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The Abyss of the Vampire - Demon

Fantasy 36 Chapters 40.8K Views
Author: Sweetdreamer20

4.82 (12 ratings)

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There's a reasoned buried things should always stayed buried.

Like my mistakes.

Your past.

Now the grave is open and corpse are crawling out. Corpse cursed with the past of betrayal and lies, awoken to bring forth chaos.


Born from a Witch and a Djinn, Bo was called an abomination. She was called an enchantress for the beauty she had possessed with the rarest gifts, at the age of six.

Time went by and before you know it, she was already thirteen with rare beauty and extraordinary gifts. The villagers became afraid and deemed her as a monster, they whispered about her, called her cursed.

The elders became worried and plotted against her. They allied with Demons, Werewolves and Vampires, trapping her in darkness.

Until she awoken in the body of Kira Quinn.

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This story is fast paced and there is a lot of action. The descriptions are straightforward, which is not necessarily a bad thing. There is mystery after mystery added, and I wish that some answers are given, before more is introduced. Keep up the good work, author. 👍

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It's a good story, and I really like how it starts off with the synopsis. The plotline was well-thought, and the characterization was good. The story's development was fast-paced, and the descriptions were quite vague. I think it would be better if the scenes would progress a tad bit slower so it'll be easier for the readers to digest, and the story would flow much smoother. Overall, it was a great story.

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I liked the pace to the novel, it was very friendly for the reader. The description of character as well the environment was well done. The plot had a good flow that made me land to 7th chapter unknowingly. I just feel that the traits of the characters can be expressed in the run instead of explaining all at once. Apart from that, I liked everything else, even the title was apt.

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And before I knew it, I already reached the 10th chapter. I just stopped myself from reading because I don't want a cliffhanger! It's that good. I love the variety of supernatural beings in the story and the way the author described everything is just perfect. The characters are well crafted too. This is definitely my cup of tea. What more can a reader ask but more updates~

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The story is fast-paced, but for readers like me, it's fine and I love it. I also like that the descriptions aren't too much, and just enough. The narration is straight forward, which I like also.

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I like that they have a whole system for night creature s like witches an d demons. although the story is bit fast paced and I would like it if everything is done a bit slower with more details included

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First of all the synopsis was good. Short yet intriguing. The characters are well defined but not too described. The entire plot is magnificent. I love how in the action scene you used the right adverbs and words thus not making it cringy.

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Hmm. This story gives me so many feels with lots of mysteries to explore. Review Proper after reading the latest chapter 8 release. Writing Quality. The narratives are clear and easy to read. Though there are some g-errors and tense shifts, it would not hinder your reading that much as you progressed to each chapter. Oh, the author too has a great choice of words to describes scenes which added more flavors to your reading as well. Stability of Updates. Stable so far. Story Development. So far everything is going smoothly, not fast nor slow just medium-paced, which helps you digest the story more as you read. iI also love the dream parts, so cool. Character Design. Kira has a good personality. I also like her friend Rebecca. As for Jason that seems to be our male lead, hmm...I'm still having mixed feelings about him 😅🙏. Well, the story is just starting I hope to see how the author will justify their character growths. The other characters too balance the story so far. World Background. As you read, you could see that there is so much to explore especially it has vampires and demons as well and other supernatural beings. A perfect recipe for a world of thrills and many exciting events. Overall, this book has potential. If you love reading vampire stories and supernaturals genres you could definitely check this book. Keep up the great work, author!

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What a great book! If you are looking for a high intensity story that you will never lose interest in, this is a great book for you! You can tell the author has put a lot of thought and work into this story!

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The synopsis is very vague but the story really keep me engaging. The story glued me as I read chapter after chapter and seek the truth behind the mysteries of this story. A very good element in stories but very hard to pull off. Kudos to the Author and keep up the good work. Waiting for more chapters. Cheers!

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Here are my honest thoughts about this novel based on what I have read so far: World-Building: So far the world-building is fine as the author gives some description, but I wish the description and detail could be more shown by the author. I also like there is a supernatural element in here and I do believe the author will expand it. Character: As for now, the main character Kira especially with author give some showing to her character and I do like the reaction when she first met the Jason, the vampire. I hope the author would give a further development about the new life she was about to face. While other character such as Jason and the others, they are all fine as for now and we could see they are all distinct when comes to appearance and personality. Therefore, I do believe will expand more development about those characters. Overall, that's all I have to say about this novel and keep up the good work. Thank you very much !!!

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I've read the first three chapters. The story has potential I have to say. The description of the characters' appearances straightforwardly is not my style, but I respect your style. There are a few grammatical mistakes that need to be proofread. Overall, it's a good start!

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