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94.44% The Adapter's System / Chapter 33: The Mysterious Crimson Eyes.

The Mysterious Crimson Eyes. - The Adapter's System - Chapter 33 by Renovator full book limited free

Chapter 33: The Mysterious Crimson Eyes.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Enter." The voice resounded from inside of the room.

The man who had done the knocking quickly entered after having been given permission. Light flashed once he did due to how bright the lights inside were.

"What is it?"

A single question was what the man ahead of him asked. There he laid on his bed with four other women. All dressed wearing fancy night gowns. Their beauty was truly one to behold, great proportions and curves. The man who had walked in couldn't take his eyes off them.

"Surely it's nothing important~"

"Can't it wait for later~?"

Two of the girls out of the four who laid beside him asked.

"Quiet." Said the man.

"Aww~ If you say so~"

"We'll wait…"

They muttered with pouts.

"B…Boss… I come bearing bad news…" Said the messenger

"Go on."

"P-Pedro and his crew still haven't returned from the ruins… It's been a week already…"

The Boss who remained laid down gave a light stroke to on his beard and asked.

"Are they dead?"

"A-About that… Their bodies were found burier beneath the rubble of a collapse building and…"


"There were bullet wounds on two of them. They mentioned something about going after a new registered hunter."

"Hoh… Tell me more about this hunter."

The messenger flinched once he saw the cold look on the bosses eyes.

"Very well…"


The boss's eyes widened once he heard the story. He couldn't believe it, the new hunter who had killed one of his best members was a kid?

"Bring that kid here. Dead or alive." He muttered with a cold glare. "Gather four of our twenty three remaining members."

'A kid thinks he can take attack my gang and get away with it? This'll be interesting." He thought to himself.

"Y-Yes sir!" The messenger replied before rushing out of the room.



Asper let out a quiet sneeze as he walked down the roads while rubbing his nose.

"What should I do now…?" Asper questioned.

'I guess it's about time to go to the guild. Should I upgrade my equipment first?' He wondered

After giving it more of a thought, he decided to do so after going to the guild. He didn't have any money on him only items which he could sell and he didn't want to take money out of his savings from the bank.

'Speaking of which… I need better Armour…'

"Argh… So many things to-"


Asper was interrupted as he suddenly bumped into someone ahead of him, what was bizarre about it all was that rather than the person having fallen down.


Asper was the one who had fallen over landing on his ass.

Confused as he he remained on the ground, he looked up to see the frame of a Young girl. Long silver tied up forming twin tails. A long brown cloak which covered her overall figure exposed thighs due to her shorts.

There was a lot which stood out about her but what caught his eyes were her Deep crimson blood red eyes. Similar to his own but a much stronger concentration of red along with strangely shaped pupils.

Rather than being circular they were slit, almost like a cat's, however it gave off the impression of a tiger. For some reason, whether it was from fear, anxiety or nervousness, he couldn't breathe.

<Skill mental-resistance LV.1 calms your mind>

"Hey you, pay more attention to your surroundings." Said the girl as she extended her hand to him.

The instant Asper heard her and saw her hand, he snapped out of it and noticed that her eyes and it's color had completely changed.

They were now a strong oceanic blue with regular circular pupils.

'W-What was that…?' Asper wondered as he took her hand and got up. 'Did I imagine it…?'

"Well then, I better get go-"


The girl was interrupted by the sound of a beep which suddenly came from her back pocket. Once she heard it, her eyes widened.

*Beep* *Beep*

Another two beeps. For a moment there was a pause, but suddenly- She quickly grabbed a strange device from her back pocket and pointed it at Asper.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

It was some sort of phone type of device with an antenna sticking out. She pointed the antenna towards Asper's chest and the beeps got more and more frequent. It wasn't hard for Asper to realize what that device was doing.

'It's reacting to my artifact…!'

Once he realized this, Asper ended up walking right past her as he said the words. "I'm in a hurry, it's fine."

Strangely enough, the sound disappeared and she didn't try to stop him.

'What was that…? That device, does she know about the artifact?' He wondered as he looked back.

Once he did, his eyes widened. She was no longer there.


Asper's confusion grew once again as he ended up bumping into someone once more. This time he didn't fall and stood his ground.

His heart dropped when he saw that it was the same girl from before.

'When did she…?'

"You… can we talk for a moment?" She asked.

"Not interested-" Said Asper as he tried walking past again.

Just as he had finished the sentence however, she grabbed onto his hand before quickly rushing into a nearby alleyway. Asper's eyes widened once he noticed that no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't get out of her grip.

Before he had even realized it, they were already in an alley. What was happening? How did they get there so fast? It was on the other side of the street and yet they had reached there in a split second.

"Who- No, what are you?" Asked Asper as he placed the nuzzle of his left glock on the back of her head.

"Ah… Sorry there were too many eyes around." Said the girl as she suddenly let go of his hand.

"Start by telling me what you want." Said Asper as he pressed the nuzzle against the back of her head.

Is she here to take the artifact from me? Will I have to fight her? Should I kill her? These thoughts flooded Asper's mind.

<Adapted to confusion.>

Suddenly, Asper took in a deep breath before letting it out.

"You… Don't you think it's rude to point your gun at a lady?" She asked

"It would be rude to men that I have if I didn't." Asper replied.

She let out a sigh.

"Alright, Alright. But that won't work on me."

"This beauty works on anything."

"Then, shoot. I'll prove you wrong." She said as she suddenly turned and stared at him.

She placed the nuzzle right on her forehead as she looked right into his eyes. There wasn't a hint of fear in them.

Asper could tell she wasn't joking. In fact, More than that, he felt something was very off about her. She was concealing it, but he could tell. This girl was strong. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-system_19217856006828405/the-mysterious-crimson-eyes._55529484882865716">;s-system_19217856006828405/the-mysterious-crimson-eyes._55529484882865716</a> for visiting.

How strong was another thing, what sort of human could survive a bullet? She didn't seem like she received nanobots transplants or any body modifications for physical reinforcements as many experience hunters did and she certainly didn't look like a hunter.

Shooting would also probably aggravate her, so it would be best to just listen to what she had to say.

"Tch, go on." Asper muttered as he lowered his gun while clicking his tongue.

She seemed pleased by his sudden action.

"Oh~ Smart choice. Well then… Now for the question… Can you give me that artifact?" She asked.

Renovator Renovator

Many thanks again to : DaoistLBupgb who gifted yet another grimoire! Many thanks to all the people who have been supporting and voting for the book! I've been travelling recently so haven't been able to update.

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