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42% Tales of Demons and Gods: Anime Skill / Chapter 19: Chen Xin's talent (2)

Chen Xin's talent (2) - Tales of Demons and Gods: Anime Skill - Chapter 19 by UltimateDarkness full book limited free

Chapter 19: Chen Xin's talent (2)

Du Ze, Lu Piao and the others all looked at each other, what Nie Li just said sounded very profound. Meanwhile, Chen Xin looked like he was pretending to be confused and contemplating something.

"Everyone takes one soul crystal. These ultimate soul crystals must be properly guarded. Before reaching 500 soul force, this ultimate soul crystal can be used to check your soul force level. After your soul force passes 500, you must obtain an intermediate soul crystal! Nie Li said as Nie Li distributed the soul crystals to everyone.

Seeing Nie Li handing them soul crystals, the expressions of Wei Nan, Zhu Xiangjun and Zhang Ming were terrified.

"How can we take such expensive things?" Wei Nan said. One main soul crystal was worth a thousand demon spirit coins; Their living cost of two years wouldn't even reach that much and Nie Li actually gave them soul crystals.

"Yes, we can't accept this!" Zhu Xiangjun quickly added.

Zhang Ming did the same. They were all ordinary students, when had they had such an expensive item before?

"This was given by Nie Li, take it! Except, you don't think of us as brothers? Du Ze spoke in a deep voice while furrowing his brows.

Even though Du Ze was an ordinary person, Du Ze still had prestige. The three of them looked at each other for a moment and nodded. Taking the soul crystal from Nie Li's hands, their hearts were filled with gratitude.

"Nie Li, thank you, from now on you will be our boss. If there is something that just orders us to do it, "said the trio. They had agreed with Nie Li in their hearts and decided to follow Nie Li.

Hearing their words, Chen Xin smiled slightly. Having these brothers, isn't bad either.

"Du Ze, you will take the first test!" Nie Li looked at Du Ze saying "Do the same as what you did during enrollment!"

"That's right," Du Ze nodded. Lifting the main soul crystal, Du Ze slowly injected soul force into the soul crystal. The crystal soul gradually started to glow. Getting brighter and brighter, illuminating Du Ze's soft yet slightly ripe face, freckles began to appear dancing in the soul crystal. Judging from this level of brightness, there was still enough distance to reach 1 bronze demon star spirit.

The rest swept their eyes over it and were able to figure out the approximate number of points in the knot, each representing one soul force.

"Du Ze, you improved really fast. You already have 52 soul force! Lu Piao said excitedly, with a soul force of 52, Du Ze will probably be the first among those to have his soul power reach the first 100, becoming a 1-star demon spirit spirit.

Du Ze looked at Nie Li. Nie Li is currently concentrating on watching soul crystals. On the other hand Chen Xin was looking at Du Ze's soul crystal, now that Chen Xin already had some knowledge on how to distinguish soul realm attributes and forms. Because Chen Xin had compared the attribute form to himself and to the soul realm form only had a few thoughts about it.

In Nie Li's view, the amount of soul force doesn't matter, be it tens or hundreds doesn't mean anything, the most important is attribute and form.

Within Du Ze's soul crystal were several points of white light, sparkling with reddish-gray rays sometimes coming together transforming into various shapes, like clouds.

Seeing the soul crystal in Du Ze's hand, Nie Li showed surprise on his face, saying wordlessly, "This is actually a Lightning Fire attribute and it's also a Heavenly Thundercloud form."

"Attribute Lightning Fire, Heavenly Thundercloud form?" Du Ze, Lu Piao and the other 3 were confused by what Nie Li just said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-talent-(2)_49888403164035541">;s-talent-(2)_49888403164035541</a> for visiting.

"In this world, there is no world of defective souls. Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and indigo are the seven types of soul realm colors. Each represents a person's unique personality and talents. Due to various reasons, some soul realms were easier to train, but that didn't mean that the red soul realms were crippled. If you find the right cultivation technique to practice, even with the world of red souls, you can also unleash powerful power. For those who classified the spirit realm into different levels, when it came to cultivating soul power, they were a bunch of amateurs! Nie Li gave a faint smile when he said those things.

Hearing Nie Li's words, to Du Ze, Lu Piao and the other three were thunder. This is too shocking, since the beginning of Glory City, those legend rank experts told them that the soul realm is appraised. Orange is stronger than red, yellow is stronger than orange… didn't Nie Li say that those legend rank experts are just a bunch of amateurs?

Nie Li continued saying, "Once you find a suitable cultivation technique, every soul realm color can also reach legend rank! Du Ze has a world of yellow souls with the Lightning Fire attribute and Heavenly Thundercloud form. With a suitable cultivation technique, inscription pattern, and a Heavenly Thunder Beast for the Lightning Flame attribute, his achievements would be shocking. Comparatively, Du Ze's strength would drop if he practiced other things, not to mention that Du Ze's cultivation would progress a lot slower. "

Hearing Nie Li's words, Du Ze showed a sad expression on his face, saying "Unfortunately, the Fire Lightning cultivation technique in Glory City is incomplete. Even if they were recorded in ancient books, the language of those words would be from ancient times too— "Halfway through Du Ze's speech suddenly had a thought. Nie Li and Chen Xin could even read the Divine Lightning Flame Book. Du Ze looked at Nie Li and Du Ze with eyes full of hope, especially Nie Li, because it was Nie Li who revealed the explanation of soul attributes and forms.

At this moment, Nie Li revealed a smile as if Nie Li had a card up his sleeve. Nie Li said, "With me here, there's nothing to worry about. It's just a Flame Lightning cultivation technique, nothing too difficult for me. I have 69 of the strongest Lightning Fire cultivation techniques, which one would you like to practice? "

Finally, after Nie Li's thought, Nie Li decided that Du Ze would use the Heavenly Qilin Technique.

"You will practice the Heavenly Qilin technique, one of the three strongest Lightning Flame cultivation techniques. I will give you chants for techniques and I will also make copies of various martial arts for them in the future! Nie Li immediately cast a spell for technique for Du Ze. The Heavenly Qilin technique chants weren't too faint, so Du Ze remembered them very quickly.

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