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1.82% Sword Of Chaos / Chapter 1: The Past Is In The Past

Chapter 1: The Past Is In The Past

It feels cold in here.

I open my eyes and I see that I am in a dark place filled with huge trees and some grass.

My body seems to ache and I don't know why.

Snippets from my memories start to flashback to me.

From what I remembered, I was the strongest sword that has intelligence and I was wielded by the world's strongest swordsman. Alas, he was cornered by his enemies and he died.

After my previous master wielded me, he exhausted all of my sword energy which now results in me being degraded and now I become the world's weakest sword.

I also remembered that my name is Chaos and I used to be a human back then but after I died, my soul was transferred into a sword which then was wielded by my previous master.

From what I remembered, this world is a world of magic and cultivation.

Even though not a lot of people walk the path of cultivation and instead of the path of magic but as a sword, I need to cultivate and reach the peak and become the strongest sword again!

I scan my body and it looks like I still have some sword energy left which then I use to levitate me into the air and search for some monsters so that I can absorb their body and convert it into sword energy.

This method was known as the "Tao Of Killing" and it was forbidden until the war broke out which was again discovered by the immortals that millions of people have used this method to become stronger.

After levitating into the air, I use my divine sense to observe and navigate the surroundings and it appears that I was abandoned at the bottom of a mountain.

From my previous memories, this mountain was known as "Mountain Of Monsters" since it was filled with a different monster of different levels which some of which even exceeds the rank of God Tier.

This world's ranking from weakest to strongest is Lowest Tier, Low Tier, Mid Tier, Intermediate Tier, High Tier, Supreme Tier, Legendary Tier, Mythical Tier, Saint Tier, Divine Tier, Deity Tier, and lastly God Tier but rumors have it that there is a Tier above the God Tier.

All of the Tiers are divided into ten layers and are also called levels or layers.

My rank right now is Lowest Tier Layer 1 and if I at least slay one monster then I might increase my layer.

The rank of all beings is what determines their strength and without strength then you are deemed as no one.

This world of cultivation is what makes the world chaotic and that's where my name originated. The sword of chaos, Chaos.

I hover the forest below the mountain and finally, I found some monsters that are at the Lowest Tier Layer 2.

Using my skills from my previous life, I use [Sword Slash] which is the basic move of all of the swords and it slashes through the body of the 3 monsters that gathered in one place.

I gain sword energy from killing or causing chaos and since I killed 3 monsters of the Lowest Tier Layer 2, my cultivation has now reached Lowest Tier Layer 4.

If I keep this up I might reach Low Tier in no time!

ShadowKatake ShadowKatake

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