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70% Taekook - Nothing like us / Chapter 14: | Part 13

| Part 13 - Taekook - Nothing like us - Chapter 14 by KYBLUE47 full book limited free

Chapter 14: | Part 13

"Tae, taehyungie, wake up."

Jungkook leaned over him to see if he was still sleeping.

Taehyung opened his eyes and found the youngers face right above his.

"Um- uh, y- you need to pack up, we're leaving", Jungkook said in a shaky voice and quickly left the room. This was probably the point where the both of them would get weird and would act awkward around each other.

What was he thinking last night? It felt like an odd old memory, from somewhere in his mind.

Like a dream but definitely not reality.

Taehyung sighed, got out of bed and threw some new clothes on, as he packed his old stuff into his bag.

Standing sleepy and hungry at the van, they were seated and each got a plate of food to eat on the way to the next city. This time in the bus, because the next city they were going to visit was only seven hours away from their current location and still in the same country.

When they finally arrived at their destination, they got sat in chairs to get ready for an interview and answered a lot of questions Some more intimate than others. But they talked about their inspiration for their songs a lot. And finally the people seemed interested about knowing more about them and their music instead of only caring about rumors.

Jungkook's song "Begin" made it on the album. He actually hasn't really told any of the members who the song was about. So all the members listened up, as Jungkook opened his mouth to reply, just to hear him say that it was about someone special. Then he had stayed quiet with a tiny smile on his lips.

When the interview was over the members gathered around the Maknae:

"Um.. Jungkook do you wanna tell us something?", Namjoon asked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"No hyung why?"

"Someone special? Are you crushing on someone, Jungkookssi?", Hobi assumed.

"Who is it-", Jimin asked.

"Do we know them?", Yoongi interrupted.

"At least tell your oldest hyung-"

"Can y'all just- it is not- I'm not crushing-", Jungkook said, trying to interrupt his hyungs before they continued.

"But you're blushing, you must really like them", Taehyung said from behind. His face contained a grim look.

"I- it's not, I-", Jungkook said with stuttering words.

"It's about a guy", Jungkook said.

"Yeah, we know, Jungkook. Your lyrics said that you love them, 'your brother'. You must be really close with him, to write that he makes you begin."

"You could say that", Jungkook said and looked at Taeyhung who met his eyes and immediately understood.

The song couldn't possibly be about him right? Jungkook wrote it months ago. Could it be? He definitely needed to talk to him later.

It wasn't something very unsual to do, to write songs about your bandmates, Taehyung thought. It was a sweet gesture tho.

Very cute.

And he said he loves me as brother, Taehyung thought. No matter which words the younger used, just the fact that he wrote a song about him, made his heart feel warm. Jungkook might have a hard shell when it came to secrets but he cared deeply about his closest friends. And his fans and family of course.

After they sat in the van again, they drove to the stage to practice.

The next few hours went by quickly and Tae had no chance of talking to him before they did a soundcheck and the concert already had started.

The fans cheered loudly as they screamed at Jungkook to perform his own song. It was on the list of songs to perform anyway even tho they made a version of it where all seven of them would sing.

When they were at the chorus, Jungkook walked over to Tae and subtly put his arm around him.

The fans screamed louder and formed hearts with their arms, hands and fingers.

For a second Taehyung forgot about everything and everyone.

If it wasn't for the spotlight and the fans, he would have lost himself in these dark brown eyes.

So warm, these eyes, so warm.

His heart skipped a beat.

When Jungkook looked at Tae with a waiting look, he noticed that it was his part to sing so he quickly put the microphone to his lips and sang the lyrics Jungkook wrote about him.

"That show was FIRE!", Jhope screamed and yelled and jumped up and down after they got back into the dressing room.

"Agreed, your song is really good, Jungkook, it brings nice atmosphere to the stage", Namjoon said.

"Aishhh when did you become so talented?!", Jimin asked which caused Jungkook to laugh.

"Thanks guys, it means a lot to me."

"Now lets get this done so we can go to the next country. Good work Bangtan! Fighting!", Jin said loudly and they all gathered into a big circle.

"I'm really proud of every single one of you and Bangtan is living it's best", their leader said.

They stood there panting for a few seconds and admiring the situation and then finally broke it off.

Back in the tour bus, they all went to their cabins to sleep. All except two members.

The two of them sat in the back room on the couch.

"That song was about me", Tae said.


"I make you begin."

"That's also correct."

They sat on the opposite sides of a tiny table in the middle.

Taehyung wanted to change that. He climbed over the table next to the maknae.

"You're a sweetheart", he said.


"Yes you are. Writing songs about friends? Thats a really sweet thing to do."

"Right. Tae, we gotta talk."

Taehyung sighed. "I know."

It felt as if the room tensed up with every more minute that went by.

"I don't have anything to say tho", he said.

"I do. I'll make this quick", Jungkook said with a calm voice. Tae wasn't sure if he was supposed to be calmed down by that or if Jungkook was trying to calm himself.

"What was that one time?"

"What one time?"

"On the rooftop? You.. um... you tried to kiss me?"

A strong blush came over Taes face.

"I- I was probably just caught up in the moment. I didn't mean to- I- you would have kissed me back if Jimin didn't barge through the door!"

Now Jungkooks face turned pink.

He knew that Taehyung was right. He would have went with it, if Jimin didn't interrupt them.

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