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Chapter 85: A Girl I

A bright light flashed, slowly a girl around 4 years woke up from her sleep.   

She rubbed her eyes and shouted in a lazy voice.   


However, she halted her voice when no one replied to her.   

After remembering the previous day in clarity, she stared in a daze.   

Tears poured out of her eyes before she let out soft sobbing and weeping voices.   

She limped toward a portrait of a beautiful woman and kneeled on the ground before speaking in a weak voice.   

"Mom, why did you leave me alone here?"   

"How am I going to live without you from today?"   

"Mom, please come back. I'll never again ask for anything as long as you return."   

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After hours of her pleading and crying, the girl fell to the ground and closed her eyes.   

For a whole 3 days, the girl continued doing the same thing before she collapsed from hunger.    

The next day, she woke up and weakly limped toward the kitchen for food.   

However, all the food was rotten or eaten by rats.   

Without a choice, she dragged herself forward and left her house toward the streets.   

Once she reached the streets, she begged every passer-by for food.   

However, everyone ignored her pleading and avoided her, seeing her limping towards them.   

In the evening, she had no energy to even stand nor speak. So, she weakly lied on the ground.    

Just as she closed her eyes while thinking she would soon meet with her mom, a big hand appeared holding an extra-large bun in front of her.   

She raised her head and looked at the figure in curiosity.   

A blue-hair old man showed a gentle smile at her with a pained expression on his face.   

The old man placed the bun at her hand and spoke in a soft tone.   

"Girl, first eat the bun."   

The girl nodded and hastily ate the bun in tears.   

The old man just watched her and once she finished eating, he asked.   

"Do you want to leave this place and follow me?"   

His words startled the girl, she peered at the old man and shook her head with hesitation.   

Afterwards, she stood and bowed toward the old man before leaving back to her home.   

The old man silently followed the girl without alerting her.   

When the girl reached her home, much the same as before, she kneeled in front of the portrait and continued mumbling in a sobbing voice.   

The old man froze seeing her actions and stood rooted on the ground in a daze.   

Much the same as that, the girl spent her days, kneeling in front of the portrait or begging for food on the streets.   

While the old man gave her food and asked whether she wants to follow him.   

But the girl would shake her head and deny his offer every time.  

As the girl planned to survive like this, she suddenly became ill and lost her conscious.   

When she recovered and woke up, she ended up in a different room.   

However, she found the same portrait hung on the wall and sighed in relief.   

She examined her body and found her legs were somehow healed. 

A surprised and curious expression appeared on her face. 

She exited the room and spotted the same blue-haired old man sitting together with a mid-aged man and woman.   

They looked at her with affectionate and pity gazes.   

The old man glanced at her and spoke in a gentle tone.   

"Girl, from today, you are my adopted granddaughter. Won't you tell your grandfather Shi your name?"   

The girl knew the old man really meant those words from his heart and cared for her.    

Hence, she kowtowed in front of the old man with misty eyes and a relief expression before speaking in a stuttering voice.   

"Lily greets grandfather Shi."   

Meanwhile, the old man's words startled and surprised the mid-aged man and woman.    

They never thought the old man had planned to adopt her instead of accepting her as his direct disciple.   

However, they both became happy for her and pleased with the result.   

They quickly introduced themselves as Wong Lei and Tan Lan as the old man's son, and daughter-in-law.   

Later, Tan Lan hugged Lily and took her for a bath.   

At the bath, Lily learned she was at the Rain Forest Academy and the old man was the current principal of this academy.   

Days passed, Lily quickly adjusted and treated them as her own family.   

At the age of 6, she began her journey toward cultivation.    

However, the reality was very cruel as she discovered no talent for cultivation within her.   

Even so, she didn't lose her hope and bitterly trained hard to not let down her grandfather.   

A few years later, Tan Lan gave birth to a baby girl, Rose.   

Lily felt very happy for them and treated Rose like her own sister.   

As she grew up with her, she completely stopped cultivating and only took care of Rose while pampering her every day.   

However, a few rumours appeared in the academy.   

Some said she was the luckiest person since she easily obtained and enjoyed all the rare resources with her grandfather's help.    

Even though she has a low aptitude for the cultivation.   

Few jealous people mocked and insulted her in secret knowing she won't report it to her grandfather.   

While a few young boys even tried to court her to gain those rare resources through her.   

In helplessness, she thought of her situation and decided to live without depending on her grandfather.   

Hence, she applied to join the Crimson auction house without asking her grandfather's approval.   

As she planned to leave notifying no one, her grandfather appeared in front of her, the day before her departure.   

He only gave a talisman to her and left without speaking.   

She discovered the talisman was a Teleportation Mid Rank 7 Heavenly Mortal Grade one for her safety.    

Though she seemed conflicted, she already decided to change her life so, she left and arrived at the Red Mist City.   

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