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35% TDG: The Reincarnation Of A Normal Person / Chapter 7: Chapter 7 - First Kill

Chapter 7 - First Kill - TDG: The Reincarnation Of A Normal Person - Chapter 7 by Lavendal full book limited free

Chapter 7: Chapter 7 - First Kill

Xu Shengong instantly dashed towards Ye Feng who already expected the man to be shameless enough to do so.

Xu Shengong threw a right hook towards Ye Feng who side-stepped and nimbly avoided the hit before kicking out with his right leg towards the Teachers stomach.

Xu Shengong quickly blocked in front of his stomach and took the kick head on only to feel a heavy pressure on his stomach and quickly jumped backwards.

'This kid.... He is at least a 4-Star Bronze Rank Fighter!' Xu Shengong looked at Ye Feng in shock.

''Teacher Shengong actually retreated!''

''Didn't I tell you that Ye Feng would win?''

''Look! Ye Feng still has hands in his pockets!''

People finally started to notice that Ye Feng was still standing there in a relaxed position with his hands in his pockets while almost letting out a yawn.

Xu Shengong finally realized he was getting mocked, by a student no less!

''Ye Feng! I will get serious now, watch out!'' Xu Shengong said with a 'kind' smile and dashed at Ye Feng.

Xu Shengong aimed a kick at Ye Feng's temple while Ye Feng ducked underneath the kick and swept Xu Shengong's feet with his own.


Xu Shengong fell on his back on the ground with a dumbfounded expression all over his face, he quickly stood up and jumped back up and looked at Ye Feng while a vain started throbbing on top of his head.

''You bastard!'' Xu Shengong and sprinted at Ye Feng again.

Xu Shengong kept attacking with a clear intent to heavily wound Ye Feng, that much was obvious to see.

''Teacher Shen Xiu, why aren't you stopping this?'' An aged voice suddenly entered the ears of the students and Shen Xiu.

''Headmaster'' Shen Xiu glanced at the old man before looking back at the fight.

''Because Ye Feng will win, you can clearly see that aswell'' Shen Xiu said coldly without respect a teacher should've shown to a Headmaster.

''This useless trash'' Shen Yue whispered to himself with an angry expression.

Ye Ziyun was fully confident about Ye Feng's capabilities but couldn't help remember what happened with her father.

'I'm not done with him either' Ye Ziyun suddenly thought with an angry expression.

In the city lord mansion....

''*Achoo*… Since when can Black Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist get sick?'' Ye Zong asked himself with a confused expression and continued stamping documents.

Back at the fight....

Xu Shengong had trouble standing and roared.

''You damn bastard!'' Xu Shengong grabbed something from the back of his pants and small knife appeared.

''Not good, Killing Intent!'' Shen Xiu and the Headmaster said at the same time but it was already too late, there was only a few meters remaining between the two while they were fighting over 50 meters away.

''DODGE!'' The headmaster roared while dashing towards the two and released an attack of his own towards Xu Shengong with obvious Killing Intent.

Ye Feng suddenly grinned and finally released his hands from his pocket.

As he saw the knife approaching, his mind was completely clear, only the knife and Xu Shengong remained.

Ye Feng's eyes solely remained on the trajectory of where the knife was going before looking at Xu Shengong and grinned.

Xu Shengong woke up from his raged state and noticed Ye Feng's grin and had a bad feeling, he wanted to draw back but saw Ye Feng whispering,

''You will be the first.....''

Before anyone could interfere in the fight and before Xu Shengong could react, a foot was at the side of his neck.


Xu Shengong was hit into the ground and the ground underneath him cracked, Xu Shengong's body was like a broken kite and didn't move an inch.

''YE FENG!'' A worried shout came over and not even a second later, the Headmaster appeared with Shen Xiu.

''You.... You actually beat him?'' The Headmaster looked at Ye Feng in wonder, he actually crossed 2-Stars and won a fight with seemingly no effort at all?

Shen Xiu looked at him with an interested glint in her eyes, 'What decisiveness'

''This fucker actually dares to harm students from the Holy Orchid School! I will drag him to the City Lord for a sentence!'' The Headmaster replied before looking at Xu Shengong's body.

'He... is dead?' The Headmaster looked at Ye Feng's slightly pale face before saying goodbye to the two of them and assuring Ye Feng that he wouldn't get any problems from this.

Ye Feng felt slightly nauseous but quickly recollected himself, this person wanted to kill him, why can't he kill them?

'Remember Ye Feng, an enemy is an enemy, even if it's a beautiful woman, a goddess, a child, an old person, if they try to kill you..... KILL!' Ye Feng told himself and opened his eyes with renewed determination.

It was time to stop being naïve!

''Was this your first time killing someone?'' Shen Xiu asked with a raised eyebrow when she saw Ye Feng's eyes.

''Yes'' Ye Feng truthfully replied.

''You have good eyes'' Shen Xiu said with a grin on her face.

''Are you flirting with me?'' Ye Feng asked with a sneaky grin on his face.

Shen Xiu hit the top of his head and said with a grin, ''You're a 13 year old kid, stop acting mature''

''You think I'm not mature?'' Ye Feng asked in annoyance, you can question a lot about me but I dare you to think I'm not an adult for fucks sake!

Shen Xiu merely smiled at his annoyed face.

''You want to check or something?'' Ye Feng asked in a provoking manner.

''Get out of here brat!'' Shen Xiu wanted to kick this kid but stopped herself and smiled.

How long had it been since someone dared to flirt so openly with her, it was a 13 year old kid no less!

The other students couldn't handle the wait anymore and ran towards Shen Xiu and Ye Feng.

Shen Xiu's face changed from her small smile to her usual cold expression and screamed at them, ''Didn't I tell you all to wait there?!''

''Ye Feng!'' Ye Ziyun came in first by a long shot and quickly felt all over Ye Feng's body to search for wounds.

The people that just arrived saw Ye Ziyun feeling all over Ye Feng's body and the boys couldn't help but start talking again....

''I wouldn't mind getting injured if Ye Ziyun did this to me too''

''You can sign me up for that aswell''

''You all are so dirty minded..... but I like it!''

'What a bunch of M's, anyway, this little girl would've undressed me if it weren't for the students here' Ye Feng looked down at the panicking purple haired woman and smiled kindly while patting her head, Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

''I'm not injured, if he could injure me, how could I protect you in the first place'' Ye Feng said with a warm smile.

Ye Ziyun looked at him with a red face and said in a small voice, ''You mean it?''

''I'm totally fine, not even a scratch'' Ye Feng smiled and calmed her down.

After finally calming everyone down and getting back in the school building, Shen Xiu started giving some lessons before ending school early and the students cheered while running out.

''Ye Feng, aunty will come and pick me up to get some Inscription Scrolls. Do you want to come with us?'' Ye Ziyun looked at Ye Feng with hopeful eyes.

''Sorry, I need to get a few new books'' Ye Feng tapped her forehead which made her pout with an adorable face before she left the classroom aswell.

''Why are you still here?'' Ye Feng asked the orange-haired beauty that was still sitting there while reading her school book.

Ye Feng didn't get a response and noticed her complexion was deadly pale while her body was shuddering.

'The disease?'

Ye Feng quickly went next to Xiao Ning'er and tapped her shoulder.

Xiao Ning'er was brought back to reality while the pain continued to assault her body and asked with a pained smile, ''Is something wrong?''

''That is my question'' Ye Feng said straight-forwardly.

''Don't worry about it'' Xiao Ning'er said, clearly not wanting to burden him with her problems.

''Pain at night normally but lately it has been occuring in the day aswell, you have 3 spots on your body, correct?'' Ye Feng asked in a matter-of-fact tone.

''You.... How?'' Xiao Ning'er's pale complexion had a bit of red now aswell and thought to herself, 'how does he know I have three? The only way for him to see is when I'm changing clothes....''

Xiao Ning'er quickly shrugged of the thought and thought that Ye Feng wasn't that kind of person.

''I can cure it'' Ye Feng suddenly said, Xiao Ning'er looked at him while biting her lip.

''If you keep cultivating like this, you will lose all your cultivation and won't be able to escape it!'' Ye Feng said coldly as to wake her up.

Xiao Ning'er's body trembled upon thinking about the forced marriage and small tears appeared in her eyes and she weakly said, ''Please.... help me''

Ye Feng couldn't help but look at her with pity, her first life had been a total disaster and now he got the chance to change it, he naturally would since he loved her character.

She would die for the person she loved, she was faithful, she was trustworthy, she was beautiful and she was someone he could spent his entire life with....

''Can you stand?'' Ye Feng asked in concern.

''Mhm'' Xiao Ning'er stood up and held her shoulders in pain.

''Then follow me quickly'' Ye Feng said and walked out, followed by Xiao Ning'er as they walked towards the City Lord Mansion.

Lavendal Lavendal

This will be the last chapter for the next 12 hours or so since it's 3 am, i got work at 7am but I kinda wanted to show that MC isn't a pussy lol. No Beta MC <3

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