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Chapter 103: Take You Home

The next day, afternoon, Brenda went to Allison's house. The two women were having a serious conversation while drinking light wine in the minibar.

"Ali, please, help me with your brother!" Brenda was begging and was now on the verge of tears.

Allison looked at the woman's pitiful face and sighed. "Brenda, there is nothing I can do to change my brother's mind. My brother has complete control of his mind and no one can influence and instruct him what to do with his life. In your case, you just make the biggest mistake of your life, pouring wine on Caroline's head," she said.

"B-but...who is this Caroline? Is she your brother's new woman?" asked Brenda.

Allison shook her head. "No. It's a long story. I'm sorry I can not disclose to you about her because it's a family matter. The affairs in the family stay in the family. Family affairs are not to be revealed to an outsider. I hope you understand, girl."

Brenda can't still get it. "If they are not lovers, then who is she? Where I can find this woman? Where did she live?"

Allison's brows snapped together. "Huh? And why are you asking me about Caroline's address? What is your plan?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/take-you-home_45062647435031172">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/take-you-home_45062647435031172</a> for visiting.

"I...I just wanted to talk to her and beg her to stay away from my Daniel," Brenda answered.

Allison released a throaty laugh. "Girl, are you out of your mind? After you pour wine on her head do you think she's willing to talk to you? Listen to my advice... drop the whole thing and start teaching yourself to forget my brother. He won't be coming back to you. I know my brother better, so you'd better listen to me," she said in a patronizing voice.

Tears shimmered in Brenda's eyes. She was fighting back her tears from falling. "But I...I can't forget Daniel," she protested.

Allison shrugged her shoulders. "Not my problem anymore. Common, you're beautiful and young, you can still find lots of rich guys out there. Don't torture yourself fantasizing that my brother will come back to you. That won't happen," she said with a touch of sympathy in her voice.

"But I only want him. I love him so much!" Brenda persisted like a stubborn child.

Allison poured more wine on the woman's glass. "Here, drink some," she said.

Brenda drank the wine in one go, bottoms up. "More, please..." she said wanting to drown her sorrows away.

Allison shook her head. "Nah, no more. That's the last drink I can give you. I don't think you need more."

"Please...more...Ali!" Brenda insisted. Then she can no longer hold back the tears from falling on her face. She was sobbing hysterically in front of Alison.

"Enough, girl! Go home and meditate on what you can do with your life instead of wasting your time chasing my brother who is no longer into you," Allison said with a sigh of irritation in her voice.

Allison quickly typed a message on her phone and sent it to Vera.

A few minutes later, Vera entered the minibar.

Allison instructed her minion to send the crying woman home. "Vera, I want you to accompany Brenda safely to her place."

"Yes, Madam!" Vera answered and put the shoulder bag on Brenda's shoulder. "Let's go, Brenda. I will take you home," she said softly.

Brenda wiped the tears from her face using the back of her hand. She left the room not even bothering to say thank you to Allison for listening to her problem.


Vera and Brenda entered the garage area and boarded the Urban Titanium color Honda Brio car. Vera inserted the key and started the engine, smoothly, she navigated the car out of the gate.


Allison watched as the car exited the gate and faded away from her vision.

She unlocked her phone and placed a call on her brother.

"Hello..." Alex answered at the other end.

"Bro, your ex-woman was here a while ago, crying her eyes out asking for my help. She wants to get back together with you. She sounds heartbroken and looks so pitiful," Allison said wryly.

"Ignore her, she's just acting like a child. Don't talk to her again. It's already over between me and Brenda," Alex answered.

"Okay, fine. How's Lucas? Still in good spirit?" she asked.

"Yes," Alex replied.

"Did Caroline texted you already when she will visit Lucas?" she inquired.

"No. Not yet. I will let you know. I'm also eagerly waiting for her message regarding her impending visit to Lucas. Talk to you later, I'm having a meeting with my staff," Alex said and ended the call at his end.

Allison placed her phone down in the center table, her face looks grumpy. How dare Caroline informed his brother that she will visit Lucas but until now she's not confirming anything yet?


Caroline must honor her words or else...a dark glimmer appears in her eyes.

She will give Caroline one week to honor her words if she still won't come and visit her brother...then...she will do something!

She finished the wine in her glass and exited the minibar going to her bedroom.


Vera has successfully brought the distraught Brenda back to her place.

They sat on the bed staring at each other.

"You need someone to talk to?" Vera asked the woman softly.

"Yes..." said Brenda, nodding her head.

"Okay, go and I will listen," Vera offered comfort to the heartbroken woman.

Brenda starts pouring her problem into Vera.

"I love Daniel so much. I can't understand why he had to meet another woman and broke up with me. I was stupid to believe that what we had for each other is something special. I was wrong!" Brenda broke down again. Her body was wracked with painful sobs.

Vera rubbed the crying woman's back sympathizing with her grief. "Shh...stop crying. You should not fall in love with men like Sir Daniel. He is cold and heartless, a heartbreaker," she said in a soothing tone.

Brenda wipes the tears from her face with her handkerchief. "Do you know anything about that woman Caroline that Daniel is currently seeing?"

Vera's brows drew together. "Caroline? Yes, I know about her. "Why?"

Brenda's eyes flashed with curiosity, she looked at Vera's face intently. "That woman is the reason why Daniel broke up with me!" she gnashed her teeth in anger.

Vera pressed her mouth. When it comes to Madam's business affairs, she won't divulge anything. But looking at this desperate woman she can be of use to her. She can take advantage of her vulnerability today. Smirking, she placed her hand on Brenda's legs.

"Girl, don't you know that I have a long time crush on you?" Vera looked at Brenda's beautiful face, her hand went automatically to her legs and caresses it.

Brenda looked at Vera's hands busy groping her thighs. "W-what do you mean by this?"

"All information comes with a price," Vera winked at her conspiratorially.

"Are you g-going to h-help me?" Brenda just wants to be sure before she agrees to Vera's advances.

"Yes. But for now, let me enjoy your company first and after that, I will tell you what I know about Caroline," Vera said as her hand went higher closing into Brenda's crotch.

Brenda shut her eyes and bit her lower lip, she has to endure this. She had to give what Vera wants so that she can get what she wants, later. She was disgusted by what Vera was doing to her down there, but all this, won't kill her.

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Thanks for reading!


Take care everyone!

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