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90.9% The Adventures of the other Children / Chapter 10: Cousin of King Arthur

Cousin of King Arthur - The Adventures of the other Children - Chapter 10 by MenelikPendragon full book limited free

Chapter 10: Cousin of King Arthur

You all know about the legendary man known as; King Arthur.

But, did you guys know that Arthur has a cousin, a man by the name of Culhwch.

Culhwch is married to Olwen, together; they are the King and Queen of Tintagel.

King Culhwch has many fine knights under him, such as;

Sir Mabon ap Modron.

Sir Hector de Maris, the wielder of Coreiseuse.

Sir Gwyn ap Nudd

Sir Geneir Gwystyl

Sir Azrael

Sir Swain

Sir Brack, Culhwch's cousin, and Arthur's brother.

Sir Corineus.

Sir Bors.

Sir Gorlagon, a weredingo-knight.

Sir Conan Meriadoc.

Sir-Lady Glandria.

King Culhwch also has the Cŵn Annwn hounds under his command, and the King himself wields the sword known as; Flamberge.

Another notable thing is the man who stands guard at the gates to Tintagel, the man is known as; Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr.

I should also mention that this story takes place in the same world as Jacob and Jack.

Now, let the story begin.

" Why the long face, sire? " said King Culhwch's advisor.

" It is nothing, old friend, I was merely remembering the peaceful days " said King Culhwch, as the Cŵn Annwn hounds were sleeping by his feet.

" Are things not peaceful now? "

The King giggled.

" They are peaceful - the King now sighed - but nothing lasts forever "

The King now paused for a moment.

" The things which have taken place in Camelot… it breaks my heart to hear of the things which my cousins have gone through "

" They are strong, very much like yourself "

The King giggled.

" I do not know what I would do without you; Merlin. You are always there to help me… you and all your demons "

" We are happy to serve, sire " said Merlin, as he was wearing the Ring of Archangel Michael.

The King now arose from his chair, as his dogs awoke.

" Duty calls " said King Culhwch, as he walked towards the throne room.

A small portal opened up next to Merlin, one of his demons popped out and said;

" Sir, there is news "

" Tell them to wait "

" Of course, Solomon "

The doors to the throne room opened. While King Culhwch was walking, all his knights were eagerly standing by.

The King sat down, smiled, and then said;

" Let the adventures begin "

The Widow Knight

Here is a fun fact for you all; when a knight dies, it is the duty of the fallen knight's wife to avenge the death of her husband.

That is right, women in the middle ages were; Avengers.

This story is about such a woman, who has donned armor, taken up a sword and mounted a steed.

The loyal wife has made her way to Tintagel in order to take revenge on the knight who killed her husband.

The doors to the throne room opened, as the Widow Knight walked towards King Culhwch.

The knight kneeled in front of the king's throne, everyone looked on, as the knight took off her helmet; revealing a face which was more fair than the moon.

" Your name? " said Merlin.

" Sir-Lady Laina Morris "

" What business do you have here in the court of King Culhwch? "

The knight paused for a moment, she then said;

" I have come seeking the death of the knight who killed my husband " said Sir-Lady Laina, calmly and with love.

" Who is the knight; who has done you this much harm? " asked the King.

Sir-Lady Laina turned towards the knight, she then said;

" Sir Swain "

All eyes turned to Sir Swain.

King Culhwch paused for a moment in order to gather his thoughts.

" Merlin, you have dealt with something similar "

" Not quite, I just helped figure out who was the real mother of a baby " said Merlin with a smile.

" I have every right to demand justice, you can not deny me my revenge "

The sound of Sir-Lady Laina pulling out her sword could now be heard.

" Pardon, lady knight, I know that by law; you have every right to demand a battle with the knight who killed your late husband, but, at the very least; let us hear Sir Swain's side of the story " said the King.

Sir-Lady Laina thought about it, as she was eyeing Sir Swain, she then said;

" Very well " as she put her sword back into its scabbard.

Sir Swain now stepped forward, he kneeled, he then said;

" I am Indeed the one who killed Sir-Lady Laina's husband… leaving her a widow- "

" And my son fatherless " said Sir-Lady Laina, as she was glaring down at Sir Swain.

Sir Swain kept his composure, he then continued;

" We fought bravely, like true knights. Both of us were unyielding and full of valor… but I came out victorious "

" What happened to the body? " said the King, curious.

" I had one of my squires bring it to the home of his family… to the home of Sir-Lady Laina "

" You could not even bring it yourself… why? " uttered Sir-Lady Laina.

Sir Swain paused for a moment, while choosing his words carefully.

" I had other matters to attend to… "

Sir-Lady Laina could now be heard letting out a laugh.

" I see " said she; " you had other duties… well, I have a duty as well "

Sir-Lady Laina now pulled out her sword once more.

" I shall ensure that the soul of my husband shall rest peacefully in Avalon "

Sir Swain now rose, as he too pulled out his sword.

" I will not deny you your revenge, nor will I stand in the way of your duty and love, but, I will fight for my life "

Everyone looked on, as the two knights were about to come to blows.

" Wait " said the King.

" Do not get in my way, " said Sir-Lady Laina.

" I won't, but, my throne room is hardly the place for such a matter to be solved in "

" Sire, I would like this matter to be as private as possible " said Sir Swain.

" Worry not. Only I, Merlin and the rest of the knights shall all be witnesses to this fight, which will take place in the small arena… agreed? "

Sir-Lady Laina and Sir Swain were both quiet for a moment, they both then nodded.

We now find ourselves in the small arena near Tintagel.

Inside the arena stood both Sir Swain and Sir-Lady Laina, both in full armor and with their weapons in hand.

" What will happen to your son? " asked Sir Swain.

" Are you that sure of your victory? "

" I am merely making sure of his safety and future "

Sir-Lady Laina paused for a moment.

" If I were to die here; my son would then be raised by my mother… She is very wealthy, so my son will want for nothing… other than a father and a mother "

A giggle could now be heard coming from Sir-Lady Laina.

" He will most likely come seeking revenge against you, if I were to die "

A giggle could now be heard from Sir Swain.

" Yeah… "

The two knights now walked closer to one another, they raised their weapons, and the sound of their weapons clashing could now be heard.

The King, Merlin and the rest of the knights, all looked on at the magnificent battle taking place.

Each knight had something dear to fight for, something sacred to protect.

Sir-Lady Laina, fought to avenge her husband, and for the future of her son.

Sir Swain, fought for his honor and reputation.

Each blow of their weapons was filled with strength and emotions, each muscle of their bodies was powered by something holy.

A boom could be heard, as Sir Swain had brought Sir-Lady Laina to the ground.

Sir Swain was about to bring his sword down, that was till Sir-Lady Laina blinded him with some sand.

Sir Swain fell back a step, he then fell to the ground, as Sir-Lady Laina had tackled him.

Sir-Lady Laina was about to kill Sir Swain with her dagger, but she then asked;

" Do you have any children? "

" No "

" I see "

Everyone watching gasped, as Sir-Lady Laina had bought her dagger down, mere inches away from Sir Swain's face.

" Why spare me? " said Sir Swain, surprised.

" My husband " said Sir-Lady Laina with a loving smile; " was a good man, I loved him dearly… but, he would have been sad to see me become a killer "

The wind passed by the arena.

" I am sorry… sorry that your son shall grow up without the love of his father… "

Sir-Lady Laina was quiet for a moment.

" I will never forgive you… but, I have beaten you… as for my son; he shall one day become your squire " said Sir-Lady Laina with a smile.

A surprised and astonished look befell Sir Swain, he then bowed, as he then said;

" I would be honored to have him as my squire "

Sir-Lady Laina sighed with a smile.

The Widow Knight rested in Tintagel for two days, she then rode back home.

When Sir-Lady Laina reached home, she was welcomed back by the loving embrace of her son. And, true enough, her son would later become the squire of Sir Swain.

The Gift

It happened one week after the wedding between Sir Servause le Breuse and Gríðr, that King Culhwch and Sir Mabon ap Modron were training outside the castle.

Sir Mabon was able to force the King back.

" Trying to wound more than my pride " said the King with a smile.

" Apologize, majesty " said the knight with a smile.

The two old friends now went at it again, they answered one another; blow for blow, smiles of joy and enjoyment could be seen on their faces.

" It has been a while since I last sweated this much… " said King Culhwch, as he cleaned his face with a cloth.

Sir Mabon now gave the King some water to drink.

" So, what is on your mind? " said the knight.

The King showed a look of confusion.

" Come on " said Sir Mabon with a smile; " I have known you long enough to know when something is bothering you "

The King smiled.

" This week… " said the King with a faint smile.

Sir Mabon now realized what the King was talking about.

" Your anniversary " said the knight with a smile; " what will you get the beloved Queen? "

The King now let himself fall onto the grass.

" That is the question; I have yet to find an answer for… "

The knight joined the King on the soft grass.

The wind now passed through.

" I have to get her something nice… " said the King; " we have been married for a long time "

" Way longer than anyone expected "

" What is that supposed to mean? "

" I mean " said the knight, as he was eyeing the King up and down; " Queen Olwen is way smarter and prettier than you. We were all sure that she would have left you after a while " said the knight with a smile.

The King tried to speak, but words failed him.

" Who are 'we'? " uttered the King at last.

" I was joking "

" I know… " said the King with a sigh; " but your words still hurt… I know that Olwen is amazing, that is why I want to give her something special "

" How about a child? "

The King stood up, as he was giving the knight a strange look.

" Don't give me that look " said Sir Mabon with a smile; " neither of you is getting any younger, and the kingdom needs an heir, and a spare "

The King tried to speak, but words failed him once more.

The King now landed back onto the grass.

" Will I be a good father? " the King asked.

" Honestly; no "

King Culhwch now gave Sir Mabon a friendly push.

" That is why we are here; your knights, and Merlin, to help you through it, if you need it " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The wind now passed through the grass and the two men.

" A child…? " said the King to himself.

" It is high time "

Things were quiet for a moment.

The King now stood up, he walked towards his palace, when night came; love was made, in doing so; Tintagel was sure of an heir.

Old Nick

The good knight; Sir Hector de Maris, has been sent on a knight's errand.

There have been reports about a fearsome beast terrorizing a local village, so; Sir Hector has rode out in the hopes of helping in any way he can.

Sir Hector arrived at the village, and what a sight it was.

Many of the houses were ash, and many more were broken. The people were either wounded or dead.

" Greetings, sir knight " said a wounded boy.

Sir Hector dismounted his horse, and kneeled before the poor boy.

" Greetings lad, could you tell me; how all this happened? "

But before the boy spoke, Sir Hector gave him some water.

" It happened last night sir, the dragon came out from nowhere "

" A dragon? "

" Aye sir, I saw it myself. It was larger than any of our houses, and its flames… well, you can see that for yourself "

Sir Hector gave the boy a faint smile.

The knight patted the boy on the head, as he then said;

" Good lad, go to your family and help them in any way you can "

" What about you, sir knight? "

" I will help by vanquishing this foul beast " said Sir Hector, as he mounted his steed.

As the knight was riding through the forest, one of Merlin's demons met up with him.

" Greetings Sir Hector, I bear a message from Merlin '' said the demon.

" Yes? "

" Merlin has deduced the beast to be a Knucker-Dragon "

Sir Hector smiled.

" I see. Did Merlin also say where I could find this beast? "

" He did. My master has ordered me to assist you in your battle "

" I hardly need help to slay a mere dragon, " said the knight with a knightly smile.

The demon smiled.

" I have not been sent to help you kill the beast, I have been sent to help you capture the dragon "

" Capture? " said Sir Hector, surprised; " after what it did to the local village, I think not "

" Please sir knight, calm yourself. My master merely thinks that it would be a waste to kill such a powerful creature. The dragon could be quite useful, even in rebuilding the village "

Sir Hector thought about it for a moment, he then said;

" Very well "

The demon now led the knight to a massive lake.

Sir Hector threw a rock into the lake, and out came the Knucker.

The dragon was massive, but the knight was fearless.

As Sir Hector tired the beast, the demon transformed into a massive serpent; who then wrapped itself around the dragon.

The Knucker was captured and the village was later rebuild, more beautiful than before.

The Race

Sir Gorlagon has heard rumors about a horse; which no other horse can beat.

This unbeatable horse appears on a road and challenges any rider it comes across. As of yet, no rider has been able to beat the horse.

Sir Gorlagon is intrigued by the creature.

So, one day, the knight found himself on the very road where the horse always appears.

The knight looked around, but the horse could not be seen. That was when Sir Gorlagon heard the snapping of a twig.

He looked; and there it was, a beautiful jet black horse.

Using his nose, Sir Gorlagon figured out that the horse before him; was no normal horse.

" A Gytrash " said the knight with a smile.

The Gytrash horse held itself up with pride.

The knight smiled at the horse's confidence and self-pride.

The horse also knew that the knight was not as he seemed.

The horse now looked on, as Sir Gorlagon transformed; into a weredingo.

Sir Gorlagon smiled at the horse, but the Gytrash did not show an ounce of fear.

The knight and the horse both got into positions.

A line was drawn on the road, a target location was chosen, and off they both went.

Sir Gorlagon and the Gytrash were both running with all their might and strength. The very forest and earth shook under their feet.

The race was close, the knight and the horse could feel each other's breaths.

The horse was gaining the lead a little, but then Sir Gorlagon did something unexpected. To pass the horse, the knight could be seen jumping from tree to tree. In doing so, Sir Gorlagon won the race.

The Gytrash ran up to the knight; howling and angrily striking its foot on the ground.

" I did not cheat " said the knight, as he was a human once more.

The horse kept on angrily striking the ground.

" And now that I have won, how about you become my steed? " said Sir Gorlagon with a smile.

The horse seemed to calm down by the knight's offer. The Gytrash gently hit the knight with its head.

" I will take that as a yes "

The knight and the horse were now racing back home; together.

The Worm

It was raining heavily that day, which should come as no surprise for those living in Britain.

Sir-Lady Glandria was walking towards a nearby lake, which was a common sight, but the rumors surrounding the lake were anything but common.

It is said; that a monster lives in the waters.

This monster waits patiently till someone is close enough, be it adult or child, once the target is close, the monster attacks.

Sir-Lady Glandria, by request of the King and the nearby villagers, has set out on a "fishing trip".

While the rain was still heavy, the lady knight calmly sat down, she took out a fishing rod and some bait. She then threw the line into the lake.

And now, the waiting game began.

Sir-Lady Glandria sat on the wet grass, not moving a muscle, she was merely watching the calm lake, for the rain had stopped.

The only sound which could be heard; was the sound of drops of water, from the tree and bushes, hitting the lake.

Sir-Lady Glandria now felt her rod move.

The lady knight stood up, she was holding onto her rod with all her might.

Sir-Lady Glandria now pulled with all her strength, and much like Thor, Sir-Lady Glandria had caught a BIG one.

" The Lambton Worm " said the knight with a smile, as she threw her rod on the ground.

Sir-Lady Glandria was wielding her sword, as the worm roared.

The Lambton Worm now did something unexpected and very unusual.

The Lambton Worm picked up a tree, and now wielded that tree as a club.

" Impressive " said the knight, impressed.

The Lambton Worm was now trying to hit the knight with its "club", the whole thing looked like a game of whack-a-mole.

" Don't worry love, the cavalry's here " said one of Merlin's she-demons.

The demon was flying down towards the worm, with a rope in her hand.

The she-demon now wrapped the rope around the Lambton Worm's mouth, and with the full might of the demon, the head of the worm hit the ground; where Sir-Lady Glandria finished it off, by running her sword through its brain.

" Thanks " said Sir-Lady Glandria, wet.

(Note; from all the rain)

The she-demon now kissed Sir-Lady Glandria on the cheek.

" What was that for? " said the knight, surprised.

" Your sweat tastes sweet " said the demon, as the knight was also covered in sweat.

The knight now got a ride back home.

The Giant on Penhill

The people of a local town have all felt the earth shaking one too many times.

The people of the town have asked the King for help, and in turn; King Culhwch has sendt Sir Conan Meriadoc on the task.

Sir Conan was riding to the town to ask some questions, he arrived at a tavern in the town, where he could be seen entering.

Sir Conan sat down, and ordered a drink.

" Aren't ye a bit too fancy to be sitting with the common folk? " said a man next to the knight.

" What makes me appear uncommon? " said Sir Conan with a smile.

" Ye armor, ye clean face and ye white teeth '' said the man, as he finished his drink.

Sir Conan gave his drink to the man.

" Thank you kindly… " said the man, as he was more calm; " so, how may I be of service to a great knight like ye-self? "

Sir Conan now leaned closer to the man.

" I have come to investigate the many strange earthquakes in your town "

The man now grew quiet.

" I see… "

" You sound as if you know something? "

The man was quiet.

" Please tell me, I am here to help "

The man finished his drink, he then said;

" The reason for all my drinking in this here bar… is because I am drinking my sorrows away… "

" What happened? "

The man took a deep breath.

" I lost all me livestock, from cows, sheeps and even to my poor dogs… "

Sir Conan placed a hand on the man's shoulder.

" I am sorry "

" It happened on a day where there was an earthquake. I stayed indoors, when the earthquake was gone; so was my livelihood… "

The man's face now grew serious.

" It was a giant "

" A giant? " said Sir Conan, surprised; " what makes you say that? "

" For its massive footprint is still on my farm "

Sir Conan paused for a moment, he then got up.

As Sir Conan was walking out the bar; he put his bag of money on the table, next to the man.

The man now started to cry tears of joy and hope.

Sir Conan walked to the man's farm, where he followed the massive footprints.

All the footprints were leading to Penhill, which was hidden thanks to a lot of trees.

Sir Conan now noticed the various bones of various animals near the house of the giant.

A twig snapping under the knight's foot could be heard.

Sir Conan now heard a sound from the house.

The earth was now shaking, the door opened; and out came the giant; who took hold of his equally massive club.

" Here we go… " said the knight, with sweat on his forehead.

The giant now gave chase to the knight.

Sir Conan knew that he could not win in strength, so he settled for speed.

The giant was destroying every tree in his way.

Sir Conan now noticed a tree which was too thick for the giant to destroy.

With all his might, Sir Conan climbed up the thick tree, as the giant was trying to hit the knight with his club.

Sir Conan still climbed, as the tree was shaking from the giant's blows.

The knight was now high enough.

Sir Conan pulled out his sword, he then jumped.

With the force of the jump, Sir Conan ran his sword through the giant's head.

With a thundering boom, the giant's dead body hit the ground.

The adrenaline was wearing off, which made Sir Conan exhausted.

But, the knight's loyal steed came to his rescue.

Stingy Jack Knight

Sir Gwyn ap Nudd, a knight of King Culhwch.

But, Sir Gwyn also has another function, he has a similar job as Thanatos.

Sir Gwyn helps deliver souls to Avalon, alongside Plippalinot the Ferryman.

These two serve the gods of Avalon.

Sir Gwyn has been given a task, but this task was not given by King Culhwch.

The task in question was given to Sir Gwyn by the head-god of Avalon; Avalloc.

Avalloc has tasked his underworld knight to find and bring the man known as; Stingy Jack to Avalon.

Sir Gwyn now sets out on his mission.

Sir Gwyn can easily travel throughout the land of the living; and of the dead. He can even travel to the place in between; where Stingy Jack exists.

For you see, Stingy Jack has been banned from heaven and he can not enter hell. So, Jack walks the place between heaven and hell, he walks while holding a lantern, to light the path which has no end.

Jack merely walks and walks, not knowing where he goes.

It was on such a day, that Sir Gwyn walked up to Jack.

" Hello " said the afterlife knight, politely.

" Piss off, " said Jack with venom.

Sir Gwyn giggled.

" You know, you are not the first to utter those words " said Sir Gwyn with a smile.

" What do you want? " said Jack, as he completely ignored the knight's words.

" I have been given orders to bring you to Avalon "

Jack turned around; to look Sir Gwyn in the face.

" Why? " said Jack, confused.

" I did not ask "

" So you are just a loyal dog? "

" I am merely here to fulfill my duty "

Jack walked closer to the knight, he then held his lantern up to Sir Gwyn's face.

" Do you know the story of Sisyphus? "

A smile could be seen on Sir Gwyn's face.

" Are you going to try and trick death? " said the knight, as he leaned closer to Jack's face.

" I tricked the devil himself, " said Jack with a proud smile.

" True - Sir Gwyn paused for a moment - but, look where that got you "

Jack's smile was now gone.

" What does Avalloc want with me? "

" He has a job offer for you "

" I thought you said that you did not know? "

" I lied, " said Sir Gwyn with a smile.

Jack was surprised and delighted.

" So, death also lies? " he said.

" Death can have some fun from time-to-time "

Jack meditated for a moment, he then said;

" Take me to the King of the gods of Avalon "

" With pleasure, " said Death.

The Knight and the Cat

Cats can be loving and playful, but they can also be evil and harmful.

Sir Geneir Gwystyl was riding through a town, as he rode, he noticed the many scars on the poor people; all the scars resembled that of a claw.

The knight stopped at a well, so that his horse could get a drink.

As Sir Geneir took a drink himself, he noticed a girl crying.

The girl hid her face in her hands, and she was doing her best not to make a sound, while her tears hit the ground.

Sir Geneir slowly walked up to the girl.

" She is a young adult " said the knight to himself; " hello there " said Sir Geneir with a gentle and soft tone.

The girl jumped out of her skin, she had a terrified look on her face, and Sir Geneir noticed her red eyes.

" I am not here to hurt you " said the knight, as he was doing his best to calm the poor frightened girl.

The girl now seemed to calm down, as she noticed that Sir Geneir was indeed a knight, and she did not feel any hostility from him.

The girl now drank some water, she then said;

" Thank you "

" For what? " said the knight, confused.

" For the running away "

Sir Geneir just looked at the girl.

" Do people normally run away from you? "

The girl was quiet for a moment, she then said;

" Have you heard of the Surrey Puma, the creature which plagues this town? "

The knight nodded.

The girl smiled, as she then said;

" Take a closer look at me "

Sir Geneir now analyzed every detail of the girl, from her long jet black hair, to her hopeful green eyes, and her milky skin.

" I see only beauty, " said the knight with a smile.

The girl giggled.

" Look closer, " she said.

Sir Geneir now saw it, the girl's fingernails were all red; the color of blood.

" You are the puma, " said the knight, as he seemed more serious.

The girl was silent, as she drank more of her water.

" I was just a child when I was cursed… the transformation happens whenever there is a full moon… I can not stop it, nor can I control it… I can only suffer, while I make others suffer… "

The girl's hopeful green eyes lost a little of their dimness.

Things were quiet for a moment.

" Do you have a family? " asked the knight.

" I had a family "

That was not the response which the knight was hoping for.

Sir Geneir now sighed, he now stood up and extended his hand to the suffering girl.

" I am cursed… " said the girl, as tears appeared in her eyes.

" And I know a cure, " said the knight with a hopeful smile.

Sir Geneir brought the girl; whose name was actually Penelope, to Merlin.

The great and powerful wizard lifted the curse on Penelope.

Later, after having spent a lot of time together, Sir Geneir and Penelope married one another.

Their relationship was known as; The Knight and the Cat.

The Grey Knight

Queer and odd things have been happening in Tintagel.

There have been rumors about a knight, dressed in glowing grey armor, walking throughout the kingdom.

Some people have even seen this dreadful knight; walking through walls, like a ghost.

This; ghost-knight, has only been seen at night, but, the most queer thing of all; is that no one has die.

What I mean to say; is that this phantom knight does not appear to be out for revenge or blood. The poor soul only seems to roam aimlessly around.

King Culhwch has tasked Sir Azrael with the matter, and the knight now sets out on his mission.

It was during one night, as both the moon and the stars glowed in the night sky.

The streets were empty of people, and the only thing which could be heard; was the wind and Sir Azrael walking.

Sir Azrael now noticed something glowing, but it turned out to be the light from the moon.

The knight continued walking, he then heard something; which turned out to be a cat chasing a rat.

The knight continued walking, and that was when he saw it; a grey knight.

Sir Azrael looked on, as the grey knight passed through a solid wall.

Sir Azrael gave chase, he walked around every wall which the ghost knight passed through.

The grey knight now stopped at a spot where the moon's light shone down most brightly, which enabled Sir Azrael to get a better look at the ghost knight.

The grey knight's ghost armor did not look damaged, it actually looked brand new.

Sir Azrael also noticed that the ghost knight's sword had never left its sheath.

" You did not die in battle? " said Sir Azrael.

The grey knight shook his head, as if saying;

" I did not ".

" Do you want to? " asked Sir Azrael.

The ghost knight simply nodded.

Sir Azrael drew forth his sword, he then walked closer, and let his sword pass through the ghost.

The Gray Knight now returned to Avalon, having "died" in battle.

The Wight Warrior

What is more awesome than a knight? A death knight; of course!

But… I don't think that the person who is a death knight; thinks that it is awesome… or maybe they do…?

Sir Bors was standing over the grave of the poor man who had become a wight.

Sir Bors made the sign of the cross, and he now set out to grant the man his peace; once more.

Sir Bors was following the footsteps of the man who was brought back.

The knight now noticed a deer looking at him.

The deer was just looking, as Sir Bors was smiling back at it. The knight's face now grew pale, as the deer's head flew off its body… oh dear...

Sir Bors would never forget the sound which the head made as it landed on the ground.

From behind a tree, the wight walked out.

Sir Bors felt no anger, he merely felt compassion towards the poor soul; who had been disturbed from his sleep.

Sir Bors blocked the wight's charging attack.

The sound of their swords clashing could be heard, as they were walking out from the forest and into the graveyard where all this began.

Sir Bors blocked blow after blow, his arms tiring with each swing. That was when Sir Bors asked God for strength, and God delivered.

With one blow, Sir Bors was able to push the wight back.

The wight fell towards its grave.

Sir Bors just looked on, as the poor creature was looking at its tombstone, not moving a muscle.

The wight's whole body now fired up, figuratively.

The death knight charged with nothing more than its bony hands.

Sir Bors uttered a silent prayer, he then granted the wight the peace it so desperately wanted.

Afterwards, the knight walked to church, where he said a prayer for the released soul.

The Black Knight

A young knight, green in terms of combat, was riding peacefully towards Tintagel; in the hopes of serving King Culhwch's court.

As the knight was riding through the peaceful forest, the birds were singing his song and the wind was carrying him along.

The knight now reached a bridge; where a fellow knight, dressed in all black, stood guard.

" Pass; if you dear " proclaimed the black knight from his frightening steed.

The young knight was young; which meant that he had the spirit of youth and the ignorance of consequences that came with that youth.

The young knight now put on his helmet, he readied his lance and he now commanded his steed to ride with full speed.

The black knight did the same, and as stated before; the young knight was green, and sadly; he was no prodigy.

The black knight dismounted the young knight, easily.

The young knight now felt the pain of his ambition, as he laid on the ground; with his face covered in dirt and earth.

The young knight looked on, as the black knight calmly rode back to guard the bridge.

The black knight looked on, as the young knight forced himself back on his steed.

" Do you wish to die, boy? " said the black knight.

From atop his steed, while every fiber of his being hurt, the young knight glared back at the black knight and then said;

" I will dismount you, old man "

The faint hint of a giggle could be heard coming from the black knight.

The young knight could not put his helmet back on; for it was broken. So, with what remained of his lance, the young knight readied himself.

The black knight too, was ready.

They both charged.

The black knight immediately stopped, as the young knight fell off his steed; with a large boom.

The young knight slowly opened his eyes, the first thing he saw; was a campfire and the black knight with his helmet off.

" You fought well, " said the black knight with a smile.

" But… I lost " uttered the young knight.

" What? You expected to win every single battle you fought? - the black knight paused for a moment - listen my boy, living is winning. There is no greater prize than your life "

The young knight smiled.

" Why were you standing guard at the bridge? " the young knight asked.

" Ah " said the black knight, joyfully; " I test every knight who wishes to serve King Culhwch. To be honest; you are one of the few who did not quit after the first blow of my lance "

The young knight now felt a sense of satisfaction.

" What is your name? "

The black knight paused for a moment, he then said;

" I am Sir Brack "

As fast as lightning, the young knight was on his feet; bowing.

" The King's cousin " the young knight said with the utmost respect.

Sir Brack stood up, and made the young knight stop bowing.

" You should not bow to me. From this day onward; we are both equals "

" What do you mean? " said the young knight, confused.

With a smile, Sir Brack said;

" I shall take you to the King "

The young knight was speechless.

The black knight and the young knight could both now be seen riding together towards Tintagel.

The Lionman with the Mace

It was a peaceful day at Tintagel.

All was quiet, all the people were going about their day, that was till Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr came flying through the gates of Tintagel.

The gatekeeper was able to land on his feet.

The people looked on as Ugallu came through the gates; wielding a massive mace.

Glewlwyd knew that he needed help to take down this ancient and powerful beast.

That was when the Cŵn Annwn hounds came, and with them; Sir Corineus with his big-ass axe.

The team was assembled, and Ugallu charged.

The Cŵn Annwn hounds jumped onto Ugallu; biting into his body.

Glewlwyd was holding Ugallu in place, while Sir Corineus climbed onto a house.

Ugallu was about to get loose, and kill all the innocent people behind Glewlwyd.

One of the hounds now bit into Ugallu's eye.

The Lionman cried out in pain, Ugallu managed to throw the hounds off his body, and that was when Sir Corineus jumped from the roof, and with the mighty swing of his axe; he beheaded the Lionman.

Ugallu's remains fell with a thundering "boom".

The gates were rebuilt, and on the gates could the head of Ugallu be seen.

The British Atlantis

Merlin felt it in the air, someone, or something, was coming from the sea.

Merlin teleported to the site of the disturbance.

The mighty and unrivaled wizard looked towards the sea; where he saw something arose from the blue, and made its way to the shore.

Merlin appeared before the unknown entity.

" Halt " said he; " state your business "

The seaman looked surprised.

" Are you not going to ask me from whence I came? "

Merlin smiled.

" Doggerland "

The seaman showed that he was impressed with a smile.

" You are quite knowledgeable, sorcerer, " said the seaman.

" It is that knowledge that protects the King; whom I serve. Now, I repeat; state your business "

" I have no business "

" Don't make me read your mind "

" Go ahead, " said the seaman, calmly.

Merlin read, and he was now more calm.

" A simple visit? " said Merlin.

The seaman nodded.

Merlin paused for a moment, he then said;

" Perhaps, you would like a guide? "

The seaman giggled.

" I would like that "

Merlin gave the seaman a tour of the land.

Afterwards, the seaman returned to the sea, back to Doggerland.

The Retired Dragon Knight

It happened on a day, where the castle was only filled by the King.

King Culhwch smiled, as he said;

" I am honored that you would pay me a visit "

From out of the shadows, walked the Dragon Knight; Jacob.

" How did you know? " said Jacob.

" You have Madoc's aura "

Jacob was quiet.

King Culhwch could not see Jacob's face, but he knew what he was thinking.

" I miss him too… " said King Culhwch.

Jacob looked down at the floor.

" Now, to what do I owe this visit? " said King Culhwch, as he changed the subject.

" I am retiring. My wife too is retiring "

" I see… thanks for letting me know " said King Culhwch with a smile; " Fýsi and Drákon have a lot to live up to "

Jacob giggled.

" Is it true that Fýsi wields; Zulfiqar, and Drákon wields; The Trident of Triam? " said the King, as he was curious.

Jacob nodded.

" They know that it is not the weapons that make the knight, but the heart… at least I hope that I have taught them that… " said Jacob, as he sounded worried like a parent.

King Culhwch was now the one to giggle.

" Where will you and Melinoë go? "

Jacob sighed.

" We will explore life, and then the afterlife "

Jacob bowed, as he vanished in the shadows.

The doors now opened, and in ran King Culhwch's son.

" Papa! " exclaimed the child, joyfully.

King Culhwch picked up his son.

Culhwch loved his son dearly, and like any parent, he would do his best to teach his child to be better.

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