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Chapter 84: A Lady and the Scarlet Tailed Tigers

Hou stood at the shore of the small clear lake.  

The lake looked so peaceful and uninhabited like the battle between the old man and the Green Water Wyrm didn't happen here instead elsewhere.  

There were no battle traces nor any dead corpses around the surrounding.  

However, the lake didn't emit purer Heavenly Qi like before since the blood lotus was missing.  

Hou dashed on top of the water surface toward the lake's inner part.  

When he reached there, he dived and sank deeper into the lake while examining an enormous corpse at the bottom.  

The dead body was the Green Water Wyrm which was only missing its core.  

He discovered, even though the dead body had no more Qi; it was not decaying, nor any spirits tried to eat it.  

A few fishes were biting at its scales but couldn't leave a mark.  

He grabbed the corpse and dragged it towards the surface.  

With a big bang, he dropped the corpse at the shore before weakly falling to the ground and panting heavily.  

After resting for a while, he stood up and formed 11 weapon Qi before striking them at the corpse.  

They landed on the body and created loud clang noises but didn't penetrate through the scales.  

Although left a few burn marks. His eyes glowed before he continued striking with the weapon Qi at the dead body again.  

A month passed.  

Hou stood at a 100-meter distance away from an enormous decapitated and pierced corpse with many holes everywhere around the body.  

15 weapons Qi were circulating around Hou within 10 meters like a barrier.  

With a contented expression, he dashed towards the other side of the lake, leaving an afterimage after another.  

At the other side, he spotted a few traces of spirit beasts. So, he quickly followed their trails.  

As he wanted to test his skill on other things than a dead corpse.  

After an hour, he reached near a cave and detected a few battles traces at the entrance.  

He scanned around the place yet spotted no one, hence he entered the cave.  

As he proceeded deeper, he heard a few clashes and roaring noises ahead of him.  

Instantly, he crouched and blended in before sneakily rushing further toward the battle.  

When he reached there, he saw a masked, long golden-haired lady in a white cloak battling against 2 gigantic, ferocious Scarlet Tailed Tigers.  

They all were injured and tired while weakly standing on their feet. 

The lady had reached Mid Sky Origin Realm while both spirit beasts were at Early Sky Origin Realm.  

Behind those spirit beasts, 2 small cubs were sleeping peacefully in their hut.       

Both Scarlet Tailed Tigers dashed towards the lady from a different direction and aimed at her with their tiny flaming tails.  

In an instant, an enormous crimson fireball appeared on their tails and blasted towards the lady.  

Just like lightning, the lady evaded their attacks and exchange powerful strikes toward their heads.  

A tiny lightning flickered on their heads and quickly dissipated.   Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Both Scarlet Tailed Tigers fell to the ground and remained motionless while glaring at the lady with their furious and malicious eyes.  

A slight pity appeared on the lady's eyes, but she still walked towards them and ended their lives.  

Afterwards, the lady moved towards their hut and glanced at the sleeping cubs.  

Just as she tried to pick them up, a few weapons Qi silently landed on her back and impaled her on the ground beside those sleeping cubs.  

She coughed up blood a few times before raising her head up behind with a pained expression.  

A small figure appeared in front of her eyes and mocked.  

"A murderer and a thief."  

"How dare you touch these cubs with your impure and bloodstained hands?"  

The small figure picked those cubs and sighed in relief.  

"Don't worry, little babies. From this day, this big brother will take care and protect you both instead of your parents."  

Afterwards, the small figure vanished into thin air along with those cubs, leaving a blurry afterimage.  

The lady became rendered speechless and only stared at the dissipating blurry afterimage before losing her conscious.  

After a few hours, the lady woke up and remembered everything.  

She emitted her massive aura healing her injuries before roaring in a loud furious voice.  

"Little brat, you are dead now. Run and hide as far as you can, I'll find and hunt you till my last breath."  

She instantly disappeared from the spot and followed the small figure's trails.  

When she spotted the small figure's trails heading toward the trial ground, she stopped following the trail and instead just headed directly there.  

Once she reached the trial ground's entrance, she saw a huge bustling crowd in front of the gate.  

A few people instantly appeared in front of her and surrounded her.  

With no words, they released their aura and blocked her escape exit.  

Slowly, a mid-aged man walked over them and glanced at the lady from head to toe before questioning the lady.  

"Miss, are you in cahoots with the kid from the trial ground?"  

The lady showed puzzled and fear expressions but still asked them a question.  

"Why are you blocking me here?"  

"Also, who is this kid you are referring?  

The surrounding people glanced at the mid-aged man with questioning eyes in confusion. 

However, the mid-aged man ignored their eyes and responded to her.  

"The kid who conquered the trial ground."  

The lady instantly realised the reason for them blocking her, she hastily denied and asked in doubt.  

"No, I don't know him nor have seen that kid."  

"But why are you asking me?"  

The mid-aged man sighed and signalled the rest people to back off once he noticed her expression. Also, he detected no lies in her words.   

He turned and walked while replying with no emotion.   

"Our informant kid told us, a lady related with the conqueror kid would appear here soon." 

"His descriptions about the lady matched exactly you."  

Hearing his reply, the lady shouted in a high-pitched voice.  

"Did your informer have 2 black cubs with him?    

Her voice startled those people before one of them nodded his head.  

The lady howled and let out a hysterical laughter in anger before she inquired about the kid's features and his location.  

When she discovered he already entered the trial ground, she gritted her teeth and sat in the corner with a bitter expression.  

Meanwhile, Hou sat beside a purple fire sphere while rubbing the furs of the sleeping cubs.    


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