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Chapter 39: A Meat Pie

A fatty entered the seating no.50 in VIP area. The fatty was Fatty Bo, heavily panting and sweating after running. He rushed here once he found out Hou's seating area.

Fatty Bo glanced at Lily before turning toward Hou and said in a nervous tone.

"Young master, Would you please spare your little time with me?"

Hou stared at him and blinked his eyes twice. Before he could reply, suddenly, Lily appeared in front of fatty.

At once, she released her aura and made the fatty motionless.

Afterwards, she gagged and tied him like Zhang Yang before placing him together with Zhang Yang.

She peeked at Hou before returning to her seat.

When Fatty Bo got gagged, tied and placed next to a mummy, he was still in a daze and shocked by the aura pressure.

Once he recovered and turned around, he saw a mummy who was twitching in pain.

When he looked closely at the mummy, he found out it was the brother Yang who left him earlier at the inn.

Finally, he figured out what happened to him and started to get frightened and terrified.

Hou watched everything with his eyes wide open and became speechless by Lily's action.

He looked at the miserable and terrified mummies.

Afterwards, he helplessly took his dagger before walking over toward the fat mummy.

Just as he was a meter distance, suddenly a mid-aged man appeared. The mid-aged man wore a purple coloured cloak and had a tattoo of a tiny python on his neck. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Elder Feng looked anxious and said in a shaky voice.

"Young master, Would you let this matter go and let our young master leave, We the Blood Fang Auction will give you a compensation for any offence done to you by our young master. 20% discount on anything you bid today."

Hou only blinked his eyes.

When Elder Feng saw him only blinking his eyes, he worriedly asked.

"Young master, how about 50% discount on anything you bid today?"

Hou once again only blinked his eyes.

Elder Feng gritted his teethes and spoke in a pained voice.

"Young master, As long as you let go our young master, We'll pay on behalf of you on any general bid that you've won."

Hou turned and sat on his seat with a perplexed and bewildered look. Seeing that Elder Feng sighed in relief however just after Hou sat on his seat, Elder Feng heard him murmuring to himself.

"I was going to cut the ropes and release that fatty but who knew suddenly meat pie would fall down from the sky and drop right into my hands."

Elder Feng froze and inwardly cursed the fatty and his day.

He only saw fatty Bo being gagged and tied up the other party taking out a sharp dagger moving closer to him. So, he thought that damn Fatty couldn't control and lost himself in lust. Hence, The fatty ended like that.

He regretted making such a rash decision and paying a heavy amount for nothing.

Afterwards, he sighed in depress and turned to fatty Bo before cutting all the ropes loose. However, he didn't release the mummified Zhang Yang.

Meanwhile Lily giggled as she realised she made a mistake when she found Hou giving her a glaring look.

After Fatty Bo got released, he nervously and trembling came closer toward Hou before standing next to him.

He forced a smile and introduced himself.

"Young master, My name is Jum Bo, I'm also the only son of Jum Po, Auction head of Blood Auction House. I've only come to meet you here."

He peeked at Lily before quickly turning his head back.

Hou shot an amusing gaze at fatty Bo before showing his bright smile while his eyes slowly sparkled, giving goosebumps to Lily.

When he was about to say something, he caught familiar faces from the corner of his eyes. He called the attendant who was waiting outside the seating area and whispered something.

After a while, helpless and alarmed Hu Jiao and Fang Lao along with the old men entered the seating area no.50 in the VIP area, inwardly cursing their luck and regretting ever meeting Hou.

Hu Jiao came forward and asked, with a nervous expression.

"Young master Hou, Do you need us to do anything for you?"

Hou stared at her and nonchalantly said.

"Since you've entertained me well during our travel, I thought I should reward you by buying the spirit beast you like in the auction house. Anyway take a sit over there and bid anything you like from the general hour selection, I'll get it for you. Also no need to bother with money."

Instead, Hu Jiao and the gang became extremely alarmed.

When they entered here, they discovered a mummified person who was twitching in pain just near the entrance. Thus they wanted to know his plans for them. If they could, they wanted to refuse his reward. However seeing his innocent face, they realised even if they refuse, he wouldn't care and rather would just let Lily force them to accept it.

Hu Jiao bowed at him and spoke in hesitant.

"Then, we'll thank you, young master, and gladly accept your reward."

Hu Jiao and the trio sat behind them with a worried expression on their faces.

After that, Hou turned around and shot an intense stare at fatty Bo. He curiously asked.

"Fatty Bo, Since you are from Blood Fang Auction House, you should know where all the spirit beasts come from right?"

Fatty Bo thought for a second before replying to him.

"It is not a big secret. We acquired all these spirit beast from Green Forest Forbidden Zone and Forbidden Blood Zone. Some rarely come out from Forbidden Northern Zone and Forbidden Sea Zone, However, those only appear on special cases and we only auction them at the yearly auction event."

Hou slightly nodded and looked at the stage for the show to start.

After an hour, a loud gong rang, and the auction began.

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