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5.26% System: King of Monsters / Chapter 1: New Body
System: King of Monsters System: King of Monsters original

System: King of Monsters

Author: UnseenLurker

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Chapter 1: New Body

The warm and sticky liquid that surrounded him felt very uncomfortable. And with his body being confined in a tight space, it was hard for him to move around.

Marcus didn't know what happened to him, he just suddenly woke up in this current situation.

Due to his recent awakening, his memory is currently a blur, making him feel a little bit dizzy. But despite that, he still managed to conclude that he is currently in an urgent situation.

With his sense of touch, he could feel that his body is currently inside an egg-shaped prison. In such a tight space, the rancid smell around has been constantly harassing his delicate nose ever since waking up.

'What the hell is this smell?'

The smell seems to be coming from the warm and sticky liquid. It was a smell almost similar to the smell of raw egg that is about to go bad.

Absolutely nauseating!

Slowly gaining clarity from his dizziness due to the strong smell, Marcus managed to open his eyelids and saw his surroundings. However, everything is currently very dark because of the absence of light. He couldn't see anything at all.

On the limited space, the air is very thin, making Marcus thought that if he couldn't find a way to escape, he could possibly die from suffocation.

A sense of urgency is now present, and with it, Marcus could also feel another strange feeling.

It was an urge...

An urge to destroy the walls of the prison.

'I want to break out of here!'

With such feeling, Marcus was about to start punching the walls when he suddenly realized that he couldn't form his hand into a fist!

'The heck?!'

Feeling strange, Marcus tried to feel his hands and suddenly realized that they were far different from what he remembers them to be.

What used to be human hands had turned into scaly hands with sharp claws. Realizing such change, Marcus then checked other parts of his body and realized that it was not just his hands but his whole body which is different! His legs, the distance of his nose from his eyes, the length of his tongue, the sharpness of his teeth, and the existence of a new long organ on his back!

His body isn't human!

'What the fuck?!'

Now thinking about how the surroundings feel like an egg-shaped prison, Marcus now had an idea what happened to him.

It seems that for some reason, he had become an alien-like specie inside an egg!


Marcus tried to shout in a roaring grievance, but the only thing he managed to do is learn what the disgusting liquid taste like. With the disgusting liquid on his mouth choking him, the combination of taste and smell had pushed Marcus almost to the edge of puking from disgust.

"Bl-! "


Now Marcus didn't care anymore, he just wanted to get out of this shit prison!

Using what seems to be his claws, he tried to puncture the walls repeatedly, trying to create a hole.

Attack after attack, putting his anger into it, he managed to easily break a layer, creating an opening. The disgusting liquid then started going out of the created gap, causing the fresh air outside to finally enter his room.

'That saved me...'

Feeling the fresh air enter his inhuman lungs, Marcus felt at ease. He could finally relax a little, at least he avoided dying from suffocation for now.

Regaining his calm, Marcus started to think about his current situation, trying to make sense of everything.

He was missing a few memories, but he remembered the fact that he was supposed to be dead.

Dying from an unfortunate event, his life ended at the age of 24.

Marcus remembered his last moments...

With his legs crushed and his arms paralyzed, he still managed to remain alive barely from a car accident and had even been taken to a hospital.

Devastated from the accident, he was wondering how to continue living with his broken body when suddenly a stranger found his way in his hospital room at night, who had then shot him full of bullets with a machinegun.

Thinking about it carefully, his death was full of questionable points.

It seemed like a person was holding some kind of grudge towards him, but he doesn't remember any reason why someone would hate him to the point of murder.

'Forget it, life moves on. Right now, I need to think about what to do with this alien body' Looking at the tiny gap on the egg, Marcus decided to stop dwelling in the past for the time being and put all of his current attention to the things he needed to do.

There was no use staying in this shit prison so Marcus decides to expand the gap in the egg in order to be able to go outside. And to be able to do so faster, he had even started to use his alien head, biting on the gap's sides, fragment after fragment.

Noticing that his bites are much more effective than his claws, Marcus then decided to stop using his claws as he continued to expand the gap using his alien mouth. After a few bites, Marcus had then managed to turn the gap into a large hole enough to make him escape.

Marcus looked outside, it's currently day time so everything is clear. But still, many things remain unknown.

There is a foreign world outside with lots of unknown dangers. But despite the danger, the strongest emotion Marcus is feeling right now isn't fear but something else.


In his past life, there was something that Marcus had kept hidden inside him.

It was a childhood wish.

Characters from the movies and stories in their exaggerated fashion... Fights so exaggerated, planets would be destroyed from their auras alone.

Killing half of the people in the universe in a single finger snap...

He had always wished to experience those ever since he was a kid.

However, since it was impossible, the wish remained a fantasy and Marcus could only satisfy himself with reading those kinds of stories and training his body as a compromise for his childish heart that would visit him from time to time.

However, experiencing what used to be fiction known as reincarnation had already made all the impossible become possible! Right now, in this new world with unlimited possibilities, his childhood wish may perhaps have its chance to be granted!

Hopping outside of the egg, Marcus immediately felt the fresh air on his skin. Feeling the comfort of the cold air, Marcus subconsciously opened his mouth and made a few noises while looking at the blue sky above.


Hearing the strange sounds he is making subconsciously, Marcus was immediately dumbfounded and realized that he really had become an alien creature thoroughly.

Marcus tried to speak a few English words with his new mouth.

"Krrr" "Krgghh..." "Krkrkr"

However, he couldn't even manage to say a single word and only kept on making strange sounds.

Giving up, Marcus then turned around to look at the place where he came from.

Situated on warm clay, Marcus could see a reddish eggshell in front, a third part of it was destroyed, evidence of his recent hatching. Looking behind the egg, several numbers of unhatched eggs could be seen. It seems like he is the eldest out of the bunch.

Now Marcus is wondering, where are their current parents?

Marcus looked around the area, everything seemed so big. The grasses he could see around the sides looked much bigger from the way he saw them in his past life. It was even taller than him, he could stand inside there and he would be completely hidden.

Not just the grasses, the trees too are far from normal, they seemed like colossal titans towering over the surroundings. There was even a giant nut as tall as his knees in front of Marcus situated near a small lake of water.

Suddenly, Marcus was alerted as he could hear something. There was a movement coming from the grass on the right side. An unknown creature is currently moving closer.

Marcus, seeing this, had then immediately retreated in the grass on the left side in order to hide. Crouching, he then tried to find a better position where he could try to peek at the coming creature while remaining hidden.

Marcus is still largely ignorant about this world. He looked calm, but inside he was a mess. A mix of excitement and fear took him, with the excitement only coming on top.

What will come out?

This is a foreign world. So, what sort of creature will come out?

Will it be like the beautiful and holy high elves and angels?

Will it be like the ferocious and wild monsters and beasts?

Or will it be like the ugly and twisted creatures from the dark fantasies he had read?

And then here it comes!

Marcus saw...

A big furry head poking out from the grass on the right, the big head turned its head left and right to look around the area until its sight had then remained frozen on the giant nut near the small lake. Afterward, the creature then jumped out near the giant nut and displayed its glorious body for Marcus to see.

It was a creature about half as tall as Marcus, but two times fatter than him…

It was a cute! giant! squirrel!

And as Marcus looked in shock, he was not even given a chance to recover as he felt a sharp throb on his brain.

'Shit! What now?!'

Not minding the dizziness and pain, Marcus tried to look back at the giant squirrel again to see what it was doing, as he then discovered something strange.

He could see some kind of information about the giant squirrel in front of him written on black text.


[Stage Completion] 3.4%

[Stage:] 1

[Name:] N/A



A normal average little squirrel.


UnseenLurker UnseenLurker

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