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66.66% Switch Up: Into the other world / Chapter 4: Chapter : 4 The wonderland Princess

Chapter : 4 The wonderland Princess - Switch Up: Into the other world - Chapter 4 by Mypen_show13 full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter : 4 The wonderland Princess

°•~Aiden Carter, Fera' s best friend and the guy you are drooling over~•°

''What do you mean she didn't pick up? Call her again and ask her to come here. '' Mabel suddenly exclaimed. ''I called her like 10 times already but she didn't pick up. Although, I have sent her a message to come here. '' Fera said calming her down. ''Okay, I will wait here in the library till she comes. ''Mabel said.

''BUT I CAN NOT JUST SIT HERE AND WAIT FOR SOME MAGIC TO HAPPEN SO MY SISTER COULD COME BACK TO HER WORLD AND THIS DOPPELGANGER WOULD LEAVE. '' Elijah suddenly shouted. ''Calm down Elijah. We are also thinking of something to fix this up. '' Fera tried to calm him down. ''No, Fera. You don't understand. How can I just chill here when you are there facing problems.''

Elijah was the most affected by the switch up or so he thought. But the boy was definitely going to do something to help her sister in this weird parallel-worldy situation.

''Oh come on, you are saying that she is in Aétria, fighting a dragon and I came here to get myself a massage. '' Mabel sarcastically said. ''But you have Jessica, me and Fera's friend here to help you but Fera is there alone. ''Elijah remarked. ''Hey, I am not a loner or something. I am Mabel Clark, the northern wing minister's daughter. I might not have many friends but there are a lot of people who work there to help me. They will definitely entertain Fera and she is going to love living as Mabel Clark.'' Mabel cockily said. ''But mm'' Elijah tried to protest but couldn't say anything against that. ''Okay, so if anyone doesn't have more complaints then should we start planning our deal.'' Mabel asked.

''A Deal? '' Fera questioned. ''Yes, a deal in which we would decide how you and I will play each other. There will be more things that we would want us to do and not to do like I would want you to never accept, confess or talk to someone that I don't like. And you can tell me the same thing but always remember one thing, that no matter what, you will never meddle in my business or do anything to low my pride.'' Mabel firmly stated. ''Okay so who is the one that you don't want me to talk to or involve in anything that person do? '' Fera asked. ''Not many people. It's just my twin brother Luke and his friends, especially Nathan Conner, the son of southern wing's minister.'' Mabel told her.

''What did they do? Your brother and Nathan.'' Fera asked. ''Do you know about the annual party thing?'' Mabel asked and Fera nodded '' Nathan was the one who spiked my drink just to see me doing something stupid but that wench Harper took it and created a scene. After her consciousness back and losing her common sense, she started blaming me. But I was sobar enough to teach her some manners and that got me in a heated argument with Liam. But that's not the only reason you should stay away from Nathan. '' Mabel said. ''What probably he would do if he finds you near him? '' Fera asked.

Fera didn't know why she wanted to know about the Nathan guy. Ops, she was not supposed to say Nathan as Mabel always called him Conner. But still she wanted to know what this Conner can do to her and why. ''You seem to be taking an interest in Conner. Even though you do, I would still suggest you to stay away from him because you are living as me so liking him means I like him.'' Mabel give her warning look while looking at her. ''Don't go too further Mabel. I am only asking you because I am curious about what have happened between you two.'' Fera assured her. ''Have you ever heard of the phrase 'curiosity kills the cat'. I am sure that it exists in your world as well. '' Mabel said while dismissing any further talk about her and Nathan.

Suddenly Mabel's phone notified Fera of a new message. ''Hey Mabel'' Fera said to draw attention of her. ''What? '' she asked. ''I got a message from the wonderland Princess and she says that she is coming here.'' Fera in formed Mabel. ''Oh, that's great 'cause you a got helping hand in my world who wouldn't let you do something stupid.'' Mabel said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Mabel's room door suddenly opened reveling an ash blonde girl with black eyes and tanned skin. She was wearing the same type of clothes that Mabel prefers: sophisticated, elegant and very expensive. She entered and gave Fera a light smile which she returned. ''So, why did you call me here. Have you sorted out your feeling for Liam or it was just for your supposed reason?'' the girl asked. ''Hm, actually I called you here to tell you something. You will definitely not belive me but you have to listen to me first and then I will show you something. Actually I am not Mabel. I am her doppelganger from the parallel world. '' Fera said and basically explained her everything, then handed her the hand mirror .

''Alyce, see I am here on some earth and that girl is my doppelganger. '' Mabel said. ''okay, I get it but what is Luke doing there? Have you made up already? '' Alyce asked. ''No no, this is not Luke. He is actually Fera's twin brother Elijah. I called you here because I couldn't let be in the dark and belive that I got weirder. So you now you know, will you keep an eye on her while she is staying in my body and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid? '' Mabel asked. ''Even if you didn't ask me, I would still do the same.'' Alyce assured her.

''Anyways, I want to ask you how you will come back to your place. '' again the same question that everyone is asking. ''I also happen to ask myself that.'' Mabel replied. ''One more thing, as you said you both are the descendants of Petunia and Aétria, the witches, so can you both do magic? '' Alyce actually pointed a good thing. ''I don't know. But I will ask Jessica and you can ask Janet. By the way, when are you going back to the capital? '' Mabel asked. '' in two days, maybe.''Alyce said. ''maybe? '' Mabel sighed. ''You know what Mabel, I might have asked my pilot for a flight to capital tomorrow. '' Alyce said. ''Oh that means you and Fera will go to capital tomorrow. Fine, but you should bring the ianua mirror with you.'' Mabel suggested. '' oh yes you are right, what if you both switched back again.''

Alyce was getting better in understanding Mabel' s intentions. ''Mm, can I ask you a question? '' Fera suddenly spoke. ''Yeah, sure'' Alyce tried to be polite with the naive doppelganger. ''Why did she saved your no. as the wonderland Princess? '' Fera asked out of curiosity. ''Alyce is famous for predicting things that have not even happened yet just from her dreams. Although, she sometimes look like a freak while reciting all those prediction.'' Mabel said in a contemplating tone. ''Don't be so rude Mabel.'' Alyce warned her. ''Actually that nickname is something Mabel gave me because I can predict future from dreams just like 'the princess from the wonderland' story.'' Alyce told her. ''Ah, and I actually thought it was a reference from the story Alice in the wonderland, How stupid can I get.'' Fera exclaimed.

''I am asking the same thing from God since the day you've born that how can you not get these simple things.'' Suddenly Elijah spoke making his presence known to the others. Fera just glared at her brother from the mirror. ''okay, so I think now I should take Mabel to our house and show her to some pictures of our friends and relatives so she would play her part well on the earth. '' he said while putting a lot of pressure on the word earth. ''Okay so now we should take our leave. Bye'' Fera said and put her mirror down.

Elijah and Mabel got into the car and Elijah started driving. Unlike what Mabel thought Elijah was nothing like Luke except being extremely stupid. ''Can you lower the volume, please?Actually I am not really liking what you're listening to right now? '' Mabel asked. ''Why? You don't like pop. Then what are you into? Is it RnB, rock, hip-hop? No? Then please don't tell me to put on an opera song 'cause if I did so, then I III mighaaat craaaashhh uuuss into a truck and we both don't really want that, do we?'' Elijah tried to sing the last line with an opera style. Mabel still felt irritated at how Elijah was not feeling panic. It irritated her at how much she felt frightened at the thought of exchanging her place with her doppelganger. She also felt irritated at Elijah's personality which contrasted hers. They both have been bickering about something since the minute they've been alone.

''How long is it gonna take to get there? Do you have any idea about that? '' Mabel again asked and she knew that instead of simply answering her question, Elijah will definitely say something that will piss her up and lead to another fight. ''Can you for once, speak normally? '' Elijah asked. '' I am speaking normally. '' Mabel said. ''No, you're not. Your tone actually sounded like a high-picted shrill voice.'' Elijah said ''Would you mind driving faster, can you stop playing music and blaa blaa blaa.'' Elijah said in an exaggerated girly tone. " Will you use the words correctly, Elijah. Shrill means high pitched. You didn't need to say it with shrill." Mable corrected him.

''Will you make your sentence shorter then. Don't exceed the 3 words limit.'' Elijah taunted with smile. "Then how am I supposed to convey my thoughts to you." Mabel said, exasperatedly. "That's the thing. Don't." Elijah said making her angrier. She was about to explode with anger and Elijah wouldn't be able to take that. Realising that, Elijah decided to keep quite during the whole drive.

When they reached home, Elijah got out of the car and ran toward the other door to help Mabel get out. ''Your highness. '' Elijah said while opening the door and bowing down that made Mabel roll her eyes. When they both got inside, Elijah took her to the living room and brought his laptop. He opened the laptop and told Mabel that he was going to show her some pictures of people who are close to Fera. He started showing her some pictures of their high school where Fera was sitting down on a bench and a girl named Chelsea king was on her side. Two boys were standing behind her, one of whom she supposed was Elijah but she didn't know the other one.

She was actually staring at the boy in the picture. He had brown curly hair and was about 6 feet. But the most ravishing feature of him was his blue eyes. ''Aiden Carter, Fera' s best friend.'' Elijah spoke suddenly making Mabel flinch. ''The guy you're drooling over. Do like him? '' '' Shut up. I was just wondering who he might be, that's all.'' Mabel nonchalantly said, defending herself. ''Don't worry. You will get to meet him tomorrow but now you should go sleep. Fera's room is the extremely right one, upstairs.'' Elijah said while practically dismissing her.

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