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84.84% Tales of The Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 28: Fiend Village

Fiend Village - Tales of The Dragon Sovereign - Chapter 28 by lilhawk full book limited free

Chapter 28: Fiend Village

Long Chen got instantly enraged and tried struggling, but it was not much use.

Long Chen got his bearing and stood his ground.

"You are worthy enough to serve his highness here is your subordination contract"

The Same voice sounded once again.

Long Chen got a good look at the black cat.

'A Sacred Nether Cat Seriously this level of bloodline can't exist on mortal level'

A Sacred nether Cat was a unique Race that existed in very small numbers they were the omen of fortune and representatives of greed.

They had low numbers and low combat strength, still many races served them and groveled before them, to visit their establishments.

The Cat jumped beside the pool and raised its paws with blood dripping, to establish the ownership contract.

This type of blood contract was only one level above the soul contract and was only possible because of their matching bloodlines.

"In your dreams cunt"

Just when the seal was about to land, his draconic soul released its pressure.

Long Chen started radiating endless draconic might.

"Release me"

The pressure was released and Long Chen put out his thumb.

"I only want a contract of equals otherwise fuck off"

Long Chen quickly improvised as being in contact with such a creature is bound to bring him limitless benefits.

The situation reached an impasse with neither side having the upper hand.

The cat thought for a moment before nodding.

It drew a strange-looking circle on which both Long Chen and the cat stood while their hands were dripping with blood.

Both their hands touched and a connection was established between them.

Long Chen's soul then went dormant and he felt like his head was splitting. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'Shit my soul is damaged'

Long Chen then passed out.

Long Chen woke up groggily with no clue, how much time has passed.

'Ahh how long did I pass out what is this stone oh it's the nether asura stone'

Only Now did Long Chen notice that he was lying on the throne and the cat was sleeping beside him.

'Shit my soul is damaged'

Long Chen felt as if his head was being split open the pain of the soul was a lot more lethal than physical pain.


The cat woke up and started nudging itself against Long Chen.

Seeing the cat act this way Long Chen was not sure whether to laugh or cry, cause this cat is supposed to be a dignified creature and is now acting as a house cat.

"Well this trip sure was profitable even though my soul got damaged"

Long Chen put the stone in his spatial ring and put the cat on his shoulder and left the place.

The cat kept on nudging Long Chen as if trying to communicate with him.

"Wait you have a clue on how my soul can be healed"

The cat vigorously nodded.

Long Chen was a bit skeptical as soul herbs were exceptionally rare especially in lower levels, still, he decided to trust it for now.

"Alright, I haven't given you a name. Let me think from now on you are He Mao"

The cat immediately showed a displeased expression as if doubting Long Chen's Intelligence.

"Stupid cat be grateful for your name. I Still haven't gotten back at you for damaging my soul"

It turned out Long Chen was still holding a grudge about that.

The Cat shook its head and wrapped its tail around Long Chen before raising its head in a very suave manner.

One Man and one cat traveled along, walking out all the demonic beasts prostrated before Long Chen and the He Mao.

He Mao waved at all the beasts in a refined manner. Like a nobleman greeting commoners, Long Chen was incredibly amused by this.

The atmosphere around Long Chen changed suddenly there was a lot of fog.

There was a thick odor in the air making the atmosphere look very gloomy.

"Does some kind of race-related to ghosts live here"

He Mao nodded.

"I see so you want me to devour these creatures to heal and strengthen my soul"

The idea was not bad, his body was now suited for this and although the technique was for devouring vitality, altering it for the soul was child's play for Long Chen.

But most importantly he was surprised by He Mao's intelligence.

Listening to Long Chen, He Mao showed a complacent smile.

Seeing this Long Chen rapped it over its head.

"Stupid cat now my soul is damaged it's very risky to fight these creatures"

The cat showed a pitful and aggrieved expression at the same time seem to be saying.

'It's your fault for being so useless'

Long Chen felt dealing with this cat was quite difficult although normally he would act mysteriously with people and tease them, with this cat the roles seemed to be reserved.

While they were bickering, a creature caught Long Chen's eye.

The Cat immediately turned invisible and Long Chen immediately covered himself and the cat with his spiritual force and tried stealthily approaching the cat.

The creature seemed to be covered in layers of black cloth underneath was parts of its silver skin visible with blood-red eyes.

'Nightmare Fiends.'

These type Fiends cultivate both their souls and bodies.

They generally hijack a target brain and show them nightmares before devouring them alive bit by bit just like a locust.

'Most likely the reason He Mao knew about them because they must have been prepared as its slaves

If I can subdue them and make them my slaves it will be really helpful'

Eventually, Long Chen's gaze becomes determined.

He would subdue them, but before that, he would devour a couple of them to heal his soul the ones before he would be equivalent to a first-order demonic beast so it's super simple.

Long Chen quickly appeared behind and slashed at its neck with a saber coated in his qi.


Its head fell over, Long Chen Held its entire body in his arms and started devouring its soul and vitality simultaneously.

The Sensation was hard to describe it felts like a man drifting through a desert suddenly came across a spring.

It felt sensual, soothing, and comforting.

"Ahh I can see why people get addicted to this"

In 100 breaths of time, he was done all that was left was a dried-up corpse in his arms.

Long Chen started foolishly laughing after he felt his soul healing. Although as far as his body, he did not feel any changes as it was expected, anything below 2nd order is like a salad for him.

"Alright He Mao I owe you one for this"

Long Chen took out a profounder fruit and He Mao ate it happily.

Seeing this Long Chen patted her.

(It's a female, Long Chen noticed like an hour ago)

He Mao also felt ecstatic.

"Let's hunt a couple of more"

Both of them then started hunting these fiends on the border of the fog.

Very Soon Long Chen had devoured over 10 fiends but then he stopped.

The very basic principle after devouring is to purify whatever you devoured and since Long Chen didn't have anything to purify the soul. He put a hold on devouring for now.

"Let's go deeper inside I wanna see their source, I reckon there might be some sort of treasure"

Long Chen delved deeper and he saw some ruins of what looked like cities.

Still, Long Chen didn't think much of it until he came across a village.

From afar Long Chen noticed several guards standing outside and inside all the buildings were made up of wood.

While Long Chen was admiring the building, he heard a below from beside him.

"Intruder how dare you kill our clansmen" He was immediately hit with a bunch of soul attacks.

Long Chen grimaced in pain and turned around to see 4, 2nd order fiends surrounding them.

'Shit I have been too careless these bastards communicate through the souls and have little intelligence so it's possible everyone whom I killed was noticed by these guys'

Long Chen looked around and saw that many fiends were gathering around him.

Long Chen could take on one early essence gathering realm martial artist but his advantage would lie in defense, against so many of them even he would be helpless.

Long Chen's eyes suddenly brightened and he straightened himself up.

"Insolence I am a lesser devil how dare you slaves talk to me like that" Long Chen bellowed.

Straightening his back and putting his chin up Long Chen looked at these fiends condescendingly.

The 2nd order friends were dumbstruck they didn't know how to reply.

They were savages and only had somewhat intelligence.

In fact, the reason they hadn't attacked yet was because of his bloodline, which they noticed from the very beginning.

All of a sudden a fierce-looking fiend, which was the tallest amongst them all, made his way.

Seeing him all the fiends gave way, he was their village chief and strongest warrior in their tribe.

Long Chen sensed his aura to be peak 2nd order.

He stood before Long Chen and suddenly knelt his face showing obviousness and devotion.

Seeing this all the spectators were dumbstruck for a moment.

"Your old slave greets the princess and sir devil"

He Mao showed itself on Long Chen's shoulder.

Seeing her all the fiends knelt.

'Wait He Mao is their princess'

"Who are you, what is Noble fiend doing amongst these fiends"

Long Chen realized that this fiend's bloodline was greater than the rest of them.

"Lord please come with me I will answer all your questions"

The village chief ushered Long Chen and He Mao into the largest building in the village possible his home.

Long Chen was surprised to see the banquet the village chief prepared for them.

Although fiends sometimes ate demonic beasts, he didn't expect his culinary skills to be so exquisite.

"My liege pardon my sloppy skills"

Saying that he showed a benign smile.

"You're awfully intelligent for your race just who are you" Long Chen raised an eyebrow in suspicion.

"It is as you say grace"

The Village Chief laughed sheepishly.

"My name is Ah huer and I am the descendant of one of the guardians of our mistress, the mother of her highness the princess

Most of my memories correspond to the degree of my strength so there is a lot I don't know a whole lot.

There was a war in immortal realms and the sacred nether cat race was basically hunted to extinction this pocket dimension was created to develop her highness but it fell apart and the dimension slowly lost energy until it's the current level.

I just beg you to please take care of her highness and we will provide you with our absolute loyalty"

Saying that he knelt down.

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