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Chapter 92: A Suitable Husband

The 2 heavily armoured carriages slowly entered a rocky mountain.

Inside the 2nd carriage, a white-haired old man glanced at a nervous young lady and spoke in a calm voice.

"Shuang, is everything you said really the truth?"

Cheng Shuang responded while nodding her head.

"Yes, 3rd grandfather. We must return all of those rare resources to him without delay."


A displeased yell interrupted her.

"Father, don't listen to this bitch. We don't have to return anything to anyone."

"She's lying everything so she could give all of those resources to her pet."

"We should return our Sect and redistribute them to our disciples and elders."

Cheng Shuang shot cold daggers with her eyes toward a matured woman.

However, she didn't rebut instead glanced at a young man beside her.

The young man seemed just like a soulless person sitting beside them completely ignoring everything happening.

When the matured woman saw her actions, she prepared to slap her.

But, the white-haired old man raised his hand to stop her.

"We have reached the rocky mountain and would soon learn whether it's real."

Though he said that, he knew she was not lying to them or he wouldn't have come along with her.

2 years ago, when she returned with those rare resources, he almost jumped in joy and declared her as his heir.

However, she said those rare resources weren't theirs and only safekeeping for someone else.

A few elders, grand elders and also his daughter didn't believe her words and tried to snatch those resources but she threatened to commit suicide.

Seeing her resolution and stubbornness to submit, they doubted and seriously reconsidered.

Hence, they waited for someone to claim those resources.

Yet for 2 years, no one came.

Just as they planned to take those resources forcefully, a masked lady appeared at their Sect and said to deliver all of those rare resources to the rocky mountain.

Furthermore, he detected a fear within Cheng Shaung's eyes when she heard the masked lady's words.

Only then, he believed her words and came to meet the owner of those rare resources.

He sighed in distress and closed his eyes.

Once those carriages arrived at the rocky mountain's peak, slowly, they stepped out and found 5 figures sitting at a shade.

As they walked near toward them, finally they saw their appearance.

Cheng Shuang shivered and also seem relieved making a correct judgement, seeing Hou in person.

If she had given those rare resources to her Sect, his wrath would fall upon her and the entire Sect. She also didn't dare to imagine the consequences.

Meanwhile, the soulless young man's eyes beamed seeing a figure ahead of him as though his soul returned to his body.

He breathed rapidly in agitation before he dashed and hollered toward the figure, breaking the silence around the area with his echoing voice.

"Ouyang Lanyu."

Ouyang Lanyu cast her glance toward the young man and became puzzled since she didn't recall him yet he called out her name.

As she prepared to ask him, the white-haired old man flashed and appeared behind the young man before plummeting him on the ground. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He shot a cold glared at him and spoke in fury.

"Bastard, how dare you call another girl's name in front of my granddaughter?"

Cheng Shuang sprinted and shielded the young man before pleading to her 3rd grandfather in a sobbing tone.

"3rd grandfather, please don't blame brother Lei."

"I knew this would happen someday, but I still forced brother Lei to marry me last year."

"So, if you want to blame and punish someone, please take it on me."

The white-haired old man glanced her action and sighed in a helpless and pity.

As the matured woman saw her opportunity to teach Cheng Shuang a lesson, in a swift dash, she appeared in front her and raised her hand to slap.

Suddenly, a childish voice resounded around the area.

"Do you want a help? I could end their lives painlessly though I would include yours too."

"If not, get onto the reason business and not delay me any further."

Instantly, the matured woman became furious and shouted.

"Brat, mind your business and don't interrupt your elders."

"Do you really think we came to deliver those rare resources to you?"

Hou gave an odd look at the matured woman before smiling toward Cheng Shuang.

Cheng Shuang hastily shook her head and responded to him in a shuttering voice.

"Young master Hou, please don't listen to her words. We really came here only to deliver those rare resources to you."

Then, she gave a meaningful glance toward the white-haired old man who immediately signalled the rest people to unload those rare resources.

The matured woman fumed in anger yet didn't dare to question her father.

Hence, with a reluctant and pained expression, she only watched the people unloading boxes, one after another, piling in front of her.

Meanwhile, Hou peeked at Ouyang Lanyu and posed a question to her, pointing his finger toward Shi Lei.

"Hey big Sis, do you want to marry him?"

His words startled everyone, Cheng Shuang stared at Hou with her disbelieving eyes.

Just as Shi Lei looked toward Ouyang Lanyu with an expectant expression on his face.

Ouyang Lanyu ruthlessly denied shaking her head.

"No, I won't marry him since I don't even know that person."

Her reply shattered any hope left within Shi Lei while piercing at his heart since he had once met her a few years ago.

He puked blood from his mouth and fainted as if escaping from the truth.

Cheng Shuang heaved a sigh of relief before peeking at Hou's expression.

However, she detected his smug grin on his face.

Then, she realised he had purposely posed that question to see Shi Lei's reactions.

Hence, she could only curse at her luck encountering him again and hope to leave the place soon.

Meanwhile, slowly 3 figures appeared in front of them.

When Hou discovered them, his eyes lit up seeing an old man, a masked lady and a youth behind them.

Instantly, he jumped onto Ouyang Lanyu and shouted in joy as he pointed his index finger toward those figures.

"Big sis, look at there. I found a suitable husband for you."

Once Ouyang Lanyu shifted her sight toward those figures, she caught a glimpse of an old man and a masked lady.

Instantly, she slapped on his face before she jumped backwards and bellowed in refusal.

"No way, I won't marry that old cow even if I reincarnate again."

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