cousin one last time before turning off the light and closing the door quietly behind her.

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