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Chapter 90: A Short Story

The matured masked lady murmured in a soft voice before a massive figure dive from high above the clouds.

Instantly, Ban grabbed Ouyang Lanyu and jumped on the massive figure's back.

The matured masked lady too jumped and signalled the massive figure to fly away.

Meanwhile, Ouyang Clan Head saw them leaving and had a confused expression, however, he didn't stop them thinking his daughter wanted to ride the spirit beast.

Furthermore, the spirit beast had reached high Realm with unique and attractive features. So, he guessed that Ban kid wanted to impress his daughter while also flaunt his spirit beast in front of them.

Once the spirit beast reached far out of the sight from the mansion, Ban released the struggling Ouyang Lanyu from his grip.

He lied on the soft furs of the spirit beast and showed a cunning grin.

As for Ouyang Lanyu, she fumed in anger, however, did nothing against him.

Instead, she viewed the scenery and enjoyed the moment.

Yet a voice rang next to her ear startling her for a second.

"Sister-in-law, are you actually against marrying my 4th senior brother?"

"If so, why are you marrying him?"

With a somewhat hesitant, she responded without looking at him.

"Yes, I don't want to marry your senior brother nor anyone right now. I want to start my journey and meet different people. If I somehow find someone I like, then I would marry him."

"However, I cannot decide my fate nor go against my Clan's decision."

She seemed ready to cry as her eyes were already misty yet she forced herself and formed a fake smile on her face.

Ban only glanced at her without speaking while pondering something.

After remaining silent for an hour, Ouyang Lanyu asked when she noticed the spirit beast showed no signs of returning toward her home.

"Can you return me to my home?"

Ban shook his head and replied.

"Sister-in-law, we have not yet reached our destination. My 4th senior brother has a big surprise ready for you there and definitely would change your fate."

"Meantime, I can tell you a short story to pass our time."

Hearing his words, Ouyang Lanyu knew even if she rejected the surprise and wanted to return home, he wouldn't let her leave.

Hence, she sat down and closed her eyes though still focusing on his story.

Ban smirked showing his teeth and began his story.

"One day, a great righteous kid fought against a massive powerful spirit beast."

"As the reason for their battle, the spirit beast rampaged and killed so many innocent people every day. Hence, the kid wanted to stop the spirit beast and deliver a justice for its crimes."

"Their battle shocked the whole place that no one dare interfere between them."

"As the battle continued, both the kid and the spirit beast became heavily injured."

"At last, the kid somehow won the battle and ended the spirit beast's life."

"Later, he discovered a heavenly treasure within its hut, so he decided to give the heavenly treasure to the victims' families."

"However, suddenly, a sneaky bastard appeared behind the kid and stabbed his back."

"The kid barely evaded the sneak attack toward his heart yet still suffered a deadly blow."

"At that moment, another bastard flashed in front the kid and stole the heavenly treasure from him."

"Both bastards quickly disappeared after doing their deeds."

"Luckily, the kid survived and recovered himself in a few days."

"After a few weeks, the kid accidentally encountered those bastards and confronted them."

"He easily subdued them and prepared to ask them about the heavenly treasure."

"Suddenly, a few people appeared and interrupted him. Those bastards saw their hope and lied to those people saying the kid has a heavenly treasure."

"Without further inquiring in details, those greedy people surrounded and attacked the kid."

"Once the situation became extremely dangerous for the kid, he escaped from those people but ended at a cliff. Yet, those greedy people still caught up with him there."

"Even though the kid explained everything to those greedy people, none of them believed his story. Hence, without a choice, the kid jumped off the cliff."

Ouyang Lanyu opened her eyes and glanced at Ban to continue the story.

However, Ban only blinked his eyes at her.

So, she asked him in a displeased tone.

"What happened after the kid jump off the cliff?"

Instead of replying to her, Ban smiled and asked her a question.

"If somehow that kid survived, should he take a revenge on those bastards?"

Ouyang Lanyu glared at him and replied in a hurried tone.

"Yes, the kid must take his revenge on those bastards. How can they do that to the brave, righteous and courageous kid?"

"A justice must serve for all their sins."

"So, did the kid survive?"

Ban nodded in agreement and responded to her with a mysterious smile.

"Yes, the kid survived and began his path toward his revenge."

"As for the rest, I'll continue once we reached our destination."

Ouyang Lanyu turned and ignored him in annoyance.

Meanwhile, from the beginning, the matured masked lady inwardly cursed him for telling such a nonsense story.

After a few hours, they caught a sight of a massive rocky mountain.

The spirit beast descended toward the mountain's peak at the rapid speed.

Before long, they reached and landed there. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Just as Ouyang Lanyu scanned the place, a voice rang behind her.

"Sister-in-law, let me tell you a little secret about the surprise?"

"Please listen carefully but don't become too shocked."

Ban climbed on Ouyang Lanyu's back and whispered in her ear.

"You're actually kidnapped."

Afterwards, just a hysterical laughter echoed around the whole place.

Meanwhile, at Ouyang Clan hall.

A dozen people stood at the centre of the hall with their arrogant looks.

Just as the Ouyang Clan Head wanted to ask for their visit, absurdly, an anxious and scared guard entered the hall with a tyrannical speed and kneeled in front him.

The guard raised a huge piece of paper with his trembling hands and showed toward them, with a nervous expression.

A few words wrote on the paper with a big red writing.

Bastard Xiang Chu,

Since you want to marry Ouyang Lanyu, I have kidnapped her.

If you want her, find me.

Yours, granddaddy Hou.

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