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Chapter 103: A lady in Mourning Garments

Hou was lying on a huge chair and eating some fruits while one of his legs dangled in the air. Once in a while, he would glance toward a figure in front of him in amusement.

The figure was kneeling on the ground beside a corpse with a lifeless expression and red tears mixed in blood. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Behind him, Lily and Ying Yue were instructing a few maids and overseeing their works.

A thousand of maids in red outfits were entering the stadium with a small tray on their hands and delivering to the sea of people systematically without a pause.

On each small tray placed a tiny wine jar and a cup.

A distance away beside Hou, on the long table, disciple Chen crouched on the chair with his head bowed hiding his face under the table while Long Anqi sat eating a mountain pile of delicious food placed in front her, ignoring disciple Chen's action besides her.

At the corner of the stadium, Fatty Hai stood and waited for Ouyang Lanyu who was chatting and explaining everything to her Clan members.

Even though Hou only punished Ouyang Patriarch Min and Ouyang Clan Head, he told Ouyang Clan must pay 10 million gold for disrupting the wedding.

Somewhere within the sea of people, Bai Li with a forced smile on his face sat together with the white-haired old woman beaming in happiness, greeting and receiving the good wishes of the surrounding people.

After a long hour, the maids completed delivering all the trays to each person in the stadium.


One maid bang on a massive gong with a hammer reverberating throughout the entire stadium, halting everyone and attracting their attention.

Hou stood up stretching his body and walked ahead toward the kneeling figure wearing a creepy smile on his face.

Once Hou reached within a range of the figure, he flashed like a ray of light and bitch slapped the figure with relentless attacks.

For the time being, everyone watching Hou became speechless. They thought finally the wedding started but instead; they found him still tormenting a person.

As the figure's face swelled into a puffy face and became unrecognizable, Hou stopped his attack and asked.

"Sneaky bastard, are you scared of me?"

Xiang Chu cast a cold glare at Hou with his hatred and wished he could tear him into pieces, however, he had no control on his body and remained rooted on the ground shivering due to the intense fear imprinted within his heart.

"Haha," Hou let out a laughter with satisfaction when he discovered Xiang Chu acting in such a way. He clearly detected the fear, he wanted to see that from Xiang Chu and felt that he should end everything.

Hence, Hou glanced toward Lily and winked at her who whistled in a unique sound.

Suddenly, a massive shadow stepped out from a corner of the stable and flew in the sky before it descended at the high-speed toward the stadium.

The shadow landed beside Lily generating a swirling storm while leaving a long blurry trail in the sky.

Once again, everyone became shocked and baffled seeing a spirit beast appearing here. They wondered when the wedding would start and leave the damn place before they turned sick.

However, the sight piqued their curiosity because, on the back of the spirit beast, a lady stood wearing mourning garments with a white veil covering her face beside a huge crystal coffin.

The lady slowly approached dragging the coffin toward Xiang Chu with bloodshot eyes due to lack of sleep and sobbing for hours as her tears appeared visible with stains on her white veil.

Once she stood in front of Xiang Chu, with a somewhat hesitant, she removed her veil with her shaking hand, revealing her face.

"Ruoyun, how are you still alive?" Xiang Chu jumped and stared at her in disbelieving eyes. Even though she had a disfigured face, he recognized her with her pale pink lips. His face turned paler and paler on each second as if he saw a ghost.

All these years, Xiang Chu had never forgotten Ruoyun because he always felt guilty towards her.

Back when Xiang Chu left the Everlasting City to join a strong Sect, he had no connection nor grabbed anyone's attention. During that time, he had met with Ruoyun and won her heart to use her clan to join the Black Wind Sect.

So, when her clan learned about their relationship and his potential, they accepted him and spent a lot of resources and money to get a spot for the Sect Selection. In fact, they had used almost all their resources and betted on his prospect.

At the Sect Selection, the Black Wind Sect selected both Xiang Chu and Ruoyun, however, Bu Feng selected Xiang Chu as his direct disciple while Ruoyun became an outer-court disciple.

On that day, they separated and never met each other.

Even though Ruoyun tried every possible means to see him in person again, Xiang Chu pretended like he didn't know her and forbid her entry toward the inner-court so they never encounter each other.

Later, Xiang Chu learned when he had forbidden her entry, the other inner-disciples thought Ruoyun displeased him and considered as an opportunity to fawn on Xiang Chu.

So those disciples planned to teach Ruoyun a lesson, however, one disciple lost his control and disfigured her whole face, turning her from a cute teen girl to an ugly looking person.

Afterwards, Ruoyun disappeared from the Sect and a rumour about her suicide spread everywhere.

Thus, with a guilt, he visited her Clan to repent and compensate for her, but he discovered her Clan didn't exist anymore.

When her Clan spent all the resources on him, her Clan lost all the standing and power in the city and became everyone's target.

Furthermore, Xiang Chu didn't associate with her Clan during that time.

In the end, her Clan ended in a tragic history.

Since that day, he had regretted making that decision.

With a bitter expression, Xiang Chu closed his eyes thinking everything happened because of his karma.

Ruoyun slapped on Xiang Chu's swollen cheeks when she found he did not beg for her forgiveness nor dare to look at her.

"Bastard, look at my eyes! Even after such a long time, you don't have a gut to face me. Do you know how much I suffered? I wish that I had never met you in my life. If not, I would not lose my Clan."

Xiang Chu remained silent even after listening to her words.

Meanwhile, Hou viewed everything unfolded without disturbing their reunion.

After all, when he had learned about Ruoyun existence, he spent a lot of gold to gather her information from the Shadowless Sect.

As luck remained on his side, Hou quickly discovered Ruoyun alive and found living in a secluded mountain.

It only took a few words to convince her.

If you want to meet Xiang Chu, come to find me in the rocky mountain.


Once Ruoyun arrived, Hou stated a condition and even let her dream come true as long as she completed the task.

At first, Ruoyun didn't agree, but he said if she didn't, then he won't let her meet him and instead find someone to complete the task in her place.

Moreover, she had the sufficient reason and rights for the task.

Hou smirked at their reunion and walked toward them with a wine gourd and a huge bowl.

He filled the wine on the huge bowl and motioned Ruoyun to hold it. Then he spoke echoing his voice throughout the stadium.

"Welcome everyone, due to the unexpected turn of events, I had to delay the wedding but now everything is fine."

"I thank everyone for attending to celebrate this special occasion with us."

Hou gave a signal to Ruoyun who instantly took a sip from the bowl and grabbed Xiang Chu's mouth, opening it wide open before pouring all the wine into his throat.

Xiang Chu became startled and opened his eyes but he could not react because he almost choked himself to death. After coughing a few times, he cast a confused glance toward Ruoyun and Hou.

However, before Xiang Chu asked anything, Hou raised the wine gourd and added as he scanned the stadium with his glittering eyes.

"With this toast, I pronounced the bride, Ruoyun, a pitiful lady who suffered a tragic betrayal of her lover and the groom, a bastard who used and abandoned this lady for his greed, as a husband and wife."

Hou gulped a mouthful of wine from the gourd.

Everyone also followed him and drank the wine from their cup while congratulating the couple.

With a flustered face, Hou threw the gourd and sat on the ground waiting for a next show.

Ruoyun noticed Hou and understood she needed to complete her task. She closed her eyes and bitted on her lips with hesitation.

Blood flowed from her lips while a bead of tears appeared on eyes. Her hands and knees were shaking in fear knowing the outcome.

Slowly, Ruoyun opened her eyes and revealed a firm gaze with determination. She punched hard on her arms and thighs to stop her trembling as she near toward Xiang Chu.

When Xiang Chu caught her expression and her movements, he realised the situation, so he accepted his fate and wore a happy smile as he stared into her eyes.

Ruoyun stood in front of Xiang Chu and spoke in a weak shuttering voice, "Xiang Chu, I have always loved you and will continue to love you. In this life, I could not win your heart but I promise you on the next one, we would become a true couple and get a real wedding better than this."

She took out a short sharp dagger and placed the tip on Xiang Chu's chest, aiming at his heart.

Tears streamed out of her eyes like an endless river. She understood this moment would imprint on her memory forever and hunt her everyday.

"I'm sorry, my love," she whispered in Xiang Chu's ear before pressing her lips on his lips while she slowly added a bit of force on her hand, thrusting the dagger toward his heart.

The time seemed to freeze at that moment as both Ruoyun and Xiang Chu remained rooted without any movement and looked like a beautifully frozen sculptor.

Out of nowhere, snowflakes dropped from the sky and landed on them.

Everyone watched the scene without blinking his or her teary eyes in complete bewildered and sadness.

For around 10 minutes, nobody dared to make a noise nor move from his or her spot.

Eventually, Ruoyun parted her lips and fell to the ground along with Xiang Chu who seemed to have lost his breath. She crawled toward him and gently stroke his face while letting out her heart-wrenching screams in sorrow.

After she completely lost her voice, she regained a bit of her clarity and realised she could not undo anything.

She dragged the dead body and placed inside the crystal coffin with a staggering movement. Then, she slowly limped toward the exit, pulling the coffin.

Even though she struggled to gather her strength to drag the coffin, with a sheer will, she finally left the stadium.

Meanwhile, everyone watched Ruoyou leave the stadium in a complete silence.

Some thought of helping her but noticing her expression, they knew she would not accept any help.

Lily glanced toward Hou and discovered he did not shed a single drop of tears though he seemed lost in his thought.

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