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Chapter 62: A Converstion

After a few hours of searching a suitable place, Hou, Cheng Shuang and Shi Lei found one.

They stood at a cliff with many narrow caves.

Shi Lei quickly entered and soon found an empty and safe cave.

Afterwards, he signalled them to enter.

As soon as Cheng Shuang entered, she lied on the ground and grimaced in excruciating pain.

Tears poured out from her eyes, but she closed them and didn't let her voice out.

Shi Lei dashed and sat beside her with a worried and a guilty expression.

Quickly he took out a pill and feed it to her before flowing his Qi around her wound.

The pill was a Low Rank 5 Origin Grade Rejuvenate Pill.

However, only her flesh started to recover on her shoulder while the bones didn't heal and didn´t attached together at all.

After a few hours of treatment, Shi Lei finished and stood up in a grim face.

He glanced Hou and spoke in a shuttering voice.

"Little brother Hou, please guard Cheng Shuang and keep her safe till I come back."

Hou glimpsed and only blinked his eyes.

Shi Lei rushed outside the cave and headed in the other direction.

Cheng Shuang at once opened her eyes and watched Shi Lei's back with an affectionate emotion.

Meanwhile, Hou stared at Cheng Shuang's eyes and pondered over something with his sparkling eyes.

Once Shi Lei's figure disappeared out of sight, Cheng Shuang shifted her eyes toward Hou.

She remained quiet and hesitated whether to speak.

When Hou caught that, he showed his creepy smile to her but also didn't speak a word.

Finally, Cheng Shuang spoke in a soft voice.

"Little brother Hou, can you do me a favour?"

Instead of replying, Hou posed a question.

"Do you want me to kill that guy?"

Though his question surprised her a little, she nodded her head with an expectant gaze.

Hou showed a pondering expression while inwardly gloating at her.

After staying silent for a while, he posed her another question.

"Who's that guy?"

"And why does Shi Lei want him dead?"

Seeing him still asking questions, she felt a bit worried and explained everything.

"That guy is Xiang Chu, the 3rd direct disciple of the Sect Master of the Black Wind Sect."

"Shi Lei and Xiang Chu came from the same city, Everlasting City. They both fell in love with Quyang Lanyu, the only daughter of Quyang Clan Head. However, Quyang Clan is the strongest clan in the city as strong as Black Wind Sect."

"So, without a strong cultivation or background, Quyang Clan won't even consider letting anyone meet Quyang Lanyu."

"Furthermore, they both wanted to marry her, so they joined a Strong Sect."

"Xiang Chu joined the Black Wind Sect as the Sect Master's 3rd direct disciple but did not get any recognition from his master."

"As for Shi Lei, he joined our Sect, the Rippling Sect, and was chosen only as an inner disciple."

"While he got the recognition from our Sect Master for his potential and hard efforts, his Realm was however too low."

"So, if Xiang Chu achieves a breakthrough in this ruin, he definitely gets an approval from his master and will return to Everlasting City for Quyang Lanyu."

She stared into his eyes and asked in a serious tone.

"Little brother Hou, will you help Shi Lei kill Xiang Chu?"

Hou stood up and showed his smug grin before mocking her.

"Dumb girl, don't you know cultivators are unreasonable and selfish?"

"If someone wants something, they have to get it themselves."

"Don't force yourself and hide your desires."

"Instead of helping Shi Lei, why not just let that Xiang Chu get that girl?"

"Then you can easily win Shi Lei's heart when he is at his low point."

"If you want this, I'll consider helping you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"What do you think?"

She froze and realized he noticed her feelings for Shi Lei.

But, she couldn't guess why he agreed outside the trial ground if he didn't want to help now.

So, she asked in doubt.

"But, didn't you agree to help us outside the trial ground?"

A loud arrogant laughter rang inside the cave.

After a while, Hou stopped laughing and pointed at her.

"Do you know why I joined you and agreed to help back there?"

Hou noticed her puzzled gaze and continued.

"It's because I needed two servants to explore the trial ground."

"As for the rare resources, in the first place, I decided to rob you both as soon as you get them."

"So, don't ask me to help kill someone, if you do, I'll rather kill you both and not waste my time."

When she heard his last sentences, she shuttered and tried to stand up to run away from him.

But, the agonizing pain came from her right shoulder and she couldn't muster any strength.

She closed her eyes and tried to think that this was just a dream, but the pain brought her back into reality.

After a while, she stared Hou in fear before speaking in a shaky voice.

"I won't ask for help anymore but will you let us leave without harm?"

With an amusing expression, Hou peered at her expression for a second before totally losing interest in her and sat down on the ground.

He thought the girl was also dumb and didn't take an opportunity to change her fate into happiness.

Later he ignored her and stopped even facing towards her.

However, his silence made her so frightened that she trembled and avoided looking at Hou.

Afterwards, they both waited for Shi Lei to return.

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