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22.29% Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife / Chapter 68: Ruined Woman

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Chapter 68: Ruined Woman

Three days later.

Mike didn't visit Caroline in the last few days wanting her to miss his presence in her life. Unfortunately, she didn't reply to her messages and his calls as well. Now he was outside Caroline's house, precisely in the veranda waiting to see her again.

Thelma served Mike a refreshing ice tea and cookies. "Please wait for a few moments, Mike. My daughter will come down in a few seconds."

"No worries, Auntie. Thank you for the refreshing ice tea," Mike took a sip of the ice tea in the glass.

A moment later.

Thelma went back inside the house after having a short conversation with the visitor.

Caroline finally steps outside and looked at Mike. "You're here!"

She sat on the chair facing him.

Mike gazed into her eyes intensely. "I'm here 'coz I miss you so much. I miss my sunshine. My day is not complete without seeing you," he said softly.

Caroline giggled amused by his confession. "Really—?"

"Yes, cross my heart!" Mike made a sign of the cross in his heart.

"Why are you here?"

"I'm going to invite you to go out with me tonight," he said.


"Secret! You will know if you go with me," he winked at her playfully.

Caroline rolls her eyes. "Fine. I will go with you," she stated and rose to her feet. "I'm going to change my clothes first..."

"Take your time, sweetie," Mike beamed, feeling happy that she didn't give him a hard time by refusing his invitation.

Back in the house.

Inside the bedroom.

Caroline picked up her black leggings, rose gold sleeveless blouse and black blazer from the closet cabinet and one by one donned the clothes on her body.

Done dressing up, she picked up her shoulder bag which contains some of her essentials, especially her phone and wallet.

She exited the bedroom and went downstairs. "Mother, I'm going out with Mike. Please take care of baby Cathy for me," she told her mother.

"Okay. Enjoy yourselves!" Thelma replied while rocking baby Cathy to sleep in her arms.

Outside the house, in the veranda.

Caroline steps out of the door. "Let's go!"

Mike stood up and went to her side. "You look lovely tonight," he whispered.

Caroline smiled. "Where are you taking me? Back to the beach?" she asked, curious.

"I said, it's a secret!" he pinched her nose affectionately.

Caroline's mouth curled in distastes of his touchy-feely attitude, but it's too late to argue with him since he already walked towards the door of the car and opened it for her.

She entered the car and fastened the seat belt easily.

Mike starts the car and drove away from the subdivision.

He chose a piece of nice mellow music from the car stereo and let the music serenades them, while Caroline fixed her eyes on the view outside.

Mike focused his attention to his driving, occasionally glancing at his lovely silent companion.

The comfortable silence descended upon them.

Thirty minutes later.

Mike parked the car inside the parking lot of Blue Bell Residences Condo. They got out of the car and entered the entrance, they passed a grand lounge area with comfy sofa, they're heading now towards the elevator area.

"What's in this building?" Caroline asked out of curiosity.

"I have a unit here, mine is at the top. Only three units are available on the top. Both three units have an infinity pool, offering the best view of the city especially during the night," Mike boasted.

They entered the vacant elevator and Mike pressed the 15th-floor button.

"You bought a unit here? How much per unit?" Caroline continued.

"Nah, my mother Susan gifted the condo unit to me last year. My mother and her business partner owned these condominium residences," explained Mike.

"Ah, okay. So, how much per unit here?" she asked again, thoroughly impressed by the kind of wealth Mike's family had.

"The price varies because some unit has one bedroom, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms," he replied. "The lowest is at 25 million and the highest is at 50 million," Mike elaborated.

Caroline gasped. "OMG! Why so expensive?"

Mike grinned and rubbed her back lightly. "Don't worry, if you marry me. You can stay in my condo unit, it's yours," his gaze boring into her intensely.

Caroline coughed. "Are you kidding me—?"

"I'm serious," he replied, his eyes speak volumes.

Caroline laughed, her eyes twinkling. She ignored his joked.

A moment later.

They finally reached the 15th floor. Mike's condo was at the end of the hallway. Every door of the unit on the top floor has a face and thumb recognition security system. Mike faces the scanner and pressed his thumb.

The door opened and they went inside the unit.

Mike toured Caroline inside the unit. It has the same amenities just like John's residence. There's a gym room, kitchenette, dining room with dishes already prepared, a small theater room, living room and the best feature of the condo is the infinity pool. It's a bit smaller compared to John's pool in the Infinity Jade Tower, but still an awesome and magnificent feature in the condo unit, the glass wall displays the same mesmerizing view of the city's skyline.

The endless sea of lights dazzled Caroline. "The view is excellent! Beautiful!" she was mesmerized by the grandeur beauty of the city during night time.

"You want to stay here or we shall eat first? After eating we can take a dip in the pool and swim all you like," Mike suggested.

"Let's eat first," Caroline gave her answer.

"Okay. Let's head to the dining room and eat dinner," Mike smiled at her.

They went to the dining room and began eating their meal which consists of Italian Shrimp Pasta, Pork Spring Rolls, Beef with Cream Mushrooms and Strawberry Cheesecake with drinks.

"Do you like the food that I prepared tonight?" Mike said.

She looked at him and asked, "Did you cook all these-?"

Mike smiled and shook his head. "No, I ordered all these foods from the catering restaurant nearby," he replied.

"The dishes taste delicious! I love it!" Caroline gushes.

"I'm glad you like my food choices," Mike said feeling good inside.

"Don't be surprised if I will eat all the food," Caroline joked.

Mike chuckled. "Be my guest," he said doubting if she can.

One hour later.

After done eating, they sat down in the living room, relaxing while admiring the city's skyline. The whole condo is glass-walled but they have stylish curtains and window blinds to shut off the outside view or prevent the sunlight from coming inside. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/ruined-woman_44482645924561827">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/ruined-woman_44482645924561827</a> for visiting.

Caroline stared at Mike's face.

Mike stared back at her for a few minutes before deciding to tell her what's inside his mind during that time.

"Car, if I will court you...will you give me a chance? Will you let me inside your heart? I really like you, give me a chance, please? I want to be your boyfriend, the one who owns your heart," he said softly, opening his heart to her.

Caroline blinked twice. She did not expect that he would fall for her so fast. "You know about my past... right? I'm a ruined woman. I was a raped victim," she said in a low voice, bolts of pain appeared in her eyes.

"I know about your past, Car, my brother told me everything. I don't care about your past, what important for me is the future, our future together," he said giving more emphasis to the last words he uttered.

Caroline raised her brows. "Why me? There are many women out there. Why don't you find a decent woman to become your girlfriend?" she insisted.

"Because you're the one I like. I can't teach my heart to like other women," Mike answered with honesty in his eyes. "Don't worry, I won't rush you when it comes to your decision. Take your time. Just allow me to shower you with my love and devotion," he requested, his eyes were flashing with intense emotion.

Caroline held her breath for a few seconds and shrugged her shoulder. "But I'm not ready yet to enter into a new relationship..."

Mike smiled. "It's alright, I'm not rushing you to accept me. Just allow me to spend time with you," he said thoughtfully.

"Okay fine," Caroline smiled at him.

Mike smiled happily with her answer. "Thank you."

A few moments later.

Mike stood up from the sofa. "Let's go to the pool!"

Caroline hesitated for a moment.

"What's wrong?" asked Mike.

"I didn't bring swimwear with me," she replied.

Mike smiled. "I bought swimsuits for you to wear in the pool, you can find them in the cabinet. Just choose out of the five swimsuits I bought for you," he said.

Caroline still hesitated.

"Regarding your previous legs severe cramps, don't worry you can count on me to save you. I won't leave your side," he promised her.

Caroline smiled touched by his thoughtfulness. "Okay, let's go!"

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