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Chapter 104: Aftermath

A moment after Ruoyun exited, from a corner, low muttering noises started and spread echoing everywhere in the stadium.

However, one discussion was common; everyone wondered whether the wedding ended or would another start soon.

Suddenly, a voice rang out loud throughout the stadium as if answering them.

"Everyone, the wedding has ended. Thank you for attending today and enjoy the food before leaving."

All the maids recovered and rushed for their works. Soon, each maid came pushing a small trolley containing different exotic and delicious foods. Without a pause nor delay, they distributed the food in order from one corner to another.

Everyone sat on his or her seats and received the food. Though, none ate it as he or she had no appetite after seeing the corpses still lying on the ground. They glanced toward Hou and heaved a sigh in relief knowing finally the wedding ended and they could leave the damn place.

Hou scanned the stadium and detected none eating neither leaving. He shook his head in disappointment and pitied those famous chefs who cooked these foods.

Since everything completed and with no reason to stay here any longer, Hou slowly walked toward the exit.

With a long sword and a book on her hands, Lily hurried and followed Hou. Ying Yue and Long Anqi too ran behind her.

Meanwhile, the groom, disciple Chen felt relieved and almost jumped in the air learning he didn't have to marry Ouyang Lanyu. With a heavy burden off his body, he fell to the ground and grinned a happy smile, however, suddenly a hand grabbed his shoulder and dragged him towards Hou.

As disciple Chen turned around his head, he discovered his master, Bai Li and the Old Sect Master pulling him and following behind Hou. Shocked, he formed a bitter smile and doubted whether he chose a correct master.

The 5 old men also followed after Hou noticing Bai Li's action as they needed to confirm with Hou about their rewards.

Fatty Hai signalled the masked lady beside him who grabbed Ouyang Lanyu and ran after Hou ignoring the Ouyang Clan members' pleading nor their angry shouts. After all, even though the masked lady took a pity on Ouyang Lanyu and wanted to leave her with them, she knew someone would still bring Ouyang Lanyu to Hou.

Just as Hou reached the exit, he turned around and glanced at the people following him.

He didn't seem surprised with their appearance though he thought too troublesome. Hence, he spoke glaring toward the 5 old men.

"You old geezers, help Rouyun with cleaning the Black Wind Sect. As promised, the trial ground in the Ancient Ruin would become yours."

Those 5 old men nodded and walked toward the frightened Black Wind Sect members in a corner.

Hou shifted his sight toward Bai Li and noticed disciple Chen hanging on his hand. With an amused expression, he waited for Bai Li to speak. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Bai Li hesitated for a second and questioned Hou in a worried tone.

"Young Master Hou, what should we do about the marriage between my disciple and Ouyang Lanyu?

Both disciple Chen and Ouyang Lanyu shot a glare toward Bai Li.

While disciple Chen showed a pleading gaze, Ouyang Lanyu bore a cold and malicious stare as if she wanted to instant-kill him with her eyes.

Hou shook his head and responded in a calm voice.

"No, they don't have to marry each other anymore. As for all your service, you did a good job and I would reward you someday."

"Thank god!" With a high-pitched voice, disciple Chen shouted in an excitement.

However, suddenly a shoe appeared and slammed entering his mouth. A half part of the shoe stuck in his throat.

Ouyang Lanyu pointed her finger toward disciple Chen in anger displaying a ferocious tiger aura and spoke with a displeased tone.

"Bastard, why are you shouting?"

Even she seemed happy learning she didn't have to marry anymore, but she became enraged listening to his excited voice. She felt humiliated as if disciple Chen was mocking her at her miserable situation. After all, everything began with her wedding and in the end, she didn't have to marry anyone.

As for disciple Chen, he pulled the shoe from his mouth and glanced toward Ouyang Lanyu. Yet, he didn't appear mad nor reacted towards her action as he understood her fate remained still unknown. Instead, he shrugged his neck and murmured.

"If I had married with such a ticking time-bomb person, without a doubt, I would have died before the wedding night."

Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Hou broke out his laughter listening to the words and had an urge to roll his body over on the ground. But, he controlled himself to maintain his image. Though, most people didn't seem to consider him as the person he tried to portray. After all, he let Rouyun marry and then kill her own new husband on the next second.

He wiped his tears due to laughter and detected Bai Li still hesitating with something. So, he asked.

"Perverted geezer, what do you need?"

"Young Master Hou," Bai Li spoke and took a deep breath before adding with a nervous expression.

"Could you recommend my disciple to the Rain Forest Academy?

Startled, Hou cast a look peering Bai Li's eyes for his real reason but he found nothing. He turned around and stepped toward the exit while leaving a reply.

"No worries, just take him to the Rain Forest Academy and meet the geezer Shi. Tell him I sent disciple Chen. He would handle the rest."

Soon, only Bai Li, the white-haired old woman and disciple Chen remained near the exit.

With a relieved expression, Bai Li released his hand and let disciple Chen fall to the ground. He thought everything he had done during these months, brought the great reward he could ever give to his disciple in his life.

Disciple Chen seemed shocked and recovered after falling to the ground. He glanced toward Bai Li and asked to clear his doubts.

"Master, did you not forbid me from joining the Rain Forest Academy? Why are you sending me now?"

Bai Li ignored his question and rather he asked the white-haired old woman.

"Master Wan, would you join us on the journey toward the Rain Forest Academy?"

Ye Wan showed a gentle smile and responded in a cute voice.

"Little Li, just call me honey and you don't have to ask for my permission. I would follow you anywhere as you wish. But, tell me the reason for sending your disciple there."

Bai Li shuddered to her voice, and he became helpless as he already did the deeds with her and accepted the fact. He titled his head toward disciple Chen and explained in an excited voice.

"I didn't let you join the academy because I feared with your talents, someone would envy and harm you. However, now with the help from young master Hou, you have a great backing, The Supreme Wong Shi. No one would dare harm you there and your progress would rise at a rapid speed. In a few years, you would become and known as the next genius from the Rain Forest Academy."

When Ye Wan heard his words, she understood the situation clearly as this was their greatest opportunity to raise their Sect in a higher position. Without a delay, she grabbed disciple Chen and Bai Li on each hand then exited the stadium in a hurry.

Meanwhile, disciple Chen didn't believe that it would happen as smooth as his master hoped but he spoke nothing and prayed for his safety and a normal life there.

TriggeredTurtle TriggeredTurtle

Sorry for the delay, I needed a good sleep. ^^

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