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Chapter 66: Sweet & Romantic

Eastwood Subdivision.

When Mike arrived at Caroline's house, it's Thelma who opened the gate.

"Good evening, Auntie. I brought some fruits in the fruits stand for you and the kids," Mike handed the fruit basket to the woman.

Thelma smiled broadly feeling grateful for the gift. "Thanks for this, Mike. Come inside. You want to wait for Caroline inside the living room or just wait here in the veranda?"

"I'll just wait here in the veranda, Auntie," Mike responded.

"Alright, I will go inside to inform my daughter that you already arrived and waiting for her," Thelma sauntered towards the door carrying the basket in her right hand.

Inside the living room.

Lily and Jacob were playing mobile games on their phones.

Thelma brought the basket to the kitchen, went back to the living room and then climbs the stairs heading towards her daughter's bedroom.

She pushed the door open. "Caroline, your visitor is already waiting for you. Leave baby Cathy to me and go now."

Caroline was wearing black shorts and a body fit white blouse, she was holding her daughter in her arms for burping. She then placed the baby in her mother's arms. "Alright, I will go downstairs now and face the visitor," she answered.

She combs her hair and exited the bedroom, ascending down the stairs in a relaxed manner.

Caroline steps outside the door and ambled into the veranda, smiling at the guy sitting alone there. "Hi, Mike..."

"Hi Caroline," Mike responded, his gaze traveled down her exposed legs admiring her sexiness and her revealing attire.

Caroline smirked by Mike's blatant inspection on her physical attributes.

"You wanna go out with me, tonight?" Mike voiced out his invitation.


"I will bring you to a beach, the nearest to the city. We will just stay there for two hours. We will be gone 3 to 4 hours maximum. Then after that, I will bring you home safely," Mike said.

Caroline was hesitating for a bit.

"Please..." Mike pleaded for her to come with him.

Caroline surveyed his face closely. "Okay, let me change my cloth first," she said.

"Thank you," Mike's face broke into a splendid smile.

Caroline entered the house and went upstairs to get a jacket and change her shorts into denim long pants.

"Mother, I'm going out with Mike tonight."

Thelma nods her head. "Take care and enjoy yourself," she said.

Caroline looked at her mother's face. "You like, Mike?"

Thelma smiled a little. "He looks like a fine man to me."

"Mike is a good looking rich guy, perfect for a husband, right?" she asked her mother's opinion.

Thelma stared at her daughter's face. "Are you asking my opinion or my approval?"

"Your opinion, Mother dear," Caroline answered, sounding amused.

"Yeah, he looks perfect for you," Thelma revealed her honest opinion.

"Okay, thanks for your approval, Mother," Caroline said while smiling.

"Just don't play around with people's heart, daughter," Thelma reminded her.

"Don't worry, Mother. Mike has not formally courted me yet. We're not a couple yet. We're still on the stage of getting to know each other and going out once in a while to build a friendship. So, nothing serious yet," Caroline explained.

"Ah, okay. You guys take your time. Don't hurry...don't rush into a relationship that you both are not ready yet. Friendship is fun, so enjoy it while you still can," Thelma said.

Done dressing up.

"I'm leaving now, Mother," Caroline planted a kiss on baby Cathy's face before exiting the bedroom.

A moment later.

Caroline and Mike exited the gate and boarded the vehicle. The journey was quiet and no one dares to break the comfortable silence surrounding them, and the only sound that can be heard inside the vehicle was the sweet mellow music coming from the car stereo.

After thirty-five minutes of driving, they finally arrived at their destination.

They were ushered by the beach resort attendant to their place which Mike had specially reserved yesterday.

It's a cute cottage by the bay, outlooking the beach with a nice view of the oceanfront.

There's a candlelight dinner already prepared outside the cottage.

"Wow, romantic!" Caroline gushes delighted by the ambiance of the place.

"Have a seat...sweetie," Mike smiled adoringly at Caroline while assisting her to sit down on the chair.

"Thanks," Caroline murmured.

"What do you think of the place?" he asked for her opinion.

"It's super-duper lovely!" Caroline raves.

"I'm glad that you like it, sweetie," he said. He shifted his attention to the dishes in front of them. "How about the food?"

Caroline eyed the dishes. "They're appetizing to look at!"

"Alright, let's start eating our meal so that we can walk in the seashore later and enjoy the beauty of the beach," Mike told her.

They start eating in silence and made and occasional glances at the gentle waves rushing to the shore.

One hour later.

Done eating, they were now relaxing and sipping their red wine.

"Caroline, have you not think about my suggestion yet?" Mike asked her all of a sudden.

A line appeared between Caroline's brows. "Huh? What suggestion? What do you mean?"

"Have you not given any thought of trying to reach your sister. I mean, don't you have any intention to talk to your sister and reconcile with her?" Mike elaborated.

"Ah, I get it. You brought me here just to talk about the feud between my sister and me?" she pouted.

"No. Not really. I wanted to bring you here because the view is nice and I want you to enjoy the beach," Mike defended his intention.

Caroline crossed her arms. "Whatever. I want to be honest with you, Mike. I will never be the one who will beg for my sister's mercy and ask her for an apology because it's not my fault. She should be the one who will come to me and apologize!" Caroline's face reddens in anger.

"Whoa, calm down Caroline. I'm sorry for bringing the topic up. No one's gonna force you to reconcile with your sister. I'm just reminding you that one of you should swallow their pride so that the reconciliation can be achieved," Mike explained in a gentle voice trying to avoid angering her again.

"Enough! Stop bringing that topic again. I don't want to talk about my sister. If you mention her again, I will go home!" she warned him.

"Okay, I will no longer talk about your sister," Mike said. "Come with me to the shore. Let's walk by the seaside and enjoy the calming breeze."

They finished sipping the red wine in their glasses and then left the dinner table and started strolling on the shore.

Mike and Caroline were enveloped by a comfortable silence.

Caroline looked heavenward and gazed at the stars shining up in the sky above.

After a while, they got tired of walking and eased themselves in the lounge chair nearby.

Mike glances at his companion. He was glad to see that she was no longer irritated. Her face was now looking relax and calm. "You like this place?"

Caroline nodded her head. "Yes. This place is relaxing and breathtaking! I love it!" her face broke into a dazzling smile.

While she was smiling, Mike's heart somersaulted in awe by her beauty. She looks more beautiful when she's smiling. The radiance of her smile brought a thousand sunshine to his heart.

Caroline met his gaze. "Now that you know that I'm not interested to reconcile with my sister, are you going to stop seeing me?" she inquired out of curiosity.

Mike smiled. "No of course not! I will keep visiting you in your house and brings you to nice places so that we can make memories together," he said meaningfully.

Caroline stared at his face intently and smiled at him sweetly. He is such a sweet and romantic guy! Not bad. She can keep him by her side, prolong the courting process without going into a serious commitment and when the right time comes she can either dropped him if she finds someone better than him or kept him by her side for good.

Mike, on the other hand, was feeling good and happy, luxuriating on her lovely presence. She can make him happy by just being around him. She's perfect for him in all aspects. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/sweet-romantic_44449054180036320">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/sweet-romantic_44449054180036320</a> for visiting.

After one hour of appreciating the view of the beach and enjoying each other's company, they finally went home.

Lizabelle88 Lizabelle88

Thanks for reading!

Stay safe and healthy!

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