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Chapter 45: Bai Li

Hou, Lily, and Long Anqi were standing in front of an enormous black iron gate, which looked like a blue fire wolf head. This was the only entrance gate of the small city known as Blue Fire Wolf City.

At the entrance, few guards were collecting the entry fee. Lily threw 10 gold at the guard without looking, and they entered the city.

Afterwards, they saw a bustling street with many people moving around, and finally, they felt excitement and achievement.

Since it had been a month, they last interacted with anyone other than themselves.

Hou looked around the people with a cunning smile. Soon his body flickered off and in a while, the bustling street suddenly came to a halt. Some people glanced around the next person in confusion, a few kids even wailed and sobbed, while most women beat the next person without hesitation.

After a while, Hou's body stopped flickering, with a contented expression, he looked at his hands holding a few candies. He passed them all to Long Anqi who took and ate it in delight.

As for Lily, she shook her head in helpless before swiftly throwing a gold at each wailing kids.

Soon they found a tavern and entered there to eat.

Meanwhile, an old man in a navy blue cloak and a youth around 18 years wearing a red cloak were watching at them entered the tavern.

The old man glanced toward them and murmured. " Interesting kid "

He tilted his head toward the youth and asked.

"Little Chen, Did you see that kid movement skill?"

The youth just looked ahead without replying to him.

Hence, the old man sighed.

Afterwards, they too entered the tavern.

Hou, Lily, and Long Anqi were sitting and waiting for the food at the corner of the 2nd floor in the tavern.

The old man and the youth both entered the 2nd floor before glancing around and sat at their table.

Hou merely looked at them before turning his head toward Lily, but he found Lily staying vigilant against the old man.

It slightly startled him. So he studied the old man before asking in an arrogant tone.

"Old geezer, what the heck do you want from me?"

The old man stared him like he was a rare gem after he spoke.

"I am Bai Li, one of the strongest elder of the Five Dragon Sect. I saw your unique movement skill and your cultivation is also good. So kid, do you want to become my disciple?"

Even though his words surprised Hou, he asked with curiosity.

"Is the Five Dragon Sect the strongest Sect in the Ice empire?"

Bai Li became embarrassed and spoke with an awkward face.

"Though our Sect isn't the strongest Sect in the whole Empire, We roamed around the Empire without anyones hindrance. As long as you accept me as your master, you'll get enough cultivation resources and reach the peak of your potential. What do you think?"

Instead, Hou lost any interest in Bai Li and indifferently said.

"What's the point of me becoming your disciple when your sect isn't even the strongest Sect? As for roaming around the Empire and the cultivation resources, I need none."

Afterwards, he ate his food, totally ignoring them.

Bai Li just stared at him before he shot a sly look at Lily and said in a hoarse voice.

"Since you do not want to become my disciple, let me teach a small lesson for mocking me."

He stood up and released his aura toward Hou and Lily before speaking.

"Little girl, give me your sword, or you all won't leave from this place."

However his aura didn't affect both Hou and Lily at all, instead, Hou stared at him like a fool. Though Lily became slightly anxious and pondered for an escape plan.

Hou turned around his head and assured her.

"Lily, it's ok, give him the sword."

Lily reluctantly placed the sword on the table while their reaction startled Bai Li but he thought his aura scared them.

Just as Bai Li would take the sword, he heard Hou asking Lily in a low voice.

"Lily, Do you think this geezer will die painlessly once your father knows he robbed your sword from you?"

Bai Li halt his hand from picking the sword and intensely stared at Lily before asking in suspicion.

"Who is your father?"

Lily gave Hou an odd glance and found his sly smile.

Hence, with a somewhat hesitation, she said.

"Wong Shi from Rain Forest Academy."

Bai Li froze and stared with his eyes wide open. Finally, he knew why he was mocking him and didn't even bother with his offers. He knew Wong Shi, one of the strongest people in the entire Empire. If he also had a background like them, even he would show disdain toward his offers. No wonder he gave up the sword.

Without a word, Bai Li hastily turned around and walked toward the exit.

However, Hou shouted at him in a loud voice.

"Old geezer, If you're going rob, someone, you better know the consequences when you fail. Get back here before we call Wong Shi here."

Bai Li dashed and returned to his spot before he anxiously looked at him. Inwardly, he was cursing himself for rashly acting without knowing them.

He forced a smile at Hou and said.

"Young master, Do you need me to do something for you?"

Hou watched him and showed his sly grin before he said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Leave your Thought Exchange talisman here and I'll call you when I need you."

Bai Li unwillingly took out a talisman and placed it on the table before quickly escaping with his disciple, Chen.

After Bai Li and his disciple Chen exited the tavern, suddenly his disciple Chen said.

"Master, your words are always right, Greed is one of the reasons for the downfall of the cultivator."

Bai Li sighed in distress.

Hou laughed and tilted his head towards Lily who had a weird look on her face while Long Anqi ate her food with no care.

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