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31.57% Taekook - Nothing like us / Chapter 6: | Part 5

| Part 5 - Taekook - Nothing like us - Chapter 6 by KYBLUE47 full book limited free

Chapter 6: | Part 5

"Tae- I mean Taehyung, I would like to talk to you. It's already 11 am, so I was thinking maybe, we could clear this up?"

Taehyung groaned with his eyes closed: "Now?"

"Yes, now. I need to get this out", Jimin said.

Taehyung sighed but finally sat up in Jungkook's bed and made space for Jimin.

Jimin sat down: "Listen, I'm sorry for forcing you to take a break, but you need to understand that I was worried. I only want what's best for you and you clearly didn't see for yourself that you needed to calm down a bit. I shouldn't have taken that responsibility, that was wrong and I'm sorry. But please listen to me next time and talk to us when you're not feeling well. Okay?"

Taehyung looked at Jimin. How could he ever be mad at him? Jimin was feeling so bad just because the younger didn't take care of himself.

"Thank you for taking care of me when I didn't take care of myself", he said and looked Jimin right in the eyes.

Jimin smiled, relieved that Tae didn't want to fight anymore.

"Of course."

Jimin came closer and put his arms around him. So did Taehyung.

"So you want to come to the kitchen now?"

"Sure. Who stayed at home today?"

"Jin hyung and me", Jimin replied.

"Jungkook didn't?"

"No, he said he needs to work harder on his footwork."

"His footwork is good, why doesn't he see that?"


"Ahh, Taehyung-ah, did you sleep okay? After last night you kinda scared us", Jin said while greeting him.

"Yeah, sorry about that, I'm a lot better now."

"Jungkook said you had a temperature last night, so today I want to check", Jin said and put his hand on Taehyung's forehead. Tae followed Jin's hand with his eyes and then looked back at Jin.

"It feels okay to me. Here, eat" he said and gave the younger a plate with food.

"Thank you, hyung."

"No problem."


"Hey Jungkook, what happened to your finger? I was wanting to ask you for a while actually", Yoongi said.

"Oh that, I just dropped a glass and when I wanted to pick it up, I cut myself."

"I hope you didn't drop one of Jin's precious glasses. For your own sake." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"No, no it was just a boring, ordinary thing."

"Well, good, because Jin would burn you alive."

"Yeah, I know", Jungkook said with a grin on his face.

"Hobi, hyung, can you please teach me how you do this freaking step?! I don't get it, ahhhh"

"Come here, koo, I'll show you."

—Time skip—

"Are you guys coming? We're going home", Joon said. It was already dark outside and they were really tired and happy to finally go home.

Jungkook was excited to see the other members again. Because of how much time they spend with each other it was weird to not have them around. Especially Taehyung. Jungkook and Taehyung were almost always around each other. And Jimin and Jungkook too. It felt different to only be around the rap line. Of course different didn't mean bad, but something was missing. And it would have been fun to joke around with Jin too. What was wrong with him? Why was he thinking so much, he'll see them soon.

"Jungkook, are you coming?", Namjoon asked, already sitting in the minibus.

"Yes, I'm coming!"

Jungkook jogged to the minibus jumped in and shoved the door close behind him. He sat down next to Hobi and laid his head on his shoulder.

"Aw, you're cute today", Hobi said.

"Mhhhm, you're comfy."

Jhope laughed at Jungkook's cuteness and fondled the younger's hair.

Jungkook quickly fell asleep on Hobi's shoulder.

"Namjoon, I think Taehyung should come with us tomorrow", Hobi said. Namjoon sighed. "Yes, but he isn't well. It is my responsibility to take care of you guys. I'm the leader."

"Yes but maybe he could just do vocal, as we said. Then he wouldn't have to work physically", Jhope replied.

"Is Jungkook sleeping?", Namjoon asked, changing the topic.

"Yes, he is very exhausted", Jhope said and looked at his side where Jungkook was. His breathing was calm and silent.

"What time is it?", Namjoon asked.

Hobi took a look at his phone screen: "Almost 11pm. And we still got half an hour to ride home."

"Right." Namjoon yawned.

"Do you think the others are already sleeping?", Hobi wondered.

"Probably, yes. I would be too if I stayed home."

"Yes, me too", the older said, nodding.

The rest of the ride the two members were looking out the window and were silent. Both tired, the third one sleeping.. they were really glad when they finally arrived at home.

"Jungkook, wake up we are home. Jungkookie", Hobi said trying to wake him up. Namjoon sighed. "Let's just pick him up and carry him inside."


So Namjoon and Jhope tried to pick Jungkook up and walk up the stairs to the dorm. Jimin and Taehyung weren't sleeping yet because they stayed awake talking. When they heard that the rest of the band came up the stairs, they came outside the dorm to greet them.

"Guys, what are you doing with Kookie?", Jimin asked. "He was sleeping so peacefully so we just let him be", Hobi explained. "How doesn't he wake up by the way you carry him?", Jimin laughed, "come on, we'll help you." Jimin and Taehyung quickly made their way to their hyungs and helped them to carry Jungkook inside.

Finally inside, they put the youngest in his bed and Namjoon made an exhausting noise :"Oof, who knew he was so heavy." "I'm going to bed now too, I'm tired", Hobi said and left to go to his room. The others did too.

Taehyung didn't know if he should try to sneak in with Jungkook. Jungkook said he wouldn't mind after all but Tae wanted to be able to sleep on his own. So he decided to go to his own room. He was tired, that was a good sign. He tried not to take too long to get ready for bed. The whole dorm was dark already, the lights were switched off.

Taehyung yawned as he went into his room and closed the door behind him. He sunk into his matress and drifted into a calm sleep.

Some hours later..

"Tae! Taehyung! Hyung? Hey wake up please. I can't sleep", a young sleepy koo said to his hyung and tried to shake him carefully.

"Huh? Jungkook, what are you doing here?"

"I can't sleep."

"Why'd you wake up at all?"

"Bad dream."


"Yes. I was wondering if I could sleep here." Jungkook stood in front of Taehyung's bed and looked at him with begging eyes.

"Of course", Taehyung said and moved to the inside of the bed. Jungkook held the covers up and crawled into the older's bed. "Thank you, Tae."

„Now we're even", Taehyung said jokingly. "Do you want to tell me about your dream?"

Wait, what did he mean with that? 'Now we're even'? So he only helped Jungkook because he thought he owed him, right? Jungkook was confused. When he saw that Taehyung was still waiting for an answer he just said: "No no, it's fine."


"Maybe another time."


What Tae said totally threw him out if line. Would he want to stop hanging around, because he wouldn't owe him anymore? Did he ever owe Jungkook though? Well, the younger really didn't mind to have Taehyung around so it didn't feel like a favor to do for Taehyung to allow him to spend the night. Because Jungkook did enjoy having him around.

As he was laying next to Taehyung he was still thinking about what the older said. Why would it mess with his head as much as it did? That didn't make any sense. Jungkook looked over to Taehyung. His eyes were closed his breast was calmy going up and down. Jungkook looked at the ceiling. Then back to Taehyung. He inspected the older's face. His eyes went from his forehead to Taehyung's closed eyelids. Then to his nose and the small mole he had on it. Jungkook's eyes wandered to his lips and got caught there. Back to his eyes. Then his lips. His beautiful puffy lips. To his eyes again. Jungkook was totally fascinated in watching Taehyung sleep. Was that creepy? Maybe a little? Jungkook didn't care. He never wanted to leave this place, wanted to stay in this exact moment for forever.

He was so beautiful, Jungkook thought. The maknae smiled. He then turned to lay on his other side away from Taehyung and put his left arm under his head to support it. It wasn't the most comfortable position to lay in but it was alright. The younger sighed and closed his eyes. He was a bit cold because his hyung had now most of the blanket. He shivered a little but tried to forget it. He was just glad he wasn't alone anymore. With Taehyung by his side he felt safe. And that safety was exactly what he needed in this moment. More than the warmth. But he had to admit, it wouldn't hurt to feel warm too. Just before he drifted off, he heard the older turn to sleep on the side. He felt that Taehyung moved closer and that he put the covers up to Jungkook's shoulder and laid an arm around his waist to pull him closer. Jungkook smiled. That was so much better.

—Time skip—

5:30 am. Jungkook opened his eyes and blinked a few times. He rubbed his face and then felt something touch his waist. Taehyung's hand was still at the younger's upper body holding him tightly. "Tae, we need to get up. It's 5:30, come on." Jungkook got out of bed, almost surprised at how easily Taehyung let go of him. He still heard a little: "Noo", groaned from the other side of the bed. "Come on, wake up!", the younger said then roughly ruffled through the other's hair and quickly heard a loud complain. "Stop no, stooop!", Taehyung rolled around in his bed until he got to the edge and fell, straight to the ground. Jungkook couldn't hold back and immediately started laughing and after some time he finally kneeled down next to Tae asking: "You okay?"


Jungkook chuckled. "Get up, we need to get ready." It felt good to be able to go to practice with Taehyung again. And the others too of course. Jungkook was glad. He did feel kind of lonely during practice yesterday. And Namjoon finally allowed Taehyung to join.

Jungkook already hopped happily into the kitchen, where he could see Jin making sandwiches for the others. "Jin hyung, what's the special occasion?" "Practice starts earlier today and we need to hurry, otherwise we'll be late. So we're gonna have to eat breakfast in the van." Jungkook nodded and asked: "Can I help?" "Sure, you could just fill up the empty water bottles, that would be really helpful."

"Okay, hyung."

Jungkook went to the water tap and held the bottles underneath it. When he was almost done he heard how someone came into the kitchen and felt how that person pushed past behind him. Because the kitchen wasn't the biggest, it was impossible for two people to stand there at the same time without having to stand really close.

Jungkook looked behind his shoulder to see who it was. Their eyes didn't meet but Jungkook felt like he saw an angel for a split second. Taehyung really did look good today. Not that he didn't on any other day. But today was different somehow. He couldn't resist, he had to look at the older once more. "Absolutely stunning", he thought. "He really did deserve that award for 'most handsome man in the world' ", Jungkook thought.

"Jungkook, are you paying attention?"

"Huh, what?" Jungkook looked at his hyung.

"The bottle is full, why are you waisting water?"

The younger looked at the bottle in his hand. The water was already dripping from the sides. "Oh, ahh sorry, hyung! Sorry, I didn't see", Jungkook said and quickly turned off the tap. "That's what I thought", Jin said and laughed. "I saw that you were a bit distracted."

"What do you mean, I- I wasn't", Jungkook replied trying to talk his way out of this but all that came out of his mouth were nervous fake giggles. He looked at Taehyung and back at Jin, trying to come up with a good explanation but he failed miserably. Jin could see right through him.

"Anyway here is your water, I'm gonna get the others", he now said with a stronger voice not showing how flustered he was, that he actually got caught staring at Taehyung. But it was normal right? They all stare at each other regularly, so why would Jin hyung make a big deal out of it? Why would Jungkook be flustered by being 'caught' was a better question. He shook his head to clear his mind and left the kitchen to get the others.

Taehyung POV

I got a boner. Fuck. Why did Jungkook have to look at me like that? Ahhh what was I supposed to do now?! We needed to leave soon, oh man, how was I supposed to hide this. I needed to change my pants. I quickly ran back to my room and looked for a bigger pair. "Taehyung-ah, where are you?", Jin hyung called. I changed and ran back to the kitchen. "I'm here, I'm here!"

"Did you change again?"



Shit what should I say? "Why not?"

"You're a mystery."

"Like icloud."

Jin laughed. "바보." ('Babo' = fool)

I laughed too and I was glad that I was able to bring the attention toward something else. When I sat down in the minibus I went straight to the last row next to the window so that no one would notice anything.

I hoped that Suga would sit next to me because he would go to sleep. And even if he noticed he wouldn't care or judge me. I see someone moving next to me. I look up and see that it's Jungkook. Shit.


Okay look.. i wrote this around september 2020. It's now March 2021. So um.. i cringed a lot when i read this but I'd either have to completely rewrite my story or just accept it. Well here I am. What I'm trying to say is, pls pls don't judge me for this :|

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