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1.61% System Of Total war: Ottoman Conquests / Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Where am I?
System Of Total war: Ottoman Conquests System Of Total war: Ottoman Conquests original

System Of Total war: Ottoman Conquests

Author: Jubong

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Where am I?

In a dimly lit room with furniture resembling the medieval fair and weird genie lamps with fiery tips burning and flickering giving the space a stilled vibe.

But this did not last long the furniture soon began to creak and shake and the lights all went. This can only be described as a mini earthquake and just as fast as it came it went leaving in a blinding flash of light.

Moments later a boy awoke, looking around the room is dark except for the light creeping underneath what can be assumed to be a doorway. The boy quickly ran to the door in a fashion that can only be described as frantic the look in his eyes is scary, to say the least, the boy looks like a trapped beast at the moment until the door opens this all changes.

Once the door opened you can hear "Fuck me" and then a loud thud and the opening of many doors and a few shouts and screams here and there... But the boy did not witness any of these because he is our protagonist and here, we can finally see the start of his journey with the opening of a door...

*** POV: MC

"Where am I?" Jacob whispered.

my immediate thoughts were where is my tv I always keep it on at night also it shouldn't be this dark regardless of what is this house made of stone. no, it's not so the windows can't block this much light.

No, wait a light source coming from under a door most likely... this isn't my house! The smell is wrong the bed sheets are itchy and the door is misplaced I could've been drugged and taken... But what kidnapper wants a... Never mind focus I need to Goto the door to escape... Maybe I'll have to fight.... maybe I'll have to kill... kill... kill...

Step step... I managed to reach the door I don't hear any noise right now so it shouldn't be anyone outside this door at least not close to it at the moment... so let's just charge I will escape either through death or through victory Haha. Jacob thought.

With the swiftness of a fox, I slowly creaked open the door, but what I saw next was really "OH FUCK" Jacob said and then a violent rush of pain struck me until being replaced by blankness.

What did I Pass out? Maybe, but I need to fight I need... no this place is a castle I know what I saw when I opened the door was a medieval castle hallway full of stone with wooden torches and maybe a Mongol flag?

Looking around the strange room I find myself in I began to wonder if I was really kidnapped but then suddenly I was stricken with some affliction. My vision began to blur and I even began to witness random flashes until I heard a weird ding.

Then, bright flashes of light flash intermittently while I view a compilation of what seems to be sequential memories from what appears to be a toddler's memories, then the years slowly progressed... More and more what seems like memories are playing out in my mind, slowly showing me the life of someone I do not know but now. But now I am beginning to believe I knew everything about this man, to begin with.

I seem to understand what happened to me... or him or we... I Transmigrated to this timeline, and I'll go out on a limb and say this is an alternate timeline, not the one I am originally from because well it makes me feel better that I don't have to worry about time paradoxes or any weird scientific repercussions!

I noticed in my new "memory" if these are memories and not a haze of insanity, that my name is Alaeddin referred to in this country as Şehzade Alaeddin and currently I am the 4th prince of... The Ottoman Empire well technically it's the ottoman state or Beylic right now.

My father is Sultan Orhan son of Osman founder of the ottoman state and Ottoman dynasty that lasted in my timeline almost 700 years! Also, my Mother Irene is from the Palaiologos dynasty that currently rules the eastern roman empire or really Constantinople...

Honestly, in my timeline, I do not exist because My father Orhan should marry Theodora soon to tie his wagon to the usurping emperor John VI Kantakouzene and have my future brother who is famous for getting kidnapped well not important to explain right now...

To move on I am confident in emulating the character of the previous soul that resided in this body because I barely have to change anything, and I believe there will be no language barriers... but the biggest difference I worry about is well fighting I've never learned sword martial arts or spear fighting I just know he trained a lot. now I have his memories and the body has muscle memory, but it seems I will look rusty, to say the least, but...

Right now, I am currently injured from battle and will have to recuperate for a few months, so after those months sword training will be a must as well as mounted battle arts with a lance... I went a little off track explaining memories but there wasn't much by my calculations this body should be 16 and considered an adult and he recently had a feast before this battle to celebrate and boost morale. The previous soul was injured in battle fighting multiple opponents which makes him well distinguished in that battle and may win me some merits hopefully some territory to "watch" over...

Because my biggest concern is Murad I who slayed a lot of his brothers claiming his throne in which there is no definite successor so all princes must fight over it with either prestige authority and plenty of pashas and administrators backing or military might and strong foreign alliances.

But I've been here in this body for all of to me feels like a few minutes and I don't know if I plan to chase the throne or be a true ruler behind the scenes or just play a loyal servant role or maybe just leave and explore and have some great adventures and chase some royal beauties... All are options but not all sound that pleasing to the domineering I!

"He's moving he's moving! Imam!! or someone doctor!!" a woman's voice can be heard


"Owww sheesh, the pain is severe now that I have calmed down it's a pretty vicious wound huh looks to be a long slashing wound."

"My prince my prince how does it feel?" a woman shrieked from my side.

"Oh? who?" I looked to my left surprised by the interruption of my thoughts.

"m-my lord you..." this woman said in a low voice

"Mary, you surprised! me I thought I would be alone I was probably sleeping for a while" I said with a pained smile holding my bandaged torso

"Lord please don't push yourself I called for the Imam and a doctor the servants will probably notify your followers of your awakening" Mary replied with concern and finished her words with a slightly arched bow of the head showing reverence.

"Hmm, no need to lift your head" Jacob replied with a sly smile.

I want to see her face! her voice is nice very nice, and I need some healing... maids are every man's dream you know!

"My prince, I must not drop any pretense even if my prince is hurting, and this hurts me, but your mother had me trained specifically for moments like these."

She raised her face even after such a statement and I am not going to lie my face went a little flush.

"y-you are so much prettier in person" I stated with an excited smile.

"ohh l-lord I.." Mary tried to reply flustered until she was knocked to the side by a panicked doctor.

"Prince... MY PRINCE, I AM HERE YOUR NEW SERVANT HEALER BACCHUS" Screamed the energetic middle-aged man with dark brown hair and eyes.

"Wow! What great form in front of a prince amazing..." I stated with a pained face followed by a chuckle and a few strained coughs.

"My lord I apologize for my outburst but my lord your health is more important than my honor" Replied the doctor as he lunged at my now ragged bandages.

"No rush no rush I don't want to pass out... again," I said stone-faced.

The doctor took good care of me he washed his hands before applying the bandages showing proper knowledge at least. Following that there was a slight checkup and a small prayer to Allah. The conclusion the doc has is the wound should heal on its own in about a month or 2, just apply fresh bandages daily and clean and apply ointment to the wounded area.

This was undoubtedly a great conclusion for me. Now to the good stuff, I am in northwest Anatolia in what the Byzantines would call the theme of Opsikion I am currently in the governor's mansion of the port city Cyzicus on the northern coast lining the Marmara Sea. I rushed here from the military encampment a few miles away because the state healer was here to help all the wounded within the safety of city walls.

Before I was wounded the ottoman army marched to make war with the karasids a Turkmen tribe like the ottomans. The Karasids called their state Karasi the land formerly known as the Opsikion theme. The justification of the sultan spread as he was helping a Karasid prince by the name of Dursun take the throne from the current Tyrant Bey.

("bey" is a tribe leader, these Turkish beylics were like wandering war fortresses on the borders of the byzantine empire. But bey can be used as a term to show that someone is superior to you like "sir".)

the sultan's army marched upon the fortress of Bergama where Demirhan Bey the current tyrant of the Karasid tribe resided with his forces. After the besieging forts were practically finished Dursun bey came to the sultan's tent to request some troops to ask his brother to make peace before men's lives are wasted on the battlefield, The previous owner of the body was chosen to escort Dursun bey out with a flag of peace to discuss with his brother.

My father approved this request and commanded me to take some men and accompany our eternal friend Dursun bey to discuss peace with his brother. So I began to recruit some of the few men I knew from being on this campaign and went along with Dursun.

Once we left the besieging fort, we were noticed by the Karasids they waved the same flag and left the fort with about 30 horsemen. Our two groups met just about 100 or so feet from the fortress's walls which were a little too close for comfort for the former soul, but he was appeased by Karasid prince Dursun.

In no time the two brothers began to converse and I, on the other hand, was just watching from beside Dursun holding tight to a shield in one hand and with the other hand holding tight to the hilt of my sword all while still sitting horseback. But after a short back and forth the bey of the karasids makes a weird movement and I yell for Dursun but all for not in mere milliseconds it seemed like dursun was pierced through the throat with an arrow.

As soon as my eyes looked toward dursun and saw the tragic scene I wanted to retreat but on second thought I had to fight my way out. I should take their leader with me. But as soon as I looked back the Bey was speeding off toward the fort with two horsemen by his side and the other 28 were charging with kilij drawn charging at my group of about 14 lightly armored horse archers.

Honestly, we just have to charge those 50 yards forward to meet them and break out of the entanglement after a few rounds of blows, and a small bonus from sharing blows with their horseman means no sharpshooter arrows coming for my head and ending up dead like our friend Dursun.

After a small gallop not a charge for either side we met and began exchanging blows. I was immediately swarmed by at least 3 or 4 opponents on horseback even if you're the greatest fighter in close combat like this it's a guaranteed loss, but still, my former self did well seeming to kill 2 and dismounted anyone else coming his way.

But at great cost to himself tons of small cuts and bruises along with the long slash across the torso... and the fact that he or I was wearing some Turkish mail armor and was still injured shows how determined the guards were for my life... maybe they needed a small win? well anyways half passed out my horse carried me almost to the camp before the guards took over from there...

But after I was shipped off from the camp the sultan was furious not only because his son was hurt but that adds to it I wouldn't call the man heartless. But add to the fact his casus belli was shot dead right before the conclusion of the war oh man must've been truly scary when he came out of the siege camp.

He ran out toward the battlements and stated he will annex the karasid beylic regardless of if Dursun is dead. After the speech the army went into siege mode and surrounded the castle for an attack but before any arrows were even exchanged...

Hordes of defenders were leaving the fortress to defect over to the ottoman side and before long the Bey himself surrendered himself to Orhan not knowing his little trick hurt his son tsk I wonder his fate... no, truly I wonder his fate I haven't heard anything this is all I know...

Oh, and for better or worse I was the only one in my family who truly fought any bloody battle whether it be big or small in this "war". Also, because I was injured during a mission given by the sultan himself, I was granted certain rights to oversee these Karasid lands. This will be the greatest start for me and my newly found goals... What goals you might ask... well let me explain after having some free time to think and accept my reality I had to visualize and shape my goals, so I have something to strive for in this foreign land.

My goals can be explained rather quickly, I want to build a powerbase as soon as possible so that when my father dies, I don't have to go with him on that trip. And these here Karasid lands are no beginner village these lands are the real deal located on the silk road and have a few city ports for trade in the Marmara Sea and Aegean Sea. So, building a power base is considered complete now just needs some time to develop. But my other goal is to dominate I was thinking should I be conservative and just kind of trade and survive... Or should I use my knowledge of historic events or equipment such as Greek fire and use these to my advantage to slowly gain an upper hand on my future enemies for domination.

And this is the perfect place for me at the moment my plan after leaving this port city tomorrow... Even Tho I am injured I can travel a few miles I just want to get started asap... Well anyways I want to build my main city at Abydos which was a famous crossing between Europe and Asia minor but in the early 13th century I kind of fell apart and I plan to rebuild and expand it. First I want to begin building two sea forts at Canakkale and Lapseki these two towns are in the same Dardanelle strait as Abydos specifically east and west of it putting Abydos perfectly centered between them.

I want to make Abydos a trade hub between the black sea (Crimea, Russia, Georgia, Alan tribe, and bigger fish but not their land) and the Aegean Sea for the moment that's my big goal to achieve rebuilding a city is no small task. While I restore Abydos, I want to move the new Turks and Greeks who arrived in Karasi to Abydos. My second goal for Abydos is a production line-style shipyard and hope to produce more ships than Venice in this era.

The trip went smoothly and here we are Abydos.

"Lord you cannot go alone this place is practically abandoned there could be a bandit nest here or pirates" Basi Leader of my new guard stated coldly.

"Hmm you guys go observe the place take the architect and survey the entire area but first let my troops clean this place up," I said smugly grinning

I brought about 1500 troops with him to Abydos because they will be his quick response team here in Karasi it's a newly conquered land, and we must let every local village and tribe know to who they pay tribute and to whom they ask for help, and from there we build up.

about an hour later 2 troops on horseback gallop to Jacob

"Lord, we encountered some pirates they've all surrendered, and we captured their ships as well" Stated the horse archer trying to show some discipline.

"How many men and ships? how many women and children? and send the butler to count their supplies and loot and report back to me" I stated then shooed the guards away as quickly as possible because something far more important arrived...

<Lord "Jacob" has met the conditions of the Total War System Activation...>


"YES" I nearly screamed aloud but ultimately said it in my mind oddly enough it's just like the novels hahaha.

<System activation successful... Loading Status screen>


Host: Şehzade Alaeddin

Dynasty: Osmanli (Ottoman)

Current Allegiance: Ottoman State

Owned Fiefs: Opsikion Province

Gold: 12000 Ducat

Tax Income: 15744 Akçe (1968 Gold Ducat)

(23% Tax Bonus) (20% bonus on mining income in all owned mines)

Trade Income: 50 ducats

(19% Trade Bonus for all system merchants)

Priests: 0 (available 2)

Merchants:0 (available 2)

Spies:0 (available 2)

Expand Income Details +

Expand Recruitment Details +


Traits: Admirer of Beauty -2 Command, 10% decrease to cost to bribe, -1 from squalor (increases public order and population growth)

Officer Training +2 Command

Inspirationally Brave +1 Authority, +4 Morale for all troops on the battlefield

Cheapskate 10% discount on construction costs, 10% bonus on tax income (decreases population growth and public order)

Very Cultured +1 Authority, +2 to popularity (improves public order)

Steppe Legacy 20% bonus to cash gained from looting

Harsh Taskmaster +1 Command, +1 Authority, -1 Morale for all troops on the battlefield, +20% to Movement Points (gives armies the ability to forced march), +1 to law (improves public order)

Legacy of Dread +2 Dread

Social Drinker +1 Command, +1 to popularity (improves public order)

Blessed With Vigor +2 Authority, +25% to Movement Points (gives armies the ability to forced march)

Father's Legacy (Level 2) +2 Authority

Generous 2% penalty on tax income

Womanizer +1 Morale for all troops on the battlefield

Budding Bureaucrat 4% bonus on all trade income, +1 to law (improves public order)

Aspiring Commander +2 Command

Engineer +2 Command when assaulting walls, +60 Build Points (required for the construction of siege equipment)

Mining Knowledge 20% bonus on mining income

Good with Taxes 10% bonus on tax income

Physically Flawless -1 Command, +1 Authority, +4 to popularity (improves public order)

Intelligent +2 Command, 5% bonus on all trade income, 5% bonus on tax income

Reasonable Ruler +1 Chivalry, -1 from squalor (increases public order and population growth)

Bends the Truth -1 Authority

Understands Logistics +1 Morale for all troops on the battlefield, +15% to Movement Points (gives armies the ability to forced march)

Good at Math +1 Command when assaulting walls 10% bonus on all trade

Stoic +1 Loyalty, 200% increase to cost to bribe

Promising Strategist +1 Command

Honorable Ruler +4 Chivalry, +2 Authority

Tactically Sound +3 Command when ambushing, +2 to line of sight (increases the range at which enemies are spotted)

Tolerant to Foreigners -1 from public security (reduces the chances of detecting and capturing enemy agents)


Command<4> Ambusher Bonus +3 Attacking Walls +2




Moral Bonus +5

Movement Speed +60%

Tax Bonus +23% (20% bonus on mining income) (All owned Settlements)

Public Order Bonus +10 (When in Province)

Population Growth Bonus + 2% (All Owned Settlements)


Jubong Jubong

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